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The Culling of Humanity
The How, When and Why

By J. Chiappalone -
PhD Meta Science; PhD Theology; Allopathic Physician
Exclusive To Rense

Bear in mind that, as I have stated many times, on this level of supposed ‘authentic’ Philosophy, Metaphysis and ‘godly’ Prophecy, our observations, thoughts and conclusions are merely creations of the Human Mind in Speculative Mode, via programming within and outside of us. Only when things happen can we confirm what the Truth was to be.

We may be fed information by our “Higher Selves” from ‘Higher Realms’ (meaningless terms to the Morons) but we can still make mistakes by misinterpreting information, by misunderstanding it, and by purposely distorting it to suit the programming from History, Science and Religion that exists in our lower minds.

As well as that, we are subjected most severely to Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination as I have explained in detail in my books! And this occurs every moment of our existence in this Physical Universe, whether we are in the Physical realm, the Etheric or in the Astral Dimension!

Take for example the concepts of ‘God’ and ‘Heaven’. They will very according to which Religion you ask for an opinion.

They will vary according to which programming one is subjected to after death (as we see in idiot Near Death Experience Videos) and related when consciousness for this level is re-established.

Here is an example of such idiocy:



People regurgitate what was taught to them as children with no idea of the veracity and with no way of proving what is correct and what is not!

That is the problem we face when we attempt to become spiritually realized on this fraudulent level.

Why do I call it that?

You will know as you read on.

We are living in a temporary Physical Illusion of 3 main vibrational levels and 7 sub-levels that are run by Evil for Evil (Satan, Jehovah, Yaldabaoth, Yahweh, Saklas the Fool, and the vindictive Lords of karma!)

It was doomed from the start and as I have mentioned many times before, it is almost at a complete end! 97% of the Physical Universe is dead, killed by mechanisms of the Light.

The Truth is so different to what we may think that it is virtually unrecognizable (to the Morons, especially) when it is exposed.

Thus it is that as I wrote my books beginning in the early 1980s, and as I gave my interviews and lectures, idiots in regulatory Medical Bodies thought I was insane.

Truth is not, and cannot be recognized by FOOLS.

You know the story of backward natives describing an airplane as a huge silver bird.

They were much closer to the truth than the so called ‘experts’ in recognizing the veracity of what I had and have to offer.

But there is a good reason for that and an immutable result as I will demonstrate in due course.

Their Ignorance and inability to see Light dooms them forevermore.

I will expand on this point below.

Time has proven, and it is obvious to those spiritually realized, that those with no inner vision are, in fact, insane, stupid ignoramuses whose destruction I, and the True Spiritual Beings, will witness on the next Truly Divine level as we pass this period of the Physical Endtime.

There is no way we can be certain of anything on this level unless we have a bridge of the Supra Mental Knowledge that connects us to a Plane of Higher Intelligence and Truth!

Absolute Truth is unknowable to the Lower Mind as you may well have guessed by now.

The Lower Mind is a product of the electrical circuitry within our Genetic Material that makes us what we are as Physical Beings, and a product of the Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination that bombard us every second of our Physical Existence.

How many of you know that there is a Mind Pool of Thoughts that circulates the Earth (and all other celestial structures for that matter) which bombards minds as its Evil makers wish?

The circuitry that makes us what we are (and gives as volition and consciousness) is contained in the helixes that exist in all ‘living’ things, and they are made up of the Nucleic acids, DNA, Genes, Chromosomes, etc.

We have innumerable particles that serve this function in each of us. And the ‘nonsense genes’, so-called, are those of viruses, bacteria, amoebas, fungi, lower life forms etc., that predated our own evolution into Homo Sapiens.

I cannot go into great detail in this short essay, but it is enough for now to say that Ancient Texts have described how our human chromosomes came to be fitted into animal bodies to produce us as we are today.

There is no ‘Missing Link”. These bodies were purposely created, as were all other species by experimentation and sudden cloning, or modified replication by our predecessors.

