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The Coming Wars!

Dr. Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone
MB BS (Melb.), PhD Met Sc. (Cal), PhD Theol. (Cal).
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

Alas, I am going to be rather cryptic in these essays for the information is massive and only the Awakened few will understand my words in their entirety.

There are numerous Wars that are affecting us and will bring the End of Physicality even closer.

I can but remind you that many are suffering with the Internal War between their lower minds and implanted thoughts – implanted by Evil no less. The Mental War we all have tells us more misery and hardships are ahead.

That is what the current scare about the Covid 19 Virus is all about – misery, hardships, poverty, eventual violence, rape, murder and Civil Wars with their destruction and DEATH to add to the deaths via illness.

But as well as external factors, we have the inner thoughts of Physical Death that the deteriorating Physical Body has to battle.

We, of Viable Divine Creation and eventual immortal existence must see Physical Death as a step to our glorious Liberation.

We have died many times.

Many times, as a Doctor of Metaphysical Science, have I contacted beings who have left the Physical.

They are well and happy knowing that true complete Liberation is at hand.

They can see

  • Their past mistakes,

  • The limitations of Physical Life,

  • The need to understand beyond the Physical Lower Mind, and

  • The Glorious Future awaiting us once we – those of us deserving such Freedom – escape from Evil’s grasp!

Thus, it is for me, anyway, a Reality that cannot be denied.

I know that soon we will drop this useless Physical Body, and its restraints, and surge forward as the Divine, eternal and immortal Beings that we are. I know the details well as I am intimately connected with the execution of the Finality. Whether you want to believe that or not is of no relevance to me.

Once we reach that understanding of escape from this Evil Prison, indelible happiness will fill our hearts and minds.

And the utter joy of realizing we will be with those we love so much, including all our wonderful pets makes us weep with anticipatory joy.

As we get closer and closer to the End, we will sense those waiting for us being ever closer to us in the Physical. Some of you may be experiencing this even now!

That is a good sign!

I have interacted with some of my relatives and PETS via the best Psychic I know and they are as thrilled, waiting for us, as we are waiting to be with them again.

I want you to remember that not all Animals are just Class 3 consciousnesses on this level. Many are and were Class 4 Humans, and even Class 5 Angels!!

(That is another reason not to slaughter them and eat them!)

So be happy!

The future could not be any brighter for all of us of Light!

(I want to share this information with you: Many of my patients that died, from whatever the cause, appeared to me – Etherically - to say goodbye very shortly after their physical death. They appeared happy and relatively more aware than we are on this level. I mention this to again attempt to dispel any fear that may plague you, especially when massive tragedies occur.

You must tell yourself – of any death – relative or pet – that this being has been liberated and is now happier with far more understanding now while waiting for loved ones to join him or her.)

Thus, that Mental War within your head will be the first War you will win if you want to win it, and if you have not already done so.

As we progress, I will write more on these subjects.

In the meantime, actively and consciously and continuously fill your heart with True Love for the Divine, and all Its Progeny, including yourself.



You are already aware of other mundane Wars affecting us.

They are inevitable, and are part of the Clearing Process.

I have mentioned them many times before.

As you have noted, there is WAR between Authorities and the common people everywhere.

This disharmony and friction has led to many disputes and wars – mental, physical, emotional, economic, geographical, religious, racial, etc., etc.

This artificial and prescribed friction is all about CONTROL and the HIDDEN AGENDAS to eradicate Humans physically from the Planet. I kid you not!

But, there are complex evolutionary processes that The Evil Idiots have not considered. Read on……

This time the triggering excuse for MASSIVE ABUSE AND CONTROL OF HUMANITY is this Covid 19 virus – evolving as it has from many Viral Experiments in the past conducted by the same Evil Bastards, for the same reasons – death of Humans and the entire control of those who do not die from the wars.

The Evil and therefore Demonic Reptiles – more evilly advanced than Class 4 Humans, have been planning these idiotic and deadly plots for quite some time.

