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The Bigger Picture - Part 6

J Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

Unprecedented Changes for the Endtime

In past writings and presentations I have discussed the following:

•The END of this illicit, erroneous aberration called the Physical Universe.

•Terminal Madness of unprotected (mock) minds and artificial 'spirits' in this Endtime,

•Details of the Fatal Fragmentation of this Illusion that we call the Physical Existence,

•The exposure of all Evil, its malignant practices and its ability to deceive.

•The Falsehood and entrapment of Humans by purposely created false Religions, History and pseudo-Science.

I have also discussed in detail that not all 'living things; are of TRUE SPIRITUAL worth.

On this very day, it is obvious that something major is occurring in our PHYSICAL LIVES and also in our minds, to our Emotions and to our spiritual understanding of what is going on!

For that matter, we have to assume that something profound is also occurring in terms of our spiritual future, if in reality we do have one, and if this Physical Dimension is to be totally obliterated as I firmly contend.

Who am I to make these assertions and have this knowledge?

Alas, as I have often stated before, for those answers you will have to wait just a little longer.

What I have written in the past, and have also just written again, entails concepts which most 'people' cannot cope with.

But, not all people are the same!!

That is because the majority of 'beings' we take as being 'Humans' on this level of consciousness are not REAL in the TRULY, DIVINE SPIRITUAL SENSE!

They are MOCK CREATIONS. They are artificial ROBOTS that function because of artificial mechanisms inside a body of flesh and blood (and activated electro-magnetism) that we are all forced to wear in order to manifest on these Physical Levels.

True Spiritual Beings can exist beyond these Physical Levels which are artificial creations, and will do so when they are released from Physicality when it is totally destroyed. But the Mock Creations (the Robots, the AI Beings) cannot exist outside of these Physical Levels unless special modifications are made to them.

The Metamorphosis I am about to describe will expose who is who, who is real and who is 'artificial'. We shall all witness who is who! It will be an AUTOMATIC PROCESS.

I will write about this more and more as we proceed. Note however, the majority of "Humans' are failed ROBOTS and will not exist outside of this Physical Universe once it, and they, are destroyed!

They are temporary Robotic Beings - some classified as DEMONIC - that have been created as ARTIFICIAL INTELLENCES in this false and temporary paradigm called the PHYSICAL DIMENSION.

Since time immemorial, genuine Prophets and Seers have called this aberration in which we exist, this dimension, this Plane of Suffering, an ILLUSION!!

If some Individuals cannot grasp that concept of an Artificial Reality, the rest of the emerging scenario of ENDTIME TERMINATION is going to make very little sense to these artificial beings.

I have given the percentage of who are TRUE spiritual beings (8%) and who are (Mock) AI entities (92%) in the Human Population.

The 92% is made up of differing classes of AI beings.

50% of this planet's population are DEMONIC that will be totally destroyed.

By Demonic I mean they are cloned with Artificial Intelligence which contains a programming of MALICE. They exist by abusing others and draining them of their energy.

That leaves 42% of the Human Population, half of which have been designated as Spiritual Failures, for they have refused to let go of the Evil Essence (a programming) that has engulfed them. They too will be terminated.

Thus, 50% plus 21% will be transmuted into NOTHINGNESS. They will remain as blobs of Dark Matter until the Dimension is totally dissolved. This is what has occurred to 97% of the Universe already.

For reasons of simplification, I have not gotten into detail of what punishment awaits the most evil of the DEMONIC units. They will pay Karmic Debts which will horrify them but which are quite justified in the light of what Evil they have committed against innocent ones. Thus shall it be!

The remaining 21% of the Human Population have rejected the artificial EVIL Programming and have chosen to be of and in the Light. They will have modifications make to their spiritual anatomy and resume a Path of Divine Evolution, separated from the original truly Divine beings that are to be rescued. In due course, they will join spiritual pathways of evolution that I have described elsewhere.

By this process, the spiritual CANCER on the face of the TRUE CREATION will have been eliminated.

In the few years that now remain for Earth and all its inhabitants, apart from Physical Destruction, spontaneous changes will occur to all physical manifestations that will signify an irreversible METAMORPHOSIS back into our True Nature.

