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The nCoV Death Ship In Tokyo Bay
Swine Flu As Round 1 And More - Part 5

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

With the University of Delhi and Indian Institute of Technology lab findings of HIV proteins embedded in the coronavirus, it's no secret now that the Wuhan CoV is a biological weapon based on the original HIV-flu chimera bio-engineered by virologist Yoshihiro Kawaoka as reported in his paper published by the Journal of Virology in September 2011. When the NIH in 2016 targeted his dangerous biowarfare development at his animal lab at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Kawaoka moved his lethal circus to the University of Tokyo and his other offshoots at Hokkaido University and Shinzo Abe's new Kake veterinary institute on the island of Shikoku operated in cooperation with Okayama University.

Unit 731 is back in business although momentarily preoccupied by the blow-back of their GOF (gain of function for greater lethality) coronavirus, which has jumped from infecting farmed Tilapia fish into humans. Over the past month, the adaptive CoV has been hijacking human proteins in flu victims to increases its virulence. This relentlessly destructive bio-agent should properly be renamed the Wisconsin coronavirus in tribute to his key 2011 experiment that transformed modified SARS into an unstoppable virus.

To prevent Kawaoka from unleashing the rest of his menagerie, which includes also the swine flu that has killed off China's national pig herd and felled most Beijingers over the past summer, U.S. marshals and NIH biosecurity staffers should interrogate his two lab lackeys whose names appear on the research paper for the first step toward a court order to extradite Kawaoka from Japan on charges of conspiracy to mass murder, which then could be transferred by the U.S. government to the World Court at The Hague, to implement the Biological Warfare Treaty. Complicity by inaction against the Abe-Kawaoka plot will only result the ever-wider spread of this bio-warfare agent worldwide.

HIV modification pinpoints Kawaoka as culprit

Made in Japan

This essay is Part 5 of this series on the Wuhan outbreak, which has proven to be scientifically accurate with the recent discovery by microbiologists in India that the coronavirus was modified with HIV proteins, provides a sweeping perspective on the emerging threats in contrast with the silence from the WHO and microbiologists reluctant to repeat the fractious fallout with the renegade Kawaoka and his allies Ron Fouchier and Adolfo Garcia-Sastre. For those who've not followed this series, a summary of the key elements involved in the Wuhan outbreak are listed in Part 4 at

Now let us applaud the researchers at University of Delhi and their colleagues at the Indian Institute of Technology for their rapid and precise analysis of the Wuhan CoV, detecting the HIV proteins inside that Kawaoka hybridized into a modified SARS virus in 2011. His funding for that task came from Japan's Ministry of Education, Sports and Science (the same lethal line-up as in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics). To counter hysterical diversions from online trolls, no, the CoV did not leak from the new Wuhan Biosafety Laboratory or its Institute of Virology. 2019_nCoV was made in Japan.

This essay is a potpourri of topics related to the CoV outbreak, including scornful disposal of various contrived theories and disinfo casting blame on those incompetent labs in Wuhan, a sharper focus on lesser-known aspects of this outbreak that point to bio-warfare cooperation under a secret Third Anglo-Japanese Alliance, as seen in the ongoing Diamond Death Ship in Tokyo Bay, reasons for the targeting of Wuhan by the Aum Shinrikyo front group and now their sponsors in the Abe war-mongering faction, and Kawaoka's role in developing the misnamed "African" swine fever that has destroyed more than half of China pig population and crossed over into a summer flu among Beijing residents. This review may seem complicated but please bear with me because we're still scratching the surface of not one but two major biological warfare attacks against central China.

The Disappearing Evacuees

The mystery involving the 200-plus Japanese evacuated from Wuhan to Tokyo aboard ANA flight 1952, followed by another planeload two days later, and a simultaneous two-week quarantine of more than 3,000 passengers and crew aboard Diamond Princess cruise liner floating in Tokyo Bay beg for our attention. As a former editor with the Japan Times group, let me guide you through the hoops and around the trap-doors. One of the skills of investigative journalism in crisis as complicated as the present one, or the Tokyo subway gassing 25 years ago, is to open-minded and observant, and never to just write off some odd detail. It's all the mix, the witches brew, so to speak.

