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The Blind Can't See
Part One

Dr. Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

Of course I am stating the obvious.

But, there are complicated reasons why people are blind to Truth, and blind to what is going on.

The sad thing is that the majority are being kept in 'Limbo" by a programming that does not allow whatever mental capacity they have to seek and recognize truth. In other words they ae suppressed to a level of being moronic robots. And that suits the Rulers of this Cesspool just fine.

Why I use the terms Robots (and Demons) and Cesspool, I have discussed in previous writings. You would be wise to become familiar with them.

My writings have all to do with our existence at the moment and the future existence of those chosen to continue.

Not all "beings" we see and intermingle with have eternal souls or spirits that will allow them to venture forth once this Physical Dimension is destroyed. Its total destruction is very, very close.

All Universes (and there are many of them) are experiments by Higher Beings. We lowly Humans cannot fully understand those concepts. But what we need to accept is that there are other Beings Ontologically Higher than us in Creation that rule what is to be, who is to survive what is coming, and who is not.

We are not all ontologically similar.

We are not all capable of surviving what is upon us.

We are not all Divine Attributes of the Highest Class of Consciousness.

Some of us are ARTIFICIAL in every sense of the word.

Is it not strange that the Evil, Demonic Reptiles that rule this world are seeking ways of making Humanity become Robotic tools for their work and pleasure? That experiment has been done before and failed. They, the Ones of Evil Deceit, have run out of time. There is no more to explore in that field of demented idiocy.

Elon Musk is about to hit the Dust:

Did you understand the video?

They (Demonic A.I. Robots and specific Demons) want to turn Humans, most of whom are already A.I. Robots and Demons, into even more complex Evil Robots and Demons (without the Meat Bag – Physical Bodies - and take the Human, vulnerable, fragmenting aspect out of the equation.

Of course it's been done before.

They can't win.

They themselves, the Reptilian (Alien) experimenters, are machines which we will be destroying soon enough.

When I say "We" I mean, me and all the Team I work with.

You don't think I am a stupid A.I. Human Robot who came across this knowledge and the definitive answer to the Problem of Evil by chance or by drinking flat coke and eating hotdogs did you?

This is the End of Physicality, Folks.

We are in the last 1% of this disastrous Physical Universe.

Soon it will be bye-bye to all the sham 'beings' on, in and around the planet, the Solar System and the remaining Galaxies.

You don't have to force yourself to believe anything I say or write.

Those of you not of Divine Origin do not have the capability to comprehend my words.

Those of you who are Divine do not need an explanation. You have the Internal (Gnostic) Nous of the Godforce within you and this occurrence of the END is what you have been awaiting a long, long time.

I have incarnated for this very purpose – to explain the situation and to take you HOME like I have done to other Viables in the other 99% of the Universe.

As I said often, the idiotic A.I. Morons can never comprehend these words.

To the failed Fools, what is to happen is a tragic disaster, as they see it!

To the true Viables of Divinity, this is a DIVINE RESCUE demonstrating the Victory of the Light over Darkness, Zion be damned!! Amos had warned us often enough.

The ones with the Internal Nous need no explanation for all the knowledge they need is within them.


The rate of acceleration to the END of Physicality is increasing with each passing day.

Do I care whether people believe me or not?

Not in the slightest.

I know what is to happen.

They don't.

They are blind.

They cannot see.

They cannot integrate the facts I present. Thus, they will not see. All they will see is the END OF EVIL – AND THEMSELVES OF COURE!!

Jerks like the current US POTUS will vomit till they die of dehydration when they hear these words.

They do not have the brain capacity to process what I say.

So, why argue with them?

Of course, until the time of the End, I have hidden myself in the crowds of Humanity, often playing the fool, like most Humans, to avoid detection while I bided my time waiting for the Processes that would eliminate the Evil of this Dimension entirely.

As very strange things occur in our lives, the Masters of Deception and Idiocy are at it again, attempting to sway us to believe in (false) and what they call 'benevolent, progressive' changes that will really never happen and can never happen for the Final Bell has been rung!

Here I am referring to the Organization called 'Gaia' and its fatuous imbecility and the Series called 'Ancient Aliens' that has grasped a little of Past History to mold the minds of Morons into further useless putty with NO FUTURE.

We will be revisiting these 2 areas very soon.

Only those with true vision can see Truth.

