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The Thought Police


By Jim Kirwan


Zero Tolerance in defense of Political Correctness equals

The illegal justification for Thought-Crime

In the United States and beyond.

The Politically Correct Manifesto

In case you’re wondering what the above ‘Manifesto” has to do

With your life: Watch this 8 min VIDEO

Because all of this is tied directly to the LGBTQ Global-Agenda

The above has everything to do with how we’ve lost control over every aspect of life in the U. S. and the world. Today started with another catastrophic drop in the stock-market, in the United States, which was revised almost immediately by something new added to the equation which controls the bubbles that have produced the current collapse.

Today would be called Dark-Grey Tuesday, if anyone except Paul Craig Roberts were to try to tell the world the truth about the currently shifting bundle of freshly minted lies. According to Paul Craig Roberts:

“…I was amazed to learn that the Swiss National Bank, the Swiss Central Bank has a very large portfolio of American Stock. And then in the first six months of this year alone they bought about four million shares of ‘APPLE”. So when you have this type of buying from a central bank supporting ­ see APPLE is one of the six stocks that accounts for all the gains. And yet we see the Swiss National Bank buying stocks. The other stocks, it’s their board of directors that’s doing buy-backs: So the whole market is not really a market, it’s been a rigged-market…

The American Market this morning opened down a thousand points, Dow Jones was down a thousand points, but all of that’s been almost erased. I think it’s now down only a hundred and something. Why is it erased? Have the market players changed their minds? Or has the plunge-protection team come in? …I don’t know the answer, we’ll see what happens later today or tomorrow ­ you can’t tell at this point. But we do have a new development and that is the participation of Central Banks in the Stock Markets. Central Banks are supposed to be dealing in Bonds to try and control interest rates… But to have Central Banks taking enormous positions in Stocks ­ that is something NEW.”

Black Monday Hits China and spreads globally

Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler

Are we witnessing the corruption of central banks? Are we observing the money-creating powers of central banks being used to drive up prices in the stock market for the benefit of the mega-rich?

These questions came to mind when we learned that the central bank of Switzerland, the Swiss National Bank, purchased 3,300,000 shares of Apple stock in the first quarter of this year, adding 500,000 shares in the second quarter. Smart money would have been selling, not buying.

It turns out that the Swiss central bank, in addition to its Apple stock, holds very large equity positions, ranging from $250,000,000 to $637,000,000, in numerous US corporations — Exxon Mobil, Microsoft, Google, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, Procter & Gamble, Verizon, AT&T, Pfizer, Chevron, Merck, Facebook, Pepsico, Coca Cola, Disney, Valeant, IBM, Gilead, Amazon”


Central Banks Have Become a Corrupting Force

k: We’ve reached that place in time where we must Zero-Out Zero-Tolerance & erase Political-correctness world-wide, if we are to survive in what’s left of this war-torn planet.

We don’t actually have to worry about American-presidential-politics anymore; as that charade will die from the weight of its own lies, as this combined series of globally inspired catastrophes finally begins to descend upon the whole planet.

Apparently, since there are mostly 666 companies involved in the current disturbance, on the supposedly global stock markets: It looks like we may have been given a brief pass, for a few weeks more, before we have to face the entire nightmare all over again but with a new set of threats that will probably include more of those endless wars that we’re all still paying for…

NOTE: The reason there are so many diverse quotes above is that literally everything that’s happening now is graphically becoming crystal-clear in the way that everything is now finally coming together.


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