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Third Term Jerry Brown
Murders The Last Bit Of Daddy's Legacy

By  Jim Kirwan


Jerry's Daddy, Pat Brown, made California into the legendary
“Golden State” that died with the death of Jerry's Dad in 1990.


Edmund G. (Pat) Brown, the former Governor of California who fathered the state's modern economic boom with expansive government programs to build freeways, vast water systems and public universities open to all at low cost, died on Friday at his home here. He was 90. Mr. Brown died of a heart attack, but had been ill for some time, said a granddaughter, Kathleen Kelly.

The burly and ebullient Mr. Brown, a Democrat, served two terms as Governor, from 1959 until 1967, turning back a challenge from former Vice President Richard M. Nixon in 1962. But a growing conservative mood and divisiveness within his own party over student unrest and the Vietnam War led to his defeat by a conservative Republican, Ronald Reagan, in 1966. The election effectively ended nearly a quarter of a century of public service for Mr. Brown and inaugurated a national political career for the former actor.”

Edmund G. Brown Is Dead at 90; He Led California in Boom Years

Governor Moonbeam took office to begin to destroy everything his daddy did, for the people of California. Jerry was the perfect leader of the absolutely spoiled and totally wasted crowd who have always composed the real “DEPLORABLES” so recently made famous by the still uncharged Hillary and Bill Clinton...

Jerry took his fake artistic leanings from his days in the Motherload, pretending to be a poet, and went to Tibet, where he discovered his navel. He came back wearing Mao's trademark jackets and ran again for governor ­ which he won a second time. Along that path he destroyed the California Supreme Court, by appointing a classmate in college as the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court; despite the fact that she had never been inside a courtroom, as a participant, before Jerry appointed her.

California students today also have Jerry to thank for the Kings Ransom they are now forced to pay to go to Communist-California Colleges ­ that have absolutely destroyed the classrooms, and the curriculum of not just the colleges, but of the entire educational system in California,which is now one of the worst rated educational systems in the nation: Which, under his father's administration, became some of the best schools in the nation.

The litany is long an ugly, but the point at the moment is that the situation at the damn in is the direct responsibility of the Governor of California that is about to fail ­ because Jerry has never maintained the roads, bridges, or the damns that, as governor, he is for the third time still totally responsible for the Oroville Dam­ which is why Sacramento is now threatened by this totally unnecessary lapse in maintenance, brought on by the pervert in the California Governor's Office. At the very least Jerry Brown must be impeached, after this “natural-disaster” runs its course.

Oroville Dam Spillway Damage Grows As Lake Oroville Continues To Fill



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