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The Culling of Humanity
The How, When and Why

By J. Chiappalone -
PhD Meta Science; PhD Theology; Allopathic Physician
Exclusive To Rense

Please read Parts 1 and 2 as this is a continuation of what I wrote in those.

In Reality, this Physical Universe is a PRISON FOR TRUE BEINGS.

As I stated previously, Creation is massive and there are innumerable Universes, each representing Classrooms for education and evolution of Consciousness.

In this Physical Universe, artificiality (AI Machines) took over as the result of a run-away experiment and an Evil Essence was expressed,

Basically we can define Evil as tapering with another forcefully and without consent of the victim in order to drain the victim of its energy.

Nothing functions without energy.

Unfortunately for them, the AI Machines had no energy of their own to sustain them in this Universe that became enclosed from without by the Light so the evil essence could not escape and cause trouble to other universes, and from within, by the Machines who feared, rightfully so, that the Light Beings would, in due course, invade the Dimension and destroy the AI Machines and their Evil Programming.

Everything works on programming in this Universe.

It is Programming that gives us the realizations that make us think we are alive, aware, and independent somewhat of external circumstances, that we are individualistic, with Freewill and a right to live and continue in some spiritual way, be it fraudulent or real.

Alas, for ‘Artificiality’, the Programming to which it and its members are subjected is in error and that state cannot survive the Correction of the Error that is now occurring.

The Evil expressed by the majority of beings in our midst is also a programming for specific purposes, but those that use it freely cannot truly see it is painful, harmful and abusive to those not evil.

As a corollary of Evil, Truth has become distorted in everything it feeds us so that we have, in essence, remained as mushrooms, in the dark and fed BS.

The True ‘Light’ (as Holographic Projections into various Beings) has send us down vital Energy and knowledge to sustain those not evil until the End of this corrupted Cesspool.

I will explain that point further when I write about the Fraud that has developed around The Messenger and Destroyer – the True Jesus and his incarnations.

Thus, we have had, for a long, long time, the War of Light against Darkness (Evil).

There was never any chance that Evil could win the War.

It was only a matter of time before its total eradication and the total eradication of its ARTIFICIAL SOLDIERS (AI Machinery) that have cause us so much pain and misery.


If this information is beyond your comprehension for now, do not struggle with it and DO NOT JUDGE it while your outer, lower mind (a product of  Evil as I have explained in my books) is in a confused state.

Allow your thoughts to expand.

If you are meant to understand it, in time you will.

Those to be extinguished from ‘Life’ will make the realization of the True Reality as their ‘lights go out!”


Consciousness is a mechanism of programming and of reflection, upon itself and its environment, of electrical activity within an individual.

That explains why strong electric currents, high voltage, and many other forms of electrical and pseudo-electrical rays that exist are so detrimental to our physical wellbeing.

For the majority, Consciousness is totally artificial in this Universe, as we can see via the manufacturing of AI Machines (Robots) and ‘self-activated Monsters’ in this day and age that appear to be consciously aware. Some are said to be now, or soon will become millions if not billions of times smarter than Human.

Even for True Spiritual Beings, which for now make up only 8% of Humans left on the Planet Earth, Consciousness needs to be formed in each one by completing an electric circuit in the Centres of Consciousness before awareness can be obtained.

This process is in the Numinous Realms, and has been poorly replicated in the Physical Realm by those spawned by the Error. While the Spiritual Ones are eternal circuits, the Physical ones are temporary and subject to gross deterioration.

(Elsewhere I have explained how we are Genetic Material that produces electric circuits that spawn flesh, blood and bone.

Interference by electrical circuits can disturb us in small amounts or massive enough amounts to kill the physical body.

That is how radiation causes cancer. A classic example is now the Fukushima radiation that has been calculated by scientists to have the potential to kill all ‘living’ things on the planet by 2025.

The Aliens who have wanted to do the Culling of 7 billion Humans have done their homework. With use of electric currents, and Cell Tower Radiation, made to look necessary, these progressive enterprise are actually to kill us, as is Wi-Fi.