True Vision is being given, as a promise fulfilled, to those that are viable to continue existence in the New Future, now that we have reached the ENDTIME for this heap of smelly, recycled Crap, called the Physical Universe.

The majority of the Robots and Demons, which we call Human, walking on Earth, are as blind as blind can be.

Why is that? They do not have the capacity to expand their minds and comprehend the Greater Reality. They are simply wired to be IDIOTS.

Think of an automobile with limited horsepower that is incapable of reaching 100 mph. It is useless pressuring it to go faster than its limit.

The same holds for Robots and Demons. They are programmed with vices and limitations to do a job which is really to steal energy from other non-robotic and non-demonic beings any way they can.

TAKE NOTE: The Evil Empire is running OUT of Energy and that is why there is the thrust for a World War to supply the Evil Ones with energy extracted from the Divine Ones who have it!!

But, it will all backfire as we shall shortly see.

It is as simple as that.

Being so, they can only see what the mundane World (strictly regulated and controlled by Demonic Forces) has to offer daily, without a thought for future developments that are being highlighted even as we sit and wait.

The reason for such strict control of the masses is easy to explain.

I just wrote it. The Divine Beings are used as fodder. Energy is extracted from them so the non-real beings can be sustained as serving Robots and Demons. The AI beings (both Robots and Demons) are the tools of extraction of the energy.

The energy is extracted as I have explained previously, by abusive behavior that violates those who have it, emotionally, mentally, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

Thus, this Universe is really a prison of extraction of energy from the entrapped Viables. Now do you see why the entire Universe needs to be destroyed?

Warnings of their impending DOOM have been given many times to the vile, evil ones.

Do you think they took any notice?

Do you think they are taking notice now of what I say?

They have insisted on their punishment to come to them by their pigheadedness and malevolence. And POTUS Trump is the one we can see most clearly as an example to bring that lesson home in this, the Endtime.

Only a small percentage has the Divine Energy within them that is of any worth to keep anyone alive. But to hide the activities of exploitation, the majority is exploited, with the EVIL Masters bleeding them dry in as many ways as they can.

I will give examples below.

I will focus on more obvious changes that are occurring to Earth and Humanity that point to a precipitation of Finality, for Earth, and for all creatures in and on it.

As the News Services reveal, the USA is fracturing in a manner few of the moronic citizens thought possible.

No matter how they twist stories, with fragmentation, deceit and frank evil, the Demonic Ones, and the mindless AI Robots are being exposed at a rate never before seen.

If you are blind, you will NOT see that.

If you are blind and know not what is happening, you will want to grasp the hope of improvement as past cycles have promised.

But this can no longer be the case, for we are now in a Time Period I have designated as the Endtime.

I and the Team I work with know the facts of what is to occur.

I do not say that egotistically.

I say it to tell those who want to listen to listen, to open their eyes and see the Truth.

Those who are deaf and blind are virtually 'dead' Morons who will shortly be no more. We were warned this day would come, were we not? Forget the corruption of Ancient Texts. The warning was there, was it not?

And with the closure of the Universe I have a great deal to do too. That is why I shall be here for the LAST day!

Those familiar with some true History know that such a thing was on the cards for a long, long time. And now is the time of Termination.

Let those with ears hear, and those with eyes see the End.

Those who are deaf and blind cannot hear or see any Truth.

As I said, they are grains of sand about to be crushed into nothingness forever.

Am I being ruthless?

No, I am being honest and direct, for now is the Time for the Truth to be revealed.

It is time for Evil to be exposed and crushed forever more.

The Time of Rescue of the Good and destruction of the Evil Ones has arrived.

In the past, I have published information about how we got to this phase, how the End was to develop, how those who were viable would be treated, as would be those who failed and so on.

The blind fools could not see anything of value.

All they could do was mock me and abuse me.

Well done, I say! It has made my job of finding you and eliminating you all that much easier.


Let me get back to the mess developing in the USA which will play a major role in Earthly affairs in the next 2-3 years, for that is all the time that is left.

Trump's acquittal left far more disasters to contend with. It has opened far more Gateways to Hell than can be imagined.

Have you noticed how quickly he has assumed he has greater power? Have you noticed he abuses and punishes like a mindless fool, setting himself up for decapitation by those around him in due course?

Have you noticed how eager he is to offend anyone and everyone he wants to offend without thought of consequences?

In the Endtime, I wrote, many years ago, Evil will be exposed and Destroyed by the Evil Self. Trump is doing that for us in his mistaken belief that he is becoming a Ruler of the World.

