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Cops Take An OATH To Put Their Lives On The Line
For The Citizens They Supposedly 'Protect And Serve'

How Many More Civilians Were Murdered During
The 3 HOURS The Cops Hid Outside?

Families Should SUE The Orlando Police Chief & Department For
Gross Negligence, Public Endangerment & Dereliction, Etc

One Escapee Found Cops Outside & Yelled 'Why Aren't
You Going In?!?" As Gunfire Continued From Inside.

Cops Have No Trouble Killing Innocent Civilians As We
Constantly See & Hear. One Brave Cop With A Gun Could
Have Saved Many Lives In That Club. Or If Some Of The
Patrons Were Armed. Or Even The Bartender

Why Did It Take Chickenshit Cops 3 HOURS To Go IN?

The Death-Oriented Culture Of Islam Must Be Acknowledged For What It Is.

Islam Is Arguably A Death Cult - We Must Face It AND ACT

Mr.Trump YOU MUST Repeat Your VOW To Ban Muslims

Hillary Clinton And Obama Want To Bring Hundreds Of Thousands More Muslims Into Our Republic.

 Islam, radical or otherwise, and Sharia Law Will NEVER Fit In With Our Nation Or Way Of Life.  

Clinton And Obama Must Go Away, In Disgrace, So We Can Recover America.

See Trump's Statement - Here

More To Think About...
Death To Islam?


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