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The Third Wave
The Barbarians versus Civilization


By Jim Kirwan


We've had WWI & WWII. We've also had the First Two Jihads.

What we're all facing now is the Third World War

combined with the Third & Final Jihad.

What's at stake is nothing less that the survival of humanity.

Looking back at WWI, that outburst can clearly be seen as the first real effort to change the terms of our slavery to the Oligarch's and all the fake royalty plus the obscenely tyrannical dominance of the Church, over the lives of people everywhere

Prior to the first global rebellion, in WWI, people and their children were literally enslaved to the Barbarians masquerading as royalty or handed down fiefdoms, that had been in-place since the plague upset that balance, across the world.

Children were nothing but chattel and women had zero rights, while the 'wealth' of the various Kingdoms, Czars, and religious leaders ruled over us all with iron fists and obsolete demands for “tyrannical-loyalties” that were always counter-productive; yet they held sway over everything that might have improved what was left of human life. The murder of two members of the upper class, in Sarajevo, set off a firestorm in Europe which rapidly expanded to become the First World War in all of modern history...

On the plus side humanity was forced to fight that war, and the terror of death and destruction unleashed a rebellion from most of humanity that openly reached for life, for love and for real meaning where before there had only been conformity to totally insane rules set-up by those that had already stolen almost everything that mattered from the lives of most of the people, for whom, life itself had become just one more dreary form of enslavement on top of traditional crimes against humanity that had become the lot of billions of people.

WWI actually smashed the established norms and challenged everything that had previously formed the hierarchy by which millions “had been living”. Once it was clear that the 'powerful' were not anything like what they had claimed for centuries: A clear breath of real freedom began to breathe new life into those who wanted more, for nearly the first time in recorded memory.

Of course it was imperfect and sporadic, as opposed to anything controlled or directed: but it was also REAL and those who could sense it, lunged forward to embrace the fledgling call of that 'new freedom' that had been buried alive for far too long.

With the formal end of that war, the old-guard tried to reassert their shattered dominance, but they only half-succeeded. New fake-nations had been created to fill the gaps where the old-guard had failed to maintain their now broken empires. The Ottoman Empire was destroyed, and many of the old fiefdoms and areas of royalty had been exposed while many of their so-called leaders were deposed. Even women had a chance to glimpse what life might be like if they actually were to have anything like a real life to live and enjoy ­ think the 1920's ­ but much of what was glimpsed was slipping back into the cracked and broken molds that continued to try to recreate what had gone before.

The followers of Muhammad, had their first Jihad, in the first and second centuries, and their Second Jihad happened when the Turks invaded the Balkans. But the Jihadist's are now just waiting for WWIII to declare their Third and Final takedown of the whole planet, in order to complete their global demand for absolute dominance over every living-being on the planet.

The Third Jihad - Radical Islam's Vision for America

This is about the WAR you don't know about

It was produced 7 years ago, but it's still not well known

While that was going on, in what remained of the sane world, it was only recently realized that WWI was only 'Part One', that needed to be answered with WWII to correctly finish what was begun with WWI. That confusion is still trying to rearrange the players for the physical start of WWIII. What the world is slowly beginning to realize is that ever since this Trifecta, in both Jihad and the sabotaging by the fake-global-powers that are still hell-bent on the total destruction of the human race: Combined with the elimination of over 95%, of the current population of the world, that is still alive?

The missing realization from these barbaric activities is the fact that during all this time, that has already passed, the human condition has been going backwards not forward, as the calendars' of the planet might be trying to indicate...

With the onslaught of WWII the world was thrown back into the chaos that WWI created, in a second attempt to shut down humanity one more time. The casualties in WWII almost tripled the numbers of the slaughtered in WWI. But the barbaric behavior of so many nations took humanity much closer to the blind-savagery of Jihad, than anyone thought was even possible.

By the end of WWII, almost all traces of 'humanity' were far beyond recognition, given how the world had begun to treat the civilians of every nation, in an open-air slaughterhouse, where rape, torture, starvation and absolute destruction became the common-order behind every day of combat in almost all the participants around the entire planet. This tended to wipe out the rediscovery of the self, that had started to raise the hopes of many during and after WWI.

