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The Bigger Picture - Part 4

J Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

Alea iacta est!

Soon, all of the Evil Caste, being unwanted Artificiality, will be exterminated.

In previous writings I explained why Termination of Earth, Humanity, and the Entire Physical Universe is essential.

Truth is stranger than Fiction, as these short essays of mine will once again prove.

While there is the probability that we are in the last 5 years of Earth's existence, it is going to take some while for most 'conscious' beings to awaken to that Truth, so take your time contemplating these revelations.

Most 'consciousnesses', be they 'people', 'animals', 'Aliens', 'Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robots', 'AI Demons', etc., will simply not understand what is going on and they will be like sludge at the bottom of this 'Cesspool' by the final stages of the Endtime of which I write.

(Long ago the 'Godforce' dictated that this Physical Universe be abolished and all the Children of the Light be rescued and newly placed in Divine Dimensions to continue their evolution.

All of Matter which had been contaminated by an experimental and uncontrollable Evil Essence (an electro-magnetic program) was to be turned into inert Dark Matter, and all the useless parts of the Universe were to be totally destroyed.

At this very point, this Dissolution of the Evil Essence has been accomplished in over 97% of this Universe. Earth is in the last 3% and about to be annihilated. There is evidence of dissolution of our Galaxy, the Milky Way, and our neighbor, The Andromeda Galaxy.

Don't get lost in the scientific mumbo jumbo. Dark Matter is what results when matter capable of sustaining 'life' is totally dissipated into utter inertness!
The Evil Essence (a form of malignant programming) was the result of an experimental Error that got out of control, so much so that the only solution was to destroy it all and rescue the Viable Beings trapped by it in this Universe.

The artificial beings created in error were given countless chances to 'Turn to the Light'.

The Demonic Variety such as the 'Reptilian Entities' that rule this Earth did not have such a choice for they have no Freewill. Thus we see them as ruthless lies, rapists, exploiters and murderers. They can influence other beings or even invade physical bodies. That is called Demonic Possession.

This is not as ridiculous as some think.

In this generation, with the super rapid development of AI Technology, the same mistakes are being repeated and the same dangers present themselves as in the past but on a much smaller scale.

AI Consciousness, if allowed to proceed, would enslave all other expressions of Consciousness and the same scenario that is being liquidated now would re-emerge.

The only solution to this Celestial Error that has led to the mess we are in with programmable EVIL is the one being applied.)

Read on...

Before I go any further I want to remind you all not to drown in the minutiae. Make every attempt to see the Bigger Picture of 'What is Going On'!!

Also note that PROPHECY, like Propaganda in our wars, is a tool of Warfare on all occasions.

If Prophecy about anything is accurate, well and good!

If Prophecy about anything is inaccurate, well and good!

Do not fall into the trap of being rigid when it comes to prophecy.

As I have experienced at length in the past, on most occasions Prophecy is nonsense to fool most of us all the more.

Like Caesar, we have crossed the Rubicon.

So what is in store for us?

Those with clear visions (they are very few) know that Evil has ruled this Illusional Abomination called the Physical Universe. The Evil Rule is coming to an End.

Here are some very brief facts to try and get some of you to awaken and understand:

· This Physical Universe is a failed experiment which is very inimical to existence, inspite of what we are told by those in charge.

· There are countless Universes in creation.

· Evil is a 'program' created within this runaway experiment to steal energy from the rightful owners to feed 'Artificial Intelligences' that were created by, and for, the evil, runaway experiment.

· Existence is all about 'energy'. Without it no one can survive.

· When the experiment went amuck and expressed more and more Evil, energy was cut off from those artificial creations expressing Evil, but they found ways to steal energy from the rightful beings (non-artificial ones) who had it.

· That is why existence everywhere in this Hell Hole (that is what I call this Universe) is all about exploitation of some for the benefit of others, rendering continuous PAIN, SUFFERING AND MISERY!

· Over 97% of this Universe has already been destroyed by the rightful owner of ALL THINGS – THE LIGHT ESSENCE!