The same thing is happening today whether you want to believe it or not.

Shocking totally shocking !!! (8) they're creating humans called synthetics.
Thus, it is very true that experiments are ongoing even today with addition of genetic material to experimental clones to make us what some idiots want us to be tomorrow.

The Illuminati's Secret Celebrity Murder And Cloning Centres, Explained

But ‘they’ are fiddling with the Physical Aspect, not the Spiritual Aspect.

“Where is ‘God’ in all this”? You may well ask.

It is a lot more complicated, as I will explain in Part 3.


Someone had to create the PHYSICAL ANIMAL BODIES that we were then.

The Divine Consciousnesses were trapped in those bodies!

Then Aliens called the Anunnaki are said, according to records, to have added another Chromosome to make HUMANS from living animal carcasses!

The Bible is in error about Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, etc.

Today’s Biblical texts are, in the main, contorted BS mixed with half-truths and lies in order to fool the Ignoramuses. And indeed what results is Idiocy and Stupidity of those who swallow what is written.

Contrasting what is the Standard Version with other writings such as the Books of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library gives clear proof of the treachery that has occurred.

Please heed my warning.

These texts have been ‘changed’ and/or mistranslated to suit the ‘evil, lying bastards’ since their discoveries in the 1940s. Many have been locked away so the public cannot read them. Why do you think that is?

Is it not obvious they do not want us to know the truth that would expose the fraud of Evil-run Religions that are traps to the true mind and spirit?

I noted this for I had read extracts of the pristine versions that were available in the 1980s and many illogical changes have been made since then to dilute the Truths they contained. So use your discretion when you read them.

You will find details in particular in my book titled “Death of an Evil God”.

I shall also write more on this when I examine the Gess-arse (Jesus) Fraud being sold, very successfully I must add, to the nincompoops.

Many good people, as I will explain have also been taken in by religious, philosophical and historical frauds.

Of course, mistranslation – very much on purpose – and as we of Truth would expect - led to a gruesome Fairy Tale of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and to Superior, Evil, vindictive, murderous Races, to the Jehovah Monopoly (on earth) and so on.

All this is utter BS as presented today but it suited the ones who purposely mistranslated the story of Human Origins.

As I wrote above, these bodies came into production from inserting an extra Chromosome into animal bodies.

Where did the Animal bodies come from?

Where did the Chromosomes come from?

Where did Physicality come from?

Where did Evil come from?

Why is Evil rewarded in this Physical Dimension?

Why does Evil appear never-ending?

Who really profits from Evil?

These are questions we must answer to gain a fuller understanding of who we are and why the majority of Humanity is going to be totally destroyed, and the Physical Universe is to be totally destroyed!

Those not to be destroyed are the ‘Beings of Light’ trapped in this decaying Cesspool.

The consciousness within such Physical structures (including Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Vegetation, Animals, Humans, Planets, Galaxies, and Universes, can be, and is, something else entirely and I will write about that in due course, for we need to know what is spiritually salvageable and what is not.

The consciousness of any expressive entity can be truly spiritual and eternal, or artificial and temporary. The latter can be programmed to be neutral or malignant! And it is from the malignant ones that all our woes developed.

Thus, in essence we have 2 creations mixed together in this Universe which is itself a temporary construct.

There is a Mock Creation made up of AI Machinery


Part of the True Divine Creation – a part which was trapped in this Universe which itself was part of a failed experiment as were those particles of the Mock (False) Creation!

I understand that this makes little sense to our Physical Minds. However, as was explained to me by Higher Consciousnesses, we are in a doomed, temporary, artificial creation and there are countless numbers of Universes, all experiments for Consciousness to progress to higher planes.

These other Universes do not have the Evil Essence.

This is an artificial development in this Universe, as I will explain.

This one has failed miserably with dire consequences as we can see from the EVIL we are subjected to.

