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The Epstein-Wexner Illuminati Gained
Netflix Fame In Hellfire's Name

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

While tracking Jeffrey Epstein's secret career as an undercover agent for the Treasury Department, my search led to his associate Leslie Wexner's connections with elite Illuminati families that control the financial system in Britain and many of its former colonies. The odd couple of Epstein and Wexner were keepers of a back-channel between Treasury and its British counterpart, the Exchequer, in a bilateral effort to retain control over the global financial system by cracking down on tax cheats and offshore banking havens. The taxmen's bag of tricks included Epstein and British gal Ghislaine Maxwell setting honey traps for celebrity evaders. At its highest level, the secret Jewish cabal in control of global financial policy was based on trans-Atlantic connections between the Wexner-Bronfman Mega Group of North American tycoons and the Illuminati leadership in the British Commonwealth.

Therefore, every autumn over the past quarter-century the Wexners have crossed the Atlantic aboard their private jet and then taken a helicopter to Foxcote, their restored English manor in the Cotswolds, in the countryside north of London. On that grand estate, they hosted an annual reunion of the Jewish power elite. The pastimes include trap-shooting, pheasant hunting and sumptuous receptions for guests, including the Rothschilds and Goldsmiths along with lesser Brit-Israelite luminaries such as the Oppenheimers, Livingstones and dozens of other names.

A peephole through the hedge of their "secret garden" provides insights into this upper-crust assembly away from their managers and employees in The City of London financial district. One unexpected revelation came from the landscape architecture of Wexner's Foxcote estate, which was the obvious real-world model for the hacienda scenes in the critically acclaimed Netflix movie "Roma" directed by Alfonso Cuaron. His faithful computer-assisted multi-camera reproduction of Foxcote, plus the characters appearing at the country home indicates that "Roma" is not a recollection of his childhood in the immigrant Syriac Jewish quarters in Mexico City's Colonia Roma district in the early 1970s. Instead, the critically acclaimed film was a narcissistic selfie at him hobnobbing with the rich Jews of London. The falsity of that Netflix movie is more akin to the Fashion TV theme of poor boy makes its big as a famous model than a historical retrospective on the student protests that rocked Mexico's political establishment and its CIA-organized security apparatus. His artistic scam is in keeping with the organized looting of the world that enriched his new friends in the Illuminati.

Philandering Cads

Scenes from the Roma cast's excursion to a ranch supposedly redolent of Mexico's feudal past gives away this cinematic "memoir" as a depiction of Cuaron's extramarital affair with Scheherazade Bentley, the wife of politician Zac Goldsmith and mother of three children. Movie-goers may find it disturbing that this Cuaron's dumping of his mature and vulnerable lover so closely resembles the irresponsibility of his own self-centered father, who abandoned his three children for a whimsical sexual affair with a younger woman. Any son with an ounce of moral integrity would never betray a loyal woman's trust after witnessing his father's abandonment of wife and kids. Cuaron's repetition of violation is all the more despicable given his feigned sympathy for his own mother in that melodrama, making the story's transfer of maternal responsibility to the loyal nanny (when his mother must take on the role of breadwinner) is all the more fake and therefore reprehensible. Then again, Hollywood and the artsy-fartsy crowd in New York were completely taken in by director Woody Allen, too, that pioneering schmaltzy wool-over-eyes fib teller. Twice-fooled, who's the fool?

In an otherwise nonessential late-night scene inside the hacienda hallway, a male guest strides up to make a pass at Cuaron's mother Sofia (Marina da Tavira), who chastely rejects the sexual advance, while her son peeks unnoticed in the shadows. The boy learned well how to swoop down on an emotionally vulnerable woman after the other guests have retired to their rooms at Foxcote manor.

In a moral universe, a son who witnessed the emotional torment of his own mother should be expected to act with a modicum of honor toward women instead of sneaking like a fox into a chicken coop at midnight. In his father's footsteps, after achieving his celebrity status with Netflix's massive media publicity for the Oscar nominations, Cuaron dumped Scheherazade, the daughter of a failed British businessmen, for a fashion model as his trophy bride (who looks like a younger version of his aging wife), an indecency more publicly visible prominent than his obscure physician father's tryst in Acapulco. Then again, his heterosexual escapades were probably just cover for his homoerotic passions as expressed in speechless adoration of the young well-hung fascist thug in "Roma". It would be far more honest for Cuaron to direct and act in rough trade porn that what he's been faking.