Recent events did not settle anything other than the fact that he is a demonic liar and will do anything to win, at any cost. What he thinks he can win is anybody's guess. He will be locked in a Hell-hole (The Chamber of Horrors) in a few short years' time, to suffer the agony of Timeless punishment.

Now can you see why he has been allowed into Office?

Trump has opened the gates of Hell with his lies and criminality and allowed all those around him that are of the same ilk, to do exactly that along with him. Americans did not realize there were so many crooks and demons running the country as now exposed by Trump's idiocy, hey?

We find open evidence that he is dishonest and cheated wherever and whenever he could, and made it appear normal that this is the case for America. Actually, as I have written elsewhere, the USA has been under the control of the Essence of Zion since 1776, simply because the Founding Fathers secretly dedicated the Country to that Essence of Evil!

The number of moronic followers of the ruling Demons, headed by Trump, is beyond comprehension until you recall the % of failed AI Robots and Demons in Humanity.

The many others who object to such evil may not all be Viables, but there are still 8% True Viables, and some 21% AI Robots that have rejected Evil and sought the Light.

Only blind ones cannot see, even from the biased reporting, that the USA is heading for Civil War.

That is the only way thinking individuals can conceive the thought of taking the country back, and the only way the mindless morons that follow Trump think they can usurp the Nation for themselves.

By attacking the Military as he has done has guaranteed Trump's eventual failure, even though they are both controlled (The Military and Trump) by the Essence of Zionism.

When it comes to the baseline, Trump is doing this for his Ego (an evil, demonic instrument) and for the Money and to fulfil the orders of his Masters.

The Military at some point, because it is the Nation they want to protect, are doing it for Home and Family and National Pride. They believe they are the best, and no idiot like POTUS Trump is going to tell them otherwise.

Thus, attacking the Military was one of the fatal mistakes Trump has made.

Why did he do that?

It is because of his Ego. He knows he is a coward at heart and he knows the military knows it.

Thus, he must attack the Military while he has the power – but it won't last long. It is all bluff. All bullies are cowards in the final analysis.

The Military too is comprised mainly of (failed) A.I. Robots and Demons, but their agenda, while they have True National Pride, and families and assets in the country, is to beat any who try to beat them down.

Along comes the GUN question. Because the morons are so well armed, they will put up a good fight against the Military, and then the attention of the latter will quickly be taken up by fighting the outsides – China and Russia and India and Pakistan, and the anti-Zionist Arab States, and the Philippines, and most of the South American Countries, and some of Europe and Japan – do you recall an incident in Hiroshima? The Japanese have not forgotten it!! The list of enemies the USA has cultivated goes on and on.

"South/Latin America you say?"

Look at this:

Do you think that scenario of the World ganging up on the USA is impossible?

Wait and see.

In the meantime, progress is towards Nuclear War, not away from it.

What Hitler set up in the 1940s is coming to pass!!

Risk of Nuclear War Rises as U.S. Deploys a New Nuclear Weapon for the First Time Since the Cold War

No one can win such a Nuclear War that is about to explode.

China is enraged with what is happening to the country due to Bio-warfare. These laboratory-created viruses do not take tourist tours from one nation to the other. The path of introduction to China is again well known. Enough they now say. You pay the price for such murderous action!!

You don't need a PhD in Science and Microbiology or Metaphysical Science or Astrology to know who did what, when and where with bugs. Just remember some of the previous "accidental or spontaneous occurrences – Military Inoculations really" – SARS, EBOLA, HIV, etc.

Read and weep!

Read the lines and in-between the lines:

2019-nCoV Bioweapon

The basic structure of the latest coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is the same as that of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), which broke out in China in 2003. Like the SARS virus, 2019-nCoV has been found to share the same receptor, Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2).

Some suspect that these two viruses have been deliberately weaponized, due to a finding that Asian males have five times as many ACE2-expressing cells in their lungs as any other demographic. This line of inquiry is being shut down on public chatboards for being "discriminatory", which is absurd.

This echoes complaints shared by Chinese Ambassador to the US, Cui Tiankai on Face the Nation this past Sunday of "racial discrimination" and "xenophobic" comments (like "bat soup").

He warned that online discussion of the topic was "dangerous", for fear of causing "mass-panic". The 50-Cent Army has succeeded in shutting down related threads on Reddit and elsewhere.

