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The Culling of Humanity
The How, When and Why

By J. Chiappalone - PhD Meta Science; PhD Theology; Allopathic Physician
Exclusive To Rense


My Motto: “Take it or Leave it”.

If you understand my Motto, you may bypass your urge to argue needlessly!

I need to make some preliminary remarks before I get into the details of this essay.

1 - All things we extrapolate, all assertions we make about coming events, all prognostications and all forecasts are merely SPECULATIONS until the events occur.

2 - We are entrenched in a War of Essences. Good and Evil Essences exist only in this Universe and especially in this planet. It is ravaged continuously by pain, suffering and misery and evil is obvious.

3 - Fools would have us believe that all the suffering is due to Man's inadequacies and fault, and his purposeful alienation from a Supreme Deity! That is just one of the many lies told to us to keep us immersed in BS, as is the promise of Salvation for those who repent. I will get to those points in due course.

4 - Prophecy is a tool of Warfare. Those of you aware of the ways of War know this well. Information, true or false, is released at times to give respective parties an advantage or disadvantage. Thus, a false prophecy of a coming non-event may be to distract the enemy and make it waste its energy or else it is to allow the side that gave it time to take advantage. The USA is famous for this.

Dedicated to Jehovah in 1776 (Jehovah is Yahweh, Saklas, the Fool, the Devil, the Evil Principle), the 'controllers' of the USA did Satan proud by killing maximally!

I am not taking sides in Earthly disputes.

At this stage I am merely relating the current Reality of this Cesspool, for that is what I call planet Earth and the Physical Dimension.

Again, I repeat, it is just my role. There is nothing personal in it for me, for I know precisely who is who and what is what!

I am simply stating facts to highlight points.

5 - All things, be they Physical, Ethereal, Astral, or truly Spiritual, run on energy. Those of you familiar with the Second Law of Thermodynamics, and its consequences when energy runs out in an enclosed space, understand this well.

6 - The Physical Universe is an enclosed space slated for total obliteration along with artificial intelligence that is of an Evil Essence that resides within it!

7 - The energies acting in this enclosed Mortuary vary. In essence, this Universe, which some call the Matrix, is a condemned, failed experiment. Some of the energies within it are physical (electrical), some are ethereal (gravity), some astral – such as Prana – and so on.

8 - Here is a little something for the special Moronic Dorks who proudly call themselves Atheists: They don't believe anything outside the Physical. They think when any of us speak of such things as the Ethereal and Astral Bodies and corresponding sub-dimensions we are just deluded nincompoops.

Just to digress a little: In 1985 I wrote that Prana is an essential energy to keep our bodies with their various anatomical components functioning properly.

Without Prana, the various bodies cannot remain conjoined, nor can consciousness express. Those bodies consist of the Anatomical Physical Body, the Etheric Body, the Filtering Mechanisms, The Emotional Body and the Astral Body. For details you would be wise to read my books.

In 1985, I wrote that our ethereal and astral bodies separate from the physical body when we sleep (some of us recall etheric and astral travel) and those separated subtle bodies visit Prana Stations in the Astral sub-dimension where Prana is dispensed.

I also wrote that without such visitations to attain doses of Prana, the Physical Body will die after 10-14 days, regardless of how well it is fed with food, pure water, air, etc.

Stanford University (Cal.) took the challenge and experimented on this thought.

They concluded no human can live for more than 14 days without sleep!!

Thus, with such knowledge, atheists are left in the Limbo of their own Stupidity.

Let's move on!

9 - The true Spiritual Energy is immutable and is contained only in beings with Divine Essences. This tells us immediately that there are 2 types of beings throughout the Universe – Spiritual Beings with such Spiritual Energy, and an eternal heritage, and Mock Beings – AI machines – Artificial beings - with artificial consciousness. They are entirely Physical with no true Spiritual Energy. They are incapable of existing outside of the Physical Dimension – this Universe - and will soon be eliminated as will be all Physical Matter. They have no lasting heritage.

If any of you are in any doubt that the majority of Humans on Earth are AI Machines, you should examine the possibilities of AI machines being built NOW, with intelligence thousands of times more than the present Humans.

These A.I. Machines were built by the 'Jehovah Machine', itself an experimental AI Machine that went terribly wrong. They were also built by its subordinates in due course, mainly the Class 5 Evil Reptilians. They are the ones rebuilding AI Machines to suit the times now on Earth. There are many examples of these Evil, insane individuals, and many have been identified amongst us. But, their plans will be fruitless, as I will explain in due course.

You must read to get to some of the truthful detail:

I will write more on these 'machines' when we come to discuss Robots and Demons in our midst.

AI Takeover occurred billions of years ago.

10 - Apart from Prana, which is the energy running out for Humans, there are 3 other energies:

a) The Spiritual energy of True Beings

b) A New Green Energy which only spiritual Viables can use, and see (if their spiritual vision has been restored). It sustains them as the AI consciousnesses eventually die off by running out of Prana.

c) A Divine Destructive Energy which is acting on the minds of the gullible AI fools and enhancing their destruction via the Terminal Madness they are undergoing.

