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The New Black-Jew Purple Gang Alliance
Is Terrorizing Minneapolis Residents

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

Uber-liberal Mayor Jacob Frey bawled his eyes out in front of a possibly empty casket of a felon after backing off his promise to abolish the Minneapolis police department on behalf of his law firm's criminal clients, those ruthless and sadistic black gangs that have terrorized and robbed whites and south Asians, and respectable African American residents who dare walk any downtown sidewalk. The poor little Jewish boy in short pants is now caught between the jaws of a City Council led by a crazed anarcho-feminist graduate of U.C. Berkeley and the economic realism of business leaders who are ready to evacuate the state.

The pristine Scandinavian-majority metropolis is now a war zone, symbolized by the burnt-out hulk of Walgreen's looted of drugs and cash, then torched to cover up the fingerprints and melt-down the security cameras. Don't try to get a prescription filled in Minnesota, since moving to another state is a better for your health and survival. Instead of taking personal responsibility for his permissiveness that encouraged the reign of terror, Mayor Frey is blaming the riot damage on "400 years of racism and slavery.'

Excuse me, mister mayor, Minnesota was admitted as a free state of the Union in 1859 under President Abraham Lincoln, there was never in-state slave ownership. If slavery was really the issue why did the BLM rioters vandalize the Lincoln Memorial in the nation's capital? I guess these grade-school drop-outs never read about the Emancipation Proclamation. Minnesota harbored the escaped slave Dred Scott in that watershed legal case. Minnesotan volunteers, 170,000 strong, were the first to step forward against the Confederate Army, and fought key battles at Gettysburg, and they were the last to be demobilized after the war. So slavery had nothing at all to do with this riot by blacks with an attitude of ingratitude.

Despicable black thugs burned down, looted and trashed the city center to avenge their partner in crime George Floyd, a thief who robbed black women and raped them on porn videos, a drug dealer and dope addict, and passer of counterfeit to small businesses in poor communities. If Floyd was an African American hero, then whole race is damned to hell and should simple leave the United States and go back to where you came front, not that the real Africans want any of your kind to loot their proud nations or burn down their churches.

Jewish Minneapolis

The carpetbagger mayor, Frey, who cheered on the gangsters assaulting police officers and torching property, came north from Terry McAuliffe's Virginia, where he learned to pander to the criminal class and the gay vote. His appalling betrayal of the public trust would be a comedy if people didn't die in the inferno and Black Americans were made to look to entire world like an inbred criminals who should be put back in chains.

White racists did not insult the black community, this shameful image came out of criminals in league with Jewish pawnshop owners. After being demeaned by these scum, African Americans have pathetically remained in sullen silence out of fear of offending their own out-of-control children. It's a sad day for Frederick Douglas, M.L King and Malcolm X when black Americans are scared to stand up against the evil festering inside their own homes and on their sidewalks peddling heroin and meth to kids in grade school. The cycle of self-degradation must be broken; there is no choice in this matter any longer.

It just shows to the rest of Americans that you can lift a people out starvation poverty but you cannot take the slavery out of their minds, unless they show the will to stop blaming others all the time and start shaping up themselves, morally and lawfully. Worst of all is their out-of-control drugged out kids. Banning hip hop is the place to start, and next is to give these brats a whupping. Make them return all the looted goods to the police or these children will become hardened criminals for a life in and out of prison. The vicious cycle must be broken and not coddled.

This is not the 1960s anymore or Reconstruction, those hard times are over and done. It's a way different era with Black youths given multiple advantages that other races are denied. Black students are the entitled class of privilege, and my opinion has changed since Rolls Royces and Mercedes chauffeur the looters to Fifth Avene. Unless educated black professors take a vocal stand against this criminality that now defines the entire race, then all the scholarships and funding be taken away now, because none of the beneficiaries are willing to express one bit of appreciation to American taxpayers of all races, especially their white "oppressors" and therefore do not deserve a single penny in grant aid or special scholarships based on race. Now you're asking what gives me who's not black the right to say this? For one thing, it's called tough love. Or as they used to say in Compton about harsh words, it's for your own good because I've been there in your backyard.

