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TB Spreading In Illegal Camps -
7000 At Risk In TX Camps

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff  

This should be the major mainstream media news article of the day.  There are over 7,000
SEVEN THOUSAND illegals cramped into two Texas camps.  Incidentally some of the buildings being used are schools in which our own kids will be going in two or three weeks.  How will they decontaminate these buildings.  IF I were in Austin, Tx or near Lakland I would refuse to send my child to school and demand the school district offer home school courses and books via internet.

It should be the other way around but due to the insistence of the Obama administration to give amnesty to these and other enroute here, it cannot be.  Our kids must be segregated from the RESISTANT TB and other life threatening conditions such as mutant Swine Flu, Chagas and scabies,lice, typhus, Pertussis and Diptheria etc etc.  As for Chagas, we cannot segregate from that as the Reduviiid or kissing bugs get into homes and now our locally acquiring the disease which they spread to sleeping Americans now.

America has a major health crisis and it is NOT Ebola.  All sorts of resistant diseases are inside the gates now brought in when Obama wheeled in the Trojan horses left at our border.  "Come on in" we will give you welfare, social security ssi money taken from the trust fund that we seniors paid.  It was called a "TRUST" fund because we put in our money weekly and we trusted our politicians that the money would be there waiting for us.  Well we can no longer trust politicians so let's vote every single incumbant out and let the new guy know the same fate awaits him should he, or she, not act in the best interests of AMERICAN CITIZENS.

As for the mess on the border?  Get noisy and write to every politician, a letter not email and cc to media outlets.  Letters and phone calls work so much better than email.  Protests work great.  Organize and get as many concerned citizens of every ethnicity and race to protest in town squares and protest politicians domiciles across America.  

Obama's solution is to give amnesty to all of those in the camps and anyone who made it over the border. Heck, we went to Mexico sent buses and brought them over the border.  

Amnesty is not acceptable.  we want them sent back NOW.  Consulates need to be contacted and buses sent to all camps to pick up the illegals and take them back across the border.  Then it becomes Mexico's problem.  

If the current groups of illegals are given amnesty I can guarantee and will be the farm,. that hundreds of thousands more from all over the globe, especially Africa where Ebola is raging, will come and be given amnesty also.  When will it end?  I suppose when every American Citizen born in the US is killed off by these diseases.

Obama, the "buck stops here."  Time to do the right thing and that is not amnesty.

tick tick tick, time is passing and soon the US kids will be back in schools, buildings now contaminated with TB, and all other diseases and pathogens as well as "bugs."

tick tick toc toc


Immigration crisis: Tuberculosis spreading at camps

Are the thousands of illegal immigrant kids housed in detention facilities happy and well fed -- or are they living in disease-infested compounds shrouded in secrecy?

Well, it depends on who you ask.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) seems to think the children coming across the southern border are remarkably healthy. It's a sentiment shared by BCFS -- the Texas-based agency formerly known as Baptist Child & Family Services contracted to run camps at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio and Fort Sill in Oklahoma.

My source said there are children showing classic tuberculosis symptoms -- spitting up blood, a constant cough and chest pain.

More than 7,000 children have been processed through the two camps, according to a BCFS official. They allege that only 119 children have been treated for lice, 22 for scabies, and one for the H1N1 Flu. BCFS says the most common illnesses seen at Lackland are fever, headache, upper respiratory cold and ingrown toenails.

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However, at least a half dozen anonymous sources, including nurses and health care providers who worked at Lackland, allege that the government is covering up what they believe to be a very serious health threat.

Several of my sources tell me that tuberculosis has become a dangerous issue at both the border and the camps.

"The amount of tuberculosis is astonishing," one health care provider told me. "The nurses are telling us the kids are really sick. The tuberculosis is definitely there."

Texas Department of State Health Services Commissioner David Lakey, M.D. says state health officials have seen only three cases of tuberculosis, the Associated Press reports. One of my sources with close ties to the Texas HHS tells me all three cases were reported in Austin.

