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The Moscow-Tel Aviv-New York Zionist Axis

From Brendon O'Connell
Exclusive To Rense

(Note - This is a private email from the brilliant Brendon O'Connell to Jeff Rense. Links are encouraged.)

Basically, we will go into the past to show the present and future.

The infiltration of the United States began long ago and we are now seeing its fruits as the US heads for collapse. This has been written about in detail since McCarthy and Senator Fulbright. Right in front of us. Read the front cover for the immediate details - Fulbright, Senator, is going after them big time during the reign of JFK. Now it becomes obvious why they killed him.

Fulbright Israel Lobby.jpg

Fulbright Israel Lobby_2.jpg

Israel is a Jewish Bolshevik creation. From start to finish. Just as Soviet Russia was. And just as the United States has become.

Israel was a creation designed to give more than a national homeland for Jews and control of Jerusalem and the increasingly important Middle East of the Suez Canal and oil fields - it was a crime bunker and entry point for Soviet Communist penetration of the United States under the cover of a Biblical Israel which Christian Americans fell for and continue to fall for.

There is not a dimes worth of difference between Zionism (Jewish Nationalism) and Bolshevism {Jewish Internationalism). Communism one and all.

Now we see, as Lark attests, the "third way" emerging from THE SAME people, out of Israel, Communitarianism and the work of Ametai Etzioni. Technology for the Smart Cities-Gulags-Kibbutz - Israel. New Laws for the Smart Cities-Gulags-Kibbutz - Israel.

Israel is LITERALLY legally TIED to the United States and is now transferring its wealth, technology and even people - technology specialists - over to its sphere of influence, the new Rome, capital of the Pan Eurasian Belt & Road Initiative - Jerusalem. Greater Israel. Remember this article...

One Belt, One Road

Israel's Role In China's Flagship Policy

September 3, 2017
These steps will allow Israel to enjoy the benefits of the new global connection that China wishes to establish. Historically, the land of Israel has been a strategic link between Asia, Europe and Africa, and now is the time to revive that role.

Israel will be the center of this development. Like a vampire, israel has sucked the US dry and is getting ready to abandon it, leaving it to plunge into chaos and a police state. This has been planned a long time. Read the following article carefully...

Bunting's Map And Israel On China's New Silk Road

In his article entitled “The History of What's Next”, Bodansky argued that the Bunting map is likely the best depiction of the unfolding global geopolitical architecture of the 21stcentury. With the demise of the Arab modern state and Sykes-Picot post-Arab Spring, “Libya, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon are no more, and Jordan and Yemen are not far behind.”

Instead, what is arising is the merging of the greater Middle East and the greater framework of the reawakened Mackinderian world order. And, the clover leaf world centred on Jerusalem is converging with China's One Belt, One Road project.

FireShot Screen Capture
#108 - 'Bunting's map and Israel on China's new si_' -

Its time to blow your audience's mind with the audaciousness of this project. Its long term planning. And the outright gaul, arrogance and boasting that has them BRAGGING, openly, that they are gonna fuck the US and toss it to the wind like a whore wife to a rich dumb husband.

Your audience MUST understand that what they see unfolding in the Middle East is ALL about Belt And Road Initiative (BRI), Israel, Russia and China which ALL just happen to be founded by the same people - Communist Jews. How about that? Iran is DEEP in bed with Israel via China and Russia and explains there cockiness - they are playing their role at the highest levels of government. Destroying PAN ARAB NATIONALISM - giving Sunni Muslims a bad name. Arab Sunni dominated Middle East was the real enemy of israel - not Shia Islam in Iran. They have worked for israel and Jewish Power from day dot. A bunch of rat bags run out of a PARIS COMMUNE (hello!) with a bunch of German and French intelligence officials in the plane with Khomanie posing as a documentary crew - hello!


Israel was founded and run by Polish and Russian Communist Jews from day one.

ALL of the initial leaders of the Stern and Irgun gangs were Russian Communists.

Example, Netanyahu's real family name is MILIKOWSKI. His father came to Palestine in 1920. Read these bio extracts and take it all in.