What's implied in a number flight 1952? Handwriting on the wall or jotted there as a code from a Daniel, an insider in the know? The year 1952 was midway through the Korean War when Unit 731 veterans employed by the CIA conveyed hantavirus and bubonic plague developed at the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah by road across the Intermountain Desert and down Highway 93 (west of Sequoia forest), past China Lake, to Riverside, California, and March Air Force base for shipment to Kadena AFB, Okinawa (so resonant of the Okinawan Macrobat in Operation Wuhan) and on to Seoul to load aboard CIA aircraft to dump along the Yalu River. An unexpected change in wind pattern blew those viruses back to southern Korea, where it killed more than 3,000 American servicemen. That blow-back of a biological weapon set the precedent for the present crisis.

By no coincidence plague outbreaks in field mice and squirrels have in recent times occurred at Camp Curry in the Yosemite Valley and in Riverside County. So was that ANA flight number intentional or a chance coincidence as raised by composer John Cage's theory simultaneity based on his readings of the I-Ching, the ancient Book of Changes, which perceives "randomness" as actually being a relationship between events in their movement through time. Sort of like Shinzo Abe posing in a fighter jet with the "random" marking of 731 and, prophetically or intentionally, leading to Wuhan.

The fact that the first foreigners infected in Wuhan, and aboard the ANA flight 1952, were Japanese could be a random event or a sign of their involvement in a biowarfare operation against Wuhan. One of the still-unnamed suspects suffered only mild symptoms, which indicates an early-on infection by the milder initial version of the virus. This perhaps indicates his role in the Macrobat-to-Tilapia virus delivery and monitoring operation. My supposition is that he works for the aquaculture fish industry, monitoring the spread of coronavirus via bat dung to Tilapia, which account for billions in foreign sales and a basic source of protein in the national diet. The two other Japanese aboard the ANA jet showed more severe infections characteristic of the second-wave mutated virus, which reassembled or gained function by hijacking human proteins. From zero cases in Japan in late January, the number of confirmed CoV cases has jumped to 45 infected people over the 10 days prior to writing his article.

Evasion of US-Japan security protocols

Instead of landing at the Bio-Security checkpoint airfield at Narita, 64 km (40 miles) from Tokyo city center, the ANA jet with 206 passengers, and another flight in the following days with 202 aboard, landed at Haneda Airport, on the south side of the capital adjoining Tokyo Bay. All passengers, except the three infected, were whisked off without further information as to whether they were confined to a hosptial or hotel until the two-day medical tests could be carried out. This rash action may seem like a violation of public-health and bio-security uncharacteristic of an ultra-cautious Japanese government, or perhaps not.

My late uncle, an executive with a major construction company, was involved in laying the landing field at Narita International Airport, which he explained was built to serve as an emergency military airfield, to replace Tachikawa Air Base after its conversion into a public park. Despite massive opposition from local farmers, Narita remained the airport site due to its strategic location near the Pacific coast in order to respond to any defense-related emergencies inland, including NBC warfare, and to host the USAF in a military crisis. The Self-Defense Force NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) unit based at Saitama Prefecture can be quickly dispatch advance units by helicopter and send support teams in trucks without taking congested highways, which delayed their entry by many hours to Tokyo on the morning of the subway gassing on March 20, 1995. (For readers unfamiliar with my background, I was investigative editor on the subway gassing for The Japan Times Weekly and Takarajima-30 magazine, and later led a public information team of microbiologists and herbalists during the Hong Kong SARS and Thailand avian influenza outbreaks.)

Why did Prime Minister Shinzo Abe order the ANA jets to land in the unsecured tourist airport at Haneda, overriding the SDF protocols with the US Armed Forces in Japan? Here, again the obvious motive was to prevent involvement of the Japanese Self-Defense Force, which under treaty obligations is required to share information on NBC warfare incidents with the Pentagon, meaning Abe cannot afford to have Donald Trump know about his offensive biowarfare attack on China in flagrant violation of the defensive U.S.-Japan security treaty. If China, rather than Japan, had launched a biological weapon on Wuhan, then surely ANA Flight 1952 would have landed at Narita for SDF joint inspection with American military experts as mandated under the defense agreement. Wuhan is another sneak attack, like Pearl Harbor and the Manchurian Railroad false-flag bombing, from the grandsons of fanatics who perpetrated the Nanking Massacre.

