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The Truth Beneath The White House

By Jim Kirwan


Under Obama, lights were used to depict his “Truth”

Now that Trump has invited Merkel to Amerika, we need to repaint

the White House in the New-Truth for Communist Amerika.

Trump to host Germany's Merkel at the White House

Trump ran as 'the president that would clean up the Swamp' ­ but now we can see just how cowardly he has become. First he refused to arrest Hillary, calling her “a good woman”, ignoring her thirty plus years as a war criminal, a traitor, and a thief having sold twenty percent of all the uranium in the United States to the Russians ­ not to mention the millions of people she personally arranged to murder in Iraq, Libya & Syria.

The Deep State War on Trump

6min 41sec VIDEO

President Trump will be entertaining Europe's foremost traitor to Germany Angela Merkel
to the Black House unless he withdraws his invitation.

Angela Merkel

Trump is fast becoming the most notable “president” for policy reversals in American History and he's only been “in-office” for 44 days. That's got to be the worst record in American politics, and he's “only just begun”. Those still waiting for him to get through the first one-hundred days before making up their minds—should print out the images above and send them to everyone they know—because there is no point in continuing “to wait the remaining 56 days before demanding serious reversals.

If Trump continues with the treachery of inviting Merkel to the Black House, then his criminal actions will be clear to the world.

Trump recently said :

My job is not to represent the world. My job is to represent the United States of America.”

If that's how Trump feels then he is NOT representing the American people, or the voters that elected him in November, 2016.