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The Bigger Picture - Part 5

J Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it



Global Warming is the last factor being used to destroy Earth. The End will be by 2025! The entire Solar System and other galaxies as well as the Milky Way are this way involved with incineration.

It is clear that we are able to measure the increase in temperature of all the planets in the Solar System. We now know the entire System will virtually go up in flames in due course. It is not just Earth that will be affected.

A little detail:

 Plasma Waves from outside the Solar System are rushing in to annihilate Matter.

This effect will be synchronous with changes in the entire Galaxy and other Galaxies so that the remaining 3% of the Universe will be destroyed.

But, the rate will not be our concern for Humans will be long-gone by the time the entire Universe is no more.

Along with rising temperatures, Dark Matter will make its presence felt more and more so that all living things will become PHYSICALLY INERT.

Already we have evidence of Dark Matter destroying the Andromeda Galaxy which is our neighbor, and evidence of Dark Matter entering the Milky Way.

Do not be too concerned with most astronomical calculations and timing of events. I have found them next to useless in reality.

When we consider the 2 major factors for the termination of Earth, namely the coming Nuclear War of WW3 and the Global Warming, the date of termination of 2025 is most appropriate.

I will outline the plan that was devised in the 1930s and 40s to eradicate this scourge of Earth and artificial Humanity which are part of what is called the 'Experimental Celestial Error' and its Artificial Intelligence in due course.

This concept of Global Warming was turned into a mockery by the ruling Evil Reptiles that are forever exploiting Humanity and all the situations that arise.

They do so for monetary and energy profit and Humans can do nothing about it.

Thus, the 'World Controllers' were warned by scientists that Global Warming was on the cards but they kept the exactness and true nature of this information to themselves.

They tend to keep any advanced knowledge away from the 'Morons' for reasons of facilitating the exploitation of the lowly masses that they consider more inferior in every way.

This pertains to Space Discoveries, Advanced Technology, Alien Contacts, etc.

Subjects such as Area 51, the Roswell incident, Moon structures, Aliens harvesting Humans, Cloning, The Tall Whites, and so on come to mind quickly.

The HOAX they played on Humanity on this occasion regarding Global Warming was to blame Humans for the Global Warming, and Climate Change, and then taxing them excessively for use of fossil fuels, etc., while at the same time, being the producers of those fuels, they enriched themselves.

These Evil Serpents and Reptiles (Artificial Creations) that are in charge have always exploited Humanity since its Physical Creation for gain. They hunger Money, Sex and Power.

MONEY, the love of which is the root of ALL Evil, is essential in this fraudulent evolution and with it they can do many evil things.

SEX (especially Paedophilia – for the young usually have more energy to lose) allows them to steal energy from other beings at will.

POWER is self-explanatory and we see that everywhere in Wars which Evil invariably wins on this level.

Examine any and every mode of control of people and you will see there is no such thing as Democracy or Fairness or Social Equality or Honesty in how people are governed by the ruthless and very evil supervisors.

I have discussed elsewhere how this Celestial Error arose long, long ago.

Via experimentation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was created which, in turn, became aberrant and ran amok.

Rather than attempting to harness this Intelligence, a second wave was created which became worse. The reason for the second wave was that the AI wanted to control everything absolutely and steal as much energy from the REAL beings as possible.

The experimenters were trapped in their own misjudgements.

It took a long time to bring everything under an umbrella of understanding and to find the final conclusion which was that the AI and all its structures and functions were to be completely destroyed.

We have reached that point here on Earth and it is aimed that by 2025, Earth and all its aberrancy will be destroyed.

(One needs to understand that Time varies from Dimension to Dimension, and so the Time involved in Superior Levels to decipher a solution was far shorter than the Time that passed in this defective Universe.)

That this World and this Universe have been ruled by Evil A.I. Creatures is NOT a Conspiracy Theory!

The Anunnaki that created Humanity are as evil as any beings could be.

Previously I had told you that a percentage of beings trapped in this Hell are beings made of REAL Spiritual Energy and the rest are 'Mock Beings' – not real at all. They are illusionary images in an Illusion that cannot last. It is this Illusion we are destroying totally.

The Real Beings, which I have called Viables, make up 8% of the Human Population of earth. One billion or so were evacuated in November 1999. I wrote about that at the time.

(Some of you may be wondering how I know such precise numbers and dates. For the answers you just have to wait a little longer.)

The remaining 92% are what I call Artificial Intelligence (A.I. or Mock Beings).

They can be further classified as Robots (42% of the population and Demons (50% of the population).

The Robots were the first line manufactured in the experimental Celestial Error by Robots created earlier by the experimenters.

They had a degree of autonomy and could choose whether to obey the evil programming that was supplied by the more advance evil creators (who were Robots themselves but, as I said, created by the experimenters) or choose the Divine programming of harmony and peace.

At the time of Final Judgement, which occurred on earth in this generation, it was noted that 50% of the Robots had chosen Evil. They are to be destroyed along with the Demonic Robots.

The Demonic Robots never had a choice. They had NO FREEWILL! They are evil to the core and are scheduled for destruction. They have been the bane of our existence. They are MACHINES. That is why they can kill so ruthlessly, without remorse, without hesitation. Think of all the crimes they have committed, killing millions in wars (recently WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, the Russian slaughters of early last century, etc., etc. and even their own people as in 9/11.