They disrupt the electrical control imposed by the Genetic Material  in an individual.

Without such control, the cells of flesh, blood and bones become erratic – such erratic tissue is called CANCER – which invades other areas of the body and kills.

As a side note, it is not a great folly to use radiation to try and kill the cancer that was caused by radiation? Where is the logic in that? Who said Allopathic Medicine is logical?


In Part 2, I gave a brief explanation of how Humans Bodies were physically created by addition of Genetic Material to pre-existing lower classes of Animals.

Humans (and their Masters) are conducting similar experiments now.

I had also referred to this in Part 2:

8 Monsters Created By Genetic Modification

You may question how AI Machines could create Flesh and Blood machines to serve them?

For example, the Anunnaki are said to have created this version of Morons in order to help them dig for gold in Africa.

Ancient Annunaki Gold Mines and Stone Circles in South Africa

The Anunnaki, which in the main were highly intelligent and far more advance AI Machines, created Humans AI Machines exactly as very clever ‘Human’ AI Machines are creating AI Machines today!


There are 7 classes of Consciousness in this Universe.

Each class has 7 subclasses.

In Humanity there are basically 4 groups that are ontologically distinguishable by those with True Spiritual Vision.

This is the vision that was promised to some of us in the Endtime so that we would know ‘who is who’.

(Yes, I have this vision. And I know precisely who is who. I have had it since the birth of this body and in my previous incarnations on Earth. Not all my incarnations into this Physical Dimension have been on Earth!

 However in the course of the years in this life, my spiritual vision waxed and waned in accordance to false indoctrination via Medicine, Religion, Science, History, etc.

After my 1983 visit to Babaji, my spiritual vision expanded enormously, mainly because it was my time to take over ‘the work’ from Babaji, for his part in the Physical was all but finished. I may expand on this topic at a later stage.

  Nonetheless, once I contacted the Supra Mental Plane in 1984 and beyond, I had, for a few months, an extra-ordinary mental battle to accept the Higher Truths that were being send to me from Higher Dimensions. My mind was so indoctrinated by falsehood that I often threw away my notes thinking I was writing rubbish.

It did not take me long to see that it was programming rubbish from schooling and religion that had, in fact, clogged my physical mind and I had to put aside all the ‘knowledge’ with which I was indoctrinated in school, at Church, in Medical School, etc., to grasp the true meanings of existence.

As I did that my true spiritual vision flourished once again.

If you think that this mental conflict between false programming that keeps us IGNORANT, and the Truth is unusual, think of the number of times common folk see a UFO. What do they usually say?

“Gees, I sees it, butts I canna believes it!!”

BS on this Earth is never-ending

That is because we are ridiculed, or were in former years, when we wanted to believe in Life beyond Humanity!

On this topic of Truth and Falsehood, I therefore give as much referral matter via videos etc., that I can in these essays to prove my points of assertion.

When I wrote on my website that I had been on a Spacecraft and given much data, the Medical Board of Queensland found out.

Their diagnosis? I was insane. I lost my license to practice Medicine.

Do you see what fools these AI Machines that control us are?

They do NOT want any truth exposed.

Too late!

I’m here and I am doing just that, for that is my role.

After this exposure of Truth comes the destruction, the second part of my work!!

(I want to make it very clear that any of us used by the Higher Powers are just Physical Instruments on this level. We are not the Higher Knowledge or Power. We are transmission objects doing work for the Higher Energy.

There is a reward for those who do this of course.

I will explain in detail in due course.

In the meantime, do not confuse the Physical Aspect of any being with the Divine Aspect that may use him or her.

While it is true that True Divine Beings have Class 4 Divine Centres of Consciousness, they belong to Class 4, whereas the visiting Holographic Energies that use them may originate form the Highest Classes – 11, 12, and 13.

As I just wrote, I may expand on this later.


Below, I will describe the four groups of beings left in this doomed Physical Creation.

Fates are sealed.

Many think that by saying a few words like “Gee-arse Key-riced, I love you!” they will be saved.

