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The War On Terra
By Jim Kirwan

Across the top of the image it says:

And I will raise my lamp beside the golden door”

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Who said that there’s nothing transparent about the traitor in the White House: He’s just giving the planet the universal middle finger. Today he’s going to the UN to gloat about it in front of the UN & the world: As if he’s actually the leader of the world—the same world that he’s trying to destroy for his owners.

That’s why he chose the twenty-second to start his illegal bombings in Syria: Precisely because the Security Council is due to take up the question of Syria today. It has been clear for months now that neither Russia nor China will approve his actions, which is why Obama decided to make the whole question moot. He made the bombing of Syria into a fact; to bypass any UN ruling by the Security Council. Supposedly he will explain himself and his “policies” to the world via the UN forum today.

Obama is a globally renowned mass murderer who is celebrating the bombing of his seventh country ­ all of which has been illegal according to International law. He claims the right to decide who lives and who dies anywhere in the world today. He should be in prison or dead but instead the world tolerates him as “a leader”: What does that say about us?

Obama will be leading today’s discussion at the UN, in case there are any real objections to his policies, that he’s using to spit upon the global-opinions among the world’s nations. The world will just observe, as usual, no demonstrations will call attention to the fact that the UN is nothing but a rubber-stamp for world-wide tyranny, which still wear their little blue helmets!

The UN has chosen to get out of the front-line of raping, torturing and murdering hundreds of thousands: As that task is now being carried out by NATO, USI and the CIA. Israel was never considered for that slot as all these crimes are being created at Israel’s behest. This shift in the chain of command had to happen because of what the UN did in Haiti (3 times) and in Kosovo with regard to sex-trafficking, drug dealing, smuggling and global thuggery-in-general against unarmed civilians ­ they made such a mess of that they needed to be replaced as ‘Peacekeepers’ in this world gone mad.

The UN is the same organization that sponsors AGENDA 21 which is hell bent on taking over the whole nation, and the world, while stripping it of all natural resources and living space: Currently they’re cutting off the water, poisoning the earth the air and the oceans while disowning people across the world. South Africa’s Apartheid was nothing compared to this obscenity.

To expect any actual “oversight” from such an internationally-corrupt organization as the UN is, is like believing in ‘the tooth-fairy’ Homeland Security and the mercenary police-state thugs all rolled into one.

The UN is a combination of creatures and programs that claim they’re here to change the world—but in reality the entire charade is nothing but a dog & pony show meant to distract the planet from ever doing anything real about any of what’s tearing the world apart right now…

This place is being run on a handful of broken illusions that are being fed by trainloads of lies, compounded by hundreds of thousands of treasons that are continuously unfolding.

The truly amazing thing is that no one from the great herd has been able to use these non-stop performances, to spit directly in the faces of the criminals who still claim to be “important” in these long-dead political-parades. That’s why they tell us “they’re here to help us find the truth”.

It’s been 69 years since the UN was created. That makes them just two years older than Israel but the corruptions which these two nightmares share is why we’re here today.

What is supposedly under discussion today at the UN is what the world can do about controlling global-CONQUEST global wars and the future of the people on the earth that need food water and shelter, if there is to be any survival for the refugees that are rapidly being created worldwide. How can the world survive these global crimes against us all, unless there is a plan behind any of these constantly exploding illegal wars.

In the UN there’s a painting by Picasso called Guernica that speaks to the defiance against tyranny that took place in Spain between Franco & the Nazi’s versus the people of Spain. What should be hanging in the main conference hall of the UN ought to be “Again & Again, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”.

The concept is as old as the Bible and the United Nations was founded to supposedly help the world Control “CONQUEST”, regulate “WAR”, end FAMINE and prolong LIFE by respecting DEATH. Of course that will never happen because the UN was set up to protect the status quo, not to challenge it.

None of which the UN has ever even thought about. Maybe a physical image might help them remember why they’re there ­ or maybe not?

In today’s CROSSTALK 27min 41sec, a number of very interesting points are raised. Some key facts were omitted, but we’ll get to that.

Coalition of the Killing

Beginning with the fact that no one can bomb an idea out of existence, because ideas have to be dealt with intelligently if they are to ever be resolved—which is something that USI has not done in any of the conflicts they’ve been involved in since the end of WWII.

The United States started all these wars. We have never had an end-game to justify any of the attacks we’ve undertaken which is why none of the last fourteen years makes any sense at all to the rest of the world. We export violence, torture, death and destruction, but at the end of any of those dark-days of obliteration, nothing at all emerges as part of any plan for any future whatsoever—except more and more of the same, or worse.

Throughout it all no one mentions Israel which is the whole point.

Is ISIS Good for the Jews?

What does not get discussed is the passion to keep the US Dollar as the Petro-Dollar along with providing the global war-machine with perpetual no-bid contracts to keep these perpetual wars going. Another missed opportunity came with the mention of Maliki being dumped from leadership in Iraq. USI was fine with him until he demanded that if we wanted to keep US troops in Iraq then the US would have to make them subject to the international criminal-courts. The second that surfaced, Maliki had to go!

Waging the Aftermath of all these Wars

Next comes a discussion about “what comes next?” More and more commentators have observed that there is apparently no end-game in any of these lawless wars: And that is definitely true. All the effort is on the wars themselves, after the “enemy” is defeated, by whatever means; there has not been a plan for anyone since 2001.

By contrast: Three years before the end of the four year war that was WWII, the US had already been hard at work assessing the entire population of Germany, village by village. A huge staff was devoted to learning all that there was to know about each area of Germany, which was mapped out and carefully decided upon—as to what to do and how to implement the peace once it came.

The idea was to rebuild that war-torn nation: To do that people would need to be used, to the maximum of their skills, according to the way they had lived before the war. As a result the “peace” went as smoothly as clockwork. The country was rebuilt and the economy became real and once again robust, in the American Sector. Contrast that with what happened in any of the seven countries that USI is waging war on now ­ particularly Libya and Syria: The difference is more extreme than day & night could ever be. We have no diplomacy, no planning beyond the bloodbaths we introduce to the populations. We simply kill everything that moves and call it victory, even when it’s not.

In the Eastern part of Ukraine, Kiev destroyed the mining of coal, by obliterating the factories that produced coal not just for Ukraine but for much of Europe: Porky smashed that entire industry flat.

In country after country no one even asks “how will people live?” Who will do the rebuilding, where will the supplies come from to bring anything back to life? Who will recreate the water-plants, the electricity, the small businesses, the roads, the schools, the hospitals, and the entire medical profession that was decimated? What will the war-damaged nations use for money or for the required skills that have left those nations altogether? Who will plant the crops, grow the food, raise the herds or make anything that could be called “goods”? Clearly nowhere that we have gone has anything like a plan of any kind to fix what we’ve so thoroughly destroyed!

What happens when USI runs out of targets?

The only thing our global-dictator wants to do is to utterly destroy the rest of the planet and 95% of the global population: What part of this dictate do the survivors “still not get”?

The split within the United States about all these problems comes directly from the fact that over half the congress and the government at all levels have sworn loyalty to Israel, over anything they might owe to the United States. Couple that with the treasonous Mainscream Media and it’s clear that we need a revolution from within this country…

P.S. A huge “thank you” to all of you that wrote congratulating me on getting to “75”, I have to say the response ‘knocked my socks off’ ~

Thank you all very much…



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