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The Dark Winter - First Leaked In 2001?

From An Online Listener


I sent you a similar email to this one last week with one exception.  Today, I saw a video produced by James Corbett where he had Derrick Broze as one of his guests. I visited Broze's website (The Conscious Resistance) where I found a video in which he had laid out everything I read in links I had sent you previously, regarding the P3 Bioterrorism Drill "Dark Winter."  

Here's Broze's video.

The Darkest Winter (2020) - The Conscious Resistance  https:// the-darkest-winter-2020/

Last night, I was listening to a rebroadcast of Art Bell on Coast To Coast radio from early 2002, when a concerned caller mentioned a P3 war game simulation held in 2001!  It was something I had forgotten about. More importantly, it may also be pertinent to something Biden said during the last presidential debate a few weeks ago. It was a phrase he coined; to the effect that we (Americans) are about to enter a ' DARK WINTER .'
My friends, I give you:  The Dark Winter Bioterrorism War Game Simulation Exercise of June 22-23, 2001 , a little more than two months prior to the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, in New York City. 

1.  Dark Winter: Bioterrorism Simulation Exercise, Simulations and Tabletop Exercises - Center for Strategic & International Studies/CSIS https://www. international-security- program/isp-archives/homeland- security-and-counterterrorism- progr-14

2.  Final Script - Dark Winter: Bioterrorism Exercise; Andrews Air Force Base, June 22-23, 2001 https://www. our-work/events-archive/2001_ dark-winter/Dark%20Winter% 20Script.pdf

3.  Dark Winter - Overview:  John Hophins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for Health Security https://www. our-work/events-archive/2001_ dark-winter/
4.  The Dark Winter Scenario And Bioterrorism; Senate Hearing 107-431 (PROVIDES LIST OF SENATORS AT HEARING) https://www. 107shrg79479/html/CHRG- 107shrg79479.htm
5.  Shining Light on "Dark Winter" - Oxford Academic, Clinical Infectious Diseases (PROVIDES AN INTERESTING LIST OF ATTENDEES AT PANDEMIC WAR GAME EXERCISE, BOTH ORGANIZATIONALLY AND INDIVIDUALLY) https:// 34/7/972/316999

6.   America's Pandemic War Games Don't End Well - Foreign Policy Online https:// coronavirus-pandemic-war- games-simulation-dark-winter/