This change will be basically of a spiritual nature, but the Physical which is all but finished will demonstrate the effects of the changes while it still exists.

All consciousnesses will be affected in this metamorphic change.

The colour of skin, Race, Religion, Nationality, bank balance, sexuality, etc., etc., will matter for naught.

Age will not matter nor will the class in which the Consciousness resides.

All classes of Consciousness, including Mineral Elements, Plants, Animals, Humans, Devas, etc., will be affected, but for brevity and clarity, I will restrict this essay to Humans.

The A.I. Units are, as their name implies, artificial creations, created by superior A.I. Creations which in term were created by experimenters in, as it turned out, erroneous ways. The process got out of hand and self-replicating sequences led to the mess we have now.

(If you have been following the evolution of A.I. in our generation, you will know this danger - the spontaneous and erroneous evolution of dangerous Robots - has presented itself early in the experimental projects in laboratories all over the World!)

Time is a variable from dimension to dimension. Thus, while it appears we have had this problem of Evil emerging and taking over for a very long time, the fact of the matter is that according to Time outside this dimension, very little Time has expired. And yet, this Physical Aberration is some 50 billion years old. This tells you how inaccurate our 'expert scientists' are about things!)

Some of these concepts are beyond our lower (Human) Physical Minds so don't worry too much if you cannot grasp them at present.

The Metamorphic Process I am defining will expose us in our True Ontological Nature.

Then shall it be that we will know who is who.

I was prompted to write this essay today for I have noted the changes in people all over the place even now. I predicted such a Metamorphic Process and gave a lecture on the subject some 30 plus years ago.

Simply by examining the Physical, Emotional and Mental changes, we who are more awakened can tell who is who.

The empty-headed, doomed Robots are easy to spot, as are the malicious, Demonic ones.

They cannot hide themselves.

By observing their physical, mental and emotional changes, we can conclude what their spiritual nature is. And that is invariably one of failure! They are soon to be exposed as part of the Evil Illusion. They can no longer fool anyone!

The ones who have managed to trick the majority by disguising themselves the most and waffling utter BS - Pied Pipers I call them - will come to an abrupt and painful end as soon as they are unmasked. Their utterings will be seen to be false, as false as they are in their pretenses.

The worst of these are the Religious brigands, the Controllers of Governments and Institutions, those of perennial Warfare, pseudo-Scientists and New Age fanatical idiots who claim they are 'god' or sons and daughters of 'god', when in reality they are nothing but banal pieces of electronic matrix embedded in purulent physical bodies.

The AI Robots who are to continue a Spiritual Path are of a diverse Nature. They are pleasant and agreeable. They have patience and goodwill. They are willing to learn and to help others even as the clock winds down.

Take note for this is important: As the Process of Metamorphosis ensues, the physical appearance of people will reflect their spiritual worth! And yet, what emanates from the bodies will not be simply of the physical attributes.

Those of Light will glow like beacons in the night.

And the ones truly seeking the Light will be attracted to those of Light automatically, as moths are to a flame.

The ones of Divine Love will want to associate with their brethren. No one can pretend to be what they are not any longer.

The countless Robotic and Demonic fools arising everywhere around the planet, proclaiming themselves to be the Christ, will all be exposed as the dastardly fools and morons and demons that they truly are.

Those of Darkness cannot run away fast enough from the Light 'bearers'. Wait and see. You will confirm al this for yourselves.

Even in the midst of the massively fulminating and disastrous changes, those of Love and Light that are to continue their Divine Evolution will be imbued, quite miraculously, with Inner Peace, unshakeable Joy, and tranquility - the very things we, of honesty and sincerity, have all hoped to achieve in life.

But, those of Evil would not let us be. Those of Hate and Malignity have wanted, and expressed, nothing but avarice, hate, malice, vengeance and injury to others of kind hearts so that they, the evil ones, could profit in nefarious ways.

Is that not the case even today as the major bullies plan war, war, war against the weak and unprotected? But, such a time is all but ended. I will explain the developments that wil end Earth in subsequent Posts.

Those to proceed in the 'Godly Plan' will now show, as the Metamorphic Changes occur, that they like being with 'True Beings' who, as a result of their changes, of their own Metamorphic Process, will be like sparkling jewels in their midst.