Regarding fatal VIRUSES, we have had the recurrent artificially manufactured FLU, then SARS, EBOLA, the MARBURG Virus, HIV, etc., etc. and now the COVID Group, all created in laboratories!

The Reptilians of the USA have been in the development and exploitation of ALL of them.

While the average citizen knows nothing about this evil creation of disease vectors, many AI Robots and Demons that appear to be Human have worked with the Reptiles to achieve the hoped for results.

In the past I have revealed that 92% of Humans are either AI Robots or Demons. They are Meat Bags with artificial electrical circuits within them that respond to the Evil Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination placed inside them by ruling Evil Minds beyond the Class of Humanity. They are automatons created long, long ago.

Also, as I have revealed in the past, some of the AI Robots chose to be in the Light and will be salvaged.

The other 8% that make up Humanity are Viable, Divinely created Beings trapped in these Physical Dimensions and structures by the Evil Essence. These are the ones to be rescued and liberated. They will be placed in truly Divine Dimensions as soon as they are rescued...

Below is an article that enumerates the various viruses that have been experimentally manufactured to eventually dissolve Humanity.

Don’t swallow the BS in the article.

, I am reproducing it only for the names of the Viruses.

The rubbish written is quite erroneous in parts!

The Evil Bastards (there is no more fitting nomenclature) in control of Earth and Humanity are using the fear of Disease and Physical Death to destroy lives, communities, economies, etc., for their own benefit when there is really no need as we shall see, for the real Clearing Process will eradicate them too, most certainly!

They (the Reptiles – very Evil Demons) think they will win this Battle they have planned in a number of ways:

They think they will collect massive ENERGY from their victims because of the SUFFERING they, the Demons, impose on them.

A major problem for the usurping Reptiles is that the majority of Humans and Animals have very little usable energy to give and the Viables caught in the throngs have mainly New Green Energy which the Demons cannot use!

I have explained the various energies in previous articles.

Just to divert a moment: The increased stirring and agitation to rebel against Authority, caused by David Icke in recent times, is meant to eventually drain energy from the masses as they fight and suffer and as they rebel against authorities so that vicious, murderous Civil Wars will eventually start and the rebellious ones will be punished even further and of course liquidated in great numbers.

Do you now see Icke’s demonic role in all this?

Provoking more fear, pain and suffering is his sponsored mechanism to feed his fellow Demons.

No good can come from it. The degree of Physical and Emotional suffering of the victims will greatly increase in order to feed the Demonic Reptiles like Icke.

As it is, he has apparently become very rich by feeding the ignorant masses with his BS and his urgings to revolt!

And of course, the moment Icke was exposed for agitating the Idiots to start Civil Unrest and Wars, he hypocritically retreated as he was seemingly (falsely) exposed and said that only LOVE is needed!

He knows nothing about True Love. How can he? He is a Demon!

The action of banning him and culling his influence is, in fact, a resurgence of the animosity so that the Morons will be more agitated and more likely to revolt.

Cunning, hey?

.He knows nothing about the Endtime and the End of all Physicality, nor about the Rescue of Viables and the annihilation of Evil to which he belongs.

Do you see how the Demons fool the semi-conscious and very ignorant masses?

Worst of all, because of the Virus, many militaries are playing the BLAME GAME by which they will start a WAR that they think they can win and by which they think they can enrich themselves by, while simultaneously removing billions of the ‘stupid Humans’ from the Planet. They do not focus on the pain, suffering, misery and deaths they cause, of course. They never do.

I will discuss that aspect further as we progress.

On the question of my spiritual diagnosis of anyone, my final verdict is indeed exact and immutable.

To some what I just wrote may give them a hint of ontological identities.

Confused? Go back to my Motto!


So, there are basically 3 types of WARS:

  • The Personal, Internal War that we of Divinity have to win against the fear of Physical Death,

  • Civil Wars everywhere once the various groups of ramblers realize they are being targeted for extinction.