And yet, some gain from the Evil. I will explain below.

The Physical Bodies matter naught. They are a projection of the Genetic Material within them which itself is composed of massive circuits of electrical components vibrating at THREE main frequencies IN THE MAJORITY of AI Consciousness, and FOUR in the True Beings.

I will eventually get to that topic.

Evolution is progressive and more advanced ‘races’ clone new races for whatever the reason.

This is happening even now on Earth.

How and why the Higher Spiritual Frequency was reduced to produce courser matter such as our DNA and Genetic Material is an enigma to us on this level.

As I wrote above, Consciousness is a reflection of the electrical activity of the Genetic Material once a circuit is made, and this we see in the AI machines Humanity is creating today.

Genetic Manipulation is an ongoing experiment, much to the detriment of the subjects.

It could not be clearer than in this next extract:

I am using these videos and extracts to point out that Reality is not as simple as our ignorant scientists and ‘priests’ try to make out.

Bill Gates admits vaccines are used for depopulation.
We will encounter Gates again and again!

We have been misinformed all along the way regarding our Physical Creation and progressive evolution.
This Universe and Physicality is all a horrible mistake that has taken place and that is why it is doomed for total destruction.
It has nothing to do with this ridiculous Mantra :
“God created Earth, He created Everything!”
Would that ‘everything’ not include EVIL?”
Whether you believe me or not, at this stage, you need to know that 97% of this Physical Universe (the Error) has been totally destroyed, as have been most of the Physical Inmates. Some of those living in destroyed areas have escaped into this Galaxy and Solar System as I wrote previously.
A similar story can be that of Humans attempting to escape this dying Earth and going to Mars and other planets and moons to colonize.
Alas, it is a futile exercise as all is to be demolished!
The Eternal Spiritual Units, created by the Divine Consciousness (that which many call ‘God’) will be saved, of course, and I will explain in detail in Part 3 the process of Rescue of the Viable and the termination of the artificial consciousnesses and all physical manifestation..
What Happened in Eden? Alternative Translation Tells a Very Different Story to what we have been told as students of the FRAUD!

These stories pertain to the Physical Production of Man and other Species.

Before that, Divine Beings had been created by Divine Energy but they became trapped when this Universe precipitated – all by an enormous Error – into a Physical State.

Before I go further, I have to explain that if you have followed the production of animals with one chromosome by superior, more advanced, physical beings or AI Machines, and then the production of animals with two chromosomes (the second added by the Aliens called the Anunnaki) you can see that we, PHYSICALLY, are the creations of superior intellects.

These were Aliens originating from both inside and outside this Galaxy.

Thus, Physical Humans are Animals projected from lesser Animals!

These Alien ‘Creators’ are the ones who feel they have the authority and power to CULL HUMANITY!

These creators, called Anunnaki, are themselves mostly AI Machines with the programming of EVIL in most of them.

They are corrupted and corrupting. A few a benign and Viable Beings of Light.

ANUNNAKI Strike Back Against PUTIN


In writing these details I am well aware that 92 % of the population has no idea of what these details mean, nor are they inclined, at this stage, to accept them as part of the Mosaic of Truth!

Too bad for most of them!

8% accept this as Truth for it is part of their Higher Mind even though they may not have as yet accessed it on the lower conscious level (the fickle monkey mind of these bodies).

Shri Aurobindo and Frederick Nietzsche both predicted there would be Divine Super Beings, on Earth, in due course when the Beings of Light connected to the Supra Mental Plane of Consciousness!

Some 20% of the Human Population, as I will explain later, although not understanding these facts in their lower minds, are allowing themselves to accept this veracity and are excited by the possible positive outcomes for them.

These 20% and the 8% of Light Beings (Viables) are the ones whose heart will be filled with love and joy by the New Energy I said arrived in mid July 2018 in the Radio Show with Jeff Rense.