Benzion Mileikowsky (later Netanyahu) was born in Warsaw in partitioned Poland which was under Russian control, to Sarah (Lurie) and the writer and Zionist activist Nathan Mileikowsky. Nathan was a rabbi who toured Europe and the United States, making speeches supporting Zionism. After Nathan took the family to Mandate Palestine(aliyah) in 1920, the family name eventually was changed to Netanyahu. After living in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, and Safed, the family settled in Jerusalem. Benzion Netanyahu studied in the David Yellin teachers' seminary and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Although his father was a rabbi, Benzion was secular.[4] His younger brother, mathematician Elisha Netanyahu, became Dean of Sciences at the Technion. It was a common practice for Zionist immigrants at the time to adopt a Hebrew name.[5] Nathan Mileikowsky began signing some of the articles he wrote "Netanyahu," the Hebrew version of his first name, and his son adopted this as his family name. He also used the pen name "Nitay."

In 1944, Netanyahu married Tzila Segal, whom he met during his studies in Palestine. The couple had three sons—Yonatan (1946–76), former commander of Sayeret Matkal, who was killed in action leading Operation Entebbe; Benjamin, (b. 1949), Israeli Prime Minister (1996–99, 2009–present); and Iddo (b. 1952), an Israeli physician, author and playwright. Netanyahu became a widower in 2000, when Tzila died.

And check out this extract…

Benzion Netanyahu (Hebrew: בֶּנְצִיּוֹן נְתַנְיָהוּ‬, IPA: [ˈbentsijon netanˈjahu]; born Benzion Mileikowsky; March 25, 1910 – April 30, 2012)[2][3] was an Israeli historian. He served as Professor of History at Cornell University. A scholar of Judaic history, he was also an activist in the Revisionist Zionism movement, who lobbied in the United States to support the creation of the Jewish state. His field of expertise was the history of the Jews in Spain, and he served as an editor of the Hebrew Encyclopedia. He spent a significant portion of his life in the United States. Though he became Ze'ev Jabotinsky's personal secretary, he never got involved directly in Israeli politics. He was the father of current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Yonatan Netanyahu, ex-commander of Sayeret Matkal.

Mike, ALL of these people spend large amounts of time in new York - ALL OF THEM. Including Trotsky himself, one of the founders of Communism in Russia.

Understand the ramifications of Netanyahu's father being the personal secretary of Ze'ev Jabotinsky. He was THE thug, criminal, asshole founder of Israel. Guess where he is from? Yeh, you guessed it, a Russian Jew who ends up living and dying in...New York where Netanyahu was his secretary. You must understand the significance of Jabotinsky who's real name was Vladimir Yevgenyevich Zhabotinsky.

FireShot Screen Capture
#100 - 'Ze'ev Jabotinsky - Wikipedia' -

Ze'ev Jabotinsky, MBE (Hebrew: זאב ז'בוטינסקי‬, Ze'ev Zhabotinski; Yiddish: זאב זשאבאטינסקי‎; born Vladimir Yevgenyevich Zhabotinsky, Russian: Влади́мир Евге́ньевич Жаботи́нский; 5 (17) October 1880[1], Odessa – 4 August 1940, Hunter, New York), was a Russian Jewish Revisionist Zionist leader, author, poet, orator, soldier and founder of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization in Odessa. With Joseph Trumpeldor, he co-founded the Jewish Legion[3] of the British army in World War I. Later he established several Jewish organizations in Palestine, including Beitar, HaTzohar and the Irgun.

How about the first PM of israel? female? Where she from? Come on...you know...

Golda Meir (Hebrew: גּוֹלְדָּה מֵאִיר‬; pronounced [ˈɡolda meˈʔiʁ],[nb 1] born Golda Mabovitch, May 3, 1898 – December 8, 1978) was an Israeli teacher, kibbutznik, stateswoman,politician and the fourth Prime Minister of Israel.

FireShot Screen Capture
#101 - 'Golda Meir - Wikipedia' -

Golda Mabovitch (Ukrainian: Ґолда Мабович) was born on May 3, 1898, in Kiev, Russian Empire, present-day Ukraine, to Blume Neiditch (died 1951) and Moshe Mabovitch (died 1944), a carpenter. Meir wrote in her autobiography that her earliest memories were of her father boarding up the front door in response to rumours of an imminent pogrom. She had two sisters, Sheyna (1889–1972) and Tzipke (1902–1981), as well as five other siblings who died in childhood. She was especially close to Sheyna.

