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The Return of Excalibur - Part 2
And The Pathognomonic Effect
Who's Going 'Home'?
Who will be Terminated?
These essays will tell you what you wish to know!

J Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

For some, the end of Evil is a blessing that has been long awaited. For others, the evil ones, the End will be a nightmare that will contain the Power of their total destruction, as prophesied from the earliest days of Human Consciousness.

For many, what I am revealing may be like a bolt of lightning from a clear sky. And yet again, many have been awaiting this very event. This effect of total termination about which I write is NOT from Human effort.

How could the energy I relay get into the minds, hearts and soul of every living creature simply on human effort? It cannot. There is a Supra-Human dimensional Reality involved in this process. How else would I know about extra-galactic factors affecting our Solar System and Earth?

I, as the human, am merely a relay for this knowledge and a transmitter of this energy for Termination. Many others are also involved. As you can imagine, there are many workers, not just on Earth but in every other Celestial Body of this Universe that remains active, and in other dimensions and sub-dimensions that are still operative.

I spent 20 years between 1984 and 2004 travelling the world connecting with many of the distributors even though they did not know what it was we were doing. I also travelled to different locations on the planet, as I was directed, in order to prepare the ground for the eventual energetic bombardment that was to occur. Remember, the Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms are also involved. 

The fact that we as Humans are so limited in our knowledge and understanding makes us easily reject Higher Truths for very often we simply do not recognize them. To remind you of simplistic examples, think of Columbus being ridiculed for thinking the world was round and of Galileo, jailed for observing the Earth revolved around the Sun!! The idiotic clergy in Rome at that time was even too frightened to look through the telescope to confirm reality. That is the challenge Morons face when Higher Truths present. Alas, fools tend to destroy what they don't understand!

I repeat, whether I write about Higher Truths or not is not for me to say. It is for YOU to judge. Only YOU know what Truth is FOR YOU!

As I will explain again and again, we on this level, as Humans, are merely 'Cardboard Boxes'. These physical manifestations were created by the ruling evil Archons to contain and harness our consciousness in order to express on this level. In other words, we became trapped in this Hell as a result of an error. The evil Archons that created these bodies were themselves results of experiments that went very wrong.

If you cannot accept those concepts, don't worry. They are not important at this stage. Move on and don't close your mind off with the idiocy taught to you as a Primary School novice.

Those Cardboard boxes (that is what I call the Physical Bodies) are simply temporary containers of energies and consciousnesses that vary at various times. Some are evil, some are incomplete, some are of low power, some are Divine and very powerful.

All Physical Existence is the result of accidental Errors by experimenting Divine Beings. The artificial beings that resulted from the errors took control and evil programming was created in order to exploit those with inherent Divine Energy. I repeat, don't fret if you cannot get your head around these statements.

The end of this exploitative Physicality was scheduled long, long ago. It is to be eradicated totally in order to liberate those who have been trapped by the Error and its AI Machines, and as a consequence were exploited mercilessly. 

(If these words remind you of such movies as 'Matrix', you will be pleased to know I wrote my books explaining the Celestial Error long before the  Wachowski Brothers (now Sisters) found the Gnostic (Falun Gong) Comic Book and made their movies that mimic Gnostic accounts.

The Matrix:  https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/The_Matrix_( franchise)

Falun Gong:  https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Falun_Gong

One of my roles in this life has been to announce the END. I am hardly alone in that department. Think of all the Bible shills who are shouting from rooftops about the End and the coming of J.C. on a White Horse, on White Clouds, accompanied by White Angels!

Whether my getting the detailed information in the 1940s about the End and then again in 1985, from Higher Sources, makes my recount any more valid remains to be seen. 

This body was born in May 1944. Its training for this work, as I have hinted previously in shows and essays, began in April 1946.  That's correct. The body was not yet 2 years old. Well, the body was that young, but the consciousness within was of an infinite age! Move on if you cannot grasp that reality.

From that early age, discussions with my Higher Mind and other 'Beings' that visited me were all about the End of Earth and salvation of those Humans (and all other living creatures) found worthy to continue existence outside of the Physical.

Mothers are wonderful for many reasons. I have an extra reason to praise the mother of this body. She sat with me at the discussions I had with the 'Visiting Entities'. Before her death in late 2013, she confirmed openly that these discussions did take place in our lounge room with beings that 'came through the wall'. She also admitted she was rather frightened about the end of Earth that was discussed, but that she was amazed at how comfortable I was with these discussions. A few weeks after making these admissions, she died, just two weeks before her 90 th  birthday. No one had asked her to recount this story. She did so spontaneously. 

