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A Moment Of Your TIME?

By Jim Kirwan


This is part of an interaction from yesterday

That touches on many of the points

We still too often overlook!

Hi Jim,

It’s a frightening situation Jim, Most are going to die if they continues on the ways they have been living. Whether it’s the rich or the poor makes no difference!

It’s the lifestyle that is key to survival, health and all the rest.”

Wrong! There is no such thing as "a lifestyle". That's just a made-up term to justify raw-consumerism. What's really at issue is the survival of the human race, which has nothing to do with commercial-ventures, stocks or capitalism Inc.

So many are living such horrendous lifestyles, some of it is

by choice and a lot of it is by force. We only have minimum

control over our lives generally, so we need to work on what we can.”

We have as much control as we require the state to leave in our hands, because it was never theirs to manage or direct. The state has trespassed into our-lives and they must be forced to pay for that transgression, one bullet at a time...

The forced situations are often because we are trying to move even further into the doomed cities and other serious death traps & slums.”

Looks like you drank their Kool-Aid Steve. The cities are

the stockpiles where resources are kept and distributed.

I live in cities because of the networks of human-beings that

exist in tandem with other people which together keep this

world turning. Cities are also where the black-markets flourish,

where the underground survives and where neighborhoods still

exist that know their territories like the backs of their own hands.

All that crap about the slums is based on Government lies that

are still trying to turn them all into slums - but we're not all dead

yet! You won't see tanks in San Francisco's inner-city streets -

Because the death toll from that kind of folly would smash whichever units they decide to send in here - because most of whatever they send in here won't be coming out alive.

Some are rich trying to get richer; some are just looking for a meager job. While many are just looking for some recyclables. All live in very toxic worlds.”

That "toxic-world' was basically created by the same creatures that are now bitching about it - because they USED it BIGTIME and it is they who have not chosen to clean-it-up. It's the so-called scientific-techies that created this garbage in the first place: It is they who should be outlawed and shot - because the truth is that we are not machines or bio-anything - we're

people with hearts and minds and emotions - these shit’s that are terrified now are nothing and will die like dandelion's gone to seed in the next tornado.

Amerikans are the scum of the earth, regardless of how they try to label their fcking "lifestyles". They're nothing but cowards that are afraid of their own shadows. I carry either an axe or a hammer now, publicly hanging from my belt, to ward off any of the Knockout-Gamers that might be tempted by the silver-hair upon my head. No one bothers me. If they do it will cost them something for the trouble.

So I think those that will live will be those who get away from all of this doomed civilization stuff ASAP. Sure we can't get or do everything today, but on needs to set this as a goal, set objectives and a game plan.”

Life is all about RISK”, always has been always will be. There is no such thing as “SECURITY” when it comes to “living life”.

There is no "game-plan" worthy of that name, not now! That's for certain. No one in the rest of the world has any use for a bunch of fcked-cowards that are trying to flee the same place that we and they are responsible for totally destroying. There is no "other-paradise" no SAFETY in the world where anyone else could ever live as the yuppies did when there were here - no other place is interested in taking on anything more - unless they can provide everything they need for themselves, in a different country. There are rules everywhere and much of that will be totally foreign to Amerikans that have never bothered with any of the rules here. Basically those who chose to run-now - will not find anything to even remotely resemble what they think they're seeking...

Is there anything you really need in the City? Really really need so dearly so cannot leave?”

This is still my city, I own it! The Jews & the Yuppies are just tourists. When the shit hits the fan that difference will be quickly differentiated because most of them will be among the first to die.

When one sees the power of the new Lifestyle Designs and Foods, one can see a real path forward, real rays of hope! I know I did! Its not easy for a number of little reasons, nothing impossible, its just that we don't have good easy examples to walk through and learn, but online is pretty good now.”

Yet you have to know that "on-line" will be among the very

things to go, once this begins. Everything this place has

devolved into via interdependence is fake, the world we killed

was real: All that's left is farce upon farce in a global

masquerade that has no meaning and has never had a purpose

that anyone can still use today...