A Ship of Death in Tokyo Bay

Another compelling reason for diverting the two aircraft to Haneda is its proximity to Yokohama, the terminal for the Diamond Princess has been plying the waters of Tokyo Bay just offshore from the airport, as seen in the attached photo of the Yukikamome (seagull) Bridge from downtown Shimbashi to Odaiba Olympic Game venues. The 400-plus aircraft passengers could easily have been boarded at night onto the quarantined Diamond Princess at one of many industrial docks, which were visible on my video on the radioactive Tokyo Olympics.

How was it that an "80-year-old passenger" with CoV boarded the ship in Yokohama, in mid-February and got off with his family at the first stop in Hong Kong? Nobody in their right mind within a normal budget takes a cruise liner instead of the short air hop to Chek Lap Kok Airport in Hong Kong. There is no information about the mystery passenger's presence in Wuhan or whether he was infected at a virus test-site in Japan. Could he be a retired professor of microbiology from the Korean War Unit 731 team since the cruise hiding in the woodwork in Hong Kong?

The next mystery is the discovery of more than 40 passengers infected with CoV out of a 273 suspected cases tested aboard the Diamond Princess. The cohort, however, includes only people suffering symptoms of a possible flu infection at arrival at Yokohama, and does not estimate the rate of transmission to people who now show no signs of infection.

There are 2,666 passengers aboard the liner (another fascinating number, eh?) Half of these are Japanese and 428 are Americans, now confined to the ship in Tokyo Bay for a 14-day quarantine period. Among those tested CoV-positive are two Australians, one American, three passengers from Hong Kong, three from Japan, and a Filipino crew member. Infected patients are conveyed in balloon-like biosafety suits by a launch to an industrial dock for ground transport to an as-yet unnamed hospital. So far, the SDF has been kept off-limits from the CoV crisis, along with the U.S. military and embassy staffers.

The vessel can accommodate more than 3,000 passengers in its 1,300 passenger cabins in addition to support staff in several hundred crew rooms. Although somewhat crowded, there is enough space for 400-plus Japanese evacuees from Wuhan, presumably aboard the Diamond Princess. The restriction to a death ship is intended to spare the Tokyo Olympics any threat for cancellation. What won't Shinzo Abe do to save his precious Radioactive Games to prove his deceptive assertion that "Tokyo is completely safe, one of the safest cities in the world"? This is a deadly cover-up of the Abe-Kawaoka biowarfare plot, much like the Fukushima conspiracy of silence. Abe is a proven liar and deceiver with a criminal mindset.

British military intelligence connection

The vessel is operated by the Princess Cruise Line, part of Carnival Corporation, whose board of directors is packed with British notables and a major shareholder is the Rothschild bank. (See photo of the Union Jack and Stars and Stripes at the opening bell of its IPO on Wall Street.) The point being made here is not about near-naked samba dancers on the streets of Rio but that the cruise operator can be expected to "zip lips" so as not to sink their own ships.

An brief scan of the Carnival's board of directors comes up with:

Chairman Micky Arison, an Israel-US dual citizen, owner of the Miami Heat (recall Miami Vice)

Sir Jonathan Band, First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff (James Bond was a Royal Navy commander)

Sir John Parker, former CEO of Babcock, Britain's second-largest weapons producer

Arnold Donald, Monsanto Ag and (Henry) Crown holdings which controls General Dynamics

Richard Glasier, retired head of Argosy Gaming casino operator (James, recall "Casino Royale"?)

Perhaps it's synchronicity but what comes to mind is that Shirley Bassey tune for Bond 7. "Diamonds are forever, sparkling round my little finger. Unlike men, the diamonds linger; men are mere mortals who are not worth going to your grave for."

