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The Jerome Bressler Aspartame Report
From Beyond the Grave

From Stephen Fox

This article is almost entirely written by Dr. Betty Martini, to give credit where credit is due; it incisively details a panorama of insights into why aspartame is still on the market, despite 3 FDA officials before 1981, and how the truth has been systematically silenced. I merely added a few points about potential coming legal action, similar to recent court judgements that forced the FDA to rescind approval for some carcinogenic artificial flavors under the Delaney Clause, federal law since it was enacted in 1958, which disallows in the US any addition of carcinogens to food products.

What a ghastly story, every word of it true. Shameful, to see detailed one of the very worst manipulations by industry of the legitimate regulatory powers of the FDA, an agency with a checked history, of course, but this is one of the worst that I have ever encountered.

Stephen Fox in Santa Fe
Mission Possible New Mexico

The Jerome Bressler Aspartame Report - From Beyond the Grave]