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Tehran's Claims About The Ukraine
PS752 Air Crash Are Fantastical Lies

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

In a single take, let's suggest that the official Iranian story about the mistaken missile strike against Ukraina International Airline PS752 over northern Iran is a deep fake. In contrast to that knowing lie, the actual fate of its passengers, especially the 60-plus Canadians, several previously unreported Britons, 16 Swedes and 3 Afghan exiles from Germany remains a mystery as to whether those foreigners are were killed on mere suspicion of being "spies" or still being held captive by the fanatic Revolutionary Guards covert-ops unit known as Quds, in connection with their commander Qasem Soleimani's fatal visit to Baghdad. It remains uncertain whether any of the disappeared foreigners are still alive or by now too brutalized to be released from secret interrogation centers across the terrorist state formerly known as the highly civilized and widely respected Persian Empire.

After uncovering the facts behind the electronic hijacking of Air Malaysia MH370 and the MH17 cargo-bay bomb blast a few years ago, my humdrum routine is once again being disrupted by unsettling evidence related to an ill-fated jetliner bound, this one bound for Kiev in the predawn hours of Wednesday, January 8. All 176 passengers and crew members aboard Flight PS752 were reportedly killed, a claim yet to be confirmed by identification of bodies with DNA verification.

So far, there has been no remotely credible proof to support the official story of a panicked and hastily mounted anti-aircraft strike against the Boeing 737, mistaken for a cruise missile, and indeed the flimsy story is part of a cover-up to prevent public disclosure of a botched hostage crisis involving Western residents and tourists, a high crime that might have been the actual trigger for the U.S. assassination by drone of Revolutionary Guards Force commander Qasem Soleimani, the chief war criminal in question in the whirl of strange events before and since his death by drone.

Inside digestible nutshells, let me here roll out a few of many inconsistencies in the ever-changing and contradictory claims out of Tehran, as repeated by a gullible and complicit mainstream media.

First, the foreigners targeted for either secret arrest or mid-air termination includes a large number of presumable (but non-confirmable) intelligence personnel and support staff from England, Canada and the affiliated Stockholm station, along with the Afghan "asylum seekers" employed by Germany's BND military spy service. Some of the Iranian citizens aboard may have been informants for the CIA and soft assets of Western embassies (a term for mere casual friends or parents of children at international schools), rounded up prior to Soleiman's last mission to Baghdad as an "insurance policy" during his brazen visit to Iraq or conversely, detained later to avenge his death by drone.

Second, the "crash site" photos of bits of wreckage inside a walled factory yard, reveal glaringly a poorly organized cover-up. The insubstantial amount of debris, which lacks any aircraft identification and shows no hull piercing by pellets, was obviously hastily hauled to the inside of walls surrounding an abandoned factory yard. In an actual air-defense strike, the munitions from a mid-size anti-aircraft missile, as used against drones, are metal pellets blasted forward when its proximity detector senses its target aircraft. The detonation sends a widening circle of scattershot against the mid-hull under the wings. The resultant crash is due to the loss of air pressure below and from inside the pierced aircraft, causing a sudden drop in altitude and a sharp angle of descent that ends in a lengthy crash landing, which breaks apart the aircraft frame. This distinctive type of wreckage is absent from the amateurish phony "debris" at the claimed site, which by the way is geographically located close to a Revolutionary Guards base northwest of Tehran.

Third, the Ukraina air crash occurred minutes after takeoff at a vertical distance of less than a mile above ground level (Tehran is more than a kilometer above sea level) or lower than the relative-to-ground elevation of Pan Am 108. Although debris was scattered across a 20 sq. km area of Lockerbie, the cockpit and tail section remained intact. The cockpit section, tail assembly and wings should have broken off as sturdy units, but nothing of the sort is visible in the Iranian photos of tiny bits and pieces of sheet metal and plastic. Instead we see cracked yet clearly transparent glass doors of the torn-down factory with a smoke-blackened piece of sheared metal next to it, which should have been moving at hundreds of miles per hour. Another shot from the Fars news agency shows rusty turbines of an old jet engine, when turbo blades are always shiny when one boards a flight. A wide aerial shot discloses the interior of the factory yard, part of it now a soccer field, with metal scrap scattered inside and hidden from public view, just in case locals mention that a plane never dropped from the sky thereabouts.

Fourth, the Iranian regime's failure to provide coroner reports, or even possibly access to the victims' bodies at a major hospital equipped with chilled morgues and antiseptic conditions to prevent the spread of infections, means that forensic photos and bio data from the victims are long overdue for sharing with medical officials appointed by the international civil aviation authority and governments of the home countries of the crash victims. There is no medical proof of the cause of injuries resulting in death.

Fifth, the inability of the Foreign Ministry of Iran to provide basic evidence related to passenger identities, such as passports, driver licenses, and other types of identification discloses that the Government of Iran is not in charge of the investigation but also is being kept in the dark, and presumably blackmailed by "rogue elements" in the Revolutionary Guards leadership loyal to their deceased commander and actual "supreme leader" Qasem Soleimani, in political rivalry with the "puppet" council of Ayatollahs.

Sixth: Tehran's Iman Khomeini International Airport, 90 minutes' drive south of the capital, is under the direct security control and administrative control of Quds, the Revolutionary Guards Force, which is now headed by Soleimani's successor Esmail Qaani. There are two possible scenarios, the first being that foreign passengers hoping to board PS752 to escape reprisals for the Soleimani execution were vulnerable to abduction, under orders from Qaani. Without exacting stern revenge against captives, Qaani would suffer loss of esteem from the more fanatic elements, dividing the ranks and possibly triggering all-out factional strife. Therefore tossing fresh meat to those wild dogs would appease their blood appetite momentarily. The other option is that the foreigners on the passenger list were taken hostage a week earlier to ensure Soleimani's safety during his Iraq visit.