Coincidentally, I've recently been writing about the secret Third Anglo-Japanese Alliance, a revived naval treaty between the UK Royal Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy (which my family built, so it know these matters all too well). The first two accords led to a run-up to the stunning victories at sea in the First Sino-Japanese War (1894-95), which resulted in Japanese colonization of Taiwan and Korea, and the stellar victory at Tsushima Strait in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-95. Now with the Battle of Wuhan, history repeats.

Porton Down redux

The infected cruise passenger deboarded at Hong Kong, the former Crown Colony where hospitals in the SARS crisis were under the thumb of WHO heavyweight Margaret Chan, a Canadian citizen awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE). Her connections with the Tropical Diseases Institute in London and the Wellcome Trust, and Chatham House, probably has some bearing as to the online disinformation claiming the CoV was self-inflicted by Chinese researchers rather than a Japanese-British biological warfare strike.

Now that a Brit connection to the Death Ship has just popped up like a whack-a-mole, it casts a harsh light on the ZeroHedge disinformation campaign related to the Porton Down-created National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Canada, where  temporary staffers, neither of them trained in microbiology supposedly shipped ebola samples to Beijing, a hysteria-driven story that lacks any articles of hard evidence. The Chinese couple were mere caretakers following the departure of the earlier crew at NMLwho were involved in the Z-Mapp hoax of a "cure" during the 2006 West Africa ebola crisis. The fraud perpetrated by NML led to higher-paying research positions with venture capital start-ups in the San Diego area. (See my Ebola series article "All the Queen's men can't save the Biowar ebola serum" and the rest if you've got the time. The article on the National Microbiology Lab was dismembered and brutally censored by MI-6 and GCHQ in a hack against Yes, we know exactly who done it, your man in Manitoba, Austin Powers.

MI-6 covert ops against China

Aside from the Labour-MI cells training, funding and support for the Black Bloc thugs on the streets of Hong Kong having to do with grief over losing the last Crown colony, this grudge match goes back to disappointment in Tony Blair's circle and the House of Rothschild that their agent-in-place, the nuclear-weapons dealer Bo Xilai, was bypassed for the presidency of China, following his promise to surrender to British corporate interests control over a major refinery project in Chongqing, the terminus for the Burma-Andaman pipeline. Get over it. Bo senior absconded with your pounds sterling and rooked Lord Rothschild to pay the Oxford tuition for his reckless son Guagua. It happens all the time with African dictators who fail to keep promises, so why should smooth-talking Chinese crooks be expected to leap a higher bar? Bribery carries risks. Embezzlement is as Chinese as soy milk at breakfast, and you Brits assumed they drank tea in the morning.

Comic relief

The diversion created by the MI-6 scriptwriters, and regurgitated at ZeroHedge, is a total hoax like the Russiagate bed-wetting fib. I'm sorry to disappoint, folks, but Doctor No is nowhere to be found inside the Potemkin Labs at Wuhan after their funding from the national research budget was embezzled by the governor of Hubei Province and his Igors. As organizer of the Hong Kong-based microbiologist team for public education and providing effective low-cost novel solutions, I've had too many encounters with shaky science, corruption in public health and overblown promises in China.

An example of research incompetence came as comic relief with a Weibo post recirculating in China about the young female director of the new Wuhan Institute of Virology, who is now the laughing stock. The sole remedy she could recommend to doctors for treating flu patients, that's after frittering away a huge budget, was Shuanghuanglian oral liquid. SHL is an off-the-shelf cough syrup made of forsythia and honeysuckle blossoms and the root of Chinese skullcap. In traditional Chinese medicine, the herbal combination lowers body "heat" related to the metabolic rate and inflammation. It's no longer recommended because SHL can trigger extreme allergic reactions in patients exposed to penicillin and other modern medicines.

SHL became popular during the "barefoot doctors" period, along with rest of the Great Leap Forward home-made medicine when an economic blockade by the US Seventh Fleet prevented importation of modern medication, resulting in a health crisis addressed only with traditional herbalism. While helpful against coughing caused by weaker viruses, SHL poses a high-risk anti-drug reaction (ADR) for patients with a history of asthma or liver disorders or those who may have been self-overdosed with over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, as detailed in a 2010 research analysis by TCM practitioners at West Hospital in Chengdu, Sichuan. So much for the Wuhan lab conspiracy theory, it's even more laughable.

