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The End?
Could It Really, Really Be The End?

By J Chiappalone
Doctor of Metaphysical Science
My Motto: Take it or Leave it


For the last 30 years and more I have delivered a Message of Finality.

It may be coincidental that my message reflects some Religious Paradigms and some Philosophical and Metaphysical notions of an Endtime or a massive change in the Reality which we know.

I contend that what we experience on this level is Illusional!

One does not need to search very deeply into spiritual thoughts of Sages to know that the ‘Illusional State’ of describing our Human Existence is a fundamental tenet of Spirituality.

There are variations on this theme of Finality, of course, with some suggesting it is the end of all, as I do, and others saying it is a time of great change, with possible obliteration of some aspects of the Humanity with which we are familiar and of which we are a part.

While some, such as the Hopi, the late Madame Blavatsky, and the New Agers, look forward to a ‘New Dawn, a New Earth, a New Evolution’, based on Physicality, my message is one of total obliteration of Earth, and all living things on it.

It is not a matter of a recycling, cataclysmic event.

Rather, it is a Termination for good.

The Message of Finality, with dates for the End, has to be sponsored by Ones who are from the Future or see the Future.

That, to us Humans is a most difficult concept to understand and accept..

Nonetheless, Quantum Mechanics and Theory tend to suggest such notions are not only possibly but also probable.

But the focus of an Endtime can be expanding and we are able to see the entire Galaxy is doomed by mechanisms I will now discuss below.

Whether one wants to believe that the End is an active campaign by ‘Corrective Light Forces’ to eliminate the essence of Evil (the existence of which some fools still deny) or whether we believe the End is an extension of scientific and philosophical thought that all things Physical must come to an end, we find that indeed we are in a process of Finality.

(Many people cannot comprehend or distinguish between Negativity, which is an inert Balancing Factor in Creation, and active Evil, which is an erroneous Creation of Artificial Intelligence which arose from an experimental Error, that has run amuck with the aim of destroying everything in the long run, even itself, and therefore must be totally destroyed.

That is the process in which we are caught.)

The concept of Multi-Universes is now an accepted notion by many in Scientific Circles.

The notion is well accepted that all Universes must, per force, according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, come to end, if they have had a beginning (which they have had, of course).

It is a reality that 96% of our Physical Universe is ‘invisible’.

That percentage has actually been physically destroyed.

It is no more.

It is now formed of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

In other words, this Universe is in the process of being purposely dismantled, brick by brick, Sun by Sun, Solar System by Solar System, Galaxy by Galaxy.

In this generation, it is our turn to be PHYSICALLY exterminated!

Whether we want to ascribe one reason or another is of little consequence.

The fact is that 96% of it is already GONE, GONE, GONE.

Here is some corroborative evidence:

NEW YORK — All the stars, planets and galaxies that can be seen today make up just 4 percent of the universe. The other 96 percent is made of stuff astronomers can't see, detect or even comprehend. These mysterious substances are called dark energy and dark matter. May 12, 2011.

Telescope to Hunt for Missing 96% of the Universe:

Greatest Mysteries: Where is the Rest of the Universe?

The Missing Universe of Dark Matter


Whether we want to believe or not believe that there is some correction or death of the Universe is irrelevant.

What is occurring is NOT based on what we want to believe or accept.

It is beyond Humanities comprehension and control.

And the Process of Clearing involves ALL living things including ‘Aliens’ who surround this planet, and live around it, and in it, in abundance.

Only fools are blind to those facts.

We know massive changes have occurred way beyond our Galaxy and massive changes are occurring in our Solar System and on Earth.

I shall detail those below.

We have evidence of active destruction of Suns, Solar Systems and Galaxies.

Are they accidental occurrences?

Or are they active obliteration of manifestations of an evil, illicit system as True Gnostics contend?

(My Father’s House has many Mansions ­ John 14:2)

The consequences of Universal destruction matter only when we consider the fate of our existence outside the Physical.

That notion of being beyond the Physical postulates the existence of non-material states.

If you can’t accept that Greater Reality, you are already dead, physical, mentally and spiritually!

Hubble Sees Galaxy on Verge of Destruction

Galaxy Destruction in the Violent Universe


Here is the mechanism affecting our Galaxy

Supermassive black holes are destroying galaxies because of 'galactic warming' - but could this spell the end of Earth?

That is not waffle and it’s not BS.

It’s our developing, terminating Reality, if the other mechanisms I have mentioned don’t liberate us sooner!!

Remember, I had previously stated Earth’s last year shall be 2035.

The Correction Team is aiming for a date before 2035.

My calculations say it will be much sooner.


Let’s get very close to home.

The entire Solar System is being cooked by Plasma Waves coming from the Centre of this Galaxy which is about to die in its entirety.

Someone, something, must produce these active vectors to obliterate the Galaxy, and our neighbourhood, including the Earth and all (physically) living things on and in it ­ for remember, the Earth, like all other planets, is hollow, and there are many civilizations within it.