And once more are built, it will be far easier to show a fully functioning design.

Think of it as your own personal space station, personal moon-base or personal bio-dome! Yes the old bio-dome was a poor idea gone way bad and yet it wasn't all that far off. It just had a lot of silly assumptions, ecology snags and failure to thrive, geez open the windows would have been a real breakthrough not for Mars but for Earth...”

Yet every single time they tried to build a survival-dome

that could recycle itself into the future they always FAILED!

And they always will. Meanwhile what we continue to destroy

and mock the world; with our monstrous phone and electrical

lines that clearly do not belong upon this earth - we have wasted

everything that was here when we arrived.

The sunlight the water and the earth, which we are blocking, poisoning or sterilizing each and every day…

Meanwhile there is so much that others did develop, which we

have also tried to block the future from even knowing about,

while we continue to lie to everyone that might be able to actually listen to the natural-wealth that's been here for some say up to 36,000 years or longer.

What have we done with that knowledge? We keep on denying it, and trying to help the current shadow-government to keep all of it under-wraps until they finish slaughtering the entire human race!

I studied Egypt, and one of the most amazing things about their Dynasties is the only records that the world has of them shows Egypt starting at the top of their knowledge, no record, that I could locate, shows how they got to that marvelous height. What else those records show is that about a third of the way into their Golden-Age the images that had been carved into their monuments became illegible to their priests. There was no disfigurement - the priests had just forgotten what the meanings were which composed the knowledge that had created that golden age in the first place.

One of the most interesting differences between the Ancient Egyptian world and today was that their people, both men & women were mostly living balanced lives. Neither sex sought power over the other. This is how they differentiated what each sex chose to live with and around. When combined what the Egyptians were able to live contained the best of all worlds…

Patriarchal (males) Sacred Masculine


Linear Time,



Waking Reality,


Matriarchal (woman) Sacred Feminine


Cycles of Time



Altered States,


Beyond the balance between the sexes: It was that special "KNOWLEDGE" which the global-shadow-forces of the world have supposedly stolen, because they didn’t want anyone else to have that kind of knowledge in the first place. Some say that was part of why we attacked the Museum in Baghdad, because some of those 7,000 year old artifacts were beginning to give up some of their secrets to the academic world - so we just gutted the place.

Take some time and delve into the three hours of this video: Especially the Fourth Part: The last part of the video. The "age" we live in now is what you see when you envision "the cities" as nothing but slums with ruins and filth surrounding everything - that's US right now, because we've become little more than vegetable matter in a world that was supposed to have hundreds of "natural-senses" instead of only "five"?

I don't subscribe to everything that's in the video, but there's more than enough there to peak even the dullest minds of today.

This place is doubtlessly mired in the depths of a hell that can only go up from here, because we've religiously destroyed virtually every known exit - while we continually deny our own right-to-exist.

We have never understood the balance needed between men and women, that is an absolute necessity if humanity is to survive, much less if we are to ever live up to the capacities

we were all born with. Our innate knowledge should be taking us to the stars - instead of just watching us all descend into the black-holes of the darkest parts of failure; minute by minute...

Here’s the link to the Ancient Egyptians (1)

So rethinking what a human symbiotic life support system looks like shows we have come a long ways since then And its far simpler and more productive!

Production of Symbiotic Species also means it’s far far more healthy and healing.”

Before anyone can even discuss "health & healing" everyone that’s here right now - must discuss the need to rid ourselves of this parasite of terror & fear that’s killing us all, minute by minute. We must go beyond talking and “sharing” to actually taking action that will change what has remained totally UNCHANGED since the New Millennium began!

Our focus now must be upon aggressively ridding ourselves of the traitors and the TREASONS in our midst - maybe then we can worry ourselves about everything else?

1) Ancient Egypt and the Alternative Story of mankind’s Origins



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