Millennials and Gen Z

Higher salaries abroad explain why so many Chinese researchers are not at Wuhan but instead doing the drudgery inside biomedical research laboratories in Shenzhen-Hong Kong, the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Southeast Asia. The underlying problem is not foreigners in American labs but the lack of enthusiasm for the core sciences among social media-addicted and intellectually lazy American youths today. Back when I was enrolled at the world-leading organic chemistry and biochem school at Purdue, all of the students, graduate researchers and professors were American citizens, because we belonged to the Sputnik generation, who were shocked awake in high school by the fact that the Soviets had beaten out the USA into the frontier of space. The challenge for that generation was to catch up fast and surpass the Russians, which was achieved with flying colors and a Moon landing.

Those days of American eminence at science are long gone when the present U.S.-born generation is lolling around the Google lounge stuffing their faces with freebie snacks, demanding fat salaries for sitting on their fat arses, and thinking that copycatting someone's blog is "tech". Meanwhile low-brow science graduates with inadequate ethics and skimpy knowledge are earning millions doing junk R&D for a deranged DARPA focused on post-human futurism. The present state of science education, an absolute absence of scientific ethics, and bonehead research priorities in the United States is an abomination verging on a bad joke. The fact is that all students, not just Chinese who are actually open about it, are cheating with their smart phones and rummaging through their professor's online files so they can join the FB, Amazon and Google fakers for a life of ease without mental effort. This is how and why once-great nations fall. Don't blame the Chinese when it's all your fault.

Russian immunity to facts

Another absurd claim comes from the Siberian gulag convicts now running the Kremlin. Russia Today boasts that only Asians are prone to CoV and so Russians being Caucasians should not be in the least worried about catching the flu. The bad news arriving a few centuries late to Moscow is that Genghis Khan's horde transformed Tsardom into Mother Russia, meaning practically every Russian has Asian genes, for example, Vladimir Lenin who was part Kalmyk and the more recent Vlad with his almond eyes and natural flair at judo.

Trading places at race-mixing with the khans, the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II was an Orientalist, who since his teenage years had sexual affairs with countless Korean and Japanese women, his lust providing the impetus for the Russian invasions of China, Manchuria, Korea and its failed attempt on Japan, where his grand fleet was sunk at Tsushima Strait by my warrior clan that build the Imperial navy instead of lolling around inside a harem. History repeated itself when the mongrel son of the Golden Horde, Lenin, wiped out "Saint" Nicholas and the rest of the Romanovs, like the coronavirus is about to do to Russia. Since Siberia was Asian to begin with, Vladivostok and Nahodka are on full-alert against the Wuhan virus.

Aum Shinrikyo and Abe targeted Wuhan

Now let's get back to the fields of destruction. Why Wuhan? Shintaro Abe, the late foreign minister and father of Shinzo, sponsored the creation of the Aum Shinrikyo cult as cover for smuggling weapons of mass destruction from Boris Yeltsin's regime in Russia for a planned chemical attack and invasion of China. In 1992, cult guru Shoko Asahara led 200 members of his group on a tour of China to visit the burial mound of the first Ming Emperor (an ardent Buddhist) in Nanjing. During that visit, the spy team of Abe Sr., working under Aum cover, paid millions of dollars to the commander and officers of the PLA garrison at Wuhan for an armed uprising planned for late spring 1996.

The tactical ploy was to lure the main military force from the northern garrison to the edge of Wuhan, where covert special forces teams from Japan, Taiwan and Russia would air-drop tons of sarin across a wide area along the northern bank of the Yangtze River to eliminate Chinese military power. Geopolitical struggle can get rough.