Another feature of 2019-nCoV that has raised suspicions of weaponization was described in a study from India submitted for peer review, that the same amino acid "insertions" in the spike glycoprotein as seen in the HIV-1 virus were present in 2019-nCoV but are not present in other coronaviruses.

The study stated that these "insertions" are "unlikely to be fortuitous in nature". The paper was hastily withdrawn by its authors, due to pressure, likely from the Chinese government.

In AIDS patients, these spike glycoproteins drop off the virus and plug into receptors on the intestinal wall, blocking the absorption of nutrients and causing the dramatic physical wasting that is a hallmark of AIDS.

Bioweapons expert, Dr. Francis Boyle is shown in this video saying, "SARS, itself is already a biological warfare weapon and then they... supercharged it...with DNA, genetic engineering of maybe synthetic biology to add in to SARS, HIV...they gave it these gain-of-function activities."

The videos coming out of China are harrowing. People are being violently dragged away from their homes, to be taken to quarantine facilities. Alternately, the doors to apartment complexes are being welded shut, to prevent residents from exiting the buildings and spreading the disease.

Philippines Senate President, Tito Sotto showed a video suggesting that 2019-nCoV was a product of Bill Gates and the CIA. Many truthers have published similar stories; that the Pirbright Institute in the UK owns the 2019-nCoV patent and that Bill Gates is involved.

In response, a spokesperson for Pirbright, Teresa Maughan said that "not only does the patent in question not involve a coronavirus strain that affects humans, but the institute's work with the virus wasn't funded by the Gates Foundation."

The Pirbright Institute owns the patents for several coronaviruses that affect poultry and pigs. The CDC owns the patent for SARS, having sequenced the genome in 2003, at the time of the outbreak.

On January 24th, the Institut Pasteur in France announced that it had sequenced the genome of 2019-nCoV, which matched the one shared with them by Chinese authorities on January 11th. Presumably, the novel coronavirus will be patented by the Chinese.


The BLIND cannot see, nor can the BLINDED:

Disturbing footage from China suggests the scale of coronavirus pandemic in China is far worse than what we're being told. Real-time satellite data show massive concentrated plumes of sulphur dioxide (SO2) smoldering in the cities of Wuhan and Chonqing, which is corroborated in reports from the Epoch Times of workers at the crematoria, who tell of working 24/7 to keep up with the flow of dead bodies.

While official reports are that only ~900 people have died from to this viral outbreak, reports that estimates of 120,000-150,000 casualties so far – with 1.5 million infected – and tens of thousands newly-infected each day "seem to be more realistic."

Sam Parker, who challenged Mitt Romney for Utah's senatorial seat and who has a biotech background tweeted an epic thread, which I will paraphrase:

The Wuhan coronavirus is an engineered bioweapon but the Mockingbird media will not tell us this because the US Government has a $100-200 Billion stake in the global bioweapons arms race, which began just after 9/11.

"We're being lied to, and not just by China...

"The swine flu, hoof and mouth and western Africa Ebola outbreaks, etc., were all bioweapon development accidents.

"This kind of research is happening here, on US soil and the last thing our police-state rulers want is for us to be aware of this domestic WMD research.

"The WHO, CDC, Fort Detrick, NIH and Big Pharma all know what's going on. Their corporate media allies are not going to spill the beans...

"The likely scenario is that China has done this to itself accidentally. But it's always possible that sabotage was involved. In other words, the pathway out of the Wuhan BSL4 lab isn't precisely known, yet. But that it came from there is almost certainly the case.

"You might have noticed how the 'Epstein Didn't Kill Himself' joke flooded the internet and media for weeks. It was a 'wind-aided' campaign to deflect our anger and dismiss the obvious treachery of the event.

"In the same way, the Internet has been deluged with pictures of bats...

"This disinformation campaign is obvious and we were supposed to conclude that this was some natural outbreak.

"Meanwhile, 400 MILLION PEOPLE are under quarantine. The borders with Russia and other Asian countries are sealed.

"We know this is a weapon for a few reasons:

- The Coronavirus it is most closely related to is SARS. This tells us that SARS was used as the base pathogen. (Was SARS an earlier phase of the program? Maybe).

- It contains HIV gp120 and gag protein receptor sequences.

- These receptor sequences allow the virus to bind to human CD4 (T type white blood) cells.

- There is high homology between SARS and 2019-nCoV. Furthermore, only 4 HIV sequences – perfectly and precisely placed – are present.

