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Targeting Global Lies


By Jim Kirwan


4 Russian warships launch 26 missiles against ISIS from Caspian Sea

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HERE COMES CHINA: Beijing Sending Troops To Join Russian War In Syria

kirwan: With Iraq about to officially request Russian and Iranian help:

This begins to look like it's a start!

The USSA says: 'We don't do nation building'. But what they specialize in doing, is to exclusively build phantom-states that can only be allowed to have the puppet governments which are appointed and supported by USSA & Israel. This happens because the shadow Empire has clearly determined 'itself' to be the only solution to every problem that can ever be allowed to exist ­ everywhere on the planet today, with of course the approval of Israel as the final arbiter over who can live and who must die.

Here are just a few of 'the most important issues right now' which none of the “candidates” will ever mention, much less address.

Jeff Rense & Richard Sauder - America...A Violent Crime In Progress

16 min VIDEO

The reason we have 'candidates' and elections every so-often is to correct the course of this country, to fix whatever mistakes we've made, so that the nation can satisfy the demands and the needs of the people who live here. All of this has been permanently sidelined in the USSA. Here's another take on the same topic.

This Has Become Routine — Paul Craig Roberts

The emphasis now has been on Russia for accidentally violating the airspace of Turkey, twice. NATO has decided to try to make a global-case against this internationally, using Turkey as it's preferred puppet-state.

Yet all of the other countries that have previously bombed Syria, in violation of Syria's airspace, did so without Syria's permission. Yet because these violations were committed by other nations that have routinely violated both national and international laws: Nothing was ever done about those illegal air-strikes because they were done in service to USSA and Israel's paranoid and delusional polices that were designed to overthrow the elected and legitimate government of Syria.

Because of the lies about the criminality of nations, nothing has ever been done to any 'nation' that has acted to carry out the long-range phantom plans of the USSA & Israel, despite the fact that all those other bombings of Syria were all illegal war-crimes that should have been prosecuted under international law.

Those illegal attacks were all in service to the never-proven allegations laid down under the bogus “Axis of Evil”

as outlined by George W. Bush, back in 2002.

On top of that NATO has just initiated it's own military actions aimed at Russia,

which, because they are aimed at threatening Russia are beyond the rules of 'our pretend version of international law'.

Trident Juncture 2015:

The exercise involves 36,000 personnel from more than 30 Allied and Partner Nations, will take place throughout Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and also Canada, Norway, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Trident Juncture 2015 will demonstrate NATO’s new increased level of ambition in joint modern warfare and will show-case a capable, forward-leading Alliance equipped with the appropriate capability and capacity to meet present and future security challenges. More than 12 major International Organizations, aid agencies and non-governmental organizations, such as the EU and AU will also participate in the exercise, demonstrating NATO’s commitment and contribution to a comprehensive approach.”

A fascinating waste of time and money when what is needed now are solutions to the millions of refugees from all our previous wars for the last 15 years.

Much has been said about the Iranian Nuclear Deal, yet nothing has been even mentioned about the global-nuclear threat posed by Israel to the rest of the planet, when it comes to nuclear weapons.

If the world were seriously worried about the possession and use of nuclear weapons then Israel would be required to be held to exactly the same standards as Israel has forced upon Iran.

Since the USSA & NATO are protecting Israel from all the international laws in the world of today, no such “nuclear-balance” between Israel & Iran has ever been forced upon Israel, because the entire global scheme, underwritten by Bush junior, was originally designed, by Israel, in keeping with the totally deceptive “Axis of Evil” that was designed by the same creatures who did 911.

Furthermore Israel has already used nuclear weapons, as Depleted Uranium weapons in tactical nukes throughout their wars against all the nations that border Israel. Some of those nations have had to go to war to defend themselves from Israel more than twice. In fact Israel has used their nuclear weapons on tens of states already, while Israel has been free to attack unarmed civilians and defenseless states for decades—supposedly in “defense of Israel”. Ironically Iran has during the same time period not-attacked any other nation for over 300 years: Yet it is Iran that has been sanctioned and denounced as part of the phantom Evil Empire.

When the world looks at Israel today, there is a global case of memory-loss when it comes to 'the UN-created state of Israel'. What Israel is accusing Iran of is typical of the way Israel would treat other countries if it were Israel that was publicly trying to build a nuclear facility—because the resulting bombs would definitely be used, by Israel, to attack the planet in a heartbeat.

This explains the paranoia of Netanyahu and his band of outlaws that seek nothing less than Full Spectrum Dominance over the entire world. To that end, Israel has repeatedly attacked both America and American forces, throughout the entire span of the 67 years of their putrid existence.

Israel has attacked and killed over 200 Marines in Beirut, Lebanon, and several hundred more in their Attack upon the USS Liberty during the 1967 War. It's fascinating that Israel has never been challenged for their behavior, by the USSA for any of their treatment of Americans, or for any of Israel's part in 911, almost 3,000 killed; or in anything which was generated from 911 on.

Moscow's red-lines have been crossed deliberately in Syria and elsewhere, by Israel & the USSA. Now we're seeing the results of that insanity and the world must deal with these crimes.

The 'Axis of Evil' was a conveniently contrived ghost

that never existed in any reality known to mankind and because

the world bought into that convenient global-con

We might all soon face much more serious consequences,

unless we get up off our knees and remove both

today's form of Israel

and the USA Incorporated from this earth - forever.


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