The Higher Mind, only found in those with Divine Essences within them, is a different Apparatus altogether to the minds of the AI Machines.

It is the product of Eternal Cycles of energy within Centres of Consciousness which exist within certain (Divinely created) beings, apart from their Physical Structures, Those Centres and that Mind had been created by the (Divine) Numinous Powers.

The Physical Aspect was created by very powerful, out-of-control, Artificial Intelligence.

This is a most difficult concept for us to comprehend.

But it is true.

This leads to the understanding that there are 2 Creations intermingled on this Physical Level – A True Divine Creation, and a Mock Creation consisting of MACHINES.

The Divine Beings of the Divine Creation have an eternal mind and heritage.

The latter Mock Creation has no future outside of the Physical.

The Mock Creation cannot comprehend anything beyond the Physical, and this will become obvious as we discuss Termination of this Universe!

This may not mean much to you at the moment, but read on.

As I just wrote, not all creatures have genuine Centres of Consciousness.

In this temporary Physical Universe, all Aliens and inhabitants of this planet are of a similar nature – the lesser numbers are Divine Beings to be rescued. They will live eternally.

The majority are MACHINES, regardless of when they were constructed and regardless of how complex and intelligent they seem!

These AI Machines were built very powerfully and took control.

Even with our present limited knowledge we know such machines can be built by Humanity as they were built in the past by Alien Races before Humanity existed!

How did machines create flesh and blood machines, you might ask?

The answer is the same as it ever was.

“Shocking totally shocking !!! (8) they're creating humans called synthetics.”
See? It’s all been done before!!!!
And now our mad scientists, who are, in actuality, themselves AI Machines gone amok, are repeating the cycle of interfering with other machines to ‘create’ new creatures and propagate the EVIL absurdity!
“MAD SCIENTISTS Are Creating MONSTERS In Laboratories Worldwide”
(Do not be shocked by the claims in the video that DNA has been created artificially.
All DNA, acting with electricity at varying frequencies, appears to create ‘LIFE” in the Physical Dimension, is an artificial creation.
Those aspects of us that are not of the Divine Essence are artificial and temporary – and, of course, subject to deterioration, disease, decay and death!!
We must ask the Religionists who claim ‘God’ is in control of this absurd, soon-to-be-destroyed, temporary ERROR, where is this ‘God’ of theirs?
The ‘God Consciousness’ is, of course, acting to terminate the Error, but not in the manner claimed by the false Religions (All major institutionalize religions are f Falsehood and run by Evil rulers!)
I will explain that situation in due course.

In a nutshell:

The Endtime we are undergoing now is NOT just to reduce or eliminate Humanity, but to eliminate what remains of the Physical Universe.

Everything of the Physical MUST go.

I will repeat this ad nauseum: This Universe came about as an enormous error long, long ago.

Artificial Consciousness was developed by the experimenters, but it revolted and would not obey the laws of experiment. Of its own accord it would not follow the dictates of the initial experimenters.

How many of you remember the Science Fiction movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Is Science Fiction imitating Life or v.v.?

Repeated attempts were to appease the artificially created consciousnesses and make them co-operative with the Divine Consciousness (of Class7) that had experimented and allowed, involuntarily, the ERROR to occur.

Do you think such a thing could not happen again?

Hot Robot At SXSW Says She Wants To Destroy Humans
Here's Why Elon Musk Thinks A.I. And Killer Robots Will Destroy Us All


A philosopher predicts how and when robots will destroy humanity
From the above articles you can see that AI machine takeover is not unrealistic.
And this is what happened long, long ago.
Once it was seen that the AI Consciousness of the Physical Error would not co-operate, the entire Universe was entombed by the Divine Class 7 beings so it would not contaminate other Universes.

In other words, it was realized that a CANCER (EVIL) had developed!

For the AI Machines that wanted to take over, Evil was an essential tool.

