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Third World Stone Age Black Soldiers (Males)
Invade Spanish Beaches On Soros Inflatables
Using Sticks, Clubs And Chemical Weapons

By Ted Wilson

Author's Note: The Camp of the Saints, a novel written by Frenchman Jean Raspail in 1973, portrays the destruction of Europe by massive Third World immigration. Critics called the book delusional, and cloaked in xenophobia. Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center denounced Raspail as racist for raising themes against immigration.

"It's not The Camp of the Saints yet, but we're getting close."
- Pablo Casado, Spain's Popular Party leader, July 28, 2018

Migrants arriving in southern Spain threaten to become a torrent as newly-elected Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez's socialist government appears caught unawares.

Inflatables of all sizes have crossed from Africa to Spain in the last 48 hours, making landings at Cadiz, Tarifa, Algeciras, Nerja, and El Canuelo.

A British boater took a series of dramatic photographs at Playa del Canuelo, one of Costa del Sol's most exclusive beach areas. El Canuelo is one of a cluster of private coves making up Los Antilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo Nature Reserve. Vehicles are prohibited, and vacation goers are transported by a small fleet of buses.

Reuters published pictures depicting a rubber ducky with 34 migrants aboard. When a Spanish Civil Guard vessel moves to intercept the craft, its driver accelerates to the beach and shallower water.

Africans are seen tossing papers and belongings over the side. They soon rush ashore and make for higher ground, startling beachgoers.

Tarifa mayor Jose Ignacio Landaluce voiced growing concerns for the Andalusia region.

"We never, ever had thousands of migrants arriving every weekend. And this could be just for starters: There's lots of summer left, and there are thousands and thousands of migrants arriving on the coast of north Africa, and thousands more who are hoping to cross," Landaluce said.

On Wednesday, reported by this newsletter, more than 600 Africans breached a double fence at Ceuta.

A spokesperson for the Civil Guard remarked, "They came all at once, and some attacked with quicklime they kept in tubes and bottles."

Others hurled stones and containers filled with feces. Many brandished long sticks. One migrant was seen wielding a golf club.

(Communist) Red Cross workers, who faced criticism from locals, treated dozens of Africans after the charge, and distributed fresh clothes.

Targeted Beaches Of Invading Blacks

The First World Nation And Culture Of Spain Is Being Destroyed

They MUST Be Hunted Down, Imprisoned And Deported Instantly Or Spain Will DIE

Rather Than Turn Them. Away, The Spanish Coast Guard Throws Their Executioners A Rope

The Inflatable Landing Craft Full Of Fighting Age, Diseased (30% Have AIDS) Black Soldiers Heads To Shore

Spanish Families Enjoying Their Day At The Beach Watch Their Killers-To-Be Make Landing

Some Carried Sticks, Even A Golf Club, And Bottles And Tubes Of The Chemical Quicklime To Use On Spaniards

Say Hello To Your Diseased, 65 IQ Muslims Who Are Sworn By Their Death Cult 'Religion'
To Kill All Infidels (Whites) And To Destroy Their Civilization

The Spineless, Stupid, Caucasian Politicians Who Refuse To Protect Their People And Culture From Annihilation



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