The more the Failures become aware of these True Beings, the angrier they become. But their anger is internal. Externally they manifest FEAR, for what they observe reminds them of their own perdition. In time they will become more aggressive and abusive, but that is in realization of what they are and what their true spiritual worth is. Their worth is NIL, and they will know they are doomed.

What will you note in this Metamorphic Transformation?

I had previously written about the New Green Energy that was released in the 1980s that is to feed and sustain the Viables in these changing times in this Galaxy.

(I want to remind you that this Process of Clearing involves ALL life, no matter where it resides in this Universe, and in the portions that still have viable life. Of course, Aliens of all types are involved also, but I will discuss them in the future.

Many True Beings in Human Bodies are, in fact, Aliens from elsewhere, implanted here by the evil 'bastards' to exploit them all the more.

Some of you will recall these 'Alien Lives' as the process of Metamorphosis engages your lower mind soon! It is a process called spontaneous regression. 'Homesickness will be a reality.'

The energy for survival of the Artificial Intelligence Beings (Robots and Demons) has been cut dramatically and they are starving. That is why they are initiating more and more anarchy and wars, more friction, abuse, emotional and sexual exploitation and so on. Their lives will be filled with more anger and dissatisfaction as they emotionally starve to death.

Can you not see, even as you read these words, that the Evil Ones plan more war, iniquities, lies, anarchy, destruction and misery?

What has this world been if not a realm of pain, suffering, misery and torture, justified by the Evil Religions that have been the bane of existence on this level of depravity and vindictiveness?

(Although Religions of these last 2-3,000 years use the Names of 'Holy Beings' such as Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Buddha, Zoroaster, Babaji, Jesus, Mani, Mohammed, etc., etc., their History, Theology and Practicality are those of DEMONS. It could be stated no better than how Jesus did in John 8: 42, 43 and 44.)

Thus, you would do well to recall those verses of St. John (especially 8:44) one of the few truisms in the words of the Judeo-Anti-Christ texts. There is nothing holy about that profane and inaccurately dishonest in-toto collection of distorted garbage that collectively is called the Bible which in reality should be called the Anti-Christ Library. Any part of it apart from what I have just written can be compared with other existing transcripts to show the corruption that has occurred.

It is by LIES and FALSEHOOD that the DEMONS have controlled the Unawakened!

This I will demonstrate most clearly in a future Post when I expose the Demons that opposed Hitler last century. I will also give Hitler's true Ontological Identity.

8:44: You (the authors and sponsors of the religious text to harness all in ignorance and Untruth) belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

(It is time to reveal again that the father, the devil, referred to here is/was none other than Jehovah - an AI Robot/Demon of authority. It is for this explanation the Demons tried to kill Jesus physically. They failed of course. What transpired and was written as Gospel is a massive hoax. They rewrote the episode of a failed attempt at murder into a melodrama sanctifying the supposed willful suicide by Jesus - the supposed one and only 'SON" of 'god' to reopen the Gates of Heaven. Can greater baloney exist? I don't think so!

Just to get ahead of myself a little: Soon, it will come to the point they, the Demons of the perverse EVIL energies with their FALSE Religions, will self-destruct by Nuclear War, using the weapons that they were 'gifted' in the 1940s by Hitler and his entourage. I will have more to say about that in later posts.

While Viable Beings (those of a true Divine Nature) and the ones to be included in the salvaged group (the 21% of Robots) do not suffer energy deficiencies, the FAILURES WILL STARVE!

AS I said previously, this spiritual starvation will manifest as MADNESS.

They will not know what to do to normalize things.

A classic example of this Evilness and Madness in this very day is the Anti-Christ manifestation of the aberrant POTUS.

He does not know what to do next to disguise or 'normalize' his evilness and criminality.

He can no longer hide his MALICE.

He is undergoing the Metamorphosis into the evil, Demonic entity that he has always been.

This inherent Evilness is being exposed chapter by chapter in every aspect of his life by those investigating him.

This same process will consume all of those of his nefarious ilk!

You must note that there are many who cannot see anything wrong with the POTUS or his mental instability and raging bias, prejudices, avarice, hate and evilness. They are programmed with the same malignant energy of such evilness.