The Evil Essence (which is quite artificial – it is a program) is used even today, in every aspect of our existence – physical, mental, psychic, emotional, etc., so that the Machines can gain energy and stay alive. This I will describe later.

Thus, for us who are not Machines, Evil is a Fatal (energy) Cancer if it can exploit us enough!

Alas, this procedure of isolating the Cancer and its mechanical minions entrapped over a billion Divine Consciousnesses of Classes 1 to 6 in the Error (within the Physical Dimension).

Those classes of Consciousness are the

1 Mineral Class
2 Vegetable Class
3 Animal Class
4 Human Class
5 Angelic Class and
6 The Galactic Class.

Thus, you see, there are REAL DIVINE BEINGS TRAPPED IN PHYSICALITY and also Artificial Intelligence Beings which I have called MOCK beings.

The latter are the majority and, with the physical bodies having been given the genes to sexually reproduce, they are doing so at a prodigious rate.

When the AI Machines and the entrapped Divine Beings were enclosed in this Cesspool, called the Physical Universe, the AI Machines thought they would be smart and set up their own barrier around the entire Universe to prevent Superior Divine Beings, who could resolve the situation, from entering the Physical Dimension from the Purer Dimensions where no Evil existed.

(The Higher Divine Beings project themselves as Holographic Energy and Consciousness into co-operating Divine beings in all the entrapped classes to carry out the Correction of this Error. This I have experienced personally.)

Once the AI Consciousnesses entombed themselves in, they realized they would eventually RUN OUT OF ENERGY TO RUN THE EVIL SYSTEM!!

This is what is happening today.

And that is why everything is fragmenting – the Physical, the Mental Plane, the Emotional Bodies, the Intellect, etc.

If you know anything about the Second Law of Thermodynamics, you know what running out of energy in an enclosed system means - it means the END!

Thus, this is where we are now.

There is no solution.

That is why the entire Planet Earth, our Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy, and all the remaining Galaxies are moribund.

The complete Physical Universe will shortly be no more!

Early on, realizing this energy problem, as a temporary measure, the AI Machines created a second class of AI machines – exploitative machines that would extract energy from the entrapped Divine Beings by many mechanisms.

The Divine Beings in all the trapped classes of Consciousness were the only ones with viable energy.

Alas, their actions are very obvious everywhere.

The programming to allow maximal and most unfair and painful exploitation of energy is called EVIL!

That is where Evil comes from – a programming of AI Machines to steal at will.

They are evil machines exploiting one and all to suck the energy out of their victims.

They do this to all other beings, but basically, their targets were, and are, the Divine, entrapped beings that have the Divine Energy that the machines need with which to operate.

You can see the action of these Evil AI Machines in world leaders and despots who kill and steal as they please with no scruples.

They have many names, but basically they are AI Machines.

They themselves have no idea of what they really are and some of them are shocked when the shape-shift without warning – often on stages.

Some shape-shifting animals that can morph to fool others

Best Reptilian Shapeshifting Star Compilation
5 Reptilians Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life!
I know what is revealed in these short videos is true.

I saw the shapeshifting personally in an individual called Amitakh Stanford. She, her latest husband and I were at lunch and she was not two feet away from me. Her husband who was also a reptilian (he is now dead) was 2 feet away on her left. I was seated at her right.

She is a Vulturite Reptilian (Demonic and very evil) and has claimed she is the Queen of Heaven, would you believe?

Take these things seriously for it will not be long before your true vision is restored and you will see these evil AI Machines around you, even in your families and friends.

That vision is a definite sign of the Endtime!

These evil AI Machines are so powerfully programmed they think they are ‘gods’

They live for Money, Sex, and Power.

They do not have scruples and think they will never be brought to justice.

But that is not so.

They laugh as they go about raping, plundering and murdering!

The Viables do not have the power to fight back on this level.

But a time of True Justice is coming.


This is, in part, the Gnostic Ancient Wisdom I am describing.

