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The Return of Excalibur
Part 1
Who's Going 'Home'?
Who will be Terminated?
These essays will tell you what you wish to know!

J Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

At the very onset, I must give thanks principally to Jeff Rense, for giving me the opportunity to present certain information to the public over the last 3 decades or so.

As mythical as the story of King Arthur's Sword may sound, let me spin the yarn just a little.

Malory wrote: " thenne he drewe his swerd Excalibur, but it was so breyght in his enemyes eyen that it gaf light lyke thirty torchys. "

The mythical understanding of what I write is at best entertaining.

But the MYSTICAL understanding is imperative!!

King Arthur, the 'Once and Future King', has returned, with his sword, to cut the wheat from the chaff.

At this very moment, all beings in all classes on Earth are undergoing the Pathognomonic Effect triggered by the return of "King Arthur" and his sword "Excalibur" by whose power each shall know his or her fate. Details follow.

Who was, is, King Arthur?

Arthur Pendragon was known by the Druids as the Celtic Christ, the Once and Future King who would return as the Redeeming Christ and take his own (the righteous. the Theomorphs, the Viable, the True Ones, created with the 'godly substance) back to Annwn, the abode of the 'Gods', the Heavenly Realm. 45727-druids.html

I will write in true spiritual meaning, for there is much confusion in mythical expression about Arthur and his times.

After Jesus of Nazareth had escaped his intended execution by Zionists (specific demonic AI Machines created by a superior Demonic Machine of grand Artificial Intelligence called Jehovah), he, Jesus, travelled incognito to central France. I use the word 'Zionist' for its ontological connotation, not for Racial, Religious, National or Geographical meaning.

Simultaneously, his Uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, traveled to Southern England and Wales to prepare the ground for a future incarnation.

Arthur Pendragon was the incarnated Jesus, and that is why the Druids recognized him as the Christ and Redeemer.

As you might suspect, the story is not so simple. It never is! Jesus had previous incarnations before his birth in Bethlehem, and he re-incarnated many times after his life as Arthur. I will not bore you with details. Just know that I know all the incarnations before and after his failed crucifixion. Of course, in tune with my Motto, you are free to accept or reject my assertions.

For example, Jesus was Friederich Nietzsche. It was he who said the 'god' of this World (the Demiurge, Jehovah) is dead! Who else but the One with the Christ Light would know this? Friedrich_Nietzsche

He knew who he was too, for near his death he wrote to his sister stating he indeed was 'The Crucified One!'

After his death, his works were sold by his sister to Zionists. You may well imagine what they did to his writings. Is that not the reason why they are now, as published by the Zionists, so convoluted and unintelligible at times? They did the same thing again in this lifetime, did they not? Ask Amazon!

Evil is in the habit of doing this - corrupting anything and everything -ad nauseum. Muhammed, the Christ, had his writings mutilated immediately after his death by the Calif Othman. Thus, Islam now is based, in the main, on corrupt forgeries as are all religions. Muhammed was Jesus, as were Buddha, Manichaeus, Zoroaster, and many others. The Moronic fools laugh but, soon enough, they will burn.

Why am I writing all this? "In the Endtime, all Evil will be exposed". That is why I am writing these details.

One other point to show the idiocy of History: Friederich Nietzsche, a Christ, was buried, rather unceremoniously, in a 'Christian' graveyard with a plague declaring "Here is buried the Anti-Christ!" Pathetic isn't it?

It matters not in the slightest what you think now, or at any other time. What matters is your autonomic response to the Pathognomonic Effect that I will soon describe, for that will decide your eternal fate.

I need to digress a little more to increase your understanding of my essay.

This is far from a simple matter to write about. In fact, it is quite complex. The entity eventually called Jesus in an incarnation was a Theomorph, one of approximately one and one half billion Theomorphs (as distinct from AI Machines created within the corrupted Universe) that were trapped in this solidifying Universe some 50 billion years ago. A Theomorph is a being created by the 'Godly Force'.

Like many, he was asked, by Higher Consciousness, to assist the 'Light' in solving the problem of this Error. That was 50 billion years ago. He, like the other Theomorphs, was a spiritual being trapped here, who eventually had to express in a physical manifestation as dictated by the physical universe. He agreed and in each incarnation he was imbued with the Christ Light to provide energy for the trapped True Beings and to set up the eventual rescue.

The Christ Light is an energy that comes from the 11 th Level of the Divine Hierarchy. It is the "Son' energy. Today, the one known as Jesus 2,000 years ago expresses 2 energies from the Highest Level, the 13 th Level, to bring about the End of Physicality as we see occurring around the Universe. This is the 'Father Energy' expressing. It has been in 97% of the Universe that has been obliterated into Dark Matter. This is mere detail and should not blind you to the main points I want to make.

