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The Sworn Testimony Of Former FBI Senior
Special Agent-In-Charge Ted Gunderson

About The MODUS OPERANDI Syndicate, a Professional Gang of
Hitmen-Assassins Under Contract to The Security & Intelligence Agencies

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I am the owner and operator of Ted L. Gunderson & Associates

an international security and consulting firm based out of Santa Monica, California.

I am currently a licensed private investigator in the state of California .

Previous to my work as a private investigator I spent nearly three decades in the FBI Between 1951 and 1960, I was an  FBI Special Agent. In 1960, I was promoted as a supervisor at FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC, where I was in charge of Organized Crime and Racketeering investigations covering 26 Offices nationwide.

Following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, I  was re-assigned to Special Inquiry White House Matters at FBI Headquarters.  In 1965, 1 was promoted again to Assistant Special Agent-In-Charge of Internal Security and Anti-Terrorism of the FBI New Haven, Connecticut Field Office.

In 1970, I was promoted to Assistant Special Agent In-Charge of the FBI Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Field Office. On July 12, 1972, I successfully negotiated with two terrorist hijackers of National Airlines Flight 496 for the release  of 119 passengers at Philadelphia International Airport. In 1973, I was promoted to Chief Inspector at FBI Headquarters.  I also served as Special Agent-In-Charge of the FBI Memphis and Dallas Field Offices. I retired from the FBI as Senior Special Agent-In-Charge of the Los Angeles Field Office of the FBI with over 700 employees and a budget of over 22 million dollars in 1979.

Based on my investigative work, which includes intelligence from sources such as active and former members of the Intelligence Services (including the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and Military Intelligence), information from informants active in criminal enterprises, and, victim testimonies, l have come to the conclusion that thousands of victims have been targeted by an illegal government rogue criminal enterprise that is active 24 hours a day within the US. This conspiracy is far too active to be controlled or operated by private enterprise whose goals are achieving financial gain. These operations require extensive financing with no return on the investment. This program's operations are financed by illegal black operations, i.e., narcotics, prostitution, child kidnapping (children sell at covert auctions for up to $50,000 per child), human trafficking, gambling and other rackets.

I have documentation and know that throughout the U.S., operating 24 hours-a-day and 7 days-a-week, there is a Central Command, located within the US, with multiple satellite offices, whose administrators can instantly initiate surveillance, phone taps and harassment against any individual in the country. They have the technology, financing and manpower to dispense illegal surveillance and harassment against anyone at any time day or night. I have files on numerous cases of active, programmatic, illegal government harassment currently being conducted against thousands of Americans. This makes the FBI's former COINTELPRO program, which I worked on, including in a supervisory capacity, look like a Sunday school program by comparison.

I firmly believe that most individuals working in the FBI, other intelligence agencies, and the government overall are honest, law-abiding public servants. However, a sophisticated network of rogue operatives has secretly infiltrated the FBI, other intelligence agencies including the CIA, and other key government positions. This rogue element seeks personal power and wealth and they consider themselves above the law and the Constitution.

They are carrying out the aforementioned surveillance and harassment activities in conjunction with organized crime, the cult movement in America including Satanic cults, other commercial and political interests, and even misguided civic organizations and neighborhood groups.

This illegal surveillance and harassment program is being called gang stalking and organized stalking by the victims targeted by it. The Victims are targeted for a variety of reasons, including government and corporate whistleblowers, parties to financial and employment disputes, parties to marital disputes (usually divorced women), and even jilted paramours. Journalists, covering controversial issues, and, even attorneys and private investigators representing unpopular clients or interests, have been targeted by this program.

Individuals targeted by this program have been subjected to illegal and unconstitutional phone taps, illegal re-routing of business and private phone calls for purposes of harassment, illegal audio "bugging", surreptitious entry into home, office, and vehicle, visual surveillance in the home conducted by illegal placement of miniature remote, wireless cameras (often accessible via interne), illegal internet spyware, illegal GPS tracking (often through their own  mobile phones), regular fixed and mobile surveillance, mail misdirection, mail theft and tampering, financial and employment sabotage, slander campaigns and community ostracizing , internet disinformation and smear campaigns, poisoning, assaults and murder, illegal set-ups on drug charges and other felony charges, amongst many other civil rights abuses.

