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The Four Phases Of Finality!

Dr. Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

It was 1985 when I was able to openly give the approximate date of Termination of this Terra Firma – this evil, violent, useless Earth!

I publically stated emphatically that the Earth would NOT physically last beyond 2035.

I then gave the reasons of how, when and why!

To be quite sincere and honest, my lower mind greeted the response of the Morons to what

I had to say with this remark: "What a bloody waste of time".

It was like talking to brick walls.

I recall my very first interview with a TV crew.

The fatuous bimbo holding the microphone and asking stupid, stupid questions of me, and who was probably thinking of her next sexual encounter that evening must have thought the meeting with me was a big joke!

This next question she asked me made me end the interview. It was a question after I had given a long and detailed explanation about what was going on and what would go on in the next 50 years or so:

"You don't believe in UFOs do you?"

With that idiotic inquiry, I ended the interview.

I realized I was simply wasting my time.

Admittedly we were in Melbourne, Australia, and not Area 51 Nevada. But all the same, her ignorance was most offensive.

Australia, in many ways, is a wonderful country. It was terribly English up until the 1950s, even though the local (originally English) Australians hated the English and v.v.

To make things worse, from what I saw, the rabble was governed more by the Catholic Church in those days than the politicians. We all know how dishonest, abusive, greedy and murderous the Church had been over 2,000 years inspite of its claimed affiliation with JC.

The problem in Oz in the 1950s was that the Irish made up the religious numbers, so we had those in control (the clergy) hating everybody else.

I recall the severe prejudice we were under at school, a Catholic School, from Primary to High School.

Yep, the Irish, with the odd exception, hated everybody!

I landed here in 1952 with my family, and the stark contrast with the musical, joyous, fun loving Italy, even for a 7 year old, was a shock, inspite of the fact that the USA saw fit to bomb the living daylights out of the peninsula, just because it could. Evil does not need an excuse to murder wantonly, even when it dishonestly claims the right to do so!

Never mind, children are malleable in the easiest of ways and we got by.

Then, with massive migration from Italy, Greece and other European countries, the character of Australia changed.

Little Italy, Little Greece, China Town, etc., demonstrated cultures the locals had never heard of.

Suddenly food and drink, individual housing of architectural splendor, restaurants with vastly variable menus of which the locals were unaware, and theatres of operatic quality all opened up communities. Music from Italy, France, Germany, etc., and festivals galore, laughter and prosperity flowed with the migration.

Most migrants sent their children to University and an educated class took over the scene.

Knowledge grew enormously, and with the fake Moon Landings, and semi-accurate publications like 'Chariots of the Gods' thinkers were sent spinning into the fantasy of a New Super and hopefully enlightened Age.

Buck Rogers Comics helped too, and many of us as students, as I recall, were already in advanced states of mind with which we could accept greater possibilities, including other Worlds, Aliens and UFOs.

But, from another perspective, the long-term locals failed to mature, as the saying goes, and much to the shame of the country, racism expressed its ugly head everywhere. This was especially noted when African-American entertainers came to Oz to seek work and entertain the locals.

(It was less than 30 years from the time it was legal for Bounty Hunters to shoot and kill Australian Aborigines so their land could be stolen. The Government paid a bounty for each pair of ears. It ended, according to some, as late as 1933. Shame! Shame! Shame!

It was under these circumstances of a confused Australia that I met this moronic reporter to give her the good news of the triumph of Good over Evil and the sequelae to come.

As I said, for me, being the bearer of what I thought was great, great news, the exercise appeared just like a waste of time.

So, I packed my bag and went home to rethink the strategy of how to introduce Earth to this New Knowledge.

As American influence swamped Oz, it was obvious to me that the Evil Essence that controlled and drove America was exactly the same essence that ruled its lapdog –Australia!

The information I had was not new to me (to this Physical Being). I had been exposed to it in 1947 before I reached the age of 3. I know most of you cannot comprehend such a situation.

The "I" in this case means this 'Meat Bag' I am forced to wear, just like the rest of you Humans are forced to wear, if I want to be a Human.

After the initial venture into the public domain in 1985, I decided Humanity was not ready to hear what I had to say. And yet, those "Higher Beings" who were running the show obviously from Higher Dimensions wanted this information out to the public at that time.

Vacillating about the situation, I thought I would wait and let the Corrective Process' take its course.

I must admit that, apart from what I wrote in my books and what I spoke of in lectures, I did not press other details in those early days.

But, I knew there were 4 basic phases to reach the END.

And here they are:



As instructed by my Higher Self – I will identify My Higher Self when it is time - I gave the news of the END. This was the first thing to do.

Knowing my meetings with Higher Beings, including my Higher Self, were of paramount importance, I asked my mother before her death in 2013 to testify that she sat with me in our lounge in Italy when I was not yet 3 years of age and that the Beings came through the wall to hold conferences with us, describing what was going to happen, when it was going to happen, why it was going to happen and so on.

Later I learned that many other visitations with 'Contacts' by "Superior Beings" commenced with the Beings coming through walls to approach those to be 'contacted'. Many were taken to crafts and so on. AS we learned, not all the Aliens were benign.

My mother was only too willing to affirm what happened. She had no reason to make things up. Besides, how could she make details up if she had not been present at these conferences?