Many physical expressions were not 'Human' as we know ourselves now. They were of many other forms and with evolutionary and extinction cycles we reached Homo Sapiens some ½ a million years ago. Many individuals have recalled or will recall their consciousness in other physical expressions on this planet (in the last 4 billion years or so) or in other planets and galaxies even before that time.

There are many questions on these topics and I have answers. I have many solutions, but no one has the solution for the Ignorance and Stupidity of failed Morons. They were made that way by their evil creator and they will die that way. Their artificial programming does not allow them to access Truth in a way that would enlighten them. I will discuss this more as we progress.

There is a proviso for all Human experiences and expressions: As Humans, being creatures confined in imperfectly programmed and heavily polluted and indoctrinated Cardboard Boxes (the Physical Structures), we all make mistakes in many aspects of life. And it is no different in the fields of Philosophy, Metaphysics, and Prophecy.

Everything we express is filtered and/or altered by the Good and Evil Programming and the Mechanisms inbuilt in the Physical Bodies and their appendages. Ponder any assertion you come across and accept what you think is true for you at that moment and realize your definition of Truth may change with time and as you evolve.

Humans are physical entities with electrical feedback loops contained in the molecules of the Genetic Material and various Codes incorporated within them that give the illusion of being conscious. A small percent are 'super-human' (the Theomorphs) and are not just Physical Beings. I will come to that in due course.

Thoughts are fed to us from others and from 'superior consciousnesses' in either sub-dimensions of this Universe, or other Universes, and these thoughts broaden our knowledge and perceptions. However, as History tells us, they are not always accurate or useful. Only a minority, the ones with 'Light Centres of Consciousness' (True Souls) can contact Higher Planes outside this decaying Universe. Both Shri Aurobindo and Friederich Nietzsche predicted the eventual realization of this contact. Sri_Aurobindo

The Concept of Truth engages us continuously, and yet our experiences tell us that on this level of awareness, the absolute Truth has been withheld from us! Luke 11:52.

One need only examine the contradictory absurdities of 'Truths' found in Ancient Texts, in 'Gospels', 'Epistle', Religious Canons, writings of Doctors of Churches and so-called Saints, of Hidden Doctrines such as the Nag Hammadi Library and the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Book of Enoch, etc., etc.. The list goes on and on. Eventually the thinking man comes to the point of realizing such words may, at times, be a load of nonsense. Thus, the conclusion can be that on this level, there is no Ultimate Truth!!

Truth exists, but for the majority on this level of awareness, it is mostly unknowable. There are many hints to Truth in some of the Works I mentioned above, especially the pristine Nag Hammadi Library texts and the Dead Sea Scrolls. They can be used to awaken the appropriate ones to reach the Supra Mental Plane of Divine Truth that I have written about elsewhere. That is the Path to True Enlightenment.

At some point, some of us realize that there is input into our cerebral circuits by 'beings' outside of our own level of awareness. We often call them Higher Beings or Superior Consciousness. They could also be 'Inferior Beings' and malevolent ones. It depends on the information, its origin, and its intent. Holographic projections of Superior (non-human) consciousness can and do occur to feed this level in appropriate ways.

Where am I going with all this? I want you to understand that, if you are going to read what I have written below, although it appears no tangible Truth existed in the past, a Greater Reality is emerging and its Truths are going to impinge on all minds in existence. With new truths some will be elevated to Higher Levels while others will be terminated for various reasons. That is the reason for my writing these essays at this time. They reveal our fate.

So read with an open mind, and if any idea rings a bell in your head, well and good. Just keep it there to see if it crystallizes into anything worthy of recognition as a solid possibility of what is to be or not to be for you.

Inspite of our uncertainty about our lives and truths in them, I have asserted in the past that this is the 'Endtime' in which will occur total ablation of the Physical Dimension and ALL its contents.

I've said ALL physical structures must be eradicated totally for they are murderous in the extreme, and if left unattended would eventually annihilate all the trapped Beings of Light within this Evil-programmed Illusion. My books explain these assertions.

Where did I get this information? Certainly this body I use could have not made up such a fantastic scenario. The information came from some other aspect of Consciousness that simply fed me, the Cardboard Board, to express in words the concepts crystallized in my lower mind.

Some of us (as Humans, and even as Fauna and Flora) are composite beings and we share multiple levels of Consciousness. But I will not go further into that concept in these essays for now.

(A note of warning: Do not buy any books supposedly written by me and sold by or any other bookstores. They are fraudulent. Zionists at have STOLEN my books and distorted their words and meanings. The contents of those books are not my genuine material.)