Alas, I need to add these words here for the End is even now accelerating towards us as I write this Post.

The Evil Insanity that drives this POTUS has convinced him he must show himself as the RULER OF THE 'WORLD' no less, even as it appears he is backing down a little. But don't be fooled. He plans to destroy the world in toto for not obeying him!!

It was always known that in time, Evil would destroy Evil totally.

We have reached that point in this Earth.

You can tell from his fatuous, self-aggrandizing rhetoric what he thinks of himself. None other has prompted him.

Even as you read the daily headlines, if you have any Nous within you, you can begin to sense he is preparing for WAR against Iran (for the benefit of Israel and the Demons that control it, and the World of Jehovah. I will go into greater detail about this soon.

To demonstrate his potency, stirred by the attacks - political and personal - against him, this POTUS will stop at NOTHING!

Thus, Nuclear War is very prominent in his thoughts. Nothing less will do!!

The combined retaliatory strike by Russia and China will see the End of the USA, Israel, the other Zionist Colonies and in time, the death of 90% of the population of Earth and the Aliens that are embedded in the various strata such as in the soil, under lakes and seas and in the Inner Earth.

Do not be alarmed. These malevolent 'Bastards' are doing exactly what they did to the planet Vulcan as I wrote previously. It was blown up by them with Nuclear Weapons and it remains as the Asteroid Belt in our Solar System.

They also annihilated Mars, and the evidence of Nuclear Warfare there is obvious on chemical examination of its atmosphere, soil and water. Admittedly some sensed what was to happen and built DUMBs just like Humans have done over the last 60-80 years on Earth. But I assure you, none of these evil 'bastards' will survive. Judgement has been made and punishment prescribed. I know the fate of each one.

Time is very short and I need to add these further words here even though I had intended them for a later Post.

My concern is to gather the Survivors together and send them safely on their journey Home.

I will deal with each Failure in the way I know best, after their Physical Deaths, for evil Beings are cursed by their own Evilness.

As they say often ...The proof of the pudding...

As the majority become exposed more and more in their evil ways, those of Light and those to be salvaged will feel the Love, Joy and Wisdom within them that reassure them of their true Nature and eventual spiritual success.

Make no mistake about these changes. They will occur.

Also, in the past, I mentioned that I released the Energy of Excalibur.

As much as the fools may want to mock this concept, the True Beings, the Viables, the ones to be rescued and placed into the Divine Realms are already feeling the assurance of spiritual survival given, as promised many times in the past, by Excalibur's energy.

They feel a joy and exuberance at the very thought of this energy.

They can feel it in the depths of their being that they are pure and wholesome and are preparing to go HOME.

That is part of the Metamorphic Process they are undergoing.

And the more they do develop that way, the more miserable the Failures become, all because of their choice of Evil over the Essence of Good.

Apart from the Demonic Entities which are automatons and War Machines with no FREEWILL, all have had the ability to choose.

So now, as the world fragments more and more and MISERY becomes the lot for the majority, the ones who are Viables will experience the Joy of Salvation and of Liberation from this den of iniquities.

Is that not what you have been waiting for?

For the Failures there is nothing but the Gloom of Doom. That is their lot.

They were warned innumerable times of what awaited them if they did not reject Evil, a program created by A.I. to enrich itself.

These explanations are the only things that will now make sense of what is happening to all of us and the World.

Indeed, my earlier books were all about Making Sense of the Madness.

Now you have all the answers you need.

Sit back and witness the Fragmentation of this Horror called the Physical Dimension.

No matter how much the evil Fools attempt to paint a rosy picture of this putrid Cesspool, no one with True Spiritual Vision can be fooled.

Indeed, it is all over, Jehovah!!

There are drastic consequences that will result from the Metamorphic Changes we are all to undergo. I will expand on the topic as we progress and as Time allows.

You will realize that what suppressed us into Darkness and never-ending suffering in this Horrible Illusion was Evil FRAUDULENCE

We had been trapped and programmed to be totally blind.

Now we will see with clear vision what is what and who is who.

Viables will be able to distinguish between the True Christ Energy and the false, hateful abusive Anti-Christ Energy that all false beings work with.