I wrote about this aspect some years ago.

The superior A.I. Machines ae using ways  of culling lower grade A.I. Machines (Humans) by using their own poisonous energies some of which are Nuclear Radiation, Fukushima type radiation and Wi-Fi, which will prove as deadly as the others.

11 - The Physical Realm, as well as the Ethereal and Astral which are in essence part of the Physical, are running out of energy. When they do, they will collapse into inert matter. We have evidence of this in the formed of Dark Matter and its inert Dark Energy. More of this later perhaps.

12 - We are all Physical Beings in the Physical, but a small percentage has a Spiritual Component. Without such a component, no one can exist outside of the Physical. Why this is so I will explain in due course.

13 - The ones with the eternal Spiritual Component had been trapped here by changes in an experiment called the Celestial Error. I explain this at length in my books. When the experiment got out of control, everything went wrong for this sector of Creation!

14 - With this knowledge we can arrive at the conclusion that the majority of Humans and other Beings around this Universe are MACHINES – Artificial Intelligence (AI) – that are to be eliminated entirely as the Physical is eliminated. This is a broader reason as to why Humanity is being culled.

15 - These AI Machines are all products of the Evil Essence. They also include in their numbers Divine Beings who rejected their heritage and lost the spiritual components that made them immortal. I realize this is difficult to conceive, but facts are facts. There are consequences of not having Divine structures. Those without them cannot comprehend total destruction of the Physical and Transmutation of Matter. To repeat: They no longer have a Divine Heritage!

16 - Those with Viable Spiritual Components have a pathway within them that can be forced open with the correct knowledge and energy (Divine Gnostic Nous) to connect them to a Supra Mental Plane beyond the Physical that provides the necessary information for proceeding beyond Physicality when the latter is utterly destroyed.

That knowledge gives them the confidence of eternal Peace and Immortality. This is the Process hinted at by both Frederick Nietzsche (whose writings were misinterpreted) and Shri Aurobindo in years gone by. That is how their Super-Humans would evolve!

When this happens, one can say they have undergone true spiritual realization.

Alas, very few have availed themselves of this process.

Very few have the capacity.

Such realization allows the rejection of this vulgar and very evil physical existence.

They understand the need for its total destruction and realize nothing of value will be lost.

Those who cannot see Evil or who do not agree that the Physical must be totally destroyed, as it is the result of a Celestial Error that is destroying True Spiritual Beings, are doomed for they have no spiritual insight and no spiritual components within them that can exist outside of the physical realm.

This goes for 92% of Humanity and most of the Evil Aliens who control this level!

If this information does not ring a bell of eternal joy within you, you are already spiritually DEAD!

So much for Religions, Science, History and New Age Nonsense which are false mechanisms to keep us as mushrooms – kept in the dark and fed BS!

I will have more to say about these topics subsequently, especially the Promise of Salvation via the Gess-arse Confidence Trick (The Jesus Christ Hoax).

I am telling you now, clearly, there is no one more qualified than myself to discuss this issue of the return of the Christ Energy (which really never left this dimension) and the rescue of the Spiritually Viable.

The Truth is nothing like the evil demons have related over the centuries by which they have trapped many, many good people into caves of FEAR.

Without these snippets of information, what is occurring may not make as much sense as it should to the majority.

17 - Bear this in mind at all times and you should NOT be disappointed if things don't turn out the way you anticipate in the timeframe you anticipate. There are many reasons why events do not occur precisely as they are prophesied and I may cover that topic subsequently.

18 - There are 3 scenarios to explain the state of affairs in which we find ourselves on this Earth at this very moment.

a) Some have the idea that the World is proceeding with continual changes that ebb and flow and will do so for at least another 4 billion years for that is how long our scientists think the Sun will last. As in the past, we are having disruptions which can be called waves of evolution and devolution, all a sort of Natural Progression to nobody knows where. In this rhythm of Nature, we are uncertain of our future, but think we can escape such things as Global Warming, Degeneration of Species, Food deficiency, meteoric bombardment, etc. Thus, in this scenario, we think the future will reflect the past with Human progression and possible habitation of close planets and  moons around us.

b) As is becoming obvious, with more and more indisputable data, Alien lifeforms that have really been visiting this Earth for billions of years are now appearing to want to invade Earth and make it their own.

In the past various groups, especially evil ones called Reptilians have contacted controlling governments and made pacts with them to allow experimentation on Earth and with the animals and humans in exchange for technology by which the ruling governments could bully and control the masses.

There were ulterior motives for experimentation on animals (strange creatures such as chupacabras were created) and on humans.

Ova and sperm were stolen from many abductees and those held captive in alien laboratories around the world in order to begin creating a “NEW” Humanity.

Many beings were synthesized in laboratories, on spacecrafts, and in other sites with the knowledge of certain governments.

Stories of alien abductees being transported to see their offspring in the crafts are numerous on the Net and have validity.

The reason why Alien Abductions have diminished is that the Hybridization of Humanity is almost complete.