  • WW3 which has already begun in the South China Sea, would you believe?

Breaking News (09/05/2020) - WW3 Erupt, US & China Ready to Fight in SCS

We see the USA leading Britain, Australia, Vietnam, Japan, and others against China which WILL call on Russia for help soon enough!

Read widely and you will see details of the coming annihilation.

It will appear like Countries fighting Countries to control the Planet.

(They are really after the wealth of the region both sides want.)

But, in actual fact, this WW3, which will turn Nuclear very, very soon, is being conducted to destroy Humanity as well – 5G and Vaccines are not enough.

The Reptiles expect Humanity, as we know it today, to be no more.

WW3 is to let the Evil Reptiles openly control the Planet on their terms.

The result the Reptiles seek will never happen, as I will describe below.

Just to put you in the acute picture developing now ….

The Reptiles running the USA, which is the most massive abuser on the planet and has started the most murderous wars since 1776, have NEVER BEATEN the Reptiles ruling China.

(If any are offended by the TRUE FACTS of History, they are not genuine seekers of Truth!)

Whites (mainly AI Robots and Demons), driven by the Evil Essence, illegally entered the country that would eventually become the USA. They then systematically murdered between 50 and 80 million Native Americans, just to steal their lands and assets.

Countless Mexicans and Spaniards were also killed for the same reasons.

Karmic retribution will be allowed to play a big role for these murders.

The US won’t win this coming Nuclear WW3 either.

The future is set, and has been seen, and it is a fact that America will lose this WW3….

Let’s move on…..

The true agenda of what is developing is that of the AGENDA 21 SCHEME (OF THE REPTILIANS) by which they will take over the Earth to suit themselves.

They have ruled the Earth for a long, long time but in a clandestine fashion.

Now they want to rule openly with virtually no Humanity!

You will see the threats of WAR everywhere on News Bulletins.

But, the results will not be what idiots are forecasting.

For example, the American Reptiles think they will win absolutely and will enrich themselves all the more.

You will note on News Bulletins that it seems Trump (the POTUS) and the Republican Politicians are all about enriching themselves.

Already many articles point to the fact that profit came before the idea of saving lives in this pandemic!

Can anything be more evil in Humanity?

But I will tell you now, they will lose the World War and the country will be devastated.

In due course, with so little time to the End, the reality is that no one will win WW3, for the Spiritual Failures will lose everything and the Viable Ones will be rescued and will be flown out of the Dimension.


I realize I am heading towards true Spiritual and Metaphysical concepts, but there is no other way to give solutions except in those terms for such Divinely orchestrated Solutions MUST come!

Evil AI (Demonic) Reptiles have controlled Humanity since its artificial Creation by the Anunnaki some 880,000 years ago.

In the following report, realize that most did not have a genuine soul.


The True, Divine, Viable Beings trapped in this solidifying, Evil-created Universe were also forced into these Physical Bodies for further energy exploitation as I have written many times.

Existence in the Physical has always been a WAR between those who have Divine Energy and those who want it. Evil Reptiles themselves cannot exist without that energy.

The second point we have to recall is that this is the ENDTIME.

I have written that the Physical Dimension will be TOTALLY DESTROYED very, very soon.

In that process of destruction of Physicality, all EVIL will be exposed and destroyed.

All Physicality will vanish, even the Physical Baggage into which we have been forced – the Physical, Etheric and Astral Bodies - and the Physical, Etheric and Astral Dimensions that make up this Evil-sponsored and Evil-sustained Physical Universe which is really a CANCER on the Face of the TRUE, DIVINE CREATION.

If these concepts are beyond you, reflect on them.

If you have a SOUL made of Divine Matter, the realizations will be confirmed to you via your Inner Divine Nous.

If you are not of Divine ‘Stuff’ but have sought the Light, these realizations will reach your mind and you will be restructured to live infinitely (Saved Robots).

If you are of Evil, you will shortly be no more.

All AI Creatures have had infinite chances to turn to the Light but if they have failed it means that on each occasion of choice they chose the Darkness.