Superior Consciousness’ IS obliterating this Universe before its natural exhaustive death is due, for reasons I have explained at length elsewhere.

We are witnessing an active process of Finality.

This Universe is an unwanted rogue, an evil and very malicious, exploitative entity.

(An analogy of true and false vines (Universes) whose significance has been lost is found in many ancient texts.).

Physical Existence should have never been like this for any of us.

You don’t believe that statement?

Tell me about your sorrows, your suffering, your pains and misery.

You have none of those things?

You are lying.

You are in denial.

Let me jolt you back to physical reality:

You are about to physically die!!

Deny that if you will!

Still don’t believe it?

How many of your peers have already died?

How long can you physically last?

Physical Immortality is an imaginary theme for fools.

Are you one of them?


Let’s focus on our lives and on our Earth.

The obvious changes are:

  • FRAGMENTATION of ALL aspects of ‘Life’ on Earth

  • TERMINAL MADNESS OF THE ENDTIME at all levels of Consciousness, including Humans, Animals, Vegetation, Bactria, Viruses, ‘Mother Nature” and her Climate and geographical errors and disasters, etc., etc.

The MAJOR Bullets of Finality are these:


Planet X

Plasma Waves.

(BTW, the energy pattern for WW3 is still hanging over our heads and may precipitate, as anticipated, at any time)

Is WW3 already here?

The Russians Will Use the Scissors Plan to Win WW III in Response to the CIA Murder of the Russian Ambassador

Read on….

More than in any other time in History we are witnessing undeniable Fragmentation of Society, of Nature and all Human endeavors.

The planet is being cleared of all living things like I predicted would occur in 1985!

Do you think that is a transitional accident?

Think again.

You are totally blind and living in a coffin if you cannot see the TERMINAL MADNESS EVERYWHERE around the planet.

And if you cannot see the exposure of all Evil, in preparation for its total destruction, you must be a dead lizard under some rock in the Kalahari!

Our PHYSICAL Fate is sealed.

Those of us who see truly, clearly, see a moribund state developing.

But the future for True Ones could not be better!

There can be no greater example to affirm the MORIBUND STATE than the radiation poisoning of the Pacific Ocean by the purposefully created FUKUSHIMA ‘ACCIDENT’ purposely caused by the evil fools who have sealed their own fate!

There are excellent articles on Jeff Rense’s site about this real weapon of earthly mass destruction called Fukushima.

Here are some excellent articles to be found there.

The Horror of Fukushima Can No Longer Be Called A Conspiracy Theory

Fukushima Has Contaminated 1/3 Of The World's Oceans

Entire N. Pacific Ocean Is Radioactive And It's Worsening

The lying Main Stream Media has chosen to ignore this massive death-dealing disaster.

The bottom line is this:

I wrote shortly after the ‘accident’ that all physically living things would be dead from this radiation by the year 2025.

We are well on the way to the fulfilment of that scientific extrapolation!!

Read that again ….’SCIENTIFIC EXTRAPOLATION’…...

It is based on provable data, not on speculation!


Now, one bullet is never enough.

We have more.

Whatever you want to believe is irrelevant.

What will be, will be.

And even though there has been some delay,


BTW, variability in its TIMING of visitations has been a constant factor, if you know what I mean.

Governments have secretly been expecting its destructive hammering of Earth and our environs for over 75 years.

  • Russia and China are preparing for Planet X


They have been building these bases day and night, unceasingly, since the 1940s.

  • Government Prepares for Cosmic Catastrophe- Executive Order Implemented

Delays for the arrival of Planet X have occurred and what should have come in August this year will come in August-September 2017, as things now stand today!

Dec 7, 2016:



Forget the Religious Porn he utters.

The reason I posted it was to show that he, like many others, is warning of the Endtime!

There is much to read about Planet X.

Please note, many of the photos on the Internet of Planet X are photo shopped.


Planet X is a phenomenon with basically focal effects on Earth.


The destruction it will cause will be massive but then again minor in comparison to what PLASMA WAVES will do to Earth, the Sun, and the entire Solar System and Galaxy.

In an interview on Radio with Jeff Rense in 2002, I mentioned the coming of ‘dirty winds’ from the Centre of the Galaxy to affect Earth.

I had also predicted ‘spraying of the skies’ on a previous occasion.


On both occasions I did not know what labels would be given to these phenomena.

  • The ‘dirty winds’ are now called Plasma Waves.

  • As you well know, the sky sprayings are called Chemtrails!

Thus, in view of these life terminating Plasma Waves, we need to ask;


Is this the Ultimate News of Finality we have been awaiting?

Are we finally going to witness Destructive Galactic Winds from the Never-Never to send all of us into the Ever-Now?

I think the direction to ‘Expect the Unexpected’ has never been so pertinent.

All of a sudden, the thought of a possible Termination of all physical existence in our area has hit the minds of a few Morons, as you will see in the videos below.

We sit and wait!


There will be the PHYSICAL DEATH of all things in the Solar System.

