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Think Then Act


By Jim Kirwan


On the Eve of Jade Helm the world has finally arrived

On the threshold of our global-failure

The ‘talks’ on Iran have finally come to a solution after only thirty years of privation, torture and murder in which millions have died and hundreds of thousands more were displaced by illegally applied SANCTIONS that were paid for by the people living in Iran. The United States applied the sanctions six years after the Arms for Hostages deal and the Reagan era of Guns for Drugs and wholesale Death-Squad wars on the people in Central America ­ for which America has never paid any price at all.

The talks that just concluded were not perfect, but at least most of the people in Iran, will finally get some relief. But many of the real issues will remain, thanks to Israel and the intransigent USI positions in the world.

Iran won some small part of their determination to be able to provide nuclear-energy for themselves, against the day when their supply of oil runs out. However it would seem that Iran and the USI ought to be looking for a permanent replacement for “nuclear-energy” because of the global lesson that Fukushima provides to the world.

The United States currently has 27 nuclear plants that are in the same condition that Japan was when Israel and USI used Stutnex technology to blow up Fukushima. Yet America refuses to either fix or replace the damaged US nuclear plants. This is insanity, given what happened in Japan. Iran at least has the choice to choose other methods for their ‘energy problems’, while the US is determined to wait for the day when the United States becomes completely radiated by our broken nuclear plants.

Meanwhile Israel is very publicly going insane: Demanding that the US sabotage the agreement to protect Israel from weapons which Iran cannot now build. The ‘congress’ of the US is vowing to cancel the deal because it ‘threatens’ Israel. Obamanation is mumbling about vetoing any such congressional effort; even though he did not try to stop the congress from getting involved even though that was and is a crime. Obamanation absolutely refused to even try to keep the congress from trying to sabotage the deal, because he’s too afraid of Israel to take any action against their paymaster for the entire US Government which ought to be moved to Tel Aviv.

The vote finally took place, and now Obama is talking about vetoes, if and when the congress tries to force the issue again. All of this disregards the obscenities on which Israel has firmly stood since 1948 when they officially entered the world in order to kill everything that’s not part of their racist, Apartheid, Outlaw state that since JFK has been nuclear armed to the hilt.

While the US is the only major nation to have used the Atom and Hydrogen Bombs during WWII, Israel has been using tactical nukes in every war they’ve been in since 1964, including the tactical nukes they used against us on 911.Once you understand the depth of the depravity and corruption that Israel has always had, when it comes to anything American, you may decide to demand an end to these global outlaws that plan to take out the population of the rest of the planet with “extreme prejudice”…

Overwhelming Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job, Who did it and Why - Ken O'Keefe 1hr 37min VIDEO

Israel is enraged that Iran might still be building a bomb, when Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has not registered with the IAEA, and still refuses to allow inspections of their nuclear weapons, under any conditions. Netanyahu is furious and he’s convinced that Iran wants “to cheat” on the agreements that they just signed: Even though Iran has not attacked any other nation in over 300 years while Israel has repeatedly attacked all of their neighbors, some of them several times. Israel is the only nation in the world today that has publicly threatened other nations with total nuclear destruction if they ever dare to come out against Israel, in any meaningful way. USI makes threats, that’s true - but USI has not promised to use the Sampson principle to get what they desire.

Israel has promised all of Europe and many other nations that they will blow themselves up and take the rest of the planet with them, unless the entire world follows their absolute demands to the letter. That’s global-blackmail, yet no one dares to even mention this in public.

Of all the nations on this planet Israel is perhaps the most vicious, uncivilized and evil place imaginable. Israel makes massive amounts of money by selling human body parts from the living and the dead, along with running global sex-trafficking and they own a huge part of the global drug market. If it’s illegal then Israel has probably cornered the market, no matter what “it” is. Israel is above all the international and national laws that are still on the books anywhere in the world today—and no one ever does anything about that.

The entire evil of Political Correctness including the latest rush to wipe out “husbands and wives” or “men and women” as having any meaning along with marriage as a valid and accepted institution ­ you guessed it: That too has been part of the Israeli plan from the beginning - To utterly destroy families, give your kids to the state and wipe out any possible chance for anyone to have any privacy or any kind of life anywhere - anymore. This is nothing less that the complete rewriting of the medical, educational and social contract in the United States that will be enforced by the already corrupted Departments’ of Justice, State, Immigration, and all of that has just been joined by the US military that is now welcoming transsexuals to their ranks. This is all being promoted by the fifth column traitors that have been the US Media, since the outlaws purchased it all at the close of the Vietnam War in 1975

Social Engineering: This is How America Dies

Israel the pretend country, came to power from the terrorist gangs they created to steal Palestine. Israel then created the colossal-lie that there was a Jewish Holocaust during WWII from which they have been raking in reparations, in cash and property for themselves since the end of that war. And it was all a lie.

German Television Exposes Holocaust Lies: Historic Broadcast Shocks Germany

First video: 49 minute video with subtitles

Second Video The Truth about Auschwitz 19 min VIDEO

They have butchered millions of people the world over to keep their stolen property and they’ve remained immune to all international laws and institutions that supposedly ‘investigate’ them for any of their filthy crimes around the world ­ most of which they proudly claim to have committed—while Israel continues to spit on everyone that opposes them in any way.

Until the world gets rid of Israel completely, no one will ever have any chance to have a future of any kind.

If that can be done then we can finally try the rest of the traitors that have completely taken over the United States: Until people decide to Take Action, on any of this, then nothing will ever change ­ except that death will come much quicker than millions of us ever expected.




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