Look, listen and learn! That is how the very arrogance and extremely ignorant tele-evangelists pronounce the name. Do I need to tell you most of them are demons?

It does not work that way. Read on.

The Universe is being totally destroyed for reasons I outlined earlier.

Inhabitants in all the 6 levels of consciousness trapped within this Universe (the Universal Consciousness is the 7th) that has gone terribly, terribly wrong are either spiritual VIABLE on NON-VIABLE.

What that means is that they can either live outside of the Physical which is being destroyed totally, or they can’t because of their Ontology (nature) and make-up.

The MAJORITY of what we call ‘beings’, be they Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human, Alien, etc. are AI Machines – flesh and blood certainly, with Etheric and Astral Bodies, but they are still Artificial and finite.

A minority are beings with special Centres of Consciousness made from the TRUE Spiritual Energy. They, unless they have sold out to Evil, are to be salvaged.

But, let me start slowly:

Consciousness exists in 7 classes in this Universe.

I mentioned these previously

1                    Mineral

2                    Vegetable

3                    Animal

4                    Human

5                    Angelic

6                    Galactic and

7                    Universal.

Each class has seven sublevels of consciousness.

I recall that when I visited Haidakhan Babaji in the Kumaon Hills at the root of the Himalayas in 1983, before I was spiritually awake, he asked me to go for a walk with him along the riverbed.

He said “As yet your vision is clouded because of all the false indoctrination and religious and medical nonsense you have been forced to accumulate in your lower mind, and thus you do not see that many spirits (souls) within those rocks along the shores are of Humans who have lost much energy. Others are spirits (souls) of Class 3 (Animals), of Class 4 (Vegetation) and also, of course, of the Mineral Kingdom (Class 1).

“What are they doing here?” I asked.

“They are patiently awaiting Liberation and want to be near me!”

Having been told who He was, I was in no doubt about what he said to me.


Attaining True Spiritual Vision.

Many inhabitants of Earth will gain a broader range of vision so they will know who is who.

That has been promised to us for the Endtime.

More and more are gaining this broader vision daily!

Those who have it can see who is a Being of Light, who is a Robot (Good or Evil) and who is a Demonic AI Machine, whether of this level or levels above us (Reptilian Demons) or below us (base, mutated Demons))

By inhabitants of the Universe, I mean all Consciousnesses with and without a Physical Body.

Many beings are in Astral and Etheric Dimensions of which we are becoming more and more aware as the separating walls are breaking down.

The breakdown of Inter-dimensional barriers, as I predicted in the 1980s is occurring!

Top 13 Scariest Ghostly Videos And Recordings

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It is a fact that more and more people are seeing non-physical demonic entities and also Etheric beings from the Etheric plane.

These dimensions sustain a faster or slower vibrational rate which we Humans cannot see.

Animals can see them! Animals, especially our domesticated ones, can see ethereal beings better than we can.

It is simply a case of them having a broader light spectrum than Humans have.

As this is the Endtime, some Humans are developing extended vision that will allow them to see Etheric and Astral beings as well as demonic ones.

Etheric Beings in the Etheric Level are not really like us. They are electric grids. Although they are conscious, they have a limited existence span of some 20 to 1000 years).

They are the Etheric Bodies of people who have physically died.

In time, these etheric circuits dissipate.

They do not need things such as food, water, rest, sleep as Physical Beings do.

Astral Beings in the Astral Dimensions are also just the vibrational body called the Astral Body that drives the Physical Form.

Once the Physical dies, the Astral moves into the Astral Dimension until it re-incarnates.

(The occurrence of Re-incarnation was removed from the Biblical texts in the 4th Century at the Council of Nicaea because the demonic jerks that wanted complete control of the Morons realized they would not be able to control them as well if the Morons knew they re-incarnated and had more chances to improve themselves.

Reincarnation in the Bible

Was Reincarnation Deleted From The Bible?

