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Time for Adults to Take Over

By Jim Kirwan


The permanently infantile savage children of the world,

of all ages, have been running the world

since the murder of JFK.

If we're going to survive the current moment, the adults must

rise to the occasion and take center stage.

When the Brits chose to put their membership to a vote, in the EU - their actions put the entire 43 years of the criminality behind what became the EU to a vote to end their enslavement ­ in doing so they put a knife in the black-heart of global-tyranny and now is the time to finish that task.

No more mindless talking, no more dithering: Leave the EU totally by the end of this month: no more 'false-second-chances', no more trying to re-do the finality which the English public firmly ended by that election:

Get on with it! Stop behaving like the spoiled-children that the 'European community' has always been ­ since they tried to adopt - but which has failed in every aspect of their fake society that outlawed every human right and promise that any civilized society must have if the world is to function.

The right of self-defense is uppermost in every society, along with the right to create their own thoughts followed by the right to live their lives as they choose to see the world and their place in the universe.

Most of all - every person on the planet has the inherent-right, granted by birth and not “given to anyone”, by any falsely constructed-state: Regardless of any political affiliations, that any so-called government or political party is claiming that they have the right to physically direct the lives of every man, woman and child on this planet. This is what's at stake, now that England is free to chose for themselves, as is every nation that has yet to vote for themselves—just as Great Britain did just a few days ago.

When the people of the planet try to understand the natural world too many fail to grasp that what we see is only half the image. In “HOPE” we see the fullness of nature, but in DOUBT we fail to notice that what appears 'dead' is actually the root systems below ground that keep everything alive.

What our “failures to observe” have brought us is the incremental death of the planet, that we've poisoned, under the earth, on the surface and in the skies above. It's not just that the candles that we light against the darkness have been snuffed out ­ it's everything upon which our lives have depended on, since we first became aware of the necessary civilization, that was thought to protect us all from the end we're now being forced to face...

If we are to solve the problems that we let happen we must put away the toys of childhood and accept the full weight of the responsibilities of adulthood.

If the peoples' of the world cannot do this, beginning NOW - then we shall have accepted the death-sentence that the private-corporate controlled nightmare wants to confer upon humanity. This is a difficult problem, given that we've been living in an ever deeper series of corruptions for over fifty years ­ it's time to act ­ in order to END the NIGHTMARE, universally.

When the world underwent the Italian Renaissance, that happened during a major European depression at that time. But still the effort ushered in a fantastically brilliant rise in perfecting the skills and talents worldwide within the arts. That ushered in 'the Age of Enlightenment' also referred to as 'the Age of Reason' and with the development of that newly integrated world: Civilization brought us the world of skills and knowledge that led directly to the civilization that the Rabid-Muslim savages are trying desperately to obliterate from the face of the earth.

The major subset beneath the surface of this lawless destruction of the entire world of now ­ is what has been systematically obliterated by the mindless grab for illicit profits by destroying the entire system of skills and standards that made the rise of Civilization possible.

When the artisans developed their schools of thought and skills ­ they set in motion an entire array of thought that led directly to the huge innovations in creation, production and design that revolutionized the entire planet.

It wasn't just the inventions, it was also the combinations of specialized skills, combined with manufacturing, whether by hand or machines, to give to the world, some of the wonders that so many of our enemies hunger for today.

Refrigerators, dish-washers, ovens, in-door plumbing, electricity; virtually the whole panoply of goods and services that the West has used to give that society a much easier way to deal with everyday tasks. Think trains, planes and cars, not to mention space and the benefits we derived from miniaturization of virtually everything in communications and yet all of this is now under the deadly knife of corporate-powers that have decided that none of the R&D of years gone by is even needed any longer ­ no skills are being taught, instead everything is being either computerized or turned over to robots, because there are no STANDARDS any more in construction, manufacturing or anything else that actually matters to a real and functioning world: The ONLY thing that matters are the obscene PROFITS stolen from the people who actually used to make the things we used to buy ­ worldwide.

Today the only thing that matters is just all the fake profits with fake-money, in a world that now constantly lives under threat of global nuclear annihilation ­ and all the while the people of the planet, are being staved, beaten down, CONSTANTLY THREATENED, and refused the services and PRODUCTS they've earned to make their latter years bearable.

We no longer have a voice, or any choice in what is so loosely called 'our governments'. All that humanity has to look forward to is: “WAR, WAR, & LOTS MORE WAR” according to Rummy & Dirty-Dick Cheney.

Yet most of the planet bought into these obscenities ­ just waiting for “a savior” to come and SAVE US - basically from our own cowardice and from ourselves. This bizarre condition has granted us all a small reprieve, but we'll only have that opportunity, if we act now, to build upon the British Vote and finish the murder of the EU nightmare for all those nations in that lawless creation.

We must end our slavery by our own hands ­ using our own thoughts and deeds to end this primitive slavery that has ruled us all for thousands of years...

Time to finish the formal end of the entire EU ­ and return our Nations to the control of their own people, over every aspect of their own lives ­ that's what the original U.S. Constitution did for the people of this place, before we allowed the corrupt political parties into our lives, when they never had a horse in that race ­ they only steal, corrupt and pervert wherever they go ­ we need to end them as well ­ forever.


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