Wuhan is the strategic center of China, and so that fortress city is the key to shattering China into nine smaller nations. Wuhan has lost much of its military strength after the Abe-Aum plot was exposed inadvertently at a drunken banquet of PLA officers. Fifty members of the Wuhan garrison were shot by firing squads a month after the Tokyo subway gassing. The source of this revelation in the aftermath of the subway gassing, while I was investigative editor with the Japan Times Weekly and adviser to the Japanese-language Takarajima-30 magazine were from inside the Interpol division of the National Police Agency of Japan. AT the time several reporters with Western media, including BBC and ABC, met with my team but none of this affair, plus the Aum plot to assassinate Heisei-era Emperor Akihito, was reported outside of Japan due to an intelligence-ordered news blackout. (Watch for my retrospective on the upcoming quarter-century anniversary of the Tokyo subway gassing of March 20, 1995.)

Therefore the best explanation for the present crisis is that Abe Jr., Shinzo, wanted to honor his father with a second attempt at Wuhan but this time around with biological weapons instead of nerve gas. Weapons, plural, including also the "African" swine flu that's wiped out most of China's pig herd (nearly half the world population of hogs) and the human-target flu that swept Beijing during the past unusually hot summer. That, in a nutshell, explains the generous sponsorship for Yoshihiro Kawaoka and his unlimited budget for biological warfare research in the USA and the new biowar complex in Japan.

As in the earlier Wuhan-centered plot, the Abe-Kawaoka plan went awry due to the unexpected spike in CoV virulence in just its second or third generation. In a Gain of Function, the CoV managed to hijack human genes and proteins in the host cell (red-blood in lung tissue) and reassemble itself as a much more virulent attacker, spawning many more virions. The speed of this self-mutation was obviously much faster than projected by Kawaoka, who is probably amazed by his little toys, catching the Japanese bio-warfare team in Wuhan and Tokyo off-guard and hit with infections themselves.

Porking the USA

As the plot thickens around the Japanese-British cover-up of biowarfare strikes against Chinese protein production, let me now turn to Yoshihiro Kawaoka's involvement in the global swine flu outbreak, which was the opening parry against China's bio-defenses prior to the knock-out blow of HIV-CoV. So pull on your rubber boots before we get into pig swill. Sooey!

To summarize, the region-specific African swine flu was first detected 1917 in Kenya infecting pigs imported by British colonialists. After outbreaks in Portugal, another colonial power in Africa, the disease broke out in Cuba, probably due to the presence of Cuban advisers, including Che Guevara, in their effort to support the Simba guerrillas against the U.S.-backed dictator Joseph Mobutu. Due to the consumption of tainted pork the disease spread to Eastern Europe. The subsequent 2009 outbreak did not involve African pig flu, but was bio-engineered in the USA.

Next, let's move on to the latter-day mislabeled "African" swine fever that was actually bio-engineered in the USA. The 2009 outbreak of the 3-species hybrid virus in Oaxaca, the center of the Zapatista peasant rebellion in Mexico, that being the motive to wipe out the indigenous rebel.  was given several labels including H1N1, H2N1, H3N2 and so on due to its tripartite structure. The CDC report called it "an unusually mongrelized mix of gene sequences." While universal blame was heaped on Mexico and then labeled as "African" swine fever, this three-headed mongrel was first identified in 2007 at a county fair in Ohio, infecting both humans and pigs. Medical authorities found their scapegoat in pigs as "mixing bags" of infectious diseases, end of story.

Soon thereafter the antibodies in humans were  traced back to a 2004 mystery disease rural areas in Iowa. Getting a straight answer out of Iowa State University at Ames's Pork Industry Center is more torturous than pulling a boar's tusk out of your crotch. Actually, Iowa State is a hub for mass-produced hog-raising research with allied ag schools such as Kansas U and Purdue, while the infectious disease research on the porcine viruses are left to advanced microbiology labs at UC Davis and "On Wisconsin", the latter where "Forward! Is our motto."

(A large part of my sourness against the cheese-heads, other than their mindless loyalty to Kawaoka-sensei, comes from the 27-14 tromping that the varmint Badgers piled on the proud Boilermakers at their Big Ten clash in November. Our motto, by contrast, is the rousing "science, education, service", which I've been trying to fulfill like a linebacker without a defensive line or an old gold helmet, resulting in head-on collisions with blocking fullbacks, which require a few rounds of our official campus beverage known as the "boilermaker", a stein of fired-brewed Stroh's emboldened with a jigger of fake Kentucky rotgut.) Our Ag school dean Earl Butz should be darned proud of me, wherever in the hell he is now, hopefully enthroned on a warm place to squat.)