I was in constant communication with the Higher Beings until they told me they would recede for a while but would come back later as the End drew closer.

In the meantime, communication continued via Supra Mental Awareness.

In 1999, I received the Message that Final Judgement of ALL Consciousnesses on Earth (Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human, and Class 5 (Angelic and Demons) had been completed.

I admit it is very difficult for us Humans to understand the Spiritual assessment of a Unit of Consciousness that may be in soil or a rock or a leaf, to be classed as a viable or as a failure.

But, that is what this Judgment denoted.

In all of this sorting out, I was also told that some 1 billion Viable Human Souls (Class 4) were removed from this dimension and were waiting in another for placement, in due course, into an Evil-free zone.

Others that remained on Earth that were Viable would also join them in due course.

In this communication I was also told that no True. Divine Viables would reincarnate between then (1999) and the END.

That meant that any incarnated beings after 1999 could be failures, robots, demons or salvageable Robots. I have explained what I mean by that elsewhere.


The 3th Phase of the Termination Process was going to be separation of the Good from the Evil.

This is obvious to those who have developed the spiritual vision to see who is a Viable and who is not.

This special gift of spontaneous assessment of individuals comes automatically to us with the Divine Inner Vision in order to see who is a soulless Robot, who is an evil, doomed Demon, who is a failed Viable, who is a salvageable robot, and who is a genuine Viable.

An awakened individual can see in the eyes of the subject what is inside the Meat Bag.

It is automatic.

No x-ray or CAT-scan needs to be done.

Also, the energy that emanates from any being is diagnostic. This goes for all Classes of Consciousness, including Animals, Vegetation, and the Mineral Kingdom, as well as Humans.

The Hate and Venom from the Demons and Failed ones cannot be hidden.

Again I want to point to POTUS Trump who demonstrates all that is evil in humans – racism, hate, prejudice, the desire to steal, to rape, to murder, to abuse irrationally against the victim's will, etc., etc.

Before this phase, the Evil Ones could and could and would hide to commit their skullduggery. But this is no longer the case. The masks have fallen off them!

Have you noticed especially in US Politics that the demons of late cannot take a trick?

The Essence of Zionism (Evil) is faltering bigtime, exactly as we would expect it to do!

Have you noticed how quickly Trump has been dumped by Zion? And yet, not long ago he was declaring himself 'King of the Jews/Israel".

Do you think this weakening of the Essence of Evil is by accident?

Of course it's not!

The Evil Ones are committing their evil, but it is easy to see, and it is easy to brand them for what they are – spiritual losers who will soon be no more.

That is what the Endtime means: The End of ALL EVIL

They can't hide anything.

It's all over.

While this exposure has been going on... and it will continue until the End... the infrastructure that houses these BASTARDS is collapsing.


It is the same infrastructure that keeps us prisoners in this Cesspool.

It MUST, per force, be totally destroyed so that we can be liberated.

In a previous essay I wrote about dissolving the Physical which includes the Meat Bag we are forced to live in, the Etheric Body, the Astral body and the Filtering Mechanism these have.

To exist beyond these realms that are being destroyed, one has to have the TRUE spiritual components of a Divinely-created SOUL.

The Robots who are viable because of their dedication to the Light will be fitted with a primary Soul and they will commence their journey once they are liberated from this Hell.

The True Beings who had been trapped by Evil and who remained prisoners until the End will renew their progress on their spiritual journey towards graduation into the Highest Strata of Divinity.

We are now in the end of the 3rd Phase of Separation and are patiently (some impatiently) awaiting the 4th Phase.

More dramatic physical effects will be seen as the Physical End comes to us.

Wars, diseases of all kinds, famine, EQs, floods, volcanic eruptions, etc., etc. will occur.

Physicality cannot be destroyed without those steps. They are virtually inevitable.

You must focus on the future.

Remind yourselves what is happening and why it is happening.

The suffering will be for a very short time only.


I expect that as we enter the 4th Phase, which will be the Phase of Ascension simultaneously with the Phase of Dissolution of the Failures, we will be instantly elevated beyond the Physical by losing the physical bodies and we will feel nothing but the Joy of Salvation – of the Final Rescue and our Sanctification.

I don't think we can fully comprehend that step until it happens.

One moment we will be traumatized meat bags, worrying about the suffering we will bear, and the very next moment we will be like angelic, transparent forms who know nothing but Joy and Bliss.


Is that possible?

You better believe me it is!

Why do you think 'We" have gone to all this trouble of rescuing the worthy?

This 4th Phase will start as the bombs explode, as the Earth wobbles on its axis, as fires rage, as the failures wail unceasingly.

A mist from nowhere (DARK MATTER) – gossamer with Angelic properties will cover us and we will be transformed in a flash according to our Ontology.

Yes, that is the gossamer of Dark Matter that I have described elsewhere for you.

The AI Machinery will dissipate into dissolving molecules, except for the Astral Bodies of those to be punished for their inextricable Evil.

They will be herded, as the malignant entities that they are, into the Chamber of Horrors for their final karmic debt that must be paid.

Each of them will know me personally then!

It is then that the End Process will be completed and we shall march triumphantly toward our Heavenly Abode.

It will be goodbye to Evil forever.

And it will be 'Hello' to Divine Bliss for us for eternity!

The Celestial Error will have been totally erased.



Copyright G S Chiappalone

March 7, 2020