The other half of this London scandal, Zac (Zacharia, the Labour hack and environmentalist publisher) as an heir of the late James Goldsmith fortune was still married with Scheherazade while he secretly romanced Alice Rothschild, from the French line of that dynasty and the sister of Kate Emma Rothschild, who had divorced his brother Ben Goldsmith at the time of the accidental death of their daughter. As with the Bronfman clan, involved with the NXIVM cult, the Rothschilds and Goldsmiths are in decline from in-breeding, a slackening of business discipline, and irresponsible sexual misconduct. And these Illuminati imbeciles actually believe they should be in command of global governance.

Taxidermy as Afterlife

What's do Foxcote manor and the "Roma" hacienda sequence have to do with the notorious Mr. Epstein? The heads of stuffed dogs on the hacienda wall is a shock scene for which the director invested a lot of time and money for special effects to recreate these taxidermy pieces as a social commentary on the gentry's casual attitude toward death. As it turns out, the decor in Jeffrey Epstein's New York office included a stuffed poodle, apparently a beloved pet, and a large tiger, possibly a gift from Abigail Wexner, indicating an acquired taste from the hunting crowd that congregates in the halls of a Foxcote to admire the preserved beasts, either beloved or desired on the next safari.

Foxcote, named after a cage for foxes released a fox-hunt, is today more of a"pheasant cote", where the fancy birds are released for live-fire tests in trap-shooting barrages. Cuaron was horrified by the sporting fanaticism of the shooters especially the host's blonde wife with an Midwestern American accent, who closely resembles Abigail, the corporate attorney wife of Les Wexner. The shooting range at the hacienda is precisely modeled the grounds of Foxcote, with its ponds bordered by a dense line of trees and tall hedge. At a distance, the hillside is lush with weed-free green grass.

Hellfire on the Ground

The verdant pastures behind the Foxcote estate indicate that closely cropped pasture is renewed with wintertime brush-fires, as depicted in the first-person mini-story"Burning the Stubble" by Steven John, posted at Storgy. This brief work of fiction follows a local lad hired to commit the crime of quick clearing of the property of a wealthy playboy, this account shows how he is rewarded with rounds of whisky and later on his employer's fingers wending their way below the sheets for a bit of fondling, another pleasure of the countryside for the London snobs.

The seasonal firestorms in the Cotswolds prior to imposition of an official ban are depicted in Roma with a wildfire on a forested hill that threatens nearby Mexican villages. While community members relay buckets of water uphill to quell the flames, a young Englishman on a mescaline high whispers a traditional Anglican hymn of renewal, in subtle reference to the controversial ban on stubble burning. Any actual firefighters would watch this scene with incredulity as children pour cups on waters flames sprouting from the dry grass and a flaming tree comes crashing down, such fine entertainment for the party-goers. The hidden reference here, of course, is to the nearby Chilton Hills, the site of the decadent carousing of the Hellfire Club, the predecessors of the Illuminati.

Another theme interwoven into the countryside episode is the plight of the pregnant nanny Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio) who is urged at the peasant festivities to drink mezcal to welcome in the new year. Her cup falling off the table and breaking on the floor is a rather heavy-handed premonition of the coming stillbirth of the accidental child conceived by chance with he ambitious fascist. The abortive death of her own infant enables thr slavish transfer of emotional loyalty to the half-Jewish children of her employer, Cuaron's mother Sofia.

Here, again, the Netflix film ostensibly about Mexico's recent past is actually a homage to the Anglo-Jewish elite lording over the local English plebes under a master-servant hierarchy. Colonia Roma, Cuaron's middle-class neighborhood In Mexico City, was an enclave for wealthy Jewish immigrants from Aleppo, Syria, and therein lies an analogy with the Jewish tycoons in The City of London financial district as immigrant interlopers.