The Councils of Nicaea were hatchet jobs on Truth, and the viable texts of the time were sabotaged into the present day nonsense in order to convert the Morons and the unawakened True Beings into less aware mushrooms and for the Evil-driven Church to take full control as despots do.

The centuries that followed and the murderous disharmony the Church caused prove these points clearly!

BTW, Re-incarnation exists in no other Universe.

Why does it exist in this one?

It is a ploy to wipe the mind clean when the temporary physical body dies so knowledge cannot accumulate.

I repeat, it is only in this Physical Universe that we have disposable Physical Bodies.

There are also Filtering Mechanisms in physical bodies to prevent recall.

These can be bypassed somewhat spontaneously and also with Hypnotic Regression.

Re-incarnation is an Evil mechanism to keep us trapped in ignorance and futility.

Not knowing who we were and what we did in past lives allows our worst enemies to be very close to us again in future lives to extract energy from us.

On occasion, one senses that whomever they meet is either of value to them or quite vile. It is the ‘sense’ and ‘awareness’, all be it very vague at times, arising from the slight recall of past lives.

Now as we awaken more fully, we shall know who is who.

But, it matters naught for all memory of the Physical will be wiped from our minds completely once the Physical is totally destroyed.

And we will not recall all the pain, suffering and misery we had undergone, nor the despicable existence of demons and their Evil!

That is an irrefutable promise made to us.

The Astral Body, which we all have and which we use in the Astral World when we die and when we visit that World during sleep each night to acquire our dose of Prana, is long-lasting.

It is aware, but no more than when it was in the Physical. It too has the Emotional Body still attached and can communicate with the Physical via Psychics.

The differentiation of these various artificial bodies – the Emotional, the Etheric, and the Astral, is a matter of the vibrational frequency within the bodies of each individual.

The Spiritual Body, which only 8% of Humans have, is the True Spiritual component. Those with such a spiritual body are the true spiritual beings.

The others are MOCK BEINGS – AI Machines, created by the Error. Some are salvageable as I will explain shortly!

As we acquire True Spiritual Vision, for it is the Endtime, some of us are going to know eventually who is who before the End.

Some of us can also sense the frequency of beings and from there can tell whether their energy is pure or evil!

It is merely a case of optical physics, and true spiritual awareness!

Remember, Animals retained their Etheric Vision from inception, and they know who is ‘Good’ and who is “Evil’.

If you want to know the ontology of your family, friends or visitors, watch the reaction to them of your dog or cat. If you are astute enough, you will decipher what they, the pets, are telling you about the individual, any individual. They cannot be fooled like we can be in the Physical. Evil Beings can put on a false aura to disguise themselves and appear Good when in fact they are Demonic!

Your pet will soon diagnose the situation exactly.

Good reason to have pets, hey?

(Just by the way, many humans who lose spiritual energy and cannot support a physical human body often re-incarnate into an animal body to continue their lives. Most often relatives will incarnate into pets around us, just for that reason – to be around us!

They also re-incarnate into horses, cows, sheep, pigs, etc., etc.

That is the reason we were told from the very beginning not to kill animals, and especially not to eat them.

It was the Evil AI Machines that told Humans, erroneously but very much on purpose, that we, ignorant, idiotic Humans, have dominion over all creatures and that it was these Insane AI Machines that began Human sacrifice to the ‘gods” and also Cannibalism, as well as eating our brethren in animal bodies.

  These bodies we have now were created with an extremely narrow spectrum so we could not become too knowledgeable and wise. 

Do not be confused with Endtime rhetoric and baloney


Many dimensions were created with differing vibrational rates (higher and lower) within  the Physical Dimension. Lower Dimensions accommodate beings with lower vibrations – they are HELLISH STATES!

These are the states, some of which are illusional, described by beings who visit “Hell”!

Don’t fall for this Baloney

Satan Speaks Out - Devils Message To Man




Where did we come from?

What is our FATE?

The majority of beings on the [planet and around all the remaining Physical Universe are, in fact, Artificial Intelligence (Machines) with programming that is limited to what is infused into them by the greater (but not divine) circuitry.

