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Timelines Matter!


By Jim Kirwan


On Feb 26 & 27, 1991

GWH Bush ordered the slaughter of the Iraqi Republican Guard

Google: 'The Highway of Death' for graphic details

If you're 35 now, you would have been 10 years old when this happened,

so it's quite possible that you have no memory of these war crimes.

I was 48 so it's still fresh to me.

"Highway of Death" Iraqi Army Armed Retreat from Kuwait 1991

3min 50sec VIDEO

The residue from the depleted uranium bombs and bullets used

are still there today and will last for a very, very long time.

BACKGROUND: GWH Bush, “The Wimp” had been the director of CIA for 6 months, before he became president of the United States. As president Bush Sr. needed to clean up his crimes as CIA director. As president he captured Noriega in Panama and burned alive over 4,000 mostly unarmed Panamanian citizens. But the Wimp as President, was still in danger of being exposed for his globally-illegal trafficking in drugs overseen by Noriega & the illegal arms deals overseen by Saddam. That's why the First Attack on Iraq was undertaken in 1991 ­ to finish removing all evidence against Bush in his role as “41”.

How Our 1989 Invasion of Panama Explains the Current US Foreign Policy Mess

The Longest War in American History

Meanwhile that “27 year long war”, was begun by a female-traitor, April Glaspie, in the U.S. State Department that set Saddam up by giving him the green light to attack Kuwait: Only to use Saddam's military movement as the excuse needed to attack Iraq as an outlaw nation. Prior to this, “Saddam” was “our man in the Middle East” who had attacked Iran for “us” in an eight year long war of attrition that ended in a draw, with millions of Iranians slaughtered. Iraq was still armed to the teeth with WMD's - which Rumsfeld had routinely sold to Saddam ­ which is why George Jr. was “so-certain” that Saddam still had those weapons in 2003 when he began to fulfill his daddy's failed war against Saddam in '91'.

After the Slaughter of the Iraqi Republican Guard, the US and Britain created an illegal “No-Fly Zone” over Iraq, from which we kept bombing Iraq all the way up to the beginning of Junior's “war” in 2003.

For those who are 35 now ­ you would have been 22 then.

So you might have seen some of this on CNN:

Shock and Awe the initial bombing of Baghdad

By the time the bombs began to fall on Baghdad, there was no Iraqi Air Force, just a few worn out jet fighters buried in the sand. Thanks to the Highway of Death the armies of Iraq were almost totally depleted ­ but that didn't stop Bush. the deserter from the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War, who declared himself “VICTORIOUS” from the deck of a U.S. Aircraft carrier a few miles offshore from San Diego.

Remember Vice-President Cheney, at the time, stated: 'This war was only going to last about three months and would cost almost nothing' because we would soon own all of Iraq's oil, and Iraq would have to surrender almost immediately. It's been twenty-seven years and about 7 trillion dollars lost, yet Iraq has still not surrendered. Along the way we created perhaps the world's largest con with no-bid contracts and cost plus bottomless pits that led the U.S. straight into financial hell and the illegal quagmires that have yet to be even remotely touched on.


Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers • FULL DOCUMENTARY FILM •

Meanwhile the world has been watching Killery-Clinton while she and Israel created ISIS and dozens of fake terrorist-organizations.

Before Hillary there were officially no “TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS” large enough to claim parts of other nations as their own.

Now Hillary wants to steal the 2016 election to finish what she and Bill began—way back when they inherited Czechoslovakia from GWH Bush, who started the wars in Kosovo, with assistance from the sex-traders, drug dealers and global suppliers IN HUMAN BODY PARTS, that were then seen for the global criminals they've always been: Instead of as “the global-humanitarians” they call themselves, when they put on the blue-helmets of the globally-criminal United Nations...

When GWH Bush & the Dynamic-duo of Bill & Hillary were seriously

trying to start World War Three the first time -

those who are now 35 were just 25.

Kosovo Chaos Undercuts Clinton ‘Success’


All in all the entire world has been “privileged” to have been able to have front-row seats in “The Destruction of Western Civilization” courtesy of the Wimp, GWH Bush and the tag-team couple that we know as the Clinton's, who are poised to finish the slaughter of humanity worldwide ­ with encouragement and trillions from George Soros; unless of course we unilaterally “grow a pair”

and end the entire-nightmare now...



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