Russia/Ukraine. Did ya see that coming. But wait, there's more...

How about David Ben Gurion? First PM of Israel? Where was he from? Swaziland?

FireShot Screen Capture
#102 - 'David Ben-Gurion - Wikipedia' -

David Ben-Gurion (Hebrew: דָּוִד בֶּן-גּוּרִיּוֹן‎; pronounced [daˈvɪd ben gurˈjo:n] (About this sound listen), born David Grün; 16 October 1886 – 1 December 1973) was the primary national founder of the State of Israel and the first Prime Minister of Israel.
David Ben-Gurion was born in Płońsk in Congress Poland – then part of the Russian Empire. His father, Avigdor Grün, was a lawyer and a leader in the Hovevei Zionmovement. His mother, Scheindel (Broitman),[4] died when he was 11 years old. Ben-Gurion's birth certificate, when rediscovered in Poland in 2003, indicated that he had a twin brother who died shortly after birth.[5] At the age of 14 he and two friends formed a youth club, Ezra, promoting Hebrew studies and emigration to the Holy Land.

Poland! Yay! You got it right! Well done! Win a prize! Let's keep going now and you will see how obvious this all is…

How about Moshe Sharret? Israel's second PM? Where was he born? Tel Aviv? Iceland? Mars? Maybe Venus…

FireShot Screen Capture
#103 - 'Moshe Sharett - Wikipedia' -

Oh gosh! Who would have thought!

Born in Kherson in the Russian Empire (today in Ukraine), Sharett emigrated to Ottoman Palestine as a child in 1906. For two years, 1906-1907, the family lived in a rented house[4] in the village of Ein-Sinya, north of Ramallah. In 1910 his family moved to Jaffa, then became one of the founding families of Tel Aviv.

How about Levi Eshkol? Israel's third prime minister? I reckon he may have been born in Kentucky and played banjo with Charlie pride at out door concerts before becoming a circus clown and emigrating to Palestine? No. So wrong. So, so so wrong...

FireShot Screen Capture
#104 - 'Levi Eshkol - Wikipedia' -

Levi Eshkol (Shkolnik) was born in the shtetl of Oratov, Kiev Governorate, Russian Empire (now Orativ, Vinnytsia Oblast, Ukraine). His mother Dvora (born as Dvora Krasnyanskaya) came from a Hasidic background and his father (Joseph Shkolnik) came from a family of Mitnagdim. Both families were business-oriented and were owners of agricultural businesses including flour mills, industrial plants and forestry associated businesses.

Boy! These people sure keep it in the family! Lets keep trying for a Swahili Witch doctor upbringing…

Yitzhak Rabin - - - at least he was born local. His parents? Bound to be from Iraq maybe? Maybe Yemen?
No, Russia/Ukraine again. Are you seeing a pattern leading to Netanyahu yet?

FireShot Screen Capture
#105 - 'Yitzhak Rabin - Wikipedia' -

Rabin was born at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem on 1 March 1922, Mandatory Palestine, to Nehemiah (1886 – 1 December 1971) and Rosa (née Cohen; 1890 – 12 November 1937) Rabin, immigrants of the Third Aliyah, the third wave of Jewish immigration to Palestine from Europe. Nehemiah was born Nehemiah Rubitzov in the shtetlSydorovychi near Ivankiv in the southern Pale of Settlement (present-day Ukraine).[1] His father Menachem died when he was a boy, and Nehemiah worked to support his family from an early age. At the age of 18, he emigrated to the United States, where he joined the Poale Zion party and changed his surname to Rabin. In 1917, Nehemiah Rabin went to Mandatory Palestine with a group of volunteers from the Jewish Legion.

Menachem Begin? Hell, come on, how about Germany? Iceland? I'll take Iceland! Nah, you guessed it…

FireShot Screen Capture
#106 - 'Menachem Begin - Wikipedia' -

Polish Jew.

