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The Image Of What The Economist Predicted In 1988

By From Gary Holland
Exclusive To

Hi Jeff

The image you posted from the Economist from back in 1988, confirms my suspicion of the trojan horse called 'bitcoin'.

Bitcoin was created by the Zionist banksters in collaboration with Intel to present and brand Bitcoin as being 'anti central banking' and 'anti establishment'.

The Zionist banksters main goal is to condition the sheep into accepting a cashless system. Bitcoin, secondarily, has been used by zio banksters to steal billions by using "pump and dump" manipulation schemes on various cyrpto currency trading sites.

If one looks at which entities have been allowed to fully cash-out of Bitcoin when it was at its all-time high value before crashing, you’ll see the very same entities involved in creating it in the first place.

In my opinion the only true time tested crypto currency that has been around since mankind could think is to barter.

Bartering connects with you a network of like-minded people. Bartering allows you to fully-circumvent the zionist bankster's usury slave system. Bartering doesn't rely on a contrived phony 'good faith' fake currency. Bartering is 100% UNTRACEABLE because it is based on good will between people. I provide you with something you need in trade for something I need. Bartering networks are a true time-tested 'block chain' of transactions and doesn't disappear by a keystroke or electric grid failure.

Bitcoin and other cryptos have shown to be modern day FOOLS GOLD.