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"Talk" Has Always Been Cheap

By Jim Kirwan


Once upon a time America had a president that meant what he said, and tried to do what he promised: Despite the fact that with each action he added another bulls-eye to his back.

Today America has added another 'president' to that massively long list of political-criminals that have dragged that once revered title through the mud.

When Kennedy entered any fray, he tried to bring with him, some solutions, that could begin to change the way nations and other people were treating each other. He was not always successful, far from it, but he was more than just willing to try.

After WWII when Russia was still the USSR ­ Berlin was a divided city. The Russians tried to blockade the city, and Kennedy introduced a full scale 24-7 American-Airlift to relieve the lives that were threatened by the Russian Iron Curtain. That time Kennedy's actions led directly to a real change in Soviet-American policies ­ and that wall ­ was never again viewed in quite the same way.

Near the end of his career, Kennedy informed Israel that the United States would be inspecting Israel's nuclear arsenal for stolen nuclear weapons, Israel was beyond furious and added their own names to the list of the assassins that wanted him dead. The CIA added Kennedy to their hit list when he interfered in the Cuban revolution, with the Bay of Pigs, that would have put the mob back in charge in Havana. When Kennedy issued his own currency in five-dollar bills backed by Silver, to begin to overthrow the Federal Reserve, that too added snipers to the list of those who wanted Kennedy dead. The first thing LBJ did after Kennedy was buried was o revoke the new currency that had just been circulated. But in each of these cases Kennedy saw massive crimes blocking the way for America and the world to improve life for everyone here ­ yet Jack took those chances, regardless of the danger to his life, because it was the right thing to do. And when he decided to withdraw American combat troops from Vietnam, that was the final straw ­ and he had to die.

Bobby Kennedy was added to the ever-growing list because of what he tried to do to Murder Inc., and by then of course there were others that were troublesome to these bastards like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and much later there have been prominent senators, and JFK junior along with that huge laundry list that Killary & Bill Clinton and now Chelsea Hubble have each added to their murdering ways ­ all of this was artificially used in the last selection process, not as goals to be achieved, but as talking points to be mentioned; but which were never intended to actually be prosecuted.

Trump needs to be held accountable for all his shoddy reversals

across the board.

Talk has always been cheap ­ and Trump is clearly among the impostors who talks a great line, but when pressed on the actions he's promised the world that he would do - he's just another lying fake another snake-oil politician, driven by gold and profit and nothing more.

The world has never been in a worse condition that it is today ­ and Trump has remained as silent as a tomb.

When that woman was discovered yesterday in the middle of sabotaging the country to rid “us” of Trump ­ she should have been frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs ­ the same with the Vice president and Preibus, or whatever the hell his name is.

The true key to everything

on any subject are arrests and prosecutions

to the fullest extent of all the laws

But so far Trump has yet to even make his own income taxes public.

Many were willing to give Trump a chance, until we could see his true colors ­ but that day has already come and gone: From now on that lying Israeli-puppet will need to prove everything he purports to promise - going forward. What he really needs to do, in my very thin book of relevant actions, is to get a horsewhipping in public: Because he's already lied far too often to ever be taken seriously again.