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The Bigger Picture - Part 3

J Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it


The story about Earth, Aliens and Humanity is complicated; but bear with me.

Most Humans are unaware of this information.

Sooner or later, we need to make the realization that we have been kept IGNORANT by higher consciousnesses that control Humanity.

Not all ‘Higher Consciousnesses’ are benign or divine.

As I have stated previously, this entire dimension has been overrun by an artificial programming that manifests MALICE. I will explain this in detail in due course.

The result of such control of lower intellectuals like Humans with Ignorance has been profound Stupidity. We are, in the main, programmed by various mechanisms to be Morons. This is for a very important reason: It allows us to be exploited much more easily.

Where does the ‘God force’ come into all this? We will get to that in due course.

In the meantime, realize, if you can, that the evil, misleading, convoluted and purposely distorted non-sensical Religions, especially the Judeo-pseudo-Christian ones, have played their part to keep us stupid, ignorant and a lot more exploitable in these latter days.

History and Religions arising from India, the Indus Valley and similar places, such as Sumeria-Mesopetamia are much closer to the truth of what has happened to us and how we got into this ignorant mess.

There is Conflict and WAR everywhere in this Universe for a very good reason: Not all have sufficient ‘energy’ with which to exist. Hence, they extract energy from those who have it any way they can. I will expand on this topic in detail as we proceed.

But now this is a worthy place to interject about what appears to be happening in front of our very eyes.

For some, it is a time for FRIGHT.
For others, it is a time to FIGHT.
And for a small group it is time to prepare for FLIGHT!

Let’s digress a little.

Inspite of what many have called Idiocy, Dementia, Narcissism, Racism, gross incompetence, etc., etc., the POTUS,, Donald Trump, is winning issues.

Why is that?

As I explained in a previous essay, he is a puppet-robot representing some of the Alien Masters.

To be more specific, he is a tool for the most evil of the Aliens that control Humanity. They ae called the Vulturite Reptilians.

Sooner or later he will be caught on camera shape-shifting into such a Reptile.

This shifting is very real and I have witnessed it in a live human who sat not two feet away from me in a restaurant!

They are using this ROBOT (the POTUS) to initiate WAR on everybody else. That is why Trump is offending everybody else with impunity. Those Morons programmed like him see nothing wrong in him.

The Vulturite Reptilians want World War, especially against Russia and China, thinking they can win and rule the Planet.

They are also behind Agenda 21 and the Culling of Humanity, a term I coined quite a while ago.

These Vulturite Reptilians think they can win a Nuclear WW 3 and rule what remains.

They want Earth for themselves.

Humans will be reduced to humanoid robots of about half a billion and the Vulturites will control all Earth or so they think!

All Aliens know that they are being forced out of areas in the Universe due to life-supporting Matter being changed into inert Dark Matter which cannot sustain life in any manner.

The reason why Matter is being made inert is that the entire Universe is to be liquidated.

Thus, they, the foreign Aliens, like refugees, are invading places like this Earth and this Solar System for that reason.

That explains the increased numbers of UFO sightings of late.

There is a War for Earth.

Simultaneously there is War between Humans, War of Humans against Aliens, and Aliens against Aliens. If there is time I will explain all those facets.

Humans are being PHYSICALLY destroyed and plans are to kill off 7 billion of us. The remainder is being transformed by various agents such as Radiation and Vaccines to become mindless ZOMBIES, with much less independent cerebration than the Morons of today.

People like Trump and his legion of programmed Robots are there to pursue this WAR, this Culling and this Clearing.

Even they do not know the full extent of the work for which they are being used.

Superficially it appears Trump and his ilk are doing their work out of greed and racism. That is the front to fool the others.

They ae protected BY THE Evil controlling Aliens and will not be exposed and terminated until the Nuclear War is well underway.

Where is the Light Influence in all this?

It is watching with glee for it wants the artificial creations (of Robots and Demons) to kill themselves off and liberate the trapped True Beings. It wants total elimination of this purulent state of useless Matter so that the entire Universe can be liquidated.

As I said previously, 97% has already been abolished.

This Process of Dissolution is now affecting our neck of the woods.

Being protected by these Evil Aliens, Trump will proceed until the World War breaks out and the Final Days are visible.

The realization of what I have just written will give FRIGHT to the majority of Morons.

Very few truly know what is going on.

And so, after the initial FRIGHT, many will prepare to FIGHT, as they did before, in a WAR that no one can win!

Few of the population will fully realize what is going on, inspite of this message of mine that I released in 1985.

No one bothered to listen.

Very few are listening now.

The few that do listen are the ones who are preparing for the FLIGHT out of here.

They will be imbued with the Joy of LIBERATION from this HELL.

I will write more about that as time passes.

For now, just realize that we are caught in a Battle of Essences (Good vs Evil) which is resolving.

That Battle started long ago.

There can be only one outcome. The Light wins every time!

Throughout its History, Humanity has been adversely influenced by Evil Aliens to go contrary to the Divine Plan.

I will discuss the reasons for perennial wars later.

Most Human Morons are fools, and are easily fooled by those who spiritually possess them. Today we have evidence of Demonic and Reptilian Possession of Human bodies.

Over the last 200 hundred years or so, in the USA, this possession has been intense. The country was dedicated to the chief Demon, ‘Jehovah’.

Jesus exposed ‘him’ and his followers some 2000 years ago.

