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Let's Talk

By Jim Kirwan



The first U.S. coin ever minted, but never circulated

The world knows ‘War is Big Business’.

Nuclear War on the other hand is global-suicide.

There’s a huge problem within the population of the United States. Apparently the people of this place have been trained to disregard anything in the political-realm, as “just politics”. The public that worships hourly at the tube have been conditioned to disregard political bad-news as just background noise. This has been the case since television began its meteoric rise to national attention. The time has come to speak about the true costs’ of all of this. Will this mindless insanity continue in its current position of influence, over the public, that in theory ‘live’ in this failing place?

In reality nothing that once marked the United States as a free or even a secure land is the same anymore. No one alive today will be able to see either the U.S. or indeed any other country in the world today, in the same way that it was just twenty years ago. That’s a statement that goes far beyond anything else that anyone could ever look to, to assess the condition of either the planet or the nation at this point in time.

People have looked around recently and some have noticed that literally everything about this world right now has already changed.

Maybe it’s not the change that Obamanation was supposed to bring, but CHANGE it did. Still, most have still not bothered to even notice the reality of the changes. Yet changes now abound in every area of our lives, whether we chose to notice them or not.

We will never have uncontaminated food to eat again. Soon we will not have the right to have drinkable water again, unless we pay for it.

The sunlight reaching the earth is radically different than it was before we allowed HARRP to play with nature like it was their private toy. The earth has been contaminated by the poisons we have forced into the earth, the skies and the air which is what is making our everyday-foods a threat to our very survival.

The war upon all the life-forms on the planet has begun in the name of making an ever-increasing buck over the death of the planet. Fracking, the Tar-Sands project and virtually every major project being created by private-corporate corporations has dumped all real protections of the public, in the interest of keeping their criminal profits flowing at maximum levels, despite the desecration of the earth and environments around the world.

Our forests have been savagely attacked by both man and disease in the new-paradigm for a ruined earth. Life-forms at all levels are going extinct and yet no one here seems to even notice what is happening. The same thing is happening to life in the waters and the coastal communities that have been destroyed but are not reported on so as having any adverse-effect upon “Business-as-usual”.

We can no longer travel at will, anywhere within the 48 contiguous states. We are monitored 24-7 for whatever we write or receive what we buy or talk-about, even what we think and who we associate with is monitored by multi-trillion dollar businesses which are the total opposite of what any free nation would ever do to its citizens. Unemployment is off the charts and goes unreported as to its real size or impact upon the nation or the world.

Medicine is in the DEATH business, not the health business. Public education creates slaves and morons that will be saddled with Debt for most of their natural lives. Insurance is simple extortion masquerading as “business” while screwing every policy-holder they can still get. Politics is something that functions far beyond anything to do with the population or the laws that have all been ignored when the rich continue to live beyond the stratosphere while the public begins to starve itself to death.

One might think that this would be something that might catch the attention of the public, since sooner or later all of this will come home to roost upon the entire population that are still excluded from those higher-reaches of that space where money is made and parceled out: But only to the very-special people that have always ruled over lesser mortals. Yet nothing in the day-to-day world seems to attract any real notice, unless people have been directly damaged by this massive Juggernaught that continues to roll over all of us without batting even one of those all-seeing eyes, such as the one depicted on that first American coin minted above!

Oh there are rumblings about “doing something about this”. Some have suggested the entire potpourri of past solutions but none of the people that want to turn to this have any apparent understanding of why the “solutions” of yesterday are as useless as slingshots against tanks and drones in a world awash in technological warfare that is so overly technical that most will only be able to grasp the catastrophic costs but little else.

There’s a huge article from Lew Rockwell, about all of this. He does a great job of defining the terms and conditions of exactly how the rich and the politicians actually live: But what gets overlooked is exactly why none of our former-tactics can ever happen here again. (1)

On the plus side one reader wrote:

I am honestly curious - when will Americans react like normal red-blooded humans? It is a war situation - not too different from the occupation of Denmark by Hitler's thugs. America has been taken over too by essentially "foreigners".

When Danes were killed by these foreigners - there was hell to pay, they liquidated the troops involved - quietly, during the night - then they dissolved back into the night.

When will Americans become men enough to liquidate murdering thugs in police uniform? They cannot get satisfaction from the "courts", representing Buccaneer laws.

It probably would not take all that long, before these depraved cops would watch their steps - what would it take? A few hundred liquidated cops? How many American citizens have these monsters killed already?”

Which is true of course but which still requires ‘organization’ and transport to formulate targets and to get to specified areas to have any serious effect. That would not be the case if individuals began to act on their own, independently of any organized groups. To do that

would necessitate the kind of motivation that the Danes and others during that war, already had. Whereas Americans today have never needed to fight for anything they supposedly “have” today. Most believe that freedom and everything else in America is free, so they refuse to worry “their beautiful-minds” with any of that ‘unimportant stuff’.

As it turns out what Americans lack, in reality, is guts and determination to act on what they have understood to be a war. A serious and deadly war aimed straight at every ordinary person out there in 2014. This war was declared upon every man woman and child in this place who is not rich. Yet there is still no real sign of any such determination even after the last thirteen years; during which this war has been continuing. Americans are currently living inside a “FREE-FIRE-ZONE” and they seem to have no clue that this is the case…

That’s what the public needs to be talking about with anyone that can be trusted to help to reform that missing-in-action “WE” that we’ve spent the last fifty years trying to murder.

Look around yourself, look at your families, and look at the world outside your artificial-space that’s really not yours at all. How can you not see the world and know that what you knew that world to be, just twenty years ago, is gone forever now! How can people not miss the freedoms that we all once had? The government has driven most of us bankrupt in one way or another. Our society is a joke. Our so-called culture has become a public sewer that’s only fit for self-appointed rulers over the lives of “other-people”, yet no one seems to care—why is that!

At least a dozen times a week I note something else: Something that I know I will never have or see again, because whatever it is has been banished, destroyed or murdered by the paranoia of the self-obsessed world of 2014.

There has not been a “WE” inside the United States for a very, very long time now. We’ve become a population of egotistical maniac’s hell-bent on profits and illicit pleasures that take no notice of anything in the world beyond our direct-line of actual sight. Everything else today has become just much more noise… (2)

1) Government of the Rich, by the Rich, and For the Rich:

2) The Future



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