It is amazing how often those near physical death reveal truths they have kept hidden for a great part of their lives. Space operatives and workers in the Military often do this. 

Roswell officer's amazing deathbed admission raises possibility that aliens DID visit news/article-465276/Roswell- officers-amazing-deathbed- admission-raises-possibility- aliens-DID-visit.html

In November 2018, the following announcement was made to me by the Higher Consciousnesses working in co-operation with me (and many others) on Earth to end this evil farce.

"We are on schedule to terminate this Planet, and all Physical Life on it, by the end of 2025."

That date has been set and confirmed. By whom has it been set?  "By 'me' and 'my Team'"  is the answer.

I know, I know, Matthew 24 ..........."But...but...only the Father..."

(Matthew 24:36  "But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."

I agree 100%.  Jesus of Nazareth (one of the many Christs as I explained previously) was imbued with the Son Energy (Level 11 of the Pleroma -  the spiritual universe as the abode of God and of the totality of the divine powers and emanations. ).

King Arthur was a Christ (none other than Jesus, in fact) with the power of Level 11.

In this generation, Arthur and Excalibur have the Power of Level 13 - The 'Father Energy' Level. 

(These details of Occult Legends and Mythology, while very exact and true in some cases, are not that important to know in order to decipher what is to happen to all of us at this time. More and more are focusing on the Endtime to terminate Humanity by the mid-2020s. That is because 'we' have announced the date in the Ether and this has spread to all dimensions, including the Physical, Etheric and Astral Worlds, and it is being shared via clairvoyants, by psychics, in dreams, in astral travel, and so on.)

Here is a good place to remind you of my Motto: "Take it or leave it!!"

Those of Light will understand what I have written. The failed fools will scoff!

Alas, the unbelieving Morons and Demonic fools will misconstrue what I have written, for they have no ability to comprehend Truth. They will think of the physical body as being the Master of Ceremonies when, in fact, it is nothing of the sort. 

As I will repeat again and again, the Physical Body is like a 'Cardboard Box', a mere temporary container created by Evil to allow expression on the Physical Plane. It has nothing to do with the vital spiritual content. 

Thus, it is the energy within any individual body that is important. The doomed evil Demons and the Morons have no viable energy within them. This leads to 2 conclusions: 

1 Evil Beings cannot recognize Truth for it is beyond their ability to comprehend, and 

2 Evil Beings are incapable of understanding the meaning of spiritual viability, simply because they are MACHINES and they have no spiritual viability!! 

Many of you have been waiting for this news.

Forget the nonsensical BS of 'Time-travelers', of the New Age shills that tell you there is no Evil, and of the deluded Morons who tell you that you and they are 'god'.

Forget the shills offering you liberation from the 'malevolent Matrix' just because you listen to them.

In Part 3, I will again supply precise numbers of who is who in regards to Humans and to Class 5 Reptiles who have invaded Human Bodies.

What I write makes very little sense to the soulless Morons and AI Machines for, as I wrote many times, they have no capacity to comprehend Spiritual Truths.

Previously it was hoped by those of us performing the task of Clearing the Planet and destroying this entire doomed and very evil Universe that the End to this noxiousness would occur no later than 2035. I wrote that in my very first book in 1985.

With due diligence, and by allowing the vile, evil ones (AI Demons) to self-destruct, we are now confident all local Physicality will be terminated completely by 2025 and the truly Viables ones (those who are spiritually viable) will be flown into a New Spiritual Dimension by the end of 2025, the latest!

I am the first to admit that I made errors in the past with prophecy. But all we can do is hope we are correct with this one. I have asked for confirmation from Higher Levels of Consciousness about this date of 2025 and I have received positive confirmation on a number of times.

The fact that 97% of the Physical Universe has now been obliterated by Dark Matter gives me great confidence that we will destroy this Solar System soon, very, very soon!

I have enumerated the mechanisms of decay and termination many times previously. Some destructive mechanisms are due to errors by the Evil Bastards (AI Machines constructed with the irreversible programming of Evil) who placed themselves in charge.

Some of the destructive mechanisms include the following:

· Plasma Waves from outside the Galaxy that are inexorably heating us to death; · · Deadly Radiation from the Fukushima accident; · · Ever-present man-made Chemtrails that are poisoning all living thing;. · · Wi-Fi which is now ubiquitous, and the more deadly 5G; · · Vaccines which are tools of Agenda 21 to kill us all; Agenda 21 is an Alien Program to destroy Humanity. Of course, the Aliens themselves are going to succumb to the divinely executed Endtime. That I guarantee. · Round-up which was developed for the same purpose - of fatally poisoning us! · · Nuclear bombs and nuclear waste that are lethal in the hands of the evil fool;  (Vulcan, which remains as the Asteroid Belt in our Solar System and Mars were destroyed by Nuclear Wars.) · Various extremely poisonous industrial and medicinal pollutants which have made the planet uninhabitable as we all now know; · · Cancer promoting GMO foodstuffs,  · · Never-ending wars will increase as the Terminal Madness accelerates everywhere. I wrote about that in the 1990s.