Menachem Begin (About this sound listen ; Hebrew: מְנַחֵם בֵּגִין‬ Menaḥem Begin, Polish: Mieczysław Biegun; Russian: Менахем Вольфович Бегин Menakhem VolfovichBegin; 16 August 1913 – 9 March 1992) was an Israeli politician, founder of Likud and the sixth Prime Minister of Israel. Before the creation of the state of Israel, he was the leader of the Zionist militant group Irgun, the Revisionist breakaway from the larger Jewish paramilitary organization Haganah. He proclaimed a revolt, on 1 February 1944, against the British mandatory government, which was opposed by the Jewish Agency. As head of the Irgun, he targeted the British in Palestine.[1] Later, the Irgun fought the Arabs during the 1947–48 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine.

Menachem Begin was born to Zeev Dov and Hassia Biegun in what was then Brest-Litovsk in the Russian Empire (today Brest, Belarus). He was the youngest of three children.[4] On his mother's side he was descended from distinguished rabbis. His father, a timber merchant, was a community leader, a passionate Zionist, and an admirer of Theodor Herzl. The midwife who attended his birth was the grandmother of Ariel Sharon.[5]

You seeing a pattern here? Remember, all this so far is BEFORE we get to the flood of Russians of the last 20 years who have not only infested Israel - but the United States to the highest levels. ALL are Russian or Polish Jews. We have only just begun this journey. Let us carry on...lets take a "quick" trip into the present day before

Israel's former Soviet immigrants transform adopted country

Note - Israel Secretary of Defense Avignore Lieberman is on the front of the above article which is enlightening, showing the RECENT flood of Russians into Israel. All high level technician's, missile specialists, physicists, mathematicians. Filling Israeli military technology companies who are pulling the F35 apart. Filling the Intel CPU design and fabrication facility. The security implications are mind blowing. Now, hold that thought, let's now look at the Russian born Liberman, night club bouncer and convicted child beater. What do his onw people think of Bi Bi's best friend Lieberman? They call him a Russian spy! Israel's OWN Secretary of Defense is considered a "Russian Spy" by his own countrymen!

Shin Bet Withheld Iran Secrets from Lieberman as Security Risk
A senior Israeli source with high-level political and military experience tells me that there have been rumors for years that Lieberman was sent to Israel by the KGB as a young immigrant in order to make his mark and rise upward in Israeli politics. To anyone who argues that such rumors are unsubstantiated, I would remind them that there were unsubstantiated rumors for years about Moshe Katsav's sexual predatory habits. He's about to spend seven years in prison. Since the end of Ben Gurion's reign, the Shin Bet has been prohibited from monitoring Israeli (Jewish politicians), so no one can determine whether the rumor is true.
Broadside flyer displayed in Jerusalem last month accusing Avigdor Lieberman of being head of Russian spy ring.


Wikileaks released US Cables indicating this...

1. (C) Summary: Israeli FM Lieberman's June 2-3 visit to Russia appears not to have broken new ground diplomatically, but cemented Moscow's impression that the Russian-speaking Lieberman is one of their own.
3. (C) Fuchs explained that Lieberman conducted his meetings in Russian, shared stories about Moscow, and smoked, creating a comfortable atmosphere with his Russian interlocutors. The Israeli FM "behaved like an old friend" commented Fuchs, who thought that the Russians acted as if they already knew him, although it was too early to say whether this personal diplomacy would have a measurable effect on already strong Russia-Israel relations.


Avigdor Lieberman, Convicted Child Beater to be Israeli Foreign Minister


KGB Infiltrated Highest Echelons of Israel's Army, Business, and Political Leadership
While sifting through the notes of a former KGB archivist in England, Israeli investigative journalist Ronen Bergman realized that the Russian spy service's penetration of Israel was far more extensive than previously known.
Despite the many successes of the Shin Bet in exposing spies, scores of Israelis in the political world, the military, and private industry spied for the Soviets for decades without ever being suspected, much less caught.


Here are the files brought in in 1992 by a defector. Name - Palestinian Spys for Soviet Russia.

The KGB's Middle East Files: Palestinians in the service of Mother Russia

The KGB's Middle East Files: The fight against Zionism and world Jewry

Break-ins, forgeries, creating front organizations and even planting bombs – all means were justified in the battle that the Soviet intelligence agency waged against the Zionist movement, the emigration of Jews from the USSR and the world's major Jewish organizations. Classified documents now reveal that the agency's leaders saw Zionism as a real threat to the Soviet empire, and did everything in their power against it.
Ronen Bergman|Published: 12.01.16 , 20:51

In January 1972, Operation Simon entered its final stage. A team from Service A, a key department in the KGB's First Chief Directorate (which was responsible for collecting intelligence and special operations outside the USSR) traveled to Paris to gathered intelligence ahead of the operation. Service A was responsible, among other things, for the operations against Zionist and Jewish organizations, an issue of utmost importance as far as the omnipotent KGB head, Yuri Andropov, was concerned.