I have stated previously that 99% of the Physical Universe has already been destroyed, and it is a matter of fact that we, in these last few Galaxies that we can see, are trapped in the last 1%.

All these facts you can take or leave, for they will soon become obvious.

In the Endtime, I have repeatedly asserted that in the Endtime, all EVIL will be exposed and destroyed.

If you have been following politics around the World, and especially in the USA, you know that assertion is obvious.

With such exposures will now come the total destruction of Evil on this Physical Level and all other spurious Levels created by Evil.

It simply cannot be allowed to exist any longer!

To Beings of True Vision – those who see Right and Wrong – this exposure of Evil is obvious.

To the evil Failures, there appears to be no problem for they are totally blind to the Greater Reality.


This War of Essences does not make a lot of sense to individuals unless they awaken to the Greater Reality.

Realize that we, as Humans, who have been trapped in this Evil Cesspool, have been programmed with vile, smelly and very untruthful BS, by the Demons to accept their nonsense as Reality.

This was so from the beginning in order to keep us in the Dark and stupefied.

Of course the idiotic Robots and Demons which are just Meat Bags with inner electrical circuits did and continue to do whatever the artificial and evil programming inside them dictates.

But the real Divine Beings with a Divine Soul have re-awakened somewhat and are continuing to re-awakening to the Greater Reality that describes what has gone on and what is going on, finally.

Why has it taken some 50 billion years to resolve?

We don’t know the ratio of TIME in this dimension to that of Higher dimensions. At one time I wrote that one day on the level of the Rescue Crafts was equivalent to some 2 million days on Earth. We know from the Theory of the Clock Paradox that this could be possible.

Hence, on the Platform of the Higher Divine Realms, the 50 billion years may be a few days or even a few hours. We simply cannot fully comprehend such notions.

Did the Light have to wait till Evil ran out of energy while it was trapped in its own Evil-created Cesspool?

Again no full answer is given. It makes sense to think that a depleted Evil Essence would be much easier to destroy.

How can Viables win if they seem to lose every battle against Evil on this Earth?

This concept of Evil winning on this evil level is illusionary, for the Evil only wins against the fake structures it created – all of Physicality. So, it is like punching itself in the face and getting nowhere!

Dark Matter, which will destroy everything not of Light, is the answer to all the problems!

Again we ask: “Why has it taken the Light 50 billion years to compose DM?”


None of this makes sense to the lower physical mind.

Pain, suffering and misery appear to be cycles we all have to go through on this level.

Will they really, really end?

Is it true DM has destroyed 99% of the Physical Universe already?

What proof do we have?

Are Human observations accurate and sufficient?

Have astronomers made bad mistakes about DM, its nature and functions?

Why have they changed their tune and are now stating it is an essential component of Physicality?

Do we have precise proof of anything?

We need to wait and see what happens. In the meantime, our Inner Divine Nous nurtures us.

I can explain coming events in the most minute details, but seeing will be believing, hey?

It is most embarrassing to be so ignorant about what is going on, especially when we have been given a firm date for the End of Earth. Well actually I have been given the date. But it was given so that I would pass it on to those that would listen.

Have we all been fooled or is there really Truth in what I have written and postulated?

I am certain of what I say. Your acceptance depends on YOU.

But we must be flexible with timing of events.

Some will certainly ask: “Is all this part of the Greater Reality or is it another Grand HOAX like Planet X?

Alas, on this level, with our ignorant lower minds we need to wait and see what eventuates.

You must make up your mind about proper answers.

That is why my Motto is as it is.

All of you have to contemplate the situation and make up your own minds.

Just using the Physical Lower Mind, we are all fed up with the uncertainty in which we live.

But, there is nothing at all we can do to speed things up or decipher extremely complex notions on this level.

The best proof is what we feel within us.

We, of Light, just know something is right when our Nous tells us it is so.

To be continued…….


March 11, 2020

Copyright G Chiappalone