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The Enemy Is Waiting
Just Two Miles From the White House

By Jim Kirwan


Now add to this Hillary, Bill & Chelsea, the entire Bush Clan,

Kissinger, the CIA & the treasonous Washington Post.

All of whom are now operating from the

Obama Command Center just two miles from

The Tarnished House, and the embattled president Trump.

Trump Leak Now Points To Bezos’ Hidden $600M Deal With Obama CIA To Feed Washington Post


All of the above are being aided & abetted by

The Outlaw-Invasion force of Muslim Assassins & Rapists Worldwide,

And the obvious & continuing demands of the Ashkenazi Jews.

Media Calls Out Steve Bezos and His and Washington Post As CIA Fronts. Steve Bannon Agrees

Treason is being planned at this Command Center. And these enemies should be immediately surrounded and arrested for sedition & high-treason while all their papers, wire-transfers, plans and records are all in one place and are protected by the clearly traitorous CIA that's using the Washington Post to protect and hide the filthy-truth from the wider-world.


This moment is the perfect time to crush these complicit cowards, before they can multiply further.

The current government has about 30,000 enemies in it. These anti-American forces, in league with the illegal forces of 'INDIVISIBLE', may be technically small compared to the armies of the world: But if they are not confronted and locked down now, then there will be an unholy war on the streets of this nation very soon.

If Sun Tsu were alive today he would classify this moment as the one moment, when the embattled Trump administration must strike with the full force of the remaining government: If there is to be anything left to govern with, inside or outside the war-torn United States.

What is clear, is that the saboteurs are waiting for their crucial moment to arrive: They are “waiting” because they don't have all their pieces in place—yet. If the Forces of Freedom are to have any chance we must act now—this is not an opportunity, this is a mandate to ACT to prevent this treason from formally reaching into the streets and by-ways of America.

If Trump is to be taken seriously ­ then he has to stop acting like a grandfather and put on the armor he was given to stand up to the criminal state of Israel, and especially to the thousands of his enemies in this country as well ­ because millions of us are losing patience with his apparent inability to lay out a clear course of ACTION for this nation—in a world that has never been closer to global oblivion than it is right now...

Personally I don't think Trump has the guts to go against the grain—but since he's already living in the crosshairs, he might just as well come to stand for something much larger than just himself and start locking up the criminals while he's “DRAINING THE SWAMP” as he promised to do.