In addition  to high-ranking members of the FBI, other intelligence services, and the government overall, wealthy, powerful members of criminal syndicates, multi-millionaires and the corporate elite are using the government gang stalking program to harass enemies. They can get a targeted individual harassed for the rest of that individual life (individual cases of gang stalking lasting for over a decade are common), The higher status members of the gang stalking conspiracy initiate the gang stalking and coordinate logistics and funding. Lower echelon government rogue operatives, lower ranking members of the military (in violation of Posse Comitatus), petty criminals and street thugs perform the actual grunt work of daily monitoring and harassment of individuals targeted by the program.

Based on my professional experience, extensive intelligence information and belief, It is my professional opinion that the FBI is involved in and, has investigative files on the subject of gang stalking, related gang stalking methods, and gang stalking groups in the FBI's vast intelligence files, that are responsive to Mr. Labella's FOIA Complaint.

Furthermore, I have personally referred numerous victims of gang stalking to the appropriate agents at the F.B.I. for investigation of their cases. I have also furnished the FBI with documentation of an active, international child-kidnapping ring probably operated by rogue CIA agents.  The FBI has ignored my requests to investigate even though it is their responsibility to investigate kidnappings. I have a contact in Germany who advises me that the CIA has set up secret operations on US military bases for the kidnapping, sale and tracking or children worldwide.

The FBI may be using a unique codename and nomenclature for the gang-stalking phenomenon in its records. The FBI and other intelligence agencies are administering and covering up the rogue, covert, government criminal enterprise of gang stalking.

The gang stalking phenomenon appears in the records of both the FBI and the NSA in their records pertaining to the Echelon Program, Carnivore System, and Tempest Systems.  In addition, the gang stalking phenomenon appears in the records of both the FBI and the NSA, in their records pertaining to information collected by Narus systems.  Narus is a wholly owned subsidiary of defense contractor Boeing that produces sophisticated, mass surveillance computer systems currently being used by both the FBI and the NSA.

Dated this 23  day of  April 2011.

Los Angeles, California

Comments By The Wonderful Former Federal Judge Anna von Reitz

By Anna von Reitz August 13, 2018

This is an oldie, but goodie, a final gift from a good man who spent three decades in the FBI back when the FBI was worth spitting on.

Read it with the realization that what he was reporting on back in 2011 has continued.

This whole situation came to our attention shortly after Ted Gunderson gave his testimony (below), but of course, we knew that the "government" involved in this harassment and racketeering wasn't actually a government at all.

Once you understand that what we are witnessing is "color of law" operations by commercial mercenaries disguised as government agencies, it all makes sense.

The FBI isn't part of our government. It's a private, for-profit subcontractor of the Municipal United States, operated by a Holding Company calling itself THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES, which also runs the BLM.

These are all private subcontractors of the Municipal United States Government swaggering around and "assuming" that they have authority to exercise the powers of our actual government---when they don't.

Think: glorified Mall Cops, mercenaries, private security forces under the command of unaccountable foreign corporations operating on our shores without our knowledge or consent, racketeering, harassing, collecting protection money under force, illegally confiscating private property, thieving, pillaging --- all under color of law and for profit, right here in America --- while you are paying billions for "defense" and police forces that are supposed to protect you.

If this scares you and outrages you, it should.

Why do you think we took action and issued the General Civil Orders to the Joint Chiefs back in 2013? Alerting them to the problem and ordering them to clamp down on these yahoos?

That's called "denying the Joint Chiefs plausible deniability" and that is what is called for in this situation. Every member of Congress, every General, every senior Bureaucrat---- all need to be hounded and informed --- on the record, officially, provably, until their ears bleed.

The men in the field need to know that they have no legitimate "government" authority. They need to know that they don't have a real office, oath of office, or government bond behind them. And all these politicians and "agencies" need to know that we are wise to it. Fed up with it.

Those men who killed LaVoy Finicum?

They are literally hired foreign mercenaries. The vermin are ambushing and murdering their own actual employers and getting applause for it from other idiots who think these criminals represent the forces of Law and Order.

And all of this is being done under "color of law". - Anna von Reitz