Bringing home the bacon

What happened following the side-step into Mexico was the deaths of 12,000 Americans mostly along the eastern seaboard south of Virginia in the Indian summer of 2009. Why is anyone afraid of coronavirus as compared with hog flu? The virus then leaped, maybe because of USAID shipments of frozen chitterlings to Georgia (Tbilisi), the Christian forward-base for dispatching jihadists into Chechnya against Russian Interior Ministry troops in the Caucasus.

 An intriguing speculation is if swine fever that soon spread across Eastern Europe arose from a biological warfare motivated by strict Muslim and Jewish dietary restrictions? That's just a logical deduction and not anti-immigrant bias. To bring home the bacon, follow the money. Bombing Orthodox Russian troop-carriers in the Caucasus and poisoning the gullible corrupt Georgian Christians with virus-tainting of pork is like killing two birds with one stone.

The Georgia episode coincided wth Kawaoka's feverish research effort on the many variants of porcine and avian flu, as disclosed in research papers on file at the NIH and National Academy of Science. These collections, however, lack continuity, as if the then-Wisconsin-based researcher was merely staking claims to various extraction techniques and gene-splicing. His research on the twin flues begin to increase about the time of the 2009 outbreak that killed 12,000 Americans.

Smithfield takeovers

Next comes the intriguing part about the so-called "African" swine fever, which occurred in a further step back in time to the year 1998, when a mysterious swine fever wiped out all the hogs at two of North Carolina's largest producers, Carrol's and Murphy Farms. The bankrupted operations were taken over an expansionist Smithfield Foods, spearheading a Wall Street-backed acquisition binge in Mexico, Poland, Romania, Germany and the UK, purchasing these assets on the cheap thanks to the spread of swine flu. Massive investment bank and private equity funding for Smithfield's acquisition binge indicates biological warfare against food production as depressed-assets financial strategy,  known as vulture capital.

Then in less than two decades, the entire Smithfield operation was sold off, lock, stock and barrel,to the WH Shuanghui Group based in Luohe, Henan, China, in autumn 2013 for $7 billion with approval by the secretive CFIUS (Committee on Investment in the U.S.) under the Obama administration. The acquisition of 146,000 acres (50,000 hectares) made WH one of the largest foreign landowners in the USA. The sale to the Chinese pork company was arranged by Obama's Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, former governor of Iowa, bringing us full circle back to the 2004 swine flu outbreak near Ames. Vilsack, by the way, was one of Hillary Clinton's top two choices for vice-presidential running mate, along with Tim Kane.

Next step, five years after the Chinese takeover, the WH Shuanghui Group's hog operations in Zhengzhou and in Heilongjiang up north are hit by some of the earliest H1N1 swine flu outbreaks in 2018. The company's share prices have collapsed since then, as its future grows cloudier. The Smithfield-Shuanghui case shows the rising risk of agribusiness monopoly practices in cahoots with Wall Street, when livestock can be killed off by infectious diseases.

Radical Muslim sponsorship?

Now when USCFI, a U.S. government agency in the tight grip of the Obama White House, is running interference for takeovers and acquisitions of massive hog operations, would that not provide a golden opportunity for powerful Arab interests, fronted by then Ambassador Prince Bandar and Hillary's benefactor the Emir of Qatar, to influence a certain Barack Hussein Obama, born the son of Kenyan Muslim and raised by a fanatic Islamic military officer in Indonesia to eliminate the Devil Pig from the diet of infidels, a step toward mass conversion to Islam? Why else would a billion pigs be exterminated by lab-altered viruses? The Smithfield operation in Henan is where the Chinese swine flu began, infiltrated into China from laboratories in Madison, Wisconsin and Ames, Iowa.