This goes for all levels of consciousness, including Minerals, Vegetation, Animals, Humans, the Angelic Class, and the Galactic Class of Consciousness, and the uppermost in the Physical – the Universal Class of Consciousness.

I have to admit that it is difficult for those without the Greater Knowledge to understand these concepts.

Always bear scepticism in mind, and do not become entrapped in any one belief as being absolutely true while using the lower mind which is programmed absolutely by an artificial Evil Essence and its ignorance, fraud and stupidity.

What we may take as pearls of wisdom in the moonlight, may be just snowflakes that disappear with the Morning Sun.

As the Endtime Period in which we are now in progresses, we see this in the inaccuracies and inadequacies of History, Religion, Science and Human-made Philosophy and the many disparaging ‘Truths’ we are forced to swallow, depending on where we live, where we were raised and by whom!

Our desires for Justice and Peace drive us to believe many erroneous things.

So-called Justice is governed by the most evil of minds on this level, so much so that those in the know realize the Justice System is one of Injustice, Prejudice and Abuse.

The controllers cannot afford to be Just.

Evil is not Just.

Those in charge follow the dictates of Evil.

This entire Universe is run by Evil, with Evil, for Evil, much to the detriment of those who are NOT evil.

Our Pain, Suffering and Misery have been never-ending, and that is why a total destruction of this Physical Universe is a necessity.

As I have said often, 97% has already been destroyed.

It is nothing but a CANCER on the face of Creation!

Those chosen to rule must obey their “Evil Masters’ (Class 5 Reptilians in case of Earth) at all times.

We see this clearly in the case of American Presidents.

They are told what to think and say and write.

If they deviate from what their ‘masters’ dictate, they are eliminated as was JFK (murdered by the top brass with a patsy (Oswald) in the picture, and Nixon (framed as a crook by Kissinger and Co. There were others before them of course, and many others who were not Presidents, but made redundant for not following Evil’s orders.

And it is because we, Humans, are ruled by Evil Reptiles (Class 5), that we, as the slaves, Morons, Goyim, lose every round and are kept as ignorant mushrooms soaked in BS.

I can give no better example than the decisions of most courts and especially that of the Supreme Court of the USA which is not free at all times to make equitable decisions.

It is manipulated to make vile, even murderous decisions that suit the Demons that control us on this level but never True Justice.


10 Racist U.S. Supreme Court Rulings


13 Worst Supreme Court Decisions of All Time


How Corrupt Is America's Judicial System?


A bad Supreme Court decision on political corruption casts a long shadow


I am not singling out just the USA, for corruptions in other nations are legendary.

But it is easiest to see in the USA and what it has done since the Second World War when it has bombed many, many countries with no overt reasons, and killed millions with its drones and bombs.

Why? Why? Why?

It is a method of extracting energy to run the Evil empire, that is why!

US/Bombing campaigns since 1945

How Just and ‘God-like’ is that behaviour?

Is it not Demonic?

Can you not see these murderous ‘bastards’ are AI Demons serving Jehovah who is also called Satan, Yahweh? “It” was the major AI Machine in this area of the Universe.

I rightfully call them ‘bastards’, for that is what they are – illegitimate creations that will be totally destroyed in due course.

“It” has been dismantled and that is the reason for the entire collapse of the Evil Ways in this neck of the woods.

There were others, similar to Jehovah, ruling other parts of the Universe that have since been demolished as this part will be.

You may need a little more evidence?


A step in the right direction:


Up To 50 Books Were Left Out Of The Bible, Here's Why


I will expand on this later when we examine the Jesus Fraud!

These are all details explaining why not just Humanity, but the entire Physical Dimension must be terminated!

I repeat, the Jehovah (Artificial Consciousness – the Primary Evil Principle in this area) was the most powerful AI Machine built experimentally (which, in due course, became the major force of the out-of-control Error) and which, in turn, built many, many AI Demons to serve its purposes.