In their London circle, the only person of Jewish ancestry with any fire in her blood is Jemima Goldsmith, who chased after and caught Pakistan cricket captain Imran Khan, but whose personal endorsement of Muslim men proved to be bad advice for Princess Diana when the Dodi affair ended with the crash in a Paris tunnel. I recall her photo-shoot for a men's magazine, many decades ago, with Jemima G lying on the floor nude with a golden chain around her waist, the rich girl awaiting a romantic lover who never arrives. Without the Christian notion of radiant lasting love, passion soon dissipates into lust and disdain for the other. At least Ghislaine Maxwell got her kicks on Route 666, and shows not the least sorrow over losing her playmate Jeffrey.

Kulturkamp: Cultural War

Since the Middle Ages, the Wexner clan resided in the Khazarian Jewish district in Zhytomir in Podolia, an Eastern European region contested by the kingdoms of Kievan Rus, Poland, Lithuania, Russia and Turkey, now part of Ukraine. In the 13th century, that buffer region was overrun by the Tatars, the western branch of the Mongol empire, a legacy of sexual conquest passed down through the Khazar bloodline in the Asiatic eyes of Leslie Wexner, owner of Victoria's Secret and The L clothing chain. The ethnically mixed district was a major center for the Frankists, a heretical messianic movement that practiced perversion in the belief than sinfulness and secularism could hasten an apocalyptic end of the world. After the cult's subversive plan was detected by the Russian Orthodox Church, which was intent on enforcing Christian norms of sexual restraint, Frank and his daughter Eve fled Eastern Europe to reemerge in Oppenheim on the River Main in western Germany

There, at the edge of Frankfurt in the principality of Hesse, cult master Jacob Frank established a crime syndicate to promoted organized prostitution, the beginnings of the modern sin industry. From his headquarters in an imposing mansion, Frank sent his closest followers to work as administrators for Meyer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of Europe's richest house of usury. The expansion of pimping, pornography and loan-sharking generated the profits to bribe the monarchs and the police, while his gangsters intimidated the Christian churches and the middle class in a conflict of social values. The Frankist flouting of decency led to the rise of antisemitic movements against "dirty Jews". In the light of overt provocations and criminality, the entire blame for anti-Jewish violence should not be put solely on religious bigotry. The Frankist crime problem, which became magnified to intolerable levels with wealth accumulation by usurious Jewish bankers, and attendant bribery of political elites. These outrages against the German public, particularly in Protestant communities, reached crescendo in Wiemar Berlin at Jewish-owned nightclubs sanitized in the movie "Cabaret", when coprophilia, bestiality, transvestism, homosexuality, sadomasochism and other Frankist perversions were openly on display. The only question is what so long for the public backlash during the subsequent Nazi era?

Occult Links to Islam and the Federal Reserve

The ancestral roots of Jeffrey Epstein can be traced through his father Seymour and great-grandfather Julius back to Bialystok in the Podlaskie region, north of Podolia, facing the western border of Belarus. Podlaskie was another center of the Frankist movement, the fountainhead of the Illuminati. Thus Wexner, owner of Victoria's Secret, and Epstein, an elite pimp, have ancestral roots in the sexually deviant Frankist movement that arose from the sexually "liberated" heresy of Shabbatai Zev cult in the Ottoman Empire. Jacob Frank was associated with the Asiatic Brotherhood, which promoted Orientalism with its favorable view of Ottoman despotism, due to Shabbatai Zev's adoption of Islam as a kindred faith of Judaism, opposed to the idolatry of Christianity.

The former Jesuit Adam Weishaupt (Weiskopf) and Jacob Frank were the founders of the Illuminati, a cult claiming rationalist intellectual enlightenment based on Middle Eastern traditions, adopted by the House of Rothschild. During the international tensions leading up to World War I, an agent of British Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild named Jacob Schiff, the head of the Kuhn Loeb Bank in New York, financed the election campaign for Woodrow Wilson to win the U.S. presidency. In violation of the Jacksonian legacy, the Rothschild puppet Wilson authorized the creation of a central bank called the U.S. Federal Reserve, as an arm of Zionist interests under the control of the Illuminati. Thus the Fed subordinated the Treasury Department to its cabal of bankers in league with organized crime, an well-oiled hijacking of the American economy by Jews'R'US.