Terminal Madness: term.htm

https://financearmageddon. joseph-chiappalone-terminal- madness.html v=uc5M8yO8BiY

There are other mechanisms of the Light to end this Physical Farce: 

I     The Mechanism for altering all evil-created Matter into Dark Matter which cannot accommodate consciousness, 

2    And, as I wrote above, Thermal (plasma) waves from outside the dimension to heat up all structures so that all PHYSICAL life within them is destroyed, etc.)

Many of these topics I have mentioned above are extensively examined in detail at .

The Power of Excalibur is the predicted phenomenon of separating the Wheat from the Chaff as far as Humans are concerned. But it functions on every level of consciousness in this Galaxy - the Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human, Devic, and Galactic! It also applies to Aliens near and far.

It is Excalibur's Energy that allows us to see who is who in the Endtime, as was promised to occur eons ago. That energy allows us to see Viables, or at least sense the energy of Viables, in contrast to Failures who may be robots and/or Demons. You may have noted this already. You just know who is good and who is definitely not good, even by being near them or looking into their eyes. More and more are now awakening to this awareness of Good and Evil. It is the Energy of Excalibur that has allowed us to gain this ability.

You may find that regardless of whom individuals may be in familial terms, you will now acknowledge some as 'good' and some as 'evil'. The restoration of our true vision by the Power of Excalibur allows that. It is an automatic process and is there to help us avoid further problems.

Stay away from evil ones! They are going to go insane soon enough, as I described in my essays on Terminal Madness, especially as the Endpoint nears. They will loot, rape and murder, senselessly. They will try to emotionally blackmail you. Awaken to their evil and move away from them. You must remember all had their chances to turn to the Light. Of course, the mindless (failed) Robots chose Evil, and the Demonic Machines did not have that chance of choice for they had no mind with Freewill to select Good or Evil.

Trust your inner instincts as you develop your psychic abilities with the aid of the Power of Excalibur. But, whatever you do, do not take the Law into your own hands or interfere with anyone else around you.  The True Vision is for you to see who is who, and not to get you into trouble by you acting foolishly. Be gracious and courteous at all times, no matter who the beings around you are. Of course, if near the end things become violent you will defend yourself and your own. But do not go looking for trouble.

One of the reasons why this True Vision is being restored is so we can keep away from the rotten evil failures! 

Your reaction to the energy expressed through these words will give you, in due course, the answer of whether you are viable or not. No one can sit on the fence forever.

Your reaction to all this is nobody else's concern.

How I got this information, how I accommodate the Energy, who "I" am in other dimensions, why I expressed the way I have done in the physical since 1944 is really of no concern to any of you at this stage.

Your concern is simply whether you will continue or not.

The effect of the Energy upon you is the Pathognomonic Effect I referred to.

If it is a POSITIVE EFFECT on you and you eventually make realizations that fill you with joy and gladness, then you know you are a spiritual viable. 

I have seen this effect often, even before I made the presence of this Energy public.

If your reaction to me, to my words and to the energy content in me and my words is despicably negative, you have no chance.

If you ponder and doubt, take your time! Soon enough the energy will impinge on your Divine Centres within you, if you truly have them.

I will discuss this further later.

In some, the first reaction to my words that I have written above and elsewhere is FEAR. 

But those with the Inner Nous and True Viable Consciousness will soon realize these words from me are what they have been awaiting for a long, long time! 

Their imposed superficial fear will turn to Joy and Ecstasy quickly once full realization of what this means is made in the outer mind. 

Fear in anyone comes from without.

True Joy comes from within. Those who respond positively are joyous for reasons they cannot pinpoint. They soon realize the time for the Light to fulfil the Promise to correct this Universal Error and to end all Evil has arrived. There could not be any greater news. 

Evil ones will now realize that they are doomed by their own evil programming.

No one can blame any other for his or her fate!

"I" have no personal investment in this matter apart for the desire to annihilate the Error and all Evil that arose from it.

"I" will destroy those to be destroyed.

"I" will salvage and reward those who deserve to be rescued and rewarded!

This is news of a tremendous nature. Thus, I want all of you to settle down and contemplate what I have written.