But did it really consider Zionism a threat to the Soviet Empire? Israel had been helped continuously by the Soviet Union who assisted at every turn to set it up - whilst also arming the Arab states. The goal - destabilize the region. Just as Putin has been ably assisting right now in Syria with Iran. Whilst working closely with Israel.

Former Israeli double agent shot dead near Putin's office

Shabtai Kalmanovich, a former Israeli double agent who penetrated Golda Meir's government on behalf of the KGB, has been shot dead in Moscow.

The KGB's Middle East Files: Agents in positions of power
In 1992, Vasili Mitrokhin, a KGB archivist, defected to the West with a trove of top secret documents from the Soviet intelligence agency, which helped expose many Russian agents and assets in Israel and elsewhere. This series of articles explores these documents and brings to light the secrets they revealed. Part 3 of 5.

On one thing there is no dispute: The Mitrokhin documents show that from Day One, the State of Israel has been a top target for the Soviets.

You bet they were a top target for the Soviets.

So you see, utilising Israel as a "backdoor" into the United States and 'The West' has always been a top priority for the Soviet Union Jewish Communists.

Lets go back to naming all the Israeli Prime Ministers again...

FireShot Screen Capture #109 - 'Yitzhak Shamir -
Wikipedia' - en_wikipedia_org_wiki_Yitzhak_Shamir.jpg

Gosh darn...what are the chances? I'm guessing the Netherlands? Nah, Russia, Belarus. What a surprise?

Yitzhak Shamir (Hebrew: יצחק שמיר‬, About this sound listen ; born Yitzhak Yezernitsky; October 22, 1915 – June 30, 2012) was an Israeli politician and the seventh Prime Minister of Israel, serving two terms, 1983–84 and 1986–1992.[1] Before the establishment of the State of Israel, Shamir was a leader of the Zionist paramilitary group Lehi. After the establishment of the State of Israel he served in the Mossad between 1955 and 1965, a Knesset Member, a Knesset Speaker and a Foreign Affairs Minister. Shamir was the country's third longest-serving prime minister after David Ben-Gurion and Benjamin Netanyahu.[2]

Yitzhak Yezernitsky (later Yitzhak Shamir) was born in the predominantly Jewish village of Ruzhany,[3] Grodno province,[4] Russian Empire (now Belarus), which after World War I became part of Poland, as the son of Perla and Shlomo, owner of a leather factory.[5]

FireShot Screen Capture #110 - 'Shimon Peres -
Wikipedia' - en_wikipedia_org_wiki_Shimon_Peres.jpg

Perez? Now he has GOT to be from Argentina? Chile? Nah, just tricken ya - Russia, Belarus. Poland originally.

Shimon Peres (/ʃɪˈmoʊn ˈpɛrɛs/;[1] Hebrew: שמעון פרס‎, About this sound listen ; born Szymon Perski; August 2, 1923 – September 28, 2016) was an Israeli politician who served as the ninth President of Israel (2007–2014), the Prime Minister of Israel (twice), and the Interim Prime Minister, in the 1970s to the 1990s.
Shimon Peres was born Szymon Perski, on August 2, 1923,[16][17] in Wiszniew, Poland (now Vishnyeva, Belarus), to Yitzhak (1896–1962) and Sara (1905–1969 née Meltzer) Perski.[5][18] The family spoke Hebrew, Yiddish and Russian at home, and Peres learned Polish at school.

And now, its time for Bi Bi Netanyahu...and we know all about him. Every single Israeli P.M is either born in Poland-Russia, or they are the sons of Polish-Russian immigrants to Palestine - which is only two of them. The rest were born in Poland-Russia. Now, have you ever bothered to check these simple facts? I never did - til now.



The sons and daughters of this Communist infiltration now hang with Trump. They are Obama advisers Rahm Emmanual - his mother was a Mossad Agent, and David Axelrod.