Telling like it is

The race has been disgraced, and I dare say that as someone who was a childhood resident of South Los Angeles before and during the Watts rebellion, where my older cousin Eugene was shot dead, hit by six bullets from the National Guard. He dared to lead a counterattack on the Culver City industrial zone to warn Mayor Sam Yorty, a real racist like nobody today's ever met, threatened to launch a Vietnam-style search-and-destroy invasion of the black community. My cousin's stunning and most puzzling self-sacrifice confused the authorities and stopped any further motivation to punish the whole community for the crimes of few looters. You see he visited Japan just the summer before, where I toured him to U;S. where he met American soldiers back from the brutality in Vietnam. So by '65 we were both back in the States, and I was supposed to meet him on that fateful, but I guess he knew there was a price to pay and did not want me, his sparring partner at boxing, to be the victim.

Jewish blaxploitation

The situation today of anti-social violence and looting is totally different that the long hot summer of 1965 when poor people across the country were being bled dry by the greed of Jewish slumlords and Yid shopkeepers who jacked up the price of rotted food and used TV sets, and were nastily impolite with an added streak of cruelty. That is the real social source of anti-white feelings in black northern and western communities, the greed and racial-religious superiority complex of the Jews. Louis Farrakan and Malcolm X were just being honest about the slumlords. Their dislike was not counter-racism but anti-racism and opposition to religious bigotry that everyone in the ghettos had to face every day, a look of disdain from that shopkeeper.

So the Watts Rebellion was targeted looting to get rid of this constant blood-sucking menace from our daily lives. If your landlord was a vampire, you'd do the same. Things are different today, with a finance industry supporting Mayor Frey to build 4-plex multi-family homes instead of single-family homes. Today's slumlords at least paint the walls and fix the plumbing.

Eugene was an Asian martyr for the black people, although he never got the credit he deserved, and so I carried on his commitment with equality-based union rights as a shop steward at three steel factories and organizing rent strikes in Southside Chicago against Jewish slumlords who turned off the heat in the coldest nights of winter. So here and now it's time for me to call a spade a spade. The Civil Rights cause was never about releasing murderers, burglars and drug dealers from prison to terrorize the public, white, black and whoever else, or we'd be living on The Planet of the Apes. Look at yourself in the mirror.and ask am I better today than my grandparents were in the 1950s? We'll all come a long ways, but some fools want to go back to those days of racial segregation. So let's hope the police lock them up in prison or, better, put them in a mental institution with a rehab program.

Nike Looter from Barack Hussein's Wakanda Tribe

Go ahead and call me a racist when none of the BLMers or Nike looters could never come cose to what my generation has done for national recognition of dignity and equality for Black Americans. Nor did your commander in chief of Wakanda, one Barack Obama, who was part of the COINTELPRO program that killed Fred Hampton and assassinated the Chicago community anti-drug patrol called the Blackstone Rangers that was taken over and turned into a CIA drug dealing project to destroy young blacks who tried to turn the ghetto into a healthy neighborhood. Obama was part of the problem and none of the solution.

As for your allies in Antifa, that's Bill Ayers, Obama's professor in Chicago who created the CIA;s Weathermen terrorists to discredit the antiwar movement and justify the lethal assault on black activists. Ayers and his crew were all part of the planning for the Arab Spring, the same blueprint for what happening now in the Second Long Hot Summer. If these scum are your heroes, then the Civil Rights legacy is dead and buried.. With that said, out of tough love, I'm going to shift gears to talking about Jewish criminals in Minneapolis, the paymasters of the pepper and salt rioters from the prison population.

Purple Gang Revived

Jacob Frey's current attempt to disarm and castrate the Minneapolis police department has its roots in the criminal political power of the all-Jewish Purple Gang, centered in Detroit but strategically based in Minneapolis's “Jew town" of Saint Louis Park and at the Reformed Temple Israel. Jews from Germany followed by brethren Khazars from Romania settled in Minneapolis in the latter half of the 1800s to take advantage of its location near the border with Canada's Ontario and Manitoba provinces. This proved to be a boon during Prohibition, 1920-33, when the Purple Gang had a monopoly on bootleg booze from the Seagram's distillery, owned by Samuel Bronfman. In my article on the NXIVM cult of his deranged descendants, I mentioned personally meeting Bronfman in Kyoto and Kobe, Japan, so I am talking lived reality not some sanitized book history or fake media.