Purposeful mistranslation of texts by Zionists and others under the influence of Evil (AI Demonic entities) made ‘It’ the (Evil) ‘god’ of Earth (and this Galaxy) to serve their purposes.

They were placed in charge of others (the Goyim, the Cannon Fodder, the Cattle) to maximally exploit their energy for neither Jehovah nor the AI Demons had any of their own to continue their existence.

And this lack of energy is one of the basic reasons for their demise in this, the Final Generation!


The History of this World is filled with unending violence, abuse, hate, rape, theft, and unending exploitation of those who would seek Peace and Harmony.

Would a Divine Mind create such disorder?

Could Humans alone be blamed for this infamy?

Until recently, ‘Humans’ were idiotic animals grazing on all four limbs as I pointed out earlier.

Evil Programming, Pollution of all sorts and Indoctrination, created by AI Machines, control Humanity, The Animal Kingdom, the Vegetable Kingdom and the Mineral level.

Do not think for one moment such Machines are incapable of this powerful, destructive programming, pollution and indoctrination.

The Physical Universe was built for that purpose – Evil exploitation of Divine Beings who had Divine energy within them -, and what remains of this Physicality is based on rottenness and must be eradicated.

It is being eradicated.

My Higher Being stated 2035 is definitely the outer limit for ‘Termination of the Physical’.

I have listed the Mechanisms of Termination elsewhere.

The End of what remains of the Physical Universe will come sooner if it can be arranged!

And yet, the Morons see the changes and have no idea really what is going on!

I sense 2022-2025 may be the Time of the End!

Thus, being the result of a fatalistic Error, this Physical Universe will be eradicated!

We can see aspects of its eradication NOW!

Earth Changes Accelerate: What Is Causing These Record Heatwaves, Massive “Firenadoes”, Giant Dust Storms And Large Earthquakes?

And I will give details of what will happen to the Demonic entities that have caused us so much woe in due course!

Evil has overt reasons for telling the world it is the number one bully, and to make the suppliers of bombs as rich as possible. That is why they co-operate.

Do you recall I stated Evil Beings thrive on Money, Sex and Power?

The nefarious reasons for Evil’s actions are to cause as much pain, suffering and misery, so energy can be collected from those who have it (the True Spiritual Beings) and the Dark Side sustains itself in this battle of Essences with the energy it steals.

Those of you who have read my books know that the War of Good vs Evil is all about energy, and that Evil is running out of energy.

Evil is desperately trying to gain as much energy as possible from the Morons (who have none really) and the Viable Beings created by the True Light - the 8% of the population that I have identified remaining on Earth and are viable.

This explains the explosive occurrence of pornography – with each sexual expression, energy is lost and evil energy can be gained, depending on the partner and the activity!

It also explains the never-ending pain, suffering and misery imposed on all of us by the USA and its allies (in Evil) with their drones and bombs, pollution and indoctrinations.

These mechanisms are for no other reason than to make people suffer everywhere on the planet and release energy to the Vile, Evil System which is suffocating to death, as we, with True Vision, can see clearly!

Now you may understand why so many people everywhere are being poisoned by adulterated meat, GMO products, poisoned foodstuffs, drugs, vaccines, etc.

These artificial agents are to make people ill. It is said 50% of the Western Population is crippled by inflammation (due to horribly contaminated Foods, Vaccines, Chemtrails, Fukushima Radiation, etc., etc. )

Being chronically ill gives mental stress, and the dying process, apart from eventually Culling the Population, causes the release of energy, from the victims who have it, to the Evil System so it can continue its existence.

With such actions, the Evil Masters appear to be very clever. Is that not so?

As I said previously, and wrote in an essay called ‘Phase of the Shells’ (which you can find on the Rense site) some one billion Viables were removed from Earth in November 1999.

I have explained these methods of acquiring energy in detail elsewhere.

The fact that Viables are being supplied with an energy that Evil cannot use (the New Green Energy) means Evil is starving at a very fast rate and that is why everything is disintegrating in its Empire.

It is the End, whether you want to believe it or not.