They totally infect the entire US government. Wall Street. Banking. Media. Hollywood. Not all are card carrying Communists - obviously - but that is their origins. And they are deeply embedded into Israel which we know was set up as a Socialist Marxist state. That was FULL of Soviet spies and provided a back door into the United States from Russia.

Here is Rafe Eitan, top Mossad legendary spy and the thief who stole the PROMIS software. Guess what?

Rafael "Rafi" Eitan (Hebrew: רפי איתן‬; born 23 November 1926) is an Israeli politician and former intelligence officer. Today he leads Gil and is a former Minister of Pensioner Affairs. In the past, he was in charge of the Mossad operation that led to the kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann. He served as an advisor on terrorism to Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and in 1981 he was appointed to head the Bureau of Scientific Relations, then an intelligence entity on par with Mossad, Aman and Shabak. Eitan assumed responsibility for and resigned over the Jonathan Pollard affair, and the Bureau was disbanded. From 1985 until 1993, he was head of the government's Chemicals company, which was expanded under his leadership. After 1993, he became a businessman, noted for several large scale agricultural and construction ventures in Cuba.
Eitan was born in kibbutz Ein Harod during the Mandate era. His parents were Zionist immigrants from Russia who came to Palestine in 1923. His father Noach Hantman was a farmer and poet and his mother Yehudit Volwelsky was a social activist.


Mike, every single "player" in Israeli politics, business and academia is...guess what...a son or grandson of...Polish or Russian communists.

Here are the same people in the US...

Silvermaster group

The Silvermaster group was a major Soviet espionage organization that operated within the United States Government during World War II. It was investigated by the FBI spanning the years 1945 through 1959. Nathan Gregory Silvermaster was the leader of the spy ring which consisted of 27 principal KGB operatives gathering information from at least six Federal agencies. The group operated primarily in the Department of the Treasury but also had contacts in the Army Air Force and in the White House. Sixty-one of the Venona cables concern the activities of the Silvermaster spy ring.

In 1942 the Silvermaster Group delivered 59 rolls of film to their handler. In 1943, it was 211 rolls, 600 in 1944, and 1895 in 1945.

Now have a look at the "who's who" of the spy ring...


Some big names in there Mike.

Now, WHERE do you think the head of this MASSIVE spy ring came from? I'm only giving you one guess Mike. Just one...

Silvermaster was born to a Jewish family in Odessa, Russia (present-day Odessa, Ukraine) in 1898. He moved with his family to China, where he learned to speak perfect English with a British accent. He emigrated to the United States and earned his B.A. from the University of Washington in Seattle (where he was “stated to be a known Communist”) and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, where his thesis was entitled Lenin's Economic Thought Prior to the October Revolution. He became a naturalized American citizen in 1926. He was reported to be in contact with a very large number of Communist Party USA officials, and was active in a number of Communist front groups.[7]

Oh boy! What a co-incidence! Same bat time, same bat channel...

Note Silvermaster was in China. Here is his fellow spy Shlomo Adler. Note his role in setting up Mao in China...

Solomon Adler

This article is part of the

Solomon Adler (or Sol Adler) was born in Britain and became a U.S. citizen in 1936, when he obtained employment in the United States Department of the Treasury. Adler also was a Soviet spy who supplied information to the Silvermaster espionage ring.

Adler served in China and shared a house with Chi Ch'ao ting and "China hand" John Service. From China, Adler sent back reports opposing President Franklin Roosevelt's gold loan program of $200 million to help the Nationalist Chinese Government stabilize its currency in 1943. Secretary Harry Dexter White and Frank Coe supported this view (to de-stabilize the anti-Communist government of Chiang Kai-Shek). Hyperinflation in China amounted to more than 1000% per year between 1943 and 1945, weakening the standing of the Nationalist government domestically in China. This helped the Communists eventually to come to power in China, delivering hundreds of millions of people into their hands.

Here they are all together with Mao...
FireShot Screen Capture #112 - 'Solomon Adler -
Conservapedia' - www_conservapedia_com_Solomon_Adler.jpg

Sidney Rittenberg was Maos handler. He, of course, was an American Jew, Military Intelligence linguist.