Geographic position is still a key asset nowadays for the importation via Canada of illegal immigrants and also counterfeit dollars smuggled in from printing presses in China for distribution by crime groups across the USA, especially in those cities worst hit by the BLM riots. The underlying motivation behind the first wave of riots was to stop the investigation of the counterfeit money trade by local police, the FBI, federal marshals and the Treasury Department. If that investigation proves that the fake money is, indeed, part of economic warfare by a foreign power, then the gangland counterfeit-passers and their Jewish fences will be facing treason charges along with serious fraud. Train cargoes of millions in fake bills is not arranged though Alibaba, but require contacts between gang leaders of different racial groups and more like high-level political connection at the Mint of the People's Bank of China. The governing Demcratic Farmers-Laborers Party has long-time connections in Beijing and Shanghai, starting with Walter Mondale, vice president during the admin of Jimmy Carter, who normalized relations with the People's Republic of China. The Minnesota-China connection is one of strongest and longest-running of any state, and the smuggling implies high-level involvement. Of course, the present of Minneapolis would be a key suspect in the counterfeit trade, since his legal career has been as an ally of organized crime.

So what's been happenings is an old-fashioned gangland war against the Republic, with the Almighty Dollar on the line. Taxpayers, do you comprehend what's at stake here? Wall Street, are your brokers still going to support BLM with donations, as if the Yiddish mob are needy folks. Mark Zuckerberg, are you paying attention, since you and wifie been involved of similar sorts of criminal trade? I know criminal behavior is a Jewish thing, but that's no excuse when you own FB.

Yid crime network

The Purple Gang, considered more ruthless than the Italian mafia, was notorious for the Saint Valentine's Day massacre on February 1, 1927. That punitive action was necessitated by the Chicago Northside Gang's hijacking of two truckloads of Seagram's booze. On orders from boss Abe Bernstein, the Purple hit-men fired Thompson submachine guns at seven Northside members lined up against a wall. The Tommy gun became an important part of the Jewish identity when later adopted by the Irgun guerrillas armed by Japanese military intelligence to wipe out the British Army in Palestine. That also was a Bronfman-supported covert operation run out of Harbin, Shanghai and my Nazi Jewish hometown of Kobe, Japan, where the German Jews acted as moneylaunderers for the international Nazi Party and the Italian fascists. Crime knows no national loyalties, and the Holocaust has served just a convenient fig leaf for Jewish criminals to evade the law with guilty-tripping, since passed on to BLM with their white-shaming. After this lesson from history, you should be able to understand Wall Street. They're not traitors, they're just crooks, the Purple Gang gone uptown.

So what's the point here? What I'm fingering is that wherever the worst BLM riots occur is one of the old centers of the Purple Gang, which had strongholds in New York City, Newark, Phlly, Cleveland and Detroit. There's a pattern of Jewish underworld finance and Black rioters. Antifa is also is connected with international financial criminal operations, involved in money laundering and counterfeit, leading off with the George Soros syndicate, his investment fund being a laundry for the Rothschilds and Russian Jewish tycoons. Their sponsored flunky was Chongqing boss Bo Xilai's crime network in China, with his son Guagua being groomed in Canada as the new boss. It all means the Bronfman operation is still intact in Canada in league with the British intelligence agency, and probably in control of Canada's pretty-boy prime minister.