However, nurses at Lackland in San Antonio, said they know of at least four teenagers in their camp who have tuberculosis.

"The nurses are telling us the kids are really sick," the source told me. "The tuberculosis is definitely there."

My source said there are children showing classic tuberculosis symptoms -- spitting up blood, a constant cough and chest pain.

BCFS officials deny that any child at Lackland has been diagnosed with TB and the state health commissoner downplayed the health threat. While confirming their had been three cases of TB, Lakey said it was not unusual, the Associated Press reported.

Dr. Marc Siegel, a professor of medicine at New York University's Langone Medical Center and a Fox News A Team medical contributor, said tuberculosis appears to be spreading through several counties in southern Texas. He told me that some counties are reporting twice the usual average number of cases.

"Some of the tuberculosis that comes from Central America is drug resistant," he told me. "It's not easier to spread but it is harder to treat. I'm concerned about that."

And while, TB is not that easy to spread, he warned that all those children living in close quarters could be a ticking time bomb.

"It is a disease that needs to be carefully monitored and screened for -- something that is not possible under the current circumstances," Siegel said.

HHS released a statement neither confirming nor denying what the nurses are telling me: "When unaccompanied children come into the Department of Health and Human Services program, they are given a well-child exam and given all needed childhood vaccinations to protect against communicable diseases,” the statement read. “They are also screened for tuberculosis, and receive a mental health exam. If children are determined to have any communicable disease or have been exposed to a communicable disease, they are placed in a program or facility that has the capacity to quarantine."

This is the same HHS that previously denied there were any cases of scabies. They make it sound as if there are very few health problems among the illegals. They even downplay the lice epidemic -- just 119 “officially confirmed” cases.

“They are lying,” one nurse told me. “We treated that many kids with lice on a given day. We would put 20 kids in front of us ­ 10 in each row. You could see the bugs crawling through their hair.”

Another former staff member told me it was like working in a giant emergency room.

“They had children in the infirmary that had been there several days,” the former staffer told me. “You were on your feet nonstop. They had chicken pox, measles, and there was a concern strep was spreading.”

BCFS denied any of the children had the measles. They said public health authorities “have inspected our facility and had access to freely converse with our medical staff and children.”
Health care providers tell me the Lackland facility is like a giant orphanage. And while lice and scabies abound -- they warn that the bigger problem lurking is tuberculosis.

"Lice and scabies are fixable," a nurse said. "TB is the real problem here."

It's impossible to know the full extent of the communicable diseases that have come and are coming across the border. Nurses and other care givers tell me they've been told to keep their mouths shut. Those caught divulging information are subject to immediate dismissal -- and all my sources said they were told they could also be arrested.

BCFS won't even allow random inspections of their facilities by the media or members of Congress.

Oklahoma Rep. Jim Bridenstein was denied access last week to the HHS facility at Fort Sill ­ another facility run by BCFS.

“There is no excuse for denying a federal representative from Oklahoma access to a federal facility in Oklahoma where unaccompanied children are being held,” the congressman said in a statement.

Bridenstein said he was told that unannounced visitors are not allowed ­ even if they are elected officials ­ and that he would have to make an appointment to visit the facility.

“What are they trying to hide?” he asked. “Do they not want the children to speak with members of Congress?”

He was told to come back for a pre-arranged and heavily scripted dog-and-pony-show tours -- but those events were fact-free fact-finding missions. I’d say the congressman has a better chance of getting into GITMO.

BCFS blames HHS for the shroud of secrecy. Sources within the organization tell me they’ve been ordered not to talk to the media and not to let anyone inside the camps.

In spite of everything my sources are telling, a BCFS representative describes the facility at Lackland as a place where children are happy, well-fed and engaged in daily activities.

Meanwhile, several San Antonio pastors who dropped by unannounced at the Lackland camp, have shared with me a rather unsettling discovery. The ministers told me the facility was under heavy guard from security personnel.

To be honest, we have no idea what's going on at that fenced facility but I have a feeling it's not good.

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