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The Secret Satanic Death Cult That Runs The World

By Preston James
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The core group behind Zionism is a secret satanic death cult that impersonates Hebrews for cover, impersonates Nazis for cover and impersonated Bolsheviks for cover as well as any other political movement which it quickly infiltrates by buying its way in. It is a secret hydra headed monster and octopus that expresses itself in many different "fronts”.

They hijacked America in 1913 and ever since have loved to impersonate American Patriots and use the key words "protecting freedom", "advancing democracy", etc. as they manipulate the American Military to attack the world on their behalf, murder millions in order to protect their corporate and industrial interests and profits by obtaining cheap natural resources including and especially oil. Yes, they are doing just the opposite of what they publicly claim and continually plot and scheme to advance sex slavery, serfdom, war, illness, death poverty and drug infestation.

All the political movements they have started and/or hijacked and used to promote death and hell on earth everywhere are all roots of the same Old Black Nobility Satanic Ruling Cabal of "bloodline families" who use the City of London as their financial controller and Israelis as their disposable action agent Cutouts.