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A Thought Form


By Jim Kirwan


Whenever a global injustice is loosed upon the world

A concept is often formed to simultaneously address the imbalance

And rebalance the natural order of the world.

This time we are not looking to a king, but to the ordinary people.

If you want ‘peace’ then you must prepare for war.”

When the law fails us globally

Then what we do, we do not do for vengeance,

We will do what we must to obtain the punishment that

The relatively small number of those

Who are either part of the Khazarian Supremacy

Or are those who serve them, in their conspiracy to kill us all.

What this thought form carries with it,

Will be taken, not for vengeance but for the denial of responsibility

Required of those that have the badges

And the personal responsibility over all our lives and deaths


Given the depth of the direct effects of our

Willful ignorance, coupled with the outrage of police-states

Around the planet right now,

It is incumbent upon the remaining people who know what’s happening

To come together as individuals

Regardless of religion, race, sex or creed

To bring this global disease to a permanent end

By Any Means Necessary”.

That is part of what will cause this thought-form to go global

In the very near future.




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