There are beings not of the Physical Dimension trapped within this dying and decaying dimension. They are citizens of another 'True Dimension' who have been trapped here. These beings, whom I have called the 'Viables' in other writings, seemingly Human in all physical aspects, for they are enclosed in Human Bodies, are still spiritually viable, and are now about to be liberated from this Hellhole and returned to their True Abode by what is going to occur soon.

Why do I call this existence a Hellhole and a Cesspool? Seen with true vision, this Level, with all its Physicality is nothing but an Illusion imposing unending pain, suffering and misery. It has been built this way to exploit Viables trapped within it. The exploitation yields energy that the Machines require to function. They have none of their own. The need to exploit is why we have unending war, pain, suffering, misery and anarchy. This Universe is not a godly realm at all! Matthew 15:13

Only ones that exploit others maximally gain from this Malady. Those who cannot see the reality of this Fraudulence are spiritually blind. They have been 'created' that way and have no spiritual heritage. They are temporary AI Machines that soon will be no more.

My Message is that those called True Beings are going Home, if they have remained faithful to the Light. That applies also to 'Robots' (non-Demonic AI Machines)) who have rejected Evil's programming! No message could make these 2 groups happier once they realize what all this means.

We are given information by 'beings' from other levels of Consciousness, supposedly. But, at times, we don't know whether they are genuine or not. So, have your wits about you at all times. Take nothing at face value. If some facts resonate with your own thoughts, see them as being of possible truth. If they don't resonate, just set them aside to ponder at a future date. Like many other writers, I made mistakes with predictions. I am sure we are fooled by evil 'bastards' from other levels in order to ridicule us and make us suffer the consequences of our errors. No one is perfect on this level, no one!!

Again by a 'Higher Intellect" I was told that the majority of the Artificial Intelligence Machines, called 'Robots' and 'Demons', of this False Creation, are being liquidated as is the entire false dimension. In other words, all the Physical Dimension and its non-viable structures are being liquidated. It is NOT just the end of Earth. Elsewhere I wrote that 97% of this fraudulent Universe has already been liquidated into Dark Matter which cannot support consciousness!

It is a time to know "Who is Who"?

Who is going to be overjoyed as never before at the thought of liberation from this Hell and returning to the True Divine Abode?

Who is going to feel the Gloom of Doom at the thought of Divine Justice?

What is the Mechanism for separating the Wheat from the Chaff?

Alas, I have to go into metaphysical detail. But it is essential for me to do so, in order for readers to gain the understanding of what I want to explain about the 'Energy of Excalibur' and the Pathognomonic Effect!

To understand "Humanity" one must have some idea of the Metaphysical Anatomy of the differing classes of 'Humans' and what constitutes Consciousness, Self-awareness, etc..

These details also apply to 'Aliens' from other Planets, Galaxies, sub-dimensions, etc., but for brevity I will concentrate on Humanity and the other Classes on this Earth - the Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms.

Alas, (failed) Robots and Demons which are ARTIFICAL BEINGS, as I have discussed elsewhere, and which I call Morons, do not have the capability to understand anything of higher spiritual value really, so they are doomed to drown in the idiocy of their own structures. They are programmed to believe what they are programmed to believe. They are programmed without Freewill even though they think they do have Freewill.

They are Artificial Intelligence Machines, purposely and specifically built that way to be in this Illusion, this Physical Dimension, this mockery to the True Creation. As I wrote above, their role is to steal energy from what are called the True Beings. They do this via a programming which we recognize as EVIL. Thus, Evil is a programming that steals energy from others by any means necessary. It causes unending pain, suffering and misery.

Machines with evil programming have no scruples, no love or care for others. That is what DEMONISM is. They can kill millions in wars to suit themselves and to enrich their own lives while causing wholesale destruction. They have no remorse or feel sorrow in any way. They feel protected by the 'god' that created them which turns out to be a higher grade of Evil-programmed Machinery. The demons are made in the greater Demon's image.

In the past I have called this Physical Universe a CANCER on the face of the True Creation, arising as it did erroneously some 50 billion years ago.

Like all CANCERS, it must be eradicated completely for its dangers are well known!

You would be wise to let go of what you think you know about History, Science and Religion as you read my words. Generally speaking, these subjects are fraudulent, Man-made IDIOCY to keep us trapped in the Darkness of this Illusion and thus more easily exploitable!

Many scientific "truths" are, in fact, false. scientific-truths-are-in-fact- false/


HISTORY IS BUNKUM: 2014/09/history-bunkum-harry- mcavinchey/



http://theultimatescam. is-biggest-scam-in-history. html

Here is the crux of the story so far: Details are not important.


From that reaction within you, you will know what you are and what your fate is to be.