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Thought & Action

By Jim Kirwan


Intricately Inseparable!

Thought and Action are virtually inseparable, in any complex world,

especially in one that’s as wounded as ours. Most leave “thought” to anyone-else, because it’s just too confusing to bother with. ‘Action’ in this context has definitely become something that no one seems willing to take responsibility for. The result can be seen in places like Detroit where virtually everything was deserted by both the public and those “responsible” for everything that’s happened there. This produced a failed-nation that must recover its sense’s and find the core of what we’ve surrendered already—without a fight! (1)

Ironically the contrast to this comes from Google.

For weeks, the internet has been buzzing about Google's sexy secret project, a massive barge piled with customized shipping containers floating in the San Francisco Bay. Was it a secret data center, soon to be outside national jurisdiction? A rejuvenation lab for Ray Kurzweil? No. The truth is much worse.

It turns out that Google is using the barge as a marketing device. In an open letter to journalists, a Google rep said, "Although it's still early days and things may change, we're exploring using the barge as an interactive space where people can learn about new technology." Daniel Terdiman, the journalist who broke the barge story in the first place, wrote yesterday that it will also be "a temporary exhibit space." Here's an artist's rendering of what it will look like when complete:


Translation: We will bring advertisers and potential partners here to wear Google Glass devices, take smart drugs, and spitball about how Google is totally going to change the future, man.

Am I being too harsh, here? This seems like a horrible waste of an amazing design for a post-apocalyptic data haven.” (2)

k: Or is this ­ a criminally-corporate answer to the near total destruction of Detroit? Tune-in Drop-out, get drugged-up and “enjoy the future” that does not exist?

You have to know ­ that the people of San Francisco won’t be the primary users of this floating-temple to our fake-future. This temple will be open to huge-numbers of Foreign-Settlers, who live in San Francisco and other cities throughout the old USA. These are the members of Amerika’s unofficial fifty-first state called Israel. The good news is that these floating icons are vulnerable, very vulnerable, to those that will not be part of their enchanted audience.

Thought & Action is Universal.

When we look at the Mideast and everything being twisted beyond recognition by Netanyahu each and every hour of every day—it’s beyond clear that there is no “THOUGHT” coming from him or from Israel. Instead only ACTION is of any interest to the Madman-of-the Mideast, and his servants in the U.S. and elsewhere.

This has become so blatant that nuclear-policy-changes are the norm in national policies now: Not just every day, but sometimes twice a day. The behavior has become commonplace. On such conflicted-policies nothing but ultimate and continual war death and destruction can ever be based.

The ultimate “Actions” in the Mideast are routinely threatened daily by Israel, the traitor John Kerry and his supposed boss Obama—to the point that everyone has now forgotten that Iran already has nuclear- weapons in sufficient numbers to arm her existing 500,000 missiles.

In fact, just to make the point clearly Iran issued this video, when Kerry left, for anyone that might still have any doubts. It shows Iranian missiles attacking Israeli targets and some of their own missiles being shot down as well. The point is and was to let the world know that there will be consequences if Israel acts against Iran, with or without US support. It’s called the Israeli False Flag ­ it’s a four minute video inside this link. (3)

There is no longer any mystery about Iran having nuclear weaponry. There never was. The issue is who will decide national policy inside Iran? Will it be the Iranians, the Jews, or the totally flawed US with all its broken-baggage that contains not one drop of diplomacy in the entirely disingenuous-activity that fails every hour of every day to change anything about life in the region?

Sanctions” are illegal. ‘Sanctions’ are just a different form of open warfare. Especially the way they’ve been used in both Iraq and Iran that has led to millions of deaths and yet we call these sanctions “just another tool in our-diplomacy”? The way that US sanctions have been applied is just another series of war-crimes. The whole world knows this, yet nothing has ever been done about it.

The process contained in the ancient norms behind “THOUGHT & ACTION” have always ruled. But in the Mideast and around the world, the commonality contained in the concept has almost totally disappeared.

This has happened because the world has been totally focused on how much more can still be stolen, from so many other places, that we have yet to totally strip to nothing. Yet the planet knows just how flawed our so-called-policies have always been. That’s why the Russian and US Military chiefs of staff have already agreed to work together to stop WWIII. (4)

What remains to be seen is whether or not American’s will ACT to stop what will be inevitable, if we continue to fail! Time is short. We are on the Edge of Knowing the answers that will define whether we will live or die by the end of 2013.

1) DETROIT Season 2 Episode 8 ­ 1min 20sec VIDEO

2) The Horrifying Truth About Google’s Secret Project

3) Roy-Tov Israel: USA Crossed Red Line

4) Blackmail ­ No Substitute for Diplomacy



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