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Three Puppets Not Leaders

By Jim Kirwan

Speaking at the National University of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s graduation on June 18, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called for a temporary ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, according to Interfax Ukraine.”

k) This is the third time Porky has called for a ceasefire, which still has not happened yet.

Poroshenko declared that “Ukraine is in a state of war,” and that Russia is waging “a new type of warfare - with the use of professional subversive groups, mercenaries, volunteers, and the local population. And these volunteers and the local population have ‘washed’ brains in a huge part due to the information war.”

k) Porky, who is primarily familiar with being an Oligarch, is apparently unaware of what’s involved in a real war.

The president said the Ukrainian military will halt their operations in eastern Ukraine, in the hopes that the Russian-backed militants who have been fomenting separatism there will lay down their arms.”

k) This is the second time Porky has talked about a cease-fire, in the middle of the war he’s prosecuting.

This “cease-fire” of his is supposed to be very brief: Just long enough for those fighting him to lay down their weapons. Apparently Porky is not talking about a cease-fire, but rather SURRENDER, which is not on the agenda for the people that are fighting him.

In many ways Porky is reminiscent of Bush Junior: He too loved war, but said that he came to bring Freedom & Democracy and of course he would bring “Peace” to the entire Middle East. Looks like Porky wants to recycle the Bushwhacker, with the help of NATO, the UN & USI as well. Here’s how Porky began his “presidency”.

The plan starts with my order of unilateral ceasefire. We should gain support [for] the president’s peace plan [from] all the participants in the Donbas...immediately after that,” said Poroshenko.”

k) Apparently the people in the Eastern parts of Ukraine did not choose to honor the memo that Porky keeps on sending out: They don’t want his pretentions and they don’t want his fanatics. They want him to stop blowing up hospitals, churches, homes and apartments while murdering the population. The people want him to take his NAZI’s and leave. They want to be left alone and they want him to get the hell out of their country: That’s the message that Porky continues to ignore.

The Ukrainian government has been combating separatism in eastern Ukraine since April 6, when Kremlin-supported militants began occupying buildings in Luhansk, Donetsk, and Kharkiv Oblasts. Since coming to power, Poroshenko has called for peace, while maintaining that he is willing to use force to quell separatism.”

k) Porky says he wants peace, but yet he wages all out war. He’s stopped taking about Slavyansk all together; guess there aren’t enough people still living there to count any more?

The president expressed hope in his graduation speech that his plan will restore order in eastern Ukraine “very quickly.”

Poroshenko assured graduating students that (1)the Ukrainian army will be the number one priority for me, (2) for the Ukrainian government, (3) the Ukrainian budget, and (4th) the Ukrainian population.”

k) When people vote for a president instead of an Oligarch they usually give more of a damn about what that ‘leader’ is going to do for them. I guess that tells the people in Kiev, just where this hero of the people now stands?

His remarks come as irregular pro-Ukraine battalions have become an increasingly important complement to the Ukrainian army in the government’s attempt to regain control over Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts.”

k) GREAT NEWS ­ I wonder if Porky is counting the number of casualties the occupied insurgents have inflicted upon his rag-tag forces? That would of course include all those NAZI’s and Mercenaries: How many of them will be added to that very first concern of the Oligarch’s in Kiev?

The Ukrainian army and National Guard, which have been plagued by inadequate resources, have suffered heavy losses at the hands of pro-Russian militants in recent weeks, raising questions about their ability to stabilize the country’s eastern regions.”

The United States of course is still being insulted, assaulted and outraged by our own undocumented oligarch. He’s of course a war criminal, like almost all of the Western leaders still in office, but no one has been tracking his finances, which of course must be carefully hidden in one of those lovely islands that tend to take good care of all our traitors and their cash. However, as ‘The Third Puppet in today’s screed, I thought people might want to have a look at what is planned for him…

PS: If anyone wants to copy or use the art for whatever they think might be useful ~ to encourage the outcome shown above, be my guest!


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