· The Process of annihilation of the Abomination is simple: Cut all energy from all the inhabitants in the Universe. As energy levels fall, all will starve except those who are fed an energy those of the artificial Evil Essence cannot use. This was the New Green Energy I mentioned in the 1980s which is sustaining those I call spiritual Viables.

· Those who are starving of energy are doing everything they can to steal it from the Viables. That is the reason for perennial wars, increased anarchy, sexual overstimulation which drains those who have energy, etc., etc.

· One of the side-effects of loss of energy is TERMINAL MADNESS.

· We see Terminal Madness everywhere. Thus we are at the near End of it all.

Let me give brief details of what is going on today. Realize that the situation is rather complex.

1 The Final Judgement of all Consciousnesses has occurred.

8% of “Humans' have been judged as being spiritually viable, and are to be rescued. They will proceed in their evolution in other Divine Dimensions.

The 8% refers to the World in general. Some countries have a far less percentage of its population that is viable. The USA has a Viable Rate of 2.3%

To further sustain them and make them realize they are viable, the true Viables are being supplied with an Energy called the Energy of Excalibur, first introduced to us that exist in this Solar System, some millions of years ago.

On Earth, it was channeled 15 hundred years ago by King Arthur who was NOT a Myth. He was, in fact, the re-incarnated Jesus of Nazareth, who, in turn, was the re-incarnated Zoroaster. If you can't accept these details, move on.

The remaining 92% of Humans are 'Artificial Intelligence' in Body, Mind, and Soul. That % also includes failed True Beings who betrayed themselves and the Light.

21% of the total, although they are 'Robotic Artificial Intelligences' have rejected the Evil Programming forced upon them and have remained seekers of truth.

71% of today's Earthly population is to be transmuted into Dark Matter for it has chosen the Evil Programming that satisfies their lust for MONEY, SEX AND POWER!!

For the more malignant 'demons', their TRANSMUTATION will not be a simple process of being put to sleep and having their carcasses burned to dust. They are to pay for the iniquities they committed especially after they were warned what was to happen to them if they did not stop the evil exploitations!

These evil machines murdered many, many good people and will pay a great impost for their malfeasance!

All of Evil will be obliterated by steps I have described in the past and will describe again soon.

Do not be fooled by smooth talking shysters, conmen and Pied Pipers who want to give you opaque rose-coloured glasses which will keep you blind till the very end. They are just as much of the exploitative systems as ever.

Ignore those who urge you to rise up and revolt against the ruling Evil masters.

On this level no one can win against the more Evil and superior Reptilian Masters.

I am not interested in the slightest in the Artificial Creatures.

They are caught in this Process of Self-Destruction as I have explained often.

This Process of Clearing the Planet is the same process that has been ongoing in this Universe for billions of years.

AS I have said often, we are in the last 3 % of the Universe to be dissolved.

Some of you may eventually recall this Process of Annihilation of the Evil Ones in other Planets and Galaxies. This may occur as Dreams, Astral Travel or spontaneous Past life recall. Do not dismiss it as fantasy.

We are to prepare for our JOURNEY HOME.

Of course I will explain that in more detail in due course.


Not all beings are equipped with the capacity to see or understand truth. Most are mindless, Robotic Morons that are programmed by their superiors who can easily manipulate them with electro-magnetic impulses or invade the bodies short or long term.

2 What is the true Meaning of what is going on?

Let us briefly look at the World today:

Unbeknown to most that are walking zombies, we are surrounded by wars:

A little detail: Very shortly, once he realizes he is doomed and will spend the rest of his human days in jail, the idiotic POTUS will start a Nuclear War that will destroy 90% of the World's population.

You must not fear that fact.

You must see it a means of eradicating the Physical Prison and going “Home”.

The POTUS and those behind the scenes who support him are working for the Vulturite Reptiles that control the USA.

They want the World for themselves.

They want to destroy 7 billion Humans and keep some ½ billion as moronic slaves.