If you can't cope with these statements, too bad for you....

If you are to continue, this Energy of Excalibur about which I write in these Posts will imbue you with eventual joy and happiness to continue your journey out of this soon-to-be-destroyed-Cesspool (The Physical Dimension) and go to your eternal existence. I have seen the positive reaction. Those to make the realization bubble with inner joy and contentment, as never before.

If your reaction is negative, there is only one being you can blame...... 



Here are words to make you further understand 'my' energy and message. I have used poetic license to make them as fruitful as I can.

The lower ignorant minds of men, and women, fear the blight of physical death as it grows near. But let us look at this shared plight. Must we all really die of fright? O physical death, so horrifying for some, do you really sting?

O physical life, what glory for me when you reduce my body to absolutely no thing? This life physical is nothing but existential mockery, for the truth in this fashion cannot be. It is the Higher Enlightened Mind which dispels all fear, when disease and old age, death bring near.

Such a Mind knows the plight of souls ensnared in a wicked mesh, in these deceptive bodies of putrefying flesh. Unwarranted fear of death does wrack the brain when, in truth, the consciousness has naught to gain, either from the imagined fright, or its perceived postmortem, uncharted flight, if, in fact, one of eternal stuff reaches that realization that death is Liberation from this decaying abomination.

O physical life, where can thy glory for me be? When you know well in dark earth to putrefy they'll bury me, as indeed all men must do to each other, and yet you expect us to call you our nurturing mother. What trick is this you play on me? What deception must I bear, to grow old, dysfunctional by all measures, with no hair, and still be expected to sing your praises fair?

There is no joy in your empty promises, not in the least! What you plan to do with my body, with me, is a wormy rodent's feast. The physical state, so temporary, so insecure, has been created by one malicious for genuine souls to lure. The confining physical bodies are really a sort of jail, in which the entrapped consciousnesses of Divine Ones wail.

What honour, what glory can there be for one who just with the body identifies, when it is just a sack of draining lamentation, of flesh and bone, which putrefies? Those who paint themselves, dress in tedious fashion's finery and parade as prostitutes and hypocrites, making their bodies temples of lust, will soon be shattered, assuredly, to bits, as their illusion is fractured and they bite the dust. 

Such ones have invested totally on physicality, the human body, a biochemical mire, which of necessity must end up on some funeral pyre. What wretched souls they be when, devoid of history, their bodies sink into the earthly muck, and their spirits form parts of the hellish ruck!

Inspired enlightened Ones instead to pursue Higher Ideals will use their head, and meditatively contemplate, how best to quickly enter Heaven's Door. Those who make their bodies the pursuers of Lust, will, in time, not even be dust, for their nefariously passionate, exploitative fascination, will ensure their eventual spiritual transmutation.

O physical Life, you have no honour, you have no glory, you are not worth an aggrandizing story. All your promises are fleeting and mendacious. There is nothing in your passions or lust which is gracious.

O infant, hopeful child, newly born, how can I, thee of these things, forewarn? Alas, you warned cannot be, for you'll be torn asunder by your own hormones, you'll see. You'll have to struggle like all of us against the fear of death and face it torridly, threatened, perhaps frightened just like Macbeth. But I wish an ear you'd lend to me. I'd tell you there is a way out of the fear, of Death, and its insanity.

You must find the esoteric Gnostic Key, which will make you realize all this physical life was of an evil disguise. And as you unlock the secrets with the Key to see beyond death's door, you will see that physical life, like physical death, consists of half-truths and lies galore. Thus, as you link to True Knowledge beyond this mockery and deceit, all fears, even that of death, will you beat. Hence, as the fornicators and the demons are reduced to hellish vipers, and do hiss, you instead, will spurn all evil, the body, its putridness, and contemplate that of true worth, namely lasting, Eternal Bliss.



Do not accept anyone else's 'truth' as Gospel Truth such as Religions claim. They are traps for the unwary.

If you are a Viable, you have been created with Divine Energy. It will have all the truths you require within you. My words and their energy are simply stimuli to awaken you to your own truth within. This awakening will occur in your own good time. Don't let anyone rush you or harass you.

Thus, let the Power of Excalibur awaken you. If it is a positive awakening, you will make realizations of your own accord. You will then know your glorious fate.

If you are a non-viable, your reaction to me and my energy will be negative. You will then also know your fate.

If my words bother you, please be patient and wait to see if they have any value for you.

It is not up to me to make realizations for you.

You will make the realizations for yourself in due course.  It is you who will decide your fate, no one else.

I will give more details in Part 3.