This had actually become a REQUIREMENT, because when the First World War ended the global population had reached the point where people everywhere were rebelling against WAR and its proponents, in all their forms in favor of peace and prosperity. The world at the end of WWI was fed up with the whole nightmare ­ and the people were actually in danger of rebelling against the entire charade, that the millions who were dying had exposed. In several areas people were demanding freedom from the barbarity and the global-slavery they had finally seen for themselves: Which is why WWII had to happen, because the global-public had to be recaptured once again, or the global-reign of the Oligarchs and their war-mongering thugs could easily be totally destroyed...

Ironically, this was the reason for the terror in the USA, of the Communists in the USSR, near the end of WWII. The U.S. feared that the workers, worldwide, might make more real demands that could lead to far more of a balanced deal in the workforce that would mean an end to the subtlety kept total control that had yet to show its claws. As it turned out there really was no threat, but the Oligarchs' through their privatized-corporations began to crush the once-legal unions anyhow—until we have come to this point where the U.S. no longer has any heavy manufacturing, nor the resources needed to engage in the kinds of products that had made America the global-leader that she was throughout WWII.

America was asset stripped by Clinton and everyone else since, so that the USA is now totally defenseless in the face of the global-takeover that is moving at light speed to take down whatever's left of Amerika. During WWII America was an unrivaled powerhouse that could manufacture and ship it's products worldwide in an eye-blink ­ and it was that power that had to be destroyed in tandem with the rise of the EU, so that the West would become the paper-tiger she is today with our totally outdated military, industrial-complex that's in danger of losing all its customers...

WWIII will seal the tomb that we've dug for ourselves, now that the 'power' has shifted permanently from North-America to the East where the hope of humanity is still alive in some countries that did not follow the criminality that's been killing the West since the end of WWII.

If you have any doubt about that fact just look at this obscenity—then measure the effects of this against what is now happening to this nation: Thanks to the five traitors that are running the congress like a common whore-house for everything that they have decided will become American policy, both at home and abroad, this is the new Amerika!

This week, these five pushed through a horrible Omnibus spending bill to fund the government through next September.

The bill amounts to a betrayal of American voters, especially on immigration matters.

Where do I begin to condemn this? I'll start with House Speaker Paul Ryan.

It didn't take long for Ryan to break all his promises on immigration, did it?

When he was running for Speaker two months ago, Ryan promised he would not bring up immigration bills that did not have the backing of a majority of Republican House Members.

Yet as soon as he got the chance, Ryan snuck several huge immigration giveaways into the Omnibus spending bill Congress approved today. It goes further:

Nearly QUADRUPLES the number of H-2B low-skilled foreign workers allowed in this year. This could raise the total of these workers this year from 66,000 to 264,000.

Not only that...

FUNDS a large increase in Syrian and other refugee resettlement in this country. Instead of a timeout and a full security review, Congress handed Obama everything he wants.

FUNDS Obama's catch-and-release policy that virtually stops deportations.

FUNDS Sanctuary Cities, so that cities like San Francisco that refuse to turn over jailed illegal aliens to the feds will face no cut in funding.

MAINTAINS tax credits to illegal aliens in the form of the Earned Income Tax Credit. That is, if a family is poor enough, they not only pay no income tax, the government pays THEM. Yes, that includes illegal aliens! Also, Congress continues to allow illegal aliens to claim child tax credits on their tax returns.

FUNDS the continued relocation into America of the unaccompanied minors who are marching across the border into Texas and states. The numbers of these crossing the border is way up again this year.

Even with all these outrages I've mentioned, there are still MORE terrible things hidden in the Omnibus bill, which passed both the House and the Senate. A hopeful sign is that 95 House Republicans joined with 18 House Democrats, and 26 Senate Republicans joined with 6 Senate Democrats to vote NO on this monstrosity. Yet, most Republicans and most all the Democrats voted yes, and it passed.

Does anyone speak for regular, working Americans? Is anyone willing to fight for them?...”

The U.S. government is mostly run by just five people: Barack Obama, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Paul Ryan, and Nancy Pelosi.

Given the above circumstances might real Americans finally begin to ask whether or not these evil-five have actually converted to radical Islam? Because everything this criminal legislation is involved in, plays directly into Radical Islam and fits Islam's game plans of today to a 'T”.


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