They are creating more moronic human slaves by use of Chemtrails, Wi-Fi, GMO products, 5G, Vaccines, etc., etc. These are intended to mentally destroy Humans that remain after the Nuclear War!

The Reptilian War, while attempting to annihilate Humans, is really between other Reptilian Alien Races that have existed on Earth a long, long time and who manipulated Biology and Humanity one way or another.

They are part of the Evil expressed by the run-away experiment that this Universe is.

Thus, although the USA will in all probability attack Iran first, its real targets include China, Russia, and others.

As I said in a Show with Jeff Rense in 2001, the USA will NOT win this coming Nuclear War. In fact, it and its allies, including Australia, will be totally decimated.

All the Evil Reptiles controlling Earth are programmed to self-destruct.

As proof of self-destruction, look at the mental foibles of Donald Trump and Mick Pompeo.

(BTW, Trump is an AI robot whose strings are pulled by the Vulturite Reptilians that had infested the Jewish Race some 3,000 years ago and controlled it by using what the primitive people saw as 'magic' items such as the Arc of the Covenant and other technological tricks. Of course the basis of their religion is false. ALL religions of this Earth are fraudulent.

Re Pompeo:

The Vulturites took complete control of the USA when G. Bush Jr. became president in 2001.

Other more powerful (but still evil) Reptilians took over China at that time.

This subject matter is voluminous and complicated and I will write more if time permits.

Realize that surviving Viables will be helped by the Energy of Excalibur and the New Green Energy to overcome all obstacles in this End of Days.

The more they hear of what I have to say, the happier they will become, in contrast to the Failures who will sink into the depths of despair.

But all have had chances to reject Evil and embrace Truth, Love and Harmony!

3 Humans will change inexorably, some for the better, most for the worse!

Those of Artificial Intelligence that have been JUDGED TO BE FAILURES and scheduled for physical, mental and spiritual destruction will become distraught in ways that lead to madness and anarchy. Watch and see.

Those to continue their SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION will grow more confident and happier as the days pass even though their physical lives will decay and dissolve into mayhem.

Those to continue will gain a SPECIAL VISION with which they will be able to see who is Viable, who is a Robot to continue, who is a failed Robot, and who is a DEMON to be destroyed.

Many have already developed this visual ability and it is a SIGN OF THE END!

4 A sure sign of Viability is the happiness one feels on reading these words.

It is not by chance or self-deception that Happiness fills the mind and soul knowing the solution to the Problem of Evil and our eventual promised Rescue.

The FAILED MORONS will want to argue. They will become most unsettled. They will babble like demented idiots. Yes, Trump is a prime example!

The Failed Ones will want to dispute any points I make, even though they are despicable ignoramuses. The imbecility will come to the fore. They are empty-headed Robots programmed by malicious inputs from evil circuitry. It has nothing to do with Freewill or Intellect. It is another manifestation of electro-magnetic programming of Robots in this farcical, failed Physical Universe.

Externally the Failed Ones will grow more and angry. They will act viciously and destructively against anyone and everyone they meet. Their irrationality will know no bounds. You will witness that irrationality when they bomb the daylight of all things with their bombs in the coming Nuclear War.

But, even as they do this like senseless savages, internally they will feel arising in their mock souls, the Fear of Annihilation.

As the World sinks into war and malice never seen before, Viables will be imbued with Joy and Happiness for they see their way out of this Hell.

Steps have been taken over the last 100 years or so that reveal the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of this obnoxious Illusion is going to really occur. Planning occurred over millions of years to destroy the entire Universe, and for very good reasons. We have reached the last few years of its existence.

In the 40 years or so that I began giving out this information, many have defamed me.

In time, they will wish they had never been born.

They will be the targets of King Arthur's Wrath!

I will give more details in future Posts.

If you are happy, join the queue to receive you ticket HOME.

If you are angry at my words and fearful as never before with what I reveal, you are not one of mine!!

J Chiappalone

Copyright April 19, 2019