Even worse, the Jews in charge of America's money supply are not the morality-abiding rabbis and believers in the Bible and the Torah, but a perverse heretical cult with upside-down beliefs advocating extreme violations of morality and law. In the occult dimension, which the Rothschilds revel in, the Illuminati mythology elevates the archangel Lucifer, ruler of the underworld who defied a self-righteous Michael in the contest to rule over humanity, that began with Eve's fall and the birth of her first son by the "serpent" figure Cain, the primordial monarch. This is not from the same Bible that most of us have read in Sunday school.

Mozart's Magic Flute

The corrosive influence on European aristocracy of the satanic "messiah" Jacob Frank and his cultist sex slaves was opposed by the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in his opera of warning "The Magic Flute" (Die Zauberflote, 1791). The evil character Monostasos (The One in stasis; a Never-changing Unity) in alliance with the Queen of the Night hatch a plot, manipulating the naive hero Tamino toward an assassination attempt against the noble philosopher Sarastro (a teacher of the Zoroastrian doctrine of a dynamic struggle of good against evil). For money to rule the world, morality must be murdered.

The Magic Flute libretto was a sort of "popular journalism" warning Austrians against cult leader Jacob Frank who had earlier visited the Viennese court of Hapsburg Emperor Joseph II. The powerful monarch was seduced at first sight of Frank's 13-year-old daughter Eva, who was trained in the Frankist prostitution techniques of oral and anal sex. Eva spent nearly two weeks in the Emperor's private company while her father (Frank, represented in the opera as Monostasos) held extensive conversations with Empress Maria Theresa, the "Queen of the Night" who patronized the Jesuit Order.The Jewish arch-criminal proposed lifting restrictions against usurious lenders (Rothschilds, Warburgs, and their ilk) on condition that his followers would organize a campaign of Jewish conversion to the Jesuit branch of Christianity. She approved the plan, which expanded her Jesuit spy service across Europe, resulting in crypto-Jewish interbreeding with and financial lending to aristocratic families across Europe, especially in Poland and the Hesse-Frankfurt region, where Meyer Amsell Rothschild was a lender to the local lord when he sent his Hessian mercenaries to quell the American Revolution. The rival rationalist Freemasons, including Mozart, opposed the Frankist influence over the aristocracy.

Reign of Absolute Evil

Thus, Zauberflote librettist Emanuel Schikanede, working alongside Mozart, modeled the villain Monostatos's evil spells after Frank's antinomian (morally contrary) doctrine of spreading immoral behavior to weaken the social relations of family and community. This triumph of evil was expected to bring on tan apocalypse, a false Olam Ha'Ba, the post-apocalyptic New World Order. Due to church censorship of that era, the Frankist transgressions of mass orgies and promotion of prostitution could not be explicitly presented on stage, as later done by the Jewish-controlled porn industry in the present era, which puts society now much closer to total destruction of traditional standards.

The messianic heresy of the "melekh mashiach" or Messianic King is a questionable prophecy of Judaism that rejects acceptance of Jesus as a self-sacrificing exemplar of goodness. Messianism formed the basis for the Antichrist looming over the End of the World, which finds its equivalent in the false savior predicted by Shiite Islam known as the Dhajjal. These deceptive figures of false liberation and moral reversal are harbingers, not of a paradise on Earth and kingdom of God, but to the contrary the rule of Satan over a captive humanity, an irreversible fall into the black hole of abject slavery instead of a promised salvation. The bondage genre in porn disclose these dark urges.

Recurring throughout history, this Shabbetean deviance bubbled up during the 1960's sexual revolution promoted by Herbert Marcuse with the CIA-affiliated Frankfurt School of critical theory, which subsequently morphed into neo-feminism, the gay movement, S&M, and sex with subteen children as promoted by the German ultra-left anarchist Danny the Red, and Disney's Mickey Mouse Club and now institutionalized in today's sexual identity movement. Its goal was to indoctrinate children to crave indecency, as put by Britney Spears, "I'm a slave".