Sidney Rittenberg (Chinese: 李敦白; pinyin: Lǐ Dūnbái; born August 14, 1921) is an American journalist, scholar, and Chinese linguist who lived in China from 1944 to 1980. He worked closely with Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai, and other leaders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) during the war, and was with these central Communist leaders at Yan'an. He witnessed first-hand much of what occurred at upper levels of the CCP and knew many of its leaders personally. Later, he was imprisoned in solitary confinement, twice, for a total of 16 years.[1] He was the first American citizen to join the CCP.[2]

Rittenberg's connections and experience have enabled him to run a successful consultancy business representing some of the world's biggest brands, such as Intel, Levi Strauss, Microsoft, Hughes Aircraft and Teledesic.

The above has removed pictures of him with Mao and his military intelligence background!!!!!


I first pointed all this out in 2005. Eric Hufscmhidt wrote an article based on what I sent him.

Then we have the Sassoon and Kardoorie Iraqi Jews - The Rothschild's Of The East - in China from 1870 on.

The Sassoon family, known as "Rothschilds of the East" due to the great wealth they accumulated in trade,[1] is of Baghdadi Jewish descent and international renown. It was based in Baghdad, Iraq, before moving to Bombay, India, and then spreading to China, England, and other countries. It is said that the family descended from the Shoshans, one of the families of Iberian Peninsula.[2] From the 18th century, the Sassoons were one of the wealthiest families in the world, with a merchant empire spanning the continent of Asia.[3]

Mike, we can show clearly that these three monsters teaming up to run the Belt and Road Initiative - Pan Eurasian Juggernaught are ALL Jewish founded colonies of modern commerce.

These same people that penetrated and run those countries now run the United States. Specifically, they spy for Russia/Soviet Union.

Here are a ton of articles you can quickly sift through from Jeremy Rothe Kushel to get a "sense" of how big these Israeli Russian spy rings were/are - and the reason the FBI is coming down hard on Trump and his CLOSE associations with Russian Israeli Jewish gangsters.

It was from these Larouche sources from back in the day. This era of the 80's to 90's seem to be have been their heyday:
This one has the most provocative title "Suspected Soviet Cell Wrote Reagan's Long-term Strategy"

Just found this. We should read it. I'll send it on to Brendon too:

This is probably important too as context:

Golitsyn, I believe, had even said Golda Meir was KGB. VT has reported Netanyahu as KGB. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/03/10/we-demand-president-putin-release-documents-vital-to-world-peace/

Avigdor Lieberman has been thought to be long-term inserted agent. Cant find where I heard or read that but he's definitely close to Putin and helped put KGB in place:

Mike, it should be clear from the above that we have a "pattern".

We have a "theme" of people coming from the same place at the same time.

They took over Russia. Then they took over Palestine.

Then they took over the United States.

They are taking over China.

They are making Jerusalem and Greater Israel the CENTER of the current China led BRI "Pan- Eurasian" Soviet era Communist plan.

Part of that plan is destroying NATO. Which Trump suggested people do. Make the US "shrink back". Become "isolationist". And what do we have Trump doing? Saying?

We have Putins best friend, Alexander Dugin writing THIS in 1992 -

EVER wondered what Vladimir Putin is up to infiltrating the US elections? Surprisingly, there is an answer to that.

In 1997, a Russian political scientist named Aleksandr Dugin and a serving Russian General named Nikolai Klokotov sat down and wrote a text that would become the foundation of Russian geopolitical strategy over the next 20 years. It was called “Foundations of Geopolitics” and it was all about how Russia could reassert itself in the world.

The book starts out by saying that the shrewd thing for Russia to do is to steer clear of direct military confrontation. Instead, the book counsels Russian leaders to favour political stealth. It emphasises the need for the infiltration of Western institutions, and the use of soft power to shape the world in Russia's favour. Sound familiar yet? We haven't even got to the good stuff.

The text then goes into a very specific list of to-dos, about Russia's posture towards almost every nation on earth.

Next, it turns to Britain. The book's authors say Russia should encourage Britain to leave the European Union, and thus weaken it. That's right. Russian strategists were openly arguing in favour of Brexit in 1997, when it was still just a glimmer in Nigel Farage's eyes.

But perhaps most amazing part of the book is when it calls for Russia to “introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements – extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing internal political processes in the U.S. It would also make sense simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics.” If that reads like an accurate description of Trump's inner-circle, again remember that this text was written twenty years ago.