"If this were due to random mutation/recombination, we'd expect to see other HIV sequences randomly distributed in the Wuhan virus's genome. But we don't.

"The HIV sequences are found ONLY in critical binding sites, which is a mark of parsimonious intentionality.

"Finally, this virus is both more contagious and deadly than SARS.

Together all these 'upgrades' are referred to as 'enhanced properties' and 'gain of function.'

"The US Government doesn't want the American public to know these truths, nor does it want us to know that 'accidental' bionuking is possible here, too.

"Why would China need to steal dangerous pathogenic material from US and Canadian labs (and who knows from wherever else) if it was conducting legitimate BSL4 research?

"Ask yourself further: What kind of pathogenic materials need to be *stolen* rather than acquired through legitimate means?

"This tells you something not only about China, but also about the US and Canada.

"Whether China stole actual biological materials from Harvard through its agents (which includes Dr. Charles Lieber) is irrelevant:

"It stole the fungible critical knowledge and technology."


Former CIA officer, Robert David Steele joins the SGT Report to offer his own granular analysis of the outbreak. In contrast to Sam Parker, he believes that the Harvard professor's involvement in this story is germane to the nature of this attack. He says here:

"The newest information available suggests that this was a Zionist attack on China in two parts: in part one, a Jewish-American professor at Harvard appears to have been dangled to the Chinese, committed treason against the USA, and assisted the Chinese in establishing a level 4 bio-war center in Wuhan. In part two – and the professor could be unwitting of this part – the Zionists released the virus in both the marketplace and in the hospitals – 41% of the infections occurred in the hospitals not in the streets. It should not be assumed that the virus escaped from a Chinese facility, or by accident.

"It is not yet clear to me if this Zionist provocation was intended to start a war between China and USA, as Benjamin Fulford suggests in his reporting from Japan on Monday, 10 February 2020, or if it had other purposes including massive economic gain by a Zionist-Anglo-American elite with advance knowledge for insider trading.

"It is also not clear to me the degree to which 5G – for which China is the lead country – intersects with the biological virus. 5G is a huge part of this – what we do not know yet is whether this was a false flag attack as I suspect; a test of the intersection of bio-warfare and electro-magnetic warfare; or a full out assault intended to destroy the Chinese economy and begin depopulating China.

"I believe that the personal trust between General Secretary Xi Jinping and President Donald Trump is strong, and the idea that the US would undertake such an attack as a matter of policy has been discounted in China. Of course there are rogue elements in our Department of Defense (DoD) and in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) known to collaborate with the Mossad in pedophilia entrapment operations, drug running, the sponsorship of terrorism including ISIS, and 9/11, but on balance I am confident this was not done by the USA and the Chinese leadership knows that.

"As my views on this attack developed, what struck me most powerfully was the manner in which the Western media, which is controlled by MI-6 in the UK and the CIA in the US – and their European counterparts – grossly exaggerated the spread of the virus in what can only be described as irresponsible fear-mongering – 'yellow journalism' or 'fake news' at its worst. I now believe this was calculated to disrupt the global economy and I now believe that the Zionists and their allies including the MEGA group of Zionist billionaires in the USA that funded 9/11 and the Epstein pedophilia blackmail network, and of course the City of London and Wall Street, made a great deal of money with insider trading based on advance knowledge of the Wuhan virus and its exaggerated coverage in the West that scared both the stock market and manufacturers as well as tourists...

"The Wuhan virus is being used to advance the next wave of criminal vaccinations in the USA, this time with DNA and genetic engineering elements. It must be challenged by all citizens using all religious and legal means...

"Information warfare – the malicious use of the mainstream and social media, both controlled by the Zionists in collaboration with MI-6 and the CIA – is a completely integrated part of bio-warfare and electromagnetic warfare now. They are a triad. As best I can tell this was all pre-planned, and in combination, the virus, the 5G exacerbation, and the global hyperbole, exaggeration, and outright lies intended to harm the Chinese economy and benefit insider trading, were all part of one integrated campaign.

"I am certainly willing to believe this was an accident, but all signs point to foreign malicious intent – for me the truth-teller is the degree to which the Western media, controlled by MI-6 and the CIA, was totally prepared to wage information warfare – as prepared as they were for the Zionist planned and executed 9/11 atrocity. This was in many ways China's 9/11, and that is one reason I favor a close look at the Zionists as the perpetrators.