The only proven way to bust up the new Purple Gang is to appoint another special prosecutor like Elliot Ness, the FBI's finest lawman who put away Al Capone. Which brings up the actor who played Ness in The Untouchables series on ABC. I met Robert Stack and his family aboard the world's most beautiful cruise ship ever, the Ile de France, just before it was blown up and sunk off Kobe, Japan, for the filming of The Last Voyage. It was a honor to meet the man who was the image of Elliot Ness, a type of hero that's desperately needed today when half the mayors and governors are in the pocket of drug traffickers under the coverlets of BLM do-gooders, like London Breed and Eric Garcetti who both belong behind bars for facilitating the destruction of their cities to divert attention from their drug connections.

The Test of Fire

One other point in urgent need of mentioning is that Drew Brees was absolutely right to honor the Stars and Stripes, the flag of this grandfathers who served during World War II. My father was aslo there in the 442nd Combat Regiment, fighting the Nazis and Italian fascists in hand-to-hand combat. Another sad example, which my Japanese American on the mainland and in Hawaii have been reluctant to ever mention out of concern for the economic situation of the black community, now must be told to bust the self-righteous hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter.

During a German division's assault against the 5th Army in Italy, our nisei 442nd fighters were shocked and disgusted to see the Buffalo Soldiers of the 92nd Division drop their weapons and flee from the battlefield, leaving the Japanese American regimen to stand alone against overwhelming numbers. The black troopers turned their backs to the enemy, whose snipers gunned them down with ease, shot in the back. After that rout came the full-on assault against the vastly outnumbered JAs, who sustained massive casualties of dead and wounded but held the line without flinching. Their only motive was patriotism, despite the fact that their parents and siblings were penned up in internment camps in the American desert. Why? Because they had faith in their fellow Americans, that injustice would be recognized and overcome. Everyone's got to pass the test, no matter how many tries it takes. You are judged by your deeds and attitude, and ours were heroic. It's how you live your life that matters. Don't go demanding, aggressively begging others to show you pity. How low can you go?

Many of our surviving troops, ethnic Germans and Italian, fought on against the armies of their ancestral homelands. That hurts inside, but America is your country and its defense is your duty and indeed honor. My father marched all the way throuth Italy and France, battle after battle, crossing the Siegfried Line into Germany. Putting teammates and the nation ahead of one's own safety or comfort or profits is what the flag represents, The cowards who ran from the Nazis and hid their heads are the ancestors of the thugs rioting and bullying young whites and other racial groups. Cowards, arsonists, thieves and bullies, and Black racists, do not deserve one inch of American soil.

Drew Brees deserves an apology, a kneel from self-serving punks who dishonor African Americans and harm the image of the city of New Orleans.. If his receivers fail to apologize to their quarterback, who stands for all the rest of us, then they should emigrate to another country instead of the United States that they hate and revile so much, They've forgotten more than 300,000 white Americans died in the Civil War to free black slaves from the cotton fields run by the Rothschilds and the pro-British plantation owners. To denigrate and spurn that sacrifice of fellow Americans is unforgivable. These are traitors.

As for the Jews, never forget that none of you were there when the 442nd broke the locks at Dachau to release the first group of European Jewish captives, because your men were too busy profiteering on the "home front", while messing with the fiancees and wives of the servicemen on the battlefields.

So now, it's up to good-hearted honest and hard-working African Americans to pick up pieces and deal with this illness of spirit among the loser hiphop generation. I realize the difficulties of dealing with arrogant punks and how it seems impossible,, but this time it's really up to you. The Civil Rights movement and War on Poverty were yesterday Today it's up to each of us to exercise our freedom to improve the neighborhood and this country and that begins in the family and on the block. We're in it together, so you're not alone. I will be there alongside you, because that task was left to me by cousin Eugene who gave up his life on battlefield close to home.

For anyone who think George Floyd's crowd is worth defending and burning down your town for, here's little taste of the Minneapolis gangs, before this past week, the thugs that work for the Jewish pawn shop owners, drug-dealer rollover financiers, and the respectable fences palming off stolen goods at the pawn shop and second-hand storres. Check out this news video from just last year. Robbery isn't enough because this criminal trash gets their kicks out of terrorizing the city to keep their protector Jacob Frey in power and this Jewish mafia in ill-gotten wealth. Be real and never jive other people with BLM-BS or Antifa antics, they're a bunch of losers.