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Three Great Remote Viewers Blind Targeted
With The Wuhan Coronavirus


Blind Target Remote Viewing By Edward Riordan

Blind Targeted Remote Viewing By Daz Smith

Validation Of Daz Smith's Session

By Yoichi Shimatsu

Look at the middle right side of the illustration below which shows the CoV replication system unwrapping the human host cell. It is shown as a coil unwrapping the cell. Now look at the top left of Daz Smith's Remote Viewing session above (drawn on white board). He drew the same coil unwrapping image. By the way, the BioWeapons lab in Wuhan is across the Yangtze River and 22 km distance from the fish market... NOT just 'down the block' from the lab as the disinformation team has been lying about.

Here again is the Remote Viewed drawing by Daz Smith.
Not only did he nail the 'uncoiling' (remember this was a BLIND TARGET) but he also drew a close representation of the coronavirus itself!

Remote viewing work from Dick Allgire on Corona Virus

Validation Of Dick Allgire's Sessions On The Coronavirus

By Jeff Rense

Remember, all the Remote Viewing was done 'blind' ...they were just given a string of random numbers and letters...that was all they had to work with. Allgire's white board drawings ABOVE clearly show a laboratory setting where advanced research is being conducted.

The second image ABOVE shows a Chinese scientist but Allgire felt 'he doesn't work for the Chinese government' The above photo from Yoichi Shimatsu showing a Chinese scientist at UW-M which Yoichi describes as:

'Note the photo of the Chinese (likely American-born or raised) researcher working for Kawaoka.'

BELOW you will see Allgire's second blind target Remote Viewing session which, unknown to him, was the Coronavirus. Note how he unequivocally displays large numbers of people hospitalized. Read the words he wrote in the session while drawing the people in beds...'I see a lot of people in hospital wards'. Then he wrote the key word 'PATHOGEN' and then 'EMERGENCY OUTBREAK' and 'BAD DISEASE'

Dick Allgire's Remote Viewing Published September 2019

Here, now, are some graphics and text from a Blind Targeted
Remote Viewing session Edward Riordan did in 2017.


He had a dark and forboding feeling...about a big future event.
Look at the words he wrote...

"This feels technical and biological" and "It feels like something fucked up...something unexpected happened"
"Something unexpected...accidental...a feeling of (that it is) UNSTOPPABLE"

He then wrote, at the end..."Feels like the breach, contamination. Stay away...leaking out, spilling out."
He added "I don't want to know...concern, fear"

There is much more text below...

Validation Of Edward Riordan's 2017 Target!

By Yoichi Shimatsu

Jeff - Here are photos and a map of U of Wisconsin-Madison which are EXACT to Edward Riordan's 2017 remote viewing above. I am further analyzing Dick Allgire's team viewings. I've already mentioned the synchronicity of numbers...lots of spookiness from this event...this is not just Science but there seems to be overlapping with 'sorcery' or good, old-fashioned alchemy. As to why the bat image keeps flashing up...BATS are the Alchemical symbol of SULPHUR. Grape growers are familiar with this...sulphur is used to fight mildews and viruses on grapes. It's really ALCHEM 101... ALgire? Maybe that's where his gift of farsight comes the bloodline of the origins of modern secular Science Which is quite inadequate really, as Chinese herbal therapists well know.

So, these few examples from UW-Madison...the 'Operation Paperclip' for the WW2 captured German BioWar scientists brought to America.

OK, here are some items that completely validate Edward Riordan's 2017 Remote Viewing of something that deeply disturbed him. These images are virtually an identical match of what he saw and drew.

The photos are from the U of Wisconsin-Madison Veterinary Science Campus. See the building design with the pipe is a perfect fit with Riordan's session drawings. It also sits between 3 lakes.

Note the photo of the Chinese (likely American-born or raised) researcher working for Kawaoka.

From Dick Allgire

Last year, we did the attached remote viewing target, trying to see
what would bring in the adoption of cryptocurrency.
Edward Riordan drew the virus. We didn't understand what the drawing meant at the time.
We do now...