Seventh: If indeed Quds under Qaani's orders was planning a hostage crisis, there would be a strong possibility that the one-hour flight delay enabled the diversion of buses transporting passengers to Flight PS752 instead to the nearby Hazrat Abolfazl or Shaheed Broujerdi garrisons of Quds, close to the domestic-flight Merabad Airport, before transfer to more remote paramilitary facilities for interrogation under torture and video hostage appeals.

Eighth: The totally out-of-character strong reaction of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his denunciation of assassinated Quds chief Soleimani in support of the drone assassination is a jarring moment in this crisis, which may well indicate that the Canadians, Swedes and British individuals were actually taken hostage days before, during Soleimani's visit to Baghdad. This earlier time-frame would mean that Soleimani was killed for taking the foreigners hostage. If that scenario was indeed the case, then Soleimani left his minions with orders to murder all the hostages whether or not he emerged safely from Iraq, a brazen crime typical of his modus operandi as seen earlier in his flagrant order to level Aleppo and kill all residents, including mothers and infants, during the late stage of the Syrian conflict. (After a century of titanic wars without mercy, westerners still have an inability to comprehend the pathological mentality of a mass murderer.)

Therefore, if President Ali Khomeini's regime cannot come up with the physical remains of the executed foreigners and any surviving hostages, or provide an accurate explanation for their demise, it's clear this international crisis is not over but just beginning. A faked air crash today, with an Afghan peace deal in the balance and Iraq on edge, is even more unacceptable than the 444-day U.S. Embassy hostage crisis. This time around, there will be no Iran-Contra deals in compensation, only the reality of global barbarism and horrific slaughter of innocents along with the guilty. That is called world war, and if that's what the Second Axis of Iran, Russia and China desires, then their leaders should have no regrets when their bunkers are collapsed and contaminated by depleted uranium.

For all the Western patience extended to the Islamic Republic of Iran, for its nuclear defiance, its creative variants of terrorism and, most egregious of all, Tehran's cynical sabotage of peace efforts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, nothing has changed since the American staffers were blindfolded and brutalized by the fanatic students who morphed into Revolutionary Guards. Either the physical remains and any survivors must transferred to Western custody, or face it folks, it's high time for total war like the Persians have never before seen, not even from Alexander the Great.

Quds suicide squads aid Zionism

The Quds force under Soleimani has proven to be crueler and more savage than the Shah's Savak secret police. Barbarism in Iran today is the intolerable outcome of President Jimmy Carter's ill-informed decision to install the Paris-exiled Ayatollah Khomeini into power with promises of genuine reform and standing by in disbelief while the democratic secularist transitional government was ousted by ruthless "religious" fanatics. Ir reality, the paramilitary Quds is an immoral secular monster, which Ayatollah Khomeini late in life woke up to and opposed just before his death. The guards became impervious to Islamic standards for mercy and care by its casual willingness to sacrifice Iranian boy-warriors on the brutal battlefields of Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza, Syria and Yemen, a level of fanaticism which has only strengthened Israel and driven Arab Gulf states into a defensive alliance against a greater evil. Whether under direct control or in a covert alliance, the Quds force is Zionism's greatest weapon of psychological warfare, spreading fear among its nearest Arab neighbors.

Quds is a Genie out of the Zionist bottle. Impossible to cram back into their jar, these wraiths must be exorcised by disbandment, prison sentences and more severe punishment equal to their crimes against humanity by the brute force of the civil police, non-compromised units of the Iranian military, and most of all the people of Iran. The mastermind Soleimani has been severed like the head of a writhing snake, trashing wildly while it bleeds yet still toxic and dangerous. The Iranian people must act to rid their grand civilization of this curse once and for all.

The false prophet Soleimani, whose surname based on King Soloman indicates his Jewish origin, is dead, killed by the swift sword of justice in a long overdue assassination, a harsh fact that remains unimaginable to his cult followers, who so closely resemble those hashish-dazed Assassins of the Old Man of the Mountain (who were wiped out by the Mongols, who lacked any tolerance for such insanity).

Those historical beheadings ordered by Genghis Khan should remind the leaders of China and Russia that their righteous duty is to help the Iranians overcome this diabolical possession instead of orchestrating the present anti-Trump chorus like bleating sheep, a futile gesture that reveals their own treachery, corruption and cowardice. The American, European and Chinese apologists for Quds are acting like Satan-worshiping Yazidis demonizing righteousness while jealously guarding venomous evil-doers like a pet cobra. Wake up or be devoured by your demon.

Young Iranian nationalists may be feeling trepidation: without the dedication of the Revolutionary Guards, could Iran face collapse? The informed answer is: So what? Persia has made its comeback after every catastrophe since the defeat of Darius III, arguably better and stronger with each revival. Remember that a nation is only as great as its citizens, and any country that imprisons its own citizenry and feeds humans to the raging beast of brute power is fit only to be a zoo. Any great civilization begins with moral behavior and norms of decency at home. I say these harsh words not as an enemy of Iran but as long-time friend and supporter frustrated by the decay of Persian civilization and the loss of moral values within Islam. The inhumane outrages and cynical deception must be put to an immediate stop whatever that may require or the consequences shall be unthinkable.