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They Knew 50 Yrs Ago
That Kissing Bugs Had Chagas


From Patricia Doyle

Unfortunately, most available information about infection rates by T. cruzi in North American kissing bugs date to more than 50 years ago. The average infection rates (i.e., considering the most abundant species altogether) in kissing bugs from California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas were reported to be 21%, 7%, 3.4%, and 7%, respectively. A systematic study carried out in 1964 in what is today suburban Tucson found that 7.5% T. rubida (the most abundant species) and 19.5% of T. protracta were infected with T. cruzi.

Hello, Jeff -  kThey knew then but did nothing.  They knew that kissing bugs in these states were infected with T Cruzi and they never informed the public.  They kept quiet while the home builders convinced the public to move to the desert South West.  They built up developments in areas where the infected kissing bugs lived.

Jeff, it boggles the mind to know that Mexicans were crossing over to the US infected with the parasite and providing a blood meal for the US kissing bugs and that 50 years ago our government knew about it and still chose to allow open borders.  No health screening of migrants.  The very migrants who pick our produce and fruits.

I was really surprised to read the above.  Can you imagine the infection rate of these bugs now, 50 years later and millions of illegal later.  I have to bring this up tonight.  Chagas is infecting Americans and no one knows about it.  Doctors don't know how to treat it so they do not look for it.  They choose to order  the expensive heart testing  Tell people they have high cholesterol and give medication for that and cross their fingers. They haven't the foggiest idea as to how to treat this Chagas disease.   



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