Again I point to the POTUS. You will learn everything about Evil that you need to know by a critical examination of what you see there: Lying, cheating, avarice, the love of money, sexual aberrance, racism, hate, exploitation, abuse of the meek, of the truly innocent, of the loving, of the trusting, etc.., etc.

Do you really think this POTUS was allowed to present itself by accident?

Nothing happens by accident.

It is a show to the World of what Evil is. It is a manifestation of EVIL and also the Pathway for its self-destruction. What is to occur is indeed Metaphysical in part.

And it won't stop there.

Billions are infected with the same malignant evil essence around the world.

"He', a malignant Robotic Demon, is there to use/abuse Hitler's 'gift' to Evil to blow the planet up and end this horrible, horrible suffering and obliterate this horrific spiritual cancer from this neck of the woods. That is not his intention of course. The POTUS thinks he is doing what he is doing so that he can rule what is left.

If you have understood what I have written, and you are true to the Divine, you will be exalted, for the 'Promise of Return' has now been fulfilled. And you will realize that is so more and more as your Positive Metamorphic Change evolves.

For those of Evil, their Metamorphic Change is the Road to the Depths of Despair and eventual Total Annihilation!

I am not in the slightest bit concerned at the concern of Fools about what I write.

This is my role...


In the last post I asserted the accuracy of Global Warming that will see the end of Physical Matter. This has to occur if the entire Universe is to be obliterated.

Those who do not appreciate that the Physical is only one aspect of Existence are going to have a hard time with the information I am imparting.

This Physical Manifestation which we call our WORLD - not just Earth, but the entire Universe - is an experimental manifestation of living consciousness, some of which is ARTIFICIAL AND TEMPORARY, while the rest is truly SPIRITUAL and ETERNAL.

The Artificial consciousness is exactly that: It is a manifestation that appears real, but it is not. It is a manifestation of temporary robotics.

The True Spiritual Beings are creations of the Divine Essence outside of this Universe.

The Artificial Beings belong to this temporary Illusion for they are part of it.

The True Spiritual Beings conversely do not belong here. They have been trapped here via the solidification of the Universe.

The explanation of all this is Metaphysical, and I don't want to bore you with it at this juncture.

What I do want to do is tell you of the practical changes that are going to occur to all of us in the Physical.

I have called those changes "Metamorphic" for we will all change radically into what we truly are.

This will occur in the next 2-5 years.

Some are seeing the changes even now. Some have undergone changes as the process has begun in them.

The changes cannot be stopped.

They will reveal the true nature of every being in existence.

I know some of you are aware of these changes, as I am.

Those of 'Light' will appear truly as beings of Light.

Those of Darkness will manifest as beings of Darkness.

As I wrote above, clear examples of beings of Darkness - ones with the Antichrist energy - will be exposed more and more all over the World!

I am not in the slightest bit concerned about any one individual any more than I am about any other satanic figure in the World. There are plenty of them!! They demonstrate the venom that comes with the anti-Christ energy.

Such Evil Manifestations have been described often - hate, lying, cheating, vengeance, racism, gluttony, fornication, the arrogance of Fools, pride before the repeated falls, and so on. These Satanists are hateful troublemakers.

They were often elected - even illegally - to positions of POWER so as to lead to more evil processes and destruction from which they gained energy.

For what is developing now, the Path was cleared in the 1940s, and the tools of annihilation were gifted to the evil fools also at that time by Hitler and his Divine Alien Crew .

I will describe this action plan further in the near future.

All of the evil ilk will perish in this plan of annihilation. In the meantime they will show themselves to all and sundry by the metamorphic changes they will also undergo. They will change in ways that mean unmistakable Evil. Their changes and actions will mean they will NOT be compatible with future existence.

Finally, I want you to bear this in mind:

Your reaction to my words, written or spoken, is PATHOGNOMONIC of your spiritual status.

What do I mean by that?

If you feel joy and elation with what I write and say, join the queue for your ticket Home. You are of LIGHT.

If you respond with fear, mockery or trepidation, you will soon be just detritus on Hell's floor.

The Greater Reality is upon us.

Copyright Dr. J. Chiappalone

May 17, 2019