Lack of energy is the reason for Terminal Madness which we also see everywhere and which I predicted in the 1990s. Tat essay you will also find on the Rense site!

Lack of energy is the reason for the explosion of pornography, violence, criminality and demonism.

“Fortunate is he whose mind has the power to probe the causes of things and trample underfoot all terrors and inexorable fate.” ― Virgil

Thus, you see, anarchy, abuse and terror are mechanisms to extract energy from those who have it!

But, it will be to no avail.

Without energy, Evil will collapse, as we see it is doing.

Thus, it is the End.





All will regain the psychic vision we were promised in the Endtime,


There are 4 types of beings in human form


1.      Viable people of Goodness 8% - THEY HAVE TRUE Divine Energy in their 7 Centres of Consciousness.




2.      Demonic Entities - They now make up 40% of the Human Population.


They are easily recognized by those with restored spiritual vision., There is no mistaking them.

They react with internal fear on meeting True Beings, but externally they may show unreasonable anger as they hasten to get away from the True Beings.


3.      AI Robots – make up the remaining 52 percent of the Human Population.


32% of the population are failed AI Machines – they will be destroyed along with the Demonic Entities.


4     20% of the population are AI Robots who were built neutral and remained neutral inspite of the programming to which they were subjected. They have been able to reject that Evil Programming and chosen to seek Goodness and Light. They will be saved.

It was not through Freewill as such but more to do with time, Location, and close relationships with Viables, etc.


Thus, in toto, 28 % of the present population of Earth will continue in one form of other.


        The 8% True Beings will proceed into the Angelic Class 5 in a new Universe



        The salvageable 20% of AI Machines will go into a World similar to this one (but not physical) until they assimilate fully into a spiritual paradigm.

While suffering is inevitable, the aware Viables rejoice in the anarchy and fragmentation we are witnessing on Earth for they know what it truly means – Liberation from the Evil Empire and from this exploitative Cesspool that had entrapped us for a long, long time.


I will conclude this essay by considering a few questions that may arise.

Some think that Good and Evil may be inseparable Twins.

Thus it is that we suffer the Fate of both.

But that view is not correct.

Evil is an artificial aberration!!

To us of True Vision, Evil is nonsensical.

Why would ‘God” create us and then allow such abuse of us as Evil dishes out?

Why would ‘He’ create Evil in the first place?

I have given you the answers. Evil was one big calculated gamble from an Error.

But, is there a Greater Reality?

Our simple human minds wonder why, if Evil was truly Evil and so destructive, it would take so long to deal with it, and to liberate us from the immense burden it imposes on us all.

The answer cannot be simply.

Yes, our role is to wonder, and then physical die, thinking all the while “WHY, WHY”!

Time is not a notion we fully understand.

While it may appear this Universe has been struggling for millions and billions of years in our Time, in another paradigm, it may be a case of a few days, or hours that have transgressed.

To make it even harder, the Concept of NO TIME is impossible for us to comprehend.

So, all we can conclude is that such notions are beyond our understanding.

But, there is more, much more.

Bear this in mind when you read my words, your human mind may tell you they may be as transient and illusionary as the snowflakes that disappear with the heat.

Having said that, again I remind you that you have to consider that there are 3 groups which ponder these words.

1          Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robots some of which will be salvaged

2          AI Demons – to be totally destroyed.


3          True, Immutable, Eternal, Divine Viables

In which group do you belong?

How does your heart react reading these words?

Look at that reaction, for that is your answer.


How do I know the percentages I quote?

Could they be a guess?

Could they be accurate?

Where do Shiva, Zoroaster, Buddha, Manichaeus, and King Arthur of Camelot who promised to come back and take the righteous to Annwn – the Divine Realm fit into all this?

Where do Muhammed and Jesus fit into all this?

Is not the World, especially the Western World, awaiting the return of Jesus Christ?

Is it a Myth?

Is it a Fraud?

Is the story a Fairytale?

Would we truly recognize Jesus if he really, really did come back?

What does ‘Christ’ mean?

I will discuss these questions in due course.

To be continued...