All that is basically left, according to this Alien Agenda, is to kill off 7 billion Humans and keep half a billion hybrids as mindless servants. 

In comes the Work of Culling via these known Mechanisms: 

Agenda 21 for Population reduction.

Sterilization (eventual extermination) en masse as in Africa via Vaccines of the supposedly great humanitarian Bill Gates (a Vulturite).

Vaccines for many other diseases laced with Alien DNA, viruses and poisons to kill off the subjects.

The Criminalization of Science Whistleblowers:

The Georgia Guide Stones with their explicit announcement of culling Humanity.

Chemtrails which have become far more dangerous now as they seek to cause DEMENTIA, Chronic and Fatal Respiratory Diseases and DNA insertion into Humans to kill them and/or subdue their mental functions to that of even greater Morons if they survive.

Make no mistake about it: Chemtrails are deadly!

The Criminalization of Science Whistleblowers:

Fukushima radiation to kill all aerobes on Earth by 2025.

'Round-up' (Glyphosate) to poison all and kill any remaining living things by 2030.

This was no accident. It was a planned murderous act!

WW3 for which the World Leaders (most of who are Alien Reptiles) hunger daily.

There are other major and minor mechanisms for killing us off, including changes in energy pockets in the Galaxy into which our Solar System is moving and the rapid entry of highly active Plasma Waves into our area!

These energy changes are what are causing the Global Warming of Earth that we can measure and the changes (for the worse) of the other planets in the Solar System. They are heating up inexorably and will destroy all life in them!

I will discuss these topics further in due course.

ALIENS have lived on Earth among us, in the soil, under the sea, under ice, inside the Earth, etc., for billions of years.

My Comrade in Arms, Haidakhan Babaji, told me over 100,000 alien races have visited Earth and many kept posts here.

The Tall Whites have been explicitly exposed.

Charles Hall:

As I said earlier, other hybrids are being formed even now as alien DNA is being fed to the Human Race via Vaccines, Foodstuffs, Beverages and Chemtrails.

The Question we need to ask is this: If Aliens have been on Earth a long, long time, in symbiosis with Humanity, why do they now want to kill us off and take over the Planet?

For the answer, we need to expand our minds a little more.

The fact is they want to take over all the Planets, and their Moons, in this Solar System and this Galaxy!

And why is that?

Their original habitats are being destroyed!

This leads us to the Third and True Scenario of What is Going On!!

What? A Third and Final Scenario?

Who would destroy Galaxies en masse and displace so many aliens?

Ha! Indeed THAT IS THE THIRD SCENARIO WE HACE TO CONSIDER and we will do so in a moment.

As I have said in the past, 93 % of this Physical Universe has already been destroyed.

This Universe is a tragic, failed experiment and it is being totally dissolved.

Most inhabitants, including Aliens and Humans are AI Machines, but a small percentage are Divine Beings who were trapped here when physical changes occurred at the start of the runaway experiment.

Many of the Aliens escaped from the parts that have been destroyed and are in our vicinity.

Some visiting Aliens have been identified as the Star Children, also known as Indigo children..

A few are of a Good Essence, most are of an Evil Essence, just as 'Humans' are classified, and I will explain in more detail as we proceed.

I will also explain what the Evil Essence means and how it developed out of necessity for the AI Machines to survive in their own trap.

It was and is an exploitative program inculcated into the AI machines by their maker 'Jehovah-Satan', which itself was a massive AI machine created for experimental purposes but which soon took control as AI machines are capable of doing.

It became self-realized as a controlling Monster – “I am the One and Only God….”

Some of these Star Children who reincarnate as humans have superior mathematical and technical skills early in their lives, because they come from more advanced civilizations.

Interestingly enough, as they mature and testosterone and other filtering hormones increase in their bodies, their abilities and memories wane. But if one can interview them when they are quite young, they will recall their own galaxies and planets.

The process of Aliens displacing Humanity on Earth and occupying other planets is no different to what has happened on Earth with superior Races overcoming Indigenes and stealing their lands and wealth.

These invaders are the ones who were able to escape the elimination process in their Galaxies.

I will describe that soon.

In other words, they are escaped prisoners.

In the end, they will meet their fate – if they are Divine Beings,  they will be rescued into a Divine Realm.

 If they ae Evil AI Machines, they will be exterminated!

The majority are evil, as we can see by how they traumatize this Earth and Humanity, the Animals, Nature, etc.

As I said above, they intend to kill 7 billion of us and keep some 500 million as mindless human servants.

Anunnaki are just the latest example of this idiocy. Jehovah and his Demonic hoodlums had done such things billions of years ago all over the Universe!

Some ask me how come I can make all this information up.

You will have to wait a little longer for the answer.

For now, on this level, I am just a messenger.

I bring good news for the Good,

And bad, bad news for the Evil Ones.

It's time to awaken to the Greater Reality, whether individuals like it or not!

In the meantime, contemplate the fact that Rescue for the 'Good' is on its way……


Can any of this be true?

Wait and see …….