"I do not believe that our President, our Secretary of Defense, or even our Director of the CIA, explicitly authorized this act of war. I continue to believe that the Zionist connection through Harvard is a critical starting point for any investigation."



Let's move on: Every Nation will be involved one way or the other in the coming World War...

It will no longer be a battle of Egos or for Nations, or Races, or Ideologies, or Religions, or Wealth, etc.

Soon many will realize it is a War of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Survival.

I'll be here to tell them what is going on, don't you worry! The ruling Evil Archons cannot hide the Truth forever. Their Demise will reveal all.

And separation of the Good from the Evil will occur spontaneously as the Clouds of Dark Matter, the angelic Instrument of Finality, reach our skies and turn everything that is Physical, including course electro-magnetic energy, into DUST.

Initially, and very quickly, we will see each other as Etheric circuits and as Astral Beings, some containing Divine Souls and some as empty as their minds.

It is then that realization of what existence means will come to the fore.

Those without souls will see themselves as Wraiths, blowing in the Winds of Dark Matter, slowly disappearing as a dust storm would. They have nothing to cling to for they are nothing!

Those with True Vision will see this and will see the Path to their True Home as it appears for them to travel upon.

For the moment, let the Fools mock all they want these things that I have written.

In time, the greatest thing in their lives will be FEAR. That I guarantee!

In contrast, those of Light will be ecstatic at the thought of Rescue from this Hell.

The horror the Evil Ones will endure they purchased with their malice.

No one forced them to be such failures.

Yes, there will be crying and gnashing of teeth, but all to no avail.

It is over!

It is Done, It is Done, It is Done!


I've been writing this sort of material since 1985.

I have purposely sent some goons who wanted to attack my Physical off the tracks with warfare propaganda at times.

That is all over now. Nothing can stop what is to happen.

Like the small 8% of True Viables, I have the 3 Physical Bodies – the Meat Bag, the Etheric Body, and the Astral Body – and the Class 4 Divine Centres of Consciousness that drive those lower bodies.

As well as that, my identity is magnified by the Holographic imprints I contain within these lower bodies, and these imprints give me the True Higher Identity that I am.

Until we meet in the Spiritual Levels, not many can have a precise idea of that Higher Identity of mine, and I am not going to try and explain it just yet on this level in case the brainless meat bags (Robots and Demons) want to hack my Physical Body to pieces and prevent me completing my work.


What I write is in contrast to the mumbo –jumbo writings of idiotic Robots and Demons who can only think with artificial circuits that form their temporary and very limited brains.

They think they know what is going on.

They don't!

While it appears that Class 5 Moronic Robots and Demons ARE taking over the planet, by eliminating Humans (Agenda 21, etc.,) and by developing hope to elevate themselves to superior electronic ROBOTS that will never die, the truth is that they are mentally masturbating themselves into eternal somnambulence.

Even with the 5G poison for Humans, they are running downhill into a fatal, fiery cul-de-sac.

5G Radiation Dangers – Here are 11 Reasons To Be Concerned

5G is an Agenda 21 mechanism for eliminating "Humans".

You know the Reptilian Aliens want to eliminate all lower forms such as Meat Bag Humans.

They want Cyborgs, not Humans, as the article on Musk above demonstrated.

But, Evil Aliens are as doomed as their plans to take over the Earth are doomed.

Pack your bags. Viables will be out of here soon enough.

There are NO DANGERS to our existence.

The Evil Ones, especially the Aliens, who have controlled Humans since the Human Meat Bags were invented/created by the Evil, Alien Anunnaki, refuse to accept that Physicality is all finished! They know the Universe is disappearing and they are being pushed this way into our Galaxy as a result, and yet it does not register with them that this is the ENDTIME FOR ALL!

You see, their comprehension of the Status Quo Is also limited because they are MACHINES with limited capabilities instilled in them by their manufacturers.

They refuse to look up into the sky and see stars burned out and then dissolved by Dark Matter.

They refuse to accept that over 99% of the Universe is completely transmuted into unconscious dust.

They refuse to believe someone like me could possibly exist.

My, what fools they be?

They will taste the lash soon enough.

Have I not warned them again and again as they ran off from Galaxy to Galaxy to try and hide from me and Dark Matter?

Where did it get them?

Nowhere is the answer.

They are doomed, as doomed as they can be, for that is the fate of all EVIL!


To be continued............

Copyright Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone

February 14, 2020