Now, Mike, how do you feel about the above? How do you see trump now? You know that Alex Jones had Dugin on all the time till about six months ago?

You remember Richard Spencer and his idiot "alt right" movement? They are HUGE fans of Dugin - this is Trumps Russian cheer leader and until recently regular on Info Wars.

One of Dugin's biggest fans is Richard Spencer, the head of the racist National Policy Institute (NPI) and the man who popularized the term “alt-right.” Dugin's work has beenpublished on Spencer's former website Alternate Right. And Spencer's wife, Nina Spencer (who also goes by the aliases Nina Kouprianova, or Byzantina) has regularly translated Dugin's work into English on her blog (though the blog gives the disclaimer saying that translated words are not necessarily the views of the translator).

Dugin argues way back in 1992 that there needs to be a smashing of the UniPolar world order - America and globalism with a MultiPolar world order - guess who? Pan Eurasian co-operation between Russia, China, Europe and now...Israel.

Uni-Polar = "capitalist imperialistic west." MultiPolar = "Communist brotherhood." Hearing Putin argue his points is like watching a Kruschev speech.

Cynthia McKinney is into all this - the BRICS (Israel) and now BRI (Israel). And now "they" have a POTUS openly associating with the above people. Deeply embedded with them. Cynthia McKinney has supported Trump. Can you beleive it? McKinney must qualify as a full blown Communist these days. You know she invited me to Bangladesh - that is old Commie Soviet era old school from way back is Bangladesh. Communist all the way.

Should I go on?

How do we end this?

Putin, the grand super spy is deep in bed with his Polish buddy Bi Bi and all his friends - old Communist Russians and Poles - who have access to ALL the American high technology sector in the greatest security penetration ever. E-V-E-R. Its been going on for years - right in front of the American people and security services who have seemed helpless to stop it.

Trump may indeed be compromised...but Secretary Defense Mattis is there and we are praying he will guide Trump to where America must go. There are signs of this already we can discuss.

And then...the real nightmare...brought to light by Diane. A grandmother in Tennesee. Israel and its Russian Polish commies have managed to write themselves into US legislation. As in...it is ILLEGAL to abandon israel. This flows into the emerging legislation on hate speech and the BDS movement. Here is its INCREDIBLE original legislative writing...congratulations America, you're LEGALLY married to a Commie paracite called israel. Here is The Talpiot Program in LEGISLATION - binding the US to israel.


§17337. United States-Israel energy cooperation

(a) Findings

Congress finds that-

(1) it is in the highest national security interests of the United States to develop covered energy sources;

(2) the State of Israel is a steadfast ally of the United States;

(3) the special relationship between the United States and Israel is manifested in a variety of cooperative scientific research and development programs, such as-

(A) the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation; and
(B) the United States-Israel Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation;

(4) those programs have made possible-

(A) many scientific, technological, and commercial breakthroughs in the fields of life sciences, medicine, bioengineering, agriculture, biotechnology, communications, and others; and
(B) significant contributions to the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency through the established programs of the United States-Israel Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation and the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation;

(5) on February 1, 1996, the Secretary of Energy (referred to in this section as the "Secretary") and the Israeli Minister of Energy and Infrastructure signed an agreement to establish a framework for collaboration between the United States and Israel in energy research and development activities;

(6) Israeli scientists and engineers are at the forefront of research and development in the field of covered energy sources;

(7) enhanced cooperation between the United States and Israel for the purpose of research and development of covered energy sources would be in the national interests of both countries;

(8) United States-Israel energy cooperation and the development of natural resources by Israel are in the strategic interest of the United States;

(9) Israel is a strategic partner of the United States in water technology;

(10) the United States can play a role in assisting Israel with regional safety and security issues;

(11) the National Science Foundation of the United States, to the extent consistent with the National Science Foundation's mission, should collaborate with the Israel Science Foundation and the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation;

(12) the United States and Israel should strive to develop more robust academic cooperation in-

(A) energy innovation technology and engineering;
(B) water science;
(C) technology transfer; and
(D) analysis of emerging geopolitical implications, crises and threats from foreign natural resource and energy acquisitions, and the development of domestic resources as a response;

- - - Always In The Public Interest