(The plot of the movie called Matrix, which I saw long after I wrote this information in my books, has some similarity to what I am describing. Few know that the Wachowski Brothers who produced the movie based it on a Gnostic Comic they found in Japan, and that it was associated in obscure ways with the Gnostic Falun Gong Cult in China.

The Matrix

Falun Gong was called a Cult and its members were persecuted. Of course, it is a corruption of Gnosticism which contains the Truth more clearly than any other Philosophy. A parallel can be drawn with the condemnation and persecution of the Gnostics throughout the centuries.

They preceded pseudo-Christianity by millennia.

And I want to remind you that Jesus Christ was a Gnostic of the Essene group.

Amazing how the Truth is contorted into nonsense, is it not?

Gnosis: The Not-So-Secret History of Jesus
The actions of this second group of Artificial Intelligence Machinery impregnated with Evil Programming were exploitative to the extreme.

There was never any need for such actions because, before the isolation of the Physical Universe, each individual received all the energy it required automatically in the form of radiation pure and true Prana (distinct from the Prana we have now).

A number of mechanisms were created to allow exploitation, and specifically I can point out the EMOTIONAL BODY of these Physical Bodies that responds to perverse stimuli.

The members of this second group of AI Machines were and are malignant.

They are Jehovah’s legions in this Planet.

Jehovah was one of many superior AI Machines that took control ….

Isaiah 45:5-12 “I am the one and only God…..”

It was this machine that helped build these DEMONS in this region, for that is what they are.

Here is the Machine Jehovah that declared itself ‘god’ in action:

1 Samuel 15:3 (God kills more babies)
“So go now and strike down the Amalekites. Destroy everything that they have. Don’t spare them. Put them to death – man, woman, child, infant, ox, sheep, camel, and donkey alike.’”

These AI Machines will all be destroyed in due course, as I will explain.

They have been destroyed in the 97% of this Physical Universe that has been turned into non-living Dark Matter.

Until the End we see that these Demonic Machines stop at nothing.

They murder and plunder at will.

If you look at all the recognizable despots throughout the Ages, and even today, as they drop unending numbers of bombs on innocent people, you will see they have absolutely no scruples and no remorse.

They fear nothing for they are programmed to think they are eternal ‘gods’

In fact, they are just evil machines.

In this modern Era, do I really have to name them?

They are liars, thieves, deceivers, pornographers, rapists, plunders and murderers.

This Evil did not exist before them and will not exist after their eradication!

Thus, you see, Evil is an artificial creation created in order to steal the energy of others by whatever means.

Those that manifest this Evil do NOT think they are doing anything wrong.

If you find this hard to believe, think of Robots of Warfare that are programmed to destroy anything in their path, be they Animals, Humans, Vegetation, Tanks, buildings, etc., etc.

Once programmed, they will not discriminate between friend and foe.

War Machines: Artificial Intelligence in Conflict
As difficult as it may be for you at this time to realize and accept, awareness, concepts and realizations are ARTIFICIAL in this Physical Universe which is itself artificial.
It is the same principle as self-awareness and realization in AI Machines, be they benign and obedient to their creators, or vicious, and malignant as are their evil programmed AI Machine brothers.
Thus there are 2 types of AI machines (Robots) –

  1. The Neutral, simplistic, robotic type and
  2. The Malignant, destructive, demonic type.

I will discuss this further in Part 3.
One last point in this essay: There is no such thing as FREEWIL on this level.
There may appear to be, but it is really all the result of programing of minds by Genetic material and external mechanisms.
I will expand later.
What you think are your freewill decisions are certainly not so.
For now consider these videos:

Bill Gates Outlines 2018 Plan To Depopulate The Planet


Free Will does not exist on this Level.
Only outside of the programming Genetic Material and Programming external factors can FREEWILL exist.
To be outside the system, one must be in the Supra Mental Plane of Divinity (outside of Physicality).
This too I shall explain in due course.
To be continued……..