Moses Upside Down

The antinomian campaign to turn Moses's moral code upside-down was justified by Jacob Frank as follows: Violating the spiritual discipline of the Torah is the only way of saving it." In other words, without the blossoming of sinfulness and total secularization, there can be no possibility of spiritual salvation. Sexual defilement of the physical body is a precondition for the liberation of the soul, as well as means of making money and gaining social control over the enslaved.

The subjugation of humanity to a host of vices is then the duty of the loyal followers, according to the Shabbatean interpretation of the Zohar (the text of Judaic mysticism). Pedophilia is promoted as an edifying sport between souls resulting in the destruction of innocence and introduction to a fascination with evil, the violation at the heart of the Pizzagate pedophilia scandal that engulfed the Podesta-Obama regime.

Mystery of the Aleppo Codex

How could Scheherazade Goldsmith roll up to party with the Rothschilds at Wexner's Foxcote manor with her three children in tow along with her new Mexican boyfriend? Latins are usually told to enter through the servants' door and wash the dirty breakfast dishes pronto. Why were the gates flung open for him, a middle-class Sephardic Jew from Syria by way of Mexico City? Because his Syrian family was somehow involved in the vandalism against the Aleppo Codex, the world's earliest extant Bible, and the arson murder of banker Edmund Safra, a defender of Torah-based Judaism.

Anyone who recalls reading my analysis of the murder of Aaron Swartz, the hacker who challenged Nick Negroponte's child-porn operation at the MIT Media Lab, should recall some details about the banker Edmund Safra and the Aleppo Codex. The sudden appearance of the bounder Alfonso Cuaron as a companion of Zac Goldsmith's spouse raises again the unsolved arson that killed billionaire Safra in his Monaco mansion. The two murders years apart of Safra and Swartz are linked to the Illuminati role in the mysterious disappearance of the Genesis chapter from the Aleppo Codex, the oldest surviving copy of the Hebrew Bible. Make no mistake, the quiet battle between the diabolical Illuminati heresy and the mainstream Jewish tradition is a cosmic struggle over human destiny.

Prior to the creation of the State of Israel, the Syrian city of Aleppo was the center of biblical and Torah scholarship, which prized most of all the Codex, especially its most ancient chapter Genesis. In late 1949, the first president of Israel, Chaim Weisman who was a British Rothschild puppet, ordered the creation of a museum of Israel and demanded acquisition of the Codex. The Aleppo scholars unanimously refused to hand over the text to the Illuminati state, modern Israel being a secularist construction involved in Illuminati perversion of Judaic values and traditions.

Initially, the Syrian Jewish banker Safra refused to turn over the good book but was coerced under massive pressure, and so the Codex was sent to Tel Aviv but arrived with most of the pages of Genesis cut out and missing, these being of crucial importance to protecting the Illuminati myth of the general of the holy host of angels, Lucifer, appointed by God to bring order to the material universe against the obstructionist fanatic moralist, the Archangel Michael, the founder of religious ethics.

The battle of the Angels ended abruptly with deposed chief Lucifer plummeting through space into Hell, which unfortunately is a lot closer to Earth than to Heaven, and that indeed in ancient cosmology comprises a nether region of this planet. Lucifer on his throne in a fiery Hell is associated with the fire worship of primitive Zoroastrianism, the burning bush and tower of fire seen by Moses, Gibil the Babylonian god of light and fire, the ordeal by fire for the Prophet Daniel, the smoke-belching consumer of children Baal, and the burning of infants in sacrifices to Adrammelech of Babylon (a theme of human sacrifice that is repeated in the wrapping of the nanny's stillborn baby in "Roma"). Thus, in the savage cannibalistic traditions that culminate in Illuminism, Lucifer on his fiery throne is the true god of the Illuminati, and not the compassionate unseen deity YHVH of the Orthodox rabbis, including the Sadducees who included Jesus of Galilee.