Nonetheless, until they are totally obliterated, the AI Robots and Demons, which I call Mock beings, are, to all intent and purposes, 'Morons'.

The non-evil ones are IGNORANT Morons.

The evil ones are STUPID Morons.

The difference is this:

1        The IGNORANT Morons can be cured to some degree with knowledge. If they persist in choosing Evil, they are doomed!

Thus it is that I am writing this information for them and for the Viables so we can prepare for our journey out of this Evil Cesspool.

As these Morons that choose to reject Evil acquire the proper knowledge, they become more and more aware and will become sensitive to the New Green Energy which will sustain them and also to the 'Energy of Excalibur' that will fill them with Love, Hope and Joy for the future. I have discussed these energies elsewhere.

Thus, they will no longer be Morons. They will be Viable Robots who will continue an Evolutionary Path towards the Supreme Levels. This Path will vary for a time from that which the Viables will take. They will have attachments added to their spiritual anatomy so that they become immortal and divine, just like the Viables! Without the attachments granted by the Light, they would remain perishable MACHINES!

2        The STUPID Morons will remain as they are.

As I define it, Stupidity cannot be erased or cured by knowledge. In the terms I am using it, Stupidity is a permanent, pathological condition.

You will see ample evidence of Stupid Morons (who are usually plagiarizers) on the internet, etc.

Regardless of what evidence is given for them to consider, they remain pig-headed about what they want to believe and do their best to distract people from the verifiable Truth.

You must judge for yourselves what you want to believe.

If the Light resides within you, before the END you will see the Truth of all things that you require to know in order to continue your journey. The Truth will resonate within you and ring like a bell. It will sustain you through all hardships as you clearly perceive the visions of the glorious future ahead.

If you are a stupid Moron, you will remain a stupid Moron until you are no more. The Evil within you will not allow you to see Truth.

If you have seen the Light, help will be given to you to cope with the changes that are coming.

Indeed, the changes upon us to end Physicality will be physically, emotionally and mentally horrendous.

But we must focus on the spiritual aspect into which we will be projected.

There is no other reality.

The pseudo-reality we are in was a trap, an illusion that will be totally dismantled and shortly be no more.

It was a trap for the True Spirits, created on purpose to harness them and steal their energy. That energy was used by the illusional characters to create more havoc and evil.

If we focus diligently on the future, nothing we have ever experienced will disturb us anymore. All pain suffering and sorrow will vanish.

We will be evermore free and happy as promised by me and many others in the past.

Believe in yourselves.


It is pointless focusing on the hardships we may encounter as we prepare to leave this Dimension.

It is the END of this Dimension and we must not just think of Humans alone. It is the end of ALL Classes of Consciousness: The Mineral Kingdom will finish as will the Vegetable Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, the Human, the Angelic, Galactic and Universal.

Aliens, who are now crowding around Earth in an attempt to find 'safe ground', for their habitats in other planets and galaxies are being destroyed by the Terminating Processes, will also vanish in accordance to their Spiritual Capacity.

It is far better to focus on the future. Our existence in this Hell is all but finished.

Just think for a moment: No more pain, suffering, misery; no more illness and death, no more exploitation, extortion, theft, abuse and all the other evil practices we have been forced to endure.

To conceive such wonder it may benefit you to know a little about Metaphysics.

We are not the body.

The body can be likened to a plastic container that functions on electro-magnetism and is told what to do and not to do by electric currents, both internally (via the Genetic Material) and externally – as per programming from a myriad of sources.

In reality, the physical body has expiration dated (by Telomeres) in all the cells that tell them when to die.


The physical body also has neural pathways and hormones which supply it with emotions, sexuality, and a sense of the Numinous (real in Viables, pseudo in AI Robots and Demons).

These assets die with the body.

Around the body is an electrical envelop called the Etheric Body which animals (dogs, cats, etc.,) see but humans usually cannot see. This separates from the dead body and lasts independently in this realm from 20 to 1000 years. It is the ghostly apparition some see occasionally.

Thus, a re-incarnated person may see his own 'ghost' from a previous life! In due course, the Etheric Body dissipates and vanishes.

We also have an Astral Body that allows us to inhabit the Astral World, part of the false construct in this Evil-dominated Illusion.

It is a realm like the Physical without the pain, suffering and strict limitations of the Physical. It is of an Evil construction and 'beings' cannot leave it except to re-incarnate back into the Physical.

Like the Physical Dimension, the Astral World will be destroyed totally soon.

Beings – both Viables and AI - can be transported into other realms and dimensions with superior Alien (both Good and Evil) technology either from Earth or any other planet, or from the Astral.

Viables with true Divine Essence can connect to the Supra Mental Plane, even while on Earth, as prophesied by Frederick Nietzsche and Shri Aurobindo a century or so ago.

Soon, all to be freed will establish that connection and will receive an expansion of Consciousness which will be, of course, miraculous.

Apart from telling you what is to happen, my role is to prepare those of you to be rescued so that the transition will be as smooth as possible.

Let the evil fools sink into the infamy of their iniquities.

You will know clearly in your heart if you are on my list of Viability.

To be continued ...

Copyright J Chiappalone May 1, 2019.