Yes, there are still snippets of Truth in the misleading and jumbled writings that still exist.

John 8:44: You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
If you connect the dots, you will recall I stated on the Rense Show a while back that the Vulturite Reptilians, the most evil of the evil reptilians, took greater control of the USA when George Bush Jnr was elected POTUS.

From them came DESTRUCTION AND MURDER GALORE ... 9/11, the Iraq War, The Afghan War, the Middle East Messes, etc., etc. ... Nothing was by accident.

Why are the American People so bellicose?

It is not the American People creating this Evil Havoc.

It is the Evil Demons called ‘Vulturite Reptilians’ who control those in charge that are creating this death-dealing mess!

The Evil Aliens planned all these actions. They are uncaring of others. The target of the Vulturites is China which is now run by another group of Evil Aliens who are, in fact, smarter and have always beaten the Vulturites in War.

(Earth has always been run by Evil since this Experiment (called Physicality) went off the rails. Once diagnosed as a dangerous failure, it was doomed for destruction. And we are at the very end of that process.

“God Bless America!”

Is this what we see, as being so evil, the USA to be blessed by the “Real God”?

You need to know that the USA, going against China and its allies including Russia, will lose the war it is prompting.

Civil strife, economic hardship, restricted liberties, bullying, are all coming to the USA as never before. Many Morons are programmed to smile as they are crunched into cardboard boxes by the ruling anarchists.

200 plus years of bad, bad KARMA has to be repaid by the USA.

I won’t stress the point, but there is much to consider.

If you have to choose sides, choose Justice and the Light!

Read and weep:

American wars often start with a lie:

Realizing this, again I ask “Is this the Greatness that Trump (The Reptile-fueled Robot) wants to return to?

What is his Modus Operandi?

Malice and Revenge Are Trump’s Way to ‘Make America Great Again’

This is what I wrote previously ……

...And his partner in crime?


Be discerning with your appraisal of information at all times.

(Do not confuse Jews with Zionists or Reptilians.

Jesus was a Jew and a Divine Being!
It was the Zionists and Reptiles that tried to murder him for exposing them as evil!

That struggle has not finished. Here is the start of the Final Round:

It’s crying time again ….. In favouring Evil, Trump Puts America Last


In the main, Humans are mere puppets, controlled by the Reptilian Aliens who pull the strings. That has always been the case.

More often than not, the Reptilians possess the body as in ‘Demonic Possession’.

You will note their traits: Lust for Money, Sex and Power!!

In the End, all the evil ones will lose and will be eradicated. This I promise.

Then it is that we, Viables, will take FLIGHT to the Heavenly Realms, for we will have been liberated from this HELL.

I realize that to most people what I write does not make sense.
It does not matter. The Morons will never understand. 71% of Humans are doomed.

What is to be will be!

Realizations will be made in due course, by one and all, whether they are doomed or whether they will continue.

The Power of Excalibur, about which I wrote earlier, will allow each individual to make realizations of its worth.

No one of Evil can feign Goodness!!

No one of Evil will spiritually survive.

In fact, we all have to leave this Physical Plane.

We will all have to die off physically.

If you have had any contact with persons that have left the Physical, you will know what a blessed release it is!! And they confirm it as such.

Being a Doctor of Metaphysical Science, I have had much experience in this field of ‘After Physical Life Communications’ and can aver to the accuracy of such communications with other levels including the Etheric and Astral Worlds.

Our departure from this long-suffering Hell (called Physicality) will be an instantaneous release from this physical prison and a much more enjoyable release than many think.

Viable relatives will be waiting for us.

More on this in my future writings!

For now, I ask that those of you who understand what I am writing should prepare for our Journey Home.

Time is of the essence.

My latest report is that 2024 may be the last year.

As some of you may recall, in 1985, I was asked to publish the fact that 2035 was the outer limit for the existence of Earth. It was to be totally destroyed earlier if possible.

From then, the year of Finality descended – 2032, 2029, 2027, and then 2025. It stayed at that for quite a while until the last few weeks when it was reported to me that 2024 looks very probable.

Taking into account the fact that
  • 97% of the Universe has already been destroyed,
  • Earth is so polluted by agents we know well it cannot last,
  • Earth is warming at a very dangerous rate from active Plasma Waves entering the Solar System from other parts of the Galaxy,
  • The Andromeda Galaxy (next door) is decaying rapidly with Dark Matter,
  • Dark Matter has entered the Milky Way,
  • Nuclear War is just ahead...
We can conclude 2024 is indeed a possible, even a probable, Endpoint!

This Universe has been poisoned by malignant programming and that is why it is all being destroyed.

Nothing of value will be lost.

The next few years may be physically horrendous, but those that connect to the Light will be safe and happy.

Those who had chosen Evil inspite of the repeated warnings to reject Evil and turn to the Light are to pay the price for their iniquities.

The Divine is Just in all things.
You will appreciate that there is much more detail that can be added to make fully sense of what is going on.

In due course I will expand on these matters.

But outer mind knowledge does not ultimately really matter.

It is wise to be skeptical and not accept anything glibly.

It is what is in the heart of each individual that counts.

Those of Harmony, Peace and Love will see the New Dawn.

If you have understood my words, you will shout with glee that “The sooner we are out of this Evil Cesspool, the better!!”

To be continued...

Copyright Dr. J. Chiappalone March 23, 2019.