Does it all become clear now, what jihadist traitor Obama was up to and how he afford the 8 million dollars for that French-style chateau in the Kalorama district of the District of Columbia and also might explain why Michelle Obama was on a yacht on the Seine River when the Notre Dame cathedral was torched by arsonists? The swine flu is key part of a jihad, folks, against Americans and now against the Chinese for the checkmate against the ISIS Uyghurs. Pork is haram, forbidden. So let's think over what to do next over a BLT and a Jack n' Coke. The Arabist wing of the John Brennan's CIA and the Russiagate faction of MI-6 are all involved in disinfo. So whatever you do, don't drink the Bulgarian Kool-Aid.

Greater Prosperity Sphere

Militant Islamic fundamentalism was also a key component of the Japanese militarist Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere, which continues to this very moment. Tokyo provided all the Western alliance's share of funding for the Chechen rebellion, and Shinzo Abe has personally organized support for the Uyghur jihad in Xinjiang. If you want to your children's heads on an ISIS plate, keep believing in Radio Free Asia.

Unit 731 stay-behind Yoshihiro Kawaoka, occasionally in tandem with Dutch researcher Ron Fouchier, has done a massive number of animal studies on the pig flu HINI and related bird flu types including A(vian)-HINI, H7N9 and H5N1. This modified virus that has carried different labels including H2N3 and H1N1 is comprised of viruses affecting wild ducks, pigs and humans or three different genetic strands spliced together for maximum toxicity, and notably a European virus. Obviously, the timing of events with contagion outbreaks demand a major interdisciplinary review. I've dug only a few highlights in the evolution of biological warfare.

A 2019 paper by climate science advocates Miyu Moriyama and Takeshi Ichinohe at the University of Tokyo, where Kawaoka now conducts his research on ferrets, shows that high temperatures make organisms more vulnerable to influenza. By coincidence not only pigs but also the human population in Beijing was clobbered by abnormally hot midsummer weather, when a raging flu broke out in the local schools and then incapacitated parents for up to a month. As I've alluded earlier in this series, the mass death of hogs along the Yangtze was one of the contributing environmental factors that weakened Tilapia immunity to the modified coronavirus delivered in the seed-excrement of an Okinawan fruit bat invasion during the October-November 2012 heatwave.

The emerging picture is of a two-pronged Japanese biowarfare strike against Chinese food security, targeting pigs and farm-raised fish, but both operations spilling over in the human population. Biologists focused on aquaculture production have shown convincingly that Tilapia, due the the presence of red blood cells in their circulatory system, are prone to viral infections, as discussed by Dan Wang et al in "Fish red-blood cells express immune genes and responses", Journal of Aquaculture and Fisheries, January 2018.

That explains why the Kawaoka virus was transported by the Okinawan fruit bat through seed droppings to Tilapia and then via aerosol droplets from fish tanks at Wuhan fish vendors to passerby humans. I have shown a massive amount of evidence for this route of transmission as opposed to official diddling by a government of China fearful of losing 70 percent of the world fish market and by international "experts" tainted by long association with biological warfare research sponsored by their governments. What a morass.

Weaponizing Food for Human Extinction

Famine has always been China's greatest enemy, and therefore biological warfare is the means to weaponize food or simply eliminate vital foodstuffs. Meanwhile the H4N1 virus, which wiped out the Asian poultry industry in 2006, is also back in force. While these biological attacks are raging, psychological warfare is also being waged with a massive propaganda effort at promoting estrogen-packed plant-based burgers and mock meat, furthering the ongoing campaign to de-sex men. Clearly, the approaching objective of this sinister globalist campaign from the likes of Shinzo Abe, Corbyn-Livingstone, the Clintons and Bill Gates, Bloomberg and their Islamic financial backers is to starve China into submission as their ancestors did in the late 19th and much of the 20th century.

Unless more scientists and people of conscience call out and challenge the post-human agenda being implemented with viruses against China, similar biological weapons will be unleashed against helpless civilians not just in developing economies but also in the heartlands of Europe and North America, as has been happening over several decades already. For homicidal maniacs, what goes around shall come around. Meanwhile, we should step up pressure on Shinzo Abe's regime 731 by calling for a worldwide boycott of the Tokyo Olympics as the first campaign in the war to save humanity from extinction.