Plasma Waves that are heating up all the planets.

Earth’s ‘Global Warming Theory’ is a ruse by the controlling, scamming Elite to steal more money from us.

The Global Warming is due to reoccurring ‘dirty winds’ heating up all Physicality in preparation for total destruction.

There is no solution to this problem.

It is an intended destruction of an evil growth outside of the ‘Father’s Influence’!

In fact, this so-called problem of physical destruction IS the spiritual solution to Evil’s existence!

But, statements such as that are way beyond the comprehension of morons!

We are ALL scheduled to leave the Physical.

Some will not survive spiritually once out of here.

The FINAL JUDGEMENT has already been accomplished.

We’ know the viable worth of each Unit of Consciousness, whether it be in a Human, a Fish, a Virus, a Vegetable, or even in a Crystal!

What we see now is the indubitable exposure of the viable and the non-viable.

If you mingle to any extent, you will observe the fact, as long as you are spiritually awake, that some are good people and others are exposed as ‘evil scum’.

This observation cannot be missed by spiritually astute individuals!


Let me go back 31 years.

I publically announced, in 1985, that the mechanisms for the World’s End were in place.

I stated emphatically that Earth would be totally destroyed no later than 2035, and that I would be here to see its last day.

The hope was that, in order to minimize unnecessary suffering, the Date of Termination would be brought forward as much as possible.

God;’ surely knows all of us have suffered enough in this Hellish Cesspool called Earth.

You don’t believe life on Earth is Evil based?

Just watch a few minutes of shows like ‘Wild’ on National Geographic TV.

If you are of Light and Love, a few seconds are enough to convince you such irrational, unnecessary brutality, fear, exploitation, cruelty, and overt Evil in Nature and Humanity MUST be eradicated.


We are in a War of Essences, even if this existence appears to be a big joke, a Leela of the ‘Gods’ as the Hindu like to call it.

The first casualty of War, as you know very well, is Truth!

That is why data to decipher ‘What is Going On’ is almost impossible to obtain on this level.

The evil sacerdotes have taken the keys of knowledge and left us in the dark! Luke 11:52

But, we now have all the knowledge we need.

We know why this Physical Existence is being terminated.

We know roughly when.

It shall be within the next 19 years, max.!

We know how: Via the mechanisms I have enumerated above.


I repeat: We are in a War of Essences in what seems to be a Play on a Stage of, and for, Fools.

In any war, Truth suffers, and Propaganda is paramount.

The main predictions I made in 1985 and later are undeniable.

As part of my role, of course, I have had to engage the ‘evil enemy’ as much as possible.

Often I released false information and false prophecies.

These had the desired effects.

Not knowing how serious I was about them, the Evil Opposition spent much energy that they could little afford to waste, on blocking those spurious forecasts.

This has accelerated the time of the End and brought the End closer to us.

What I did with that propaganda was also to expose enemies who lurked behind smug “You’re wrong accusations”.

Once they revealed themselves to me, ‘I’ was able to demolish them all the faster on the subtle level. They are doomed Cretins for sure!!

There has been a price to pay on this level for playing this role I played.

I knew of the cost.

I have borne it and am about to see the completion of the mission as you too will see.


With words as I have written above, we are forced to expand our thinking, are we not?

It is no longer a matter of what this little Earth and Humanity want and do.

It is a matter of realizing the Galaxy will blow ­ soon ­ very soon!!

How many can expand their minds to conceive such a change?

So many are fixed on navel gazing that they will miss the whole point of Planetary Extinction as being part of a larger change.

How can we tell them?

We cannot.

Just think of the massive damage History and Religions have done to all of us by keeping us locked away in paradigms that do not make any sense in the face of a Greater Reality.

The shock of the Truth will see the end of the Evil, non-viable ones!

Alas, these words are only of value to those with Nous.

The rest are doomed fools whose hidden fear will far outweigh their overt anger and pointless ridicule of me.

Let the Final Games begin!!


The last few Words ­ Promise!

1 I guess in an ignorant, pointless sense, it was reasonable for Morons to call me all the pejorative names they could find in 1985 when I first released the Message of Finality, even though I gave physical, geographical, metaphysical and spiritual reasons for the message.

God’ only knows those same ignorant morons became drunk with belly laughs and their misunderstanding of what I said and wrote.

But today, I am writing in the context of Astronomical and Scientific changes in finite terms that we can all read about.

Time will tell of the accuracy of the Finality I describe.

It will only be the incredulous Failed Fools who will be the least prepared.

2 After 31 years in this work, I am still amazed at the gross stupidity of so many morons who cannot decipher the meaning of 5 very little words that constitute my Motto: ‘Take it or Leave it’!

It seems the fact that I give them that option is taken by them as an affront to their sanity and they irrationally seem convinced I am trying to brainwash them,

They were born as evil, ignorant fools.

They are scheduled to expire as evil, stupid fools for they are incapable of learning any aspect of Truth!

Copyright December 21, 2016
J Chiappalone.