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Three Days In November
November 9, 2017

By Jim Kiran


This is the first real breakthrough since the launch of Israel's War on the USA

that was released - since the original False-Flag on 9,11, 2001,

by Netanyahu and Cheney through George W. Bush.

The world seems to have forgotten that Israel, Lebanon and Syria all share a common border which is why all these continuing wars are important.

Arrests are being made against US Navy admirals and personnel, not for attempted ESPIONAGE, but as “FRAUD” (The last story on RT).

Whatever they call it these are the first real ARRESTS!

Since 911 - that may well open the public-door to the end of

US-Israel collusion inside the American Military.


A massive investigation of U.S. Navy corruption in Asia that featured wild parties, bribes and prostitutes has expanded to include more than than 60 admirals and hundreds of other Navy officers, The Washington Post reports.

The probe centers on Malaysian contractor Leonard “Fat Leonard” Glenn Francis, who provided money and wild times in exchange for classified information to win lucrative contracts with the 7th Fleet for his Singapore-based company and defraud the U.S. government, according to the newspaper.

The Justice Department has already filed charges against 28 people, including two admirals, since Francis was arrested in a sting operation four years ago. But that could just be the beginning. Eighteen people have pleaded guilty to charges that include violations of military law and federal ethics rules.

The Navy told the Post that investigators have been examining the conduct of 440 personnel, current and retired, including at least 60 admirals.

Indictments in March against nine officers allege that Francis plied the men with Cuban cigars, $25,000 watches, and $50,000 worth of alcohol for a multi-day party, and a “rotating carousel of prostitutes” in exchange for information, Foreign Policy reported. Francis once rented the MacArthur Suite at the Manila Hotel, where Gen. Douglas MacArthur memorabilia was used for sex acts with prostitutes, according to the indictment....”

This story above is also covered by RT on the 9th beginning at 21min 38sec,with background and references to others already prosecuted

Throughout the RT report of November 9th the continuing-corruption of every action throughout the Middle East by ISRAEL, is blatantly obvious. All of this can be traced to Israel which has always used US military-forces and private death squads to enforce their illegal-attacks around the world, to carry out Israeli polices worldwide.

This get's even more complex when it comes down to Saudi Arabia, as the current stand-in for Israel, to destabilize Iran Syria and Yemen. Now the same thing is happening in Lebanon AGAIN, by Israel, supposedly against Hezbollah that has severely beaten Israel twice before in Lebanon.

RT News - November 09, 2017 (12:00 MSK)

Watch this link before Google Blocks it...

All of this goes directly back to Israel through all the obscene treason's committed by the US Congress & the puppet-show's of the Clinton's, G.W. Bush, Obama and now Trump: All these traitors have always served the Lawless US Police State, since long before 911.

The idea that 535 corrupt traitors, (congress) could, with the direct assistance of the “the Supreme Court” and supposedly with the lunatic impostors from the Dark and ever-revolving Oval Office ­ could actually direct the lives and fortunes of 340 million “subjects” is ludicrous ­ especially given the fact that Israel has owned them all since LBJ, with Israel's help, murdered Jack Kennedy in 1963.

November 10, 2017

Day Two of “Three Days In November”

RT News - November 10, 2017 (17:00 MSK)

The first 12 min of this

Israel pushes Saudi Arabia to declare war on Lebanon, in a crudely described effort to blame a US made missile, supposedly made by Iran, for Yemen's firing of that missile in an attack on Saudi Arabia. Yemen is the world's poorest country, and its people are about to experience the world's worse famine in global history ­ but no one seems to care about the realities.

Once the Saudi's have convinced the world of the 'validity' of this latest fraud, perpetrated by Israel, the one UN nation that has refused to sign the IAEA requirements for possessing any nuclear weapons: Then Israel will have intimidated the world into another attack upon Iran and Lebanon at the same time—to begin to finally complete their illegal “Greater State of Israel”. Israel must be removed from the UN completely and all its so-called Embassies around the world should be decommissioned because the only reason they were created in the first place was to crush every country in which Israel has an embassy. Israel should be boycotted out of existence by the world, so that humanity can finally free-the-world from their war-footing which has been the Kasarian-goal since1932, when Israel attacked Germany which led directly to WWII.

The Ultimate Red Pill

One Hour 18min Video

By the end of Day-Two the world was looking forward

to the second meeting of Trump & Putin, and to their discussion,

despite the fact the planet is standing at the edge of full-blown chaos

The Deep State's Tillerson said yesterday

There Is Nothing to Discuss”

November 11. 2017

Day Three of “Three Days in November”

The Universal Price of Prosperity

The substance of RT's report is that since so many 'actors' in the global attack by Israel, supervised by the USSA and our assorted 'Death Squads' from so many other nations, that the facts on the ground in Syria have now reached the point of having ALREADY divided up Syria, as was always the point ­ all that remains is which pirate “will get what part of what was once the sovereign state of Syria?

What is at stake, as it has always been, is the future of the people of Syria: But the only thing that the 'so-called interested parties' are concerned with are the future of all the assets in Syria, because to the corporate and private world nothing else has ever mattered.

Not mentioned of course is the future of the less than 1% of the International Outlaws & their bankers that now own the entire planet.

This portion of the RT link here ends at 11min 53sec

RT News - November 11, 2017 (12:00 MSK)

BTW the missile that hit Saudi Arabia was an American Missile, supplied by the US, supposedly with Iranian markings.

Iran's Leader begins on this link which discusses the outrage of Israel's intervention in this entire situation,when it comes to Lebanon, Yemen, Hezbollah, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

This segment begins @13min 25sec and ends @18min

The only countries in all of this, that are not directly controlled by Israel are Iran & Russia, just as the sole force behind all these wars is Israel

Has Syria already surrendered to “Regime-Change”?

RT News - November 11, 2017 (12:00 MSK)

This edition of RT (above) finishes with the announcement of:

The 6th Branch of American Armed Forces:

The Space Corp ­ that will formally Weaponize Space!

The costs are astronomical and began years ago ­ now it's going full blast

That story Begina @19min 20sec.

That's followed by the New McCarthyism in “journalism”

otherwise known as CENSORSHIP of everyone that has ever

been associated with any Russian talk show or program

in any way shape or form.

And that ends these “Three Days in November”

Think about how much has happened

in just the last three days...