In this light, the fires of Hell are not divine punishment for sinfulness but a positive purgative of worldly sin in rites of spiritual purification. The more sin one carries beyond death provides needed fuel for the bonfire. Sin is good and necessary for salvation, good news indeed for habitual violators. In the Illuminati mythology, humanity is subdivided into two groups: the children of Lucifer through Cain's bloodline versus the inferior stock of Adam, who was a crude doll of clay manufactured by the untalented Angel Michael based on his faulty memory of a distant God in Heaven.

The second woman Eve (after Lilith the sorceress) has her first sexual experience with the spirit in the Garden clad in luminous glittering armor, resembling the scales of a serpent, which was the fire-proof shielding worn by Lucifer so as not to toast to a crisp the mother of his precious Illuminati children. The inferior race to which you probably belong, founded by the weakling Abel, son of Eve and the clay man Adam, were destined for hard labor as slaves, being short-lived good-natured imbeciles who give away their paltry crops to their faraway deity that does nothing to help their hopeless plight.

This elevation of evil fluenced the Khazar tribe based in the Caspian region close to primitive fire-worshiping tribes and Jews of the Silk Road who had escaped Babylon; whereas the Sephardic Jews in the Semitic realm to the south upheld the moral teachings of the Torah. President Barack Obama's massive effort to protect the Yazidi sect members, who share the Khazar-Frankist idolization of Lucifer, exposes his own attachment to Satanism via a branch of the quasi-Sufi cult in Indonesia (which falsely claims Buddhist roots) known as Subud.

To clarify the difference in names based on function, Lucifer is the spiritual entity in its early existence most favored by God that commanded the host of angels but grew arrogant and rebellious, whereas in his new role as Satan he has become the overseer of human souls in Hell, his new army of minions. Unfortunately further clarification is denied us, following the theft and disappearance of the Genesis chapter of the Aleppo Codex, which is much richer in detail than our abridged Reader's Digest version for ignorant oafs and Christians.

Planet of the Apes

Having the same behavior tendencies of our relatives the monkeys, humans are incorrigible masturbators and rapists, a vice that enables Illuminati control over our sick minds. Abetted by the Supreme Court, the Frankist Jewish-dominated porn industry has aggressively promoted group sex, anal entry, oral sex with multiple participants, sadism and masochism, barely 18 fantasizing for less than 18, bondage, anonymous organ fondling through the wall, homosexuality, sexual aids, semen ingestion, coprophilia, and dozens of other unwholesome perversions pioneered by the Frankist movement, with the aim of replacing morality-based respect for others with self-degradation. Then there are the more esoteric types of gratification in pedophilia, necrophilia and snuff. Evil fantasizing accounts for countless Jewish predators and pimps like Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein and their followers, as well as the outrages committed by their understudies in Frankism George W, Clinton and the Obama-Podesta freaks. Morality may be as artificial as prison bars, but both are required to keep simian misbehavior and madness under strict control.

Kulturkampf (cultural war) against the prevalent Frankist-Jesuit heresy is essential toward reviving democratic norms, community-based social relations and national unity, which are all based on a personal code of decency and respect for others. It's time to get tough on the barbaric moral corrupters, hopefully with openly stated support for a clean-up from the spokespersons of genuine Judaism. The Rabbinical Council of America has so far failed the moral imperatives of the Bible and Torah, on all ethical, legal and philosophical grounds, once more evading their responsibility to impose a public "herem" (excommunication, similar to a fatwa) against heinous Jewish offenders of public morality, along with their supportive materialistic circle of Illuminati Jewish tycoons, for practicing a diabolical heresy "de non tolerandi Judaeis", intolerable to genuine Judaism. Satanism much be purged and punished.

Jeffrey Epstein's rather mundane sexual proclivities proved him to be a retard lacking the self-discipline necessary for unimaginably wicked sexual abuses. Falling short of becoming a cult master, Jeffrey's flaw was that he was a nice boy from Brooklyn with an eye for goyim girls, and therefore not up to the demanding role of evil genius. Better luck with your next unholy saint, Illuminati devil-worshipers! That is, before your time is up.