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Three Million Targeted!

By Jim Kirwan

In Palestine 1.6 million are in the crosshairs. In Ukraine there are another 1.4 million people targeted for murder. Collectively that’s a total of 3 million individuals that have been labeled as “Sub-humans” by both Israel in Palestine and by Poroshenko in Ukraine.

This is today’s explanation by RT’s CROSSTALK which was part of the background for Part 1 of this article; which adds the background to the whole story contained herein.

The excuse given for forming the United Nations and NATO was that these two stateless entities were supposed to stop the exact kind of attacks upon the people of the planet, which have been announced. If they fail again, this time, to end both Netanyahu’s insanity and Porky’s blood-bath, then both organizations need to dissolve themselves immediately. How much clearer can conditions become than allowing 3 million civilians to be eliminated as “sub-humans” caught in the middle of the global war?

The Beginning of the End”

USI’s Interests are tied directly to the events in Ukraine to keep the Russian Bear from ending this by the necessary military means which Russia’s is being prevented from doing. Meanwhile most Amerikans keep missing the fact that Ukraine is now “illegally occupying”, by military means, its own people: Just as Israel is “occupying” the people inside Gaza that it’s charged with protecting under International law. But since there is no more “law” anywhere in the world today ­ this situation has arisen, and only death can come from this - if it is not stopped.

What’s become crystal clear is that Russia must find ways to do more, just as both the UN & NATO must act or perish.

Ukraine: The End of the Beginning

Target Gaza”

Mouin Rabanni “What Dan is presenting us with is just a series of slogans and unsupported assertions. This idea that Israel is offering a cease-fire and that in fact Netanyahu is on record today… saying that Israel has no interest in a cease-fire at this point. While Hamas has stated very clearly that it is prepared, but that Israel is unprepared to negotiate. So we can either base our positions and analysis and conclusions on reality or we can just throw around meaningless slogans on unsupported assertions which is not going to get us anywhere.”

Norman Finkelstein: “…Cameron has described Gaza as a prison camp. And you have to ask yourself what rights do people under occupation have to resist occupation? Here the international law is very clear: International law says, number one, and I hope Dan will respond specifically to the point I’m making now: International law says number one: That an occupier has no right, under international law to suppress a struggle for self-determination. That is to say that Israel has no right whatsoever if the Palestinians’ are resisting the occupation ­ then Israel has no right whatsoever, under international law to use force in order to suppress the Palestinian struggle for self-determination…”

Dan Arbell: “Norman, Israel is not in occupation! Gaza since 2005 is not under occupation! Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 vowing that they would never return! And they have not returned!

Mouin: “Israel removed its military bases and its settlements from within the Gaza strip. (Gaza has1.6 million people in it) That’s true.

But I believe that it’s the position of even the International Committee of the Red Cross that Gaza remains “occupied territory” for, among other reasons, that Israel still controls the air-space the territorial waters, most of the boundaries of the Gaza strip.

Israel has been imposing a punishing seven year blockade of the Gaza strip and so I believe its quite possible and I presume there are other examples as well, that you can control and occupy a territory without being physically within it. It’s a form of indirect rule if you will. And perhaps even more importantly, Israel almost at will launches these kinds of armed assaults on the Gaza strip as well, which is, in that sense the legitimacy of Israel’s actions is also very much open to question: Particularly in terms of international law…”

Poroshenko’s War”

When prices catch up with political decisions then what passes for Poroshenko’s choices today will be thrown out. Multi-billion dollar profits that are being massively threatened now, thru additional sanctions, will go up in smoke if these outrageous sanctions continue: Especially given the results of the war-crimes which Porky is actually advocating become fact. The villages inside Eastern Ukraine, which were first attacked, were never a real threat. Whereas the Nazi Fascist Junta is the major threat for both the short and the long term.

As the world observed in Kosovo, we know that inserting the Blue Helmets of the UN will only make matters worse. What’s needed throughout the region is global diplomacy, in order to end this continuing crime.

This is an asset grab by any means necessary thru USI, which then directly profits Israel.

Failed States no matter who they are are worth nothing! Look at Iraq or Libya! And don’t forget that according to both Poroshenko and Netanyahu, their targeted populations consist of “sub-humans” only—which is why both of these war-criminals are so quick to want to see them all dead.

There is also the coming Depression on the horizon that will force everyone inside Ukraine to question the logic of why they chose this course; because the EU which they did this to “break-into” is already destroyed: So in the end Ukraine will be beyond bankrupt and totally discredited as a state of any kind. Kiev will be fcked, but the carpet-bagger Oligarch’s will still abscond with billions before this is over. The extra-added bonus for the West in all of this double-crossing and double-speak will be that all of them want Russia to both get all the blame for this hell, as well as having to pay for everything that’s being done now.

Global Jihad?”

Is this the ‘Jihadi Summer’ that move on from the Arab Spring? Maybe this is the outcome of the 100 years war that was planned before WWI? Kissinger is being credited for the current round of all this treachery: It’s rather like a “Mini-Crusade” shrunk down from the 240 plus years to the current 100 year war that was designed to destroy any power left in the Middle-East.

Divide & Conquer has been the mantra throughout and borders will be changed before this is over.

Puppets throughout the Middle East are the creatures that have already made this hundred year war happen. And now there will finally be a showdown between Saudi Arabia and Iran before this ends.

BEWARE of this outrageous fact: ISIS & ISIL can turn on any faction at any time. We as ordinary people must never forget that this was the reason these two outlaw-organizations were created in the first place—they are the wildest of “Wild Cards” at play in the region and the world right now.

USI created the modern day Middle East and now USI is committed to its total destruction in order to take over everything which the Middle-East once was. But all parties to this must accept their RESPONSIBILITIES world wide. If that doesn’t happen then we will all be sucked into the end of the world as it’s been planned for…

3 million sub-humans will only be the start

Unless the people of the world interrupt this global crime

Before it succeeds!


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