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The Axe Is Coming Down!
By Jim Kirwan

Finally, the planet can begin to make some sense from the insanity being sought by USRAEL on the continuing farce of SANCTIONS that have no place in any real pursuit of global-prosperity. The Amerikan driven sanctions have conversely produced a much stronger world beyond the pretend-power of a world supposedly dominated by the West.

There’s 220 TRILLION dollars of DEBT that can never be repaid, which the IMF, the World Bank and all their lesser servants are trying to use against the world. The point here is to force us all into their version of global-slavery.

The Western sanctions (2014) are offering Russia the chance to embrace independence from the Rothschilds’ banks and Zionist-controlled Wars. Nations of the world, right now, for the first time have choices that did not exist before the illegal sanctions.

What’s needed is a “Jubilee” wherein the entire world can declare an end to all of that unconscionable debt and the institutions that caused it!

A “Global-Jubilee” could grant the world a one-time forgiveness from all the fake money and debt. The world could effectively start over but without the criminal-corporations and their political-handlers that designed this Financial-Tar-Baby that was made to end the world.

Think about this possibility while listening to today’s discussion on CrossTalk:

Sanctions in Action”

Among the things discussed in the video are the real reasons behind the attack upon Eastern Ukraine. The real assets of Ukraine were the human capital and their sophisticated industrial technologies. Ukraine had all of this before Kiev destroyed the survivability of the physical infrastructure and forced their human capital to flee.

The current ceasefire is doing what Russia’s 7 point plan was designed to do; (to stop the violence). So why the increase in sanctions? That’s simple: Russia is being punished for not feeding into the ‘war-mentality’ which the West decided to create long before the Maidan demonstrations in November of 2013.

Everything else about Ukraine is nothing but more fake political fodder: Because by any standard Ukraine today is the worst nation in the world when it comes to being able to offer anything to anyone. They cannot pay their bills, they have no government and they refuse to honor any promises which their fascist government now makes. Ironically it just might be that this cease-fire, suggested by Russia, might actually hold, which would definitely be a major first for Kiev!

There are much larger issues at stake now, primarily for both the remnants of the EU and the broken-spear of the old USA. This is happening because the failed powers refuse to admit their failures on the global stage. That leaves a power vacuum inside the EU and USI which is not being discussed.

The West and the EU keep making threats based on a world that no longer exists! There are now many other options in the world for international finance and trade. There are expanding markets that are not coming from or through America or the EU. Thanks to the illegal imposition of sanctions the same nations that were once dominated by the West, now have the chance at global markets without Rothschild’s Blackmail.

War by October to avoid Peace by November

This will come to an end by the end of September, with the public failure of the Illegal-Sanctions that will become clear to the world within this month.

The West’s reasoning for more and more sanctions on Russia was to force the entire planet into war before October. Because: if the West continues to fail throughout September, as is apparent, then October will bring a full airing of the dirty secrets that have been used for decades.

If USRAEL cannot force their version of global war on the world, before November ­ then November will end the Global-World Order with arrests and convictions that are so long overdue!

Imagine a world where the population of the planet could actually watch global proceedings of the prosecution of all these traitors against humanity ­ worldwide! Now that’s something we can look forward to!


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