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The Takeover Of Upstate NY By Satmar Hasidics
Entire Jewish Community Moves North From NYC


By Patricia Doyle

 It just occurred to me why the Hasidic moved up to rural NY but still kept the homes in Williamsburg.  Brooklyn.   

These people are mostly from Hungary and also from Poland, Romania, and other countries in Eastern Europe.  So, we now have an invasion by Muslims happening in Hungary, Poland Romania etc.  So, I thinků

1.  They know the Muslims are going to be allowed to come here and bring diseases. etc.

2.    They may be bringing their relatives from Europe and setting them up in Williamsburg as a start.  So they rent their Williamsburg homes to the Europen jews fleeing Europe.

3.   They are still buying, stealing, Eminent Domaining property up in rural NY to expand the community.  At the rate they are producing children they will outsurpass
US Citizens in no time.  Add to the population growth of illegals and the US middle class white population will die out by 2050 or sooner.

The Hasidic are very arrogant with the local population in Upstate NY.  People living near and in Kiryas Joel are persecuted and taxed to the hilt due to Hasidic.

They will probably spread out from Bloomingburg to the Hudson River and encompass Stewart Airport and as far west as the Pa border.  They do have vacation property in the Ellenville NY area where they have a lot of summer camps and bungaloos.   The camps are very dirty especially the Hungarian one. and the Russian camps.  Filthy.

The Hasidic act terrible in the local town businesses. They take things down f shelves and do not buy and just leave them on the counters.  

They try to bargain for price.  They expect businesses to cater to them and serve them.  It is scary to be a Christian local in Bloomingburg.   They allow their children to behave poorly and do not pay for damage done to locals by these fresh kids.

Jaynie says it is horrible.  She might try to find a place to live but will not get the same price.  A shame to be uprooted from your home by foreigners.

BTW the Hasidic do not speak English or won't.  They only speak Yiddish.  Some still speak Hungarian.  Jayne speaks Latvian.   However the Hasidic won;t try to converse as she is non Jew.

They are very secretive and resent those who are not Hasidic in the town.  They are buying out all of the property for miles and miles. around the town.  The locals feel as though they are cut off from the rest of society.  

Either they know the Muslims are coming to the US specifically the NY City area or they  know that Ebola or some type of epidemic flu is headed our way from Europe.

The Jews are making settlements for themselves within the US and Israel.  They will be able to close up ranks, and close the gates to their settlements and are prepared to ride out any insurrection.  I suspect they are armed to the teeth.  Maybe white people should do the same.

I heard that German children elementary to College are forced to clean and wait on the invaders at the local invader centers.  They are now slave labor for the invaders.  Tell me why do the Muslim invaders need German children to clean and cook for them?  They do not look exactly handicapped. This is how the invader diseases will hit the school age and university German white people.

I had a Latvian friend who said watch what the Jews do and when you see them like rats running from a ship that is going to sink you know the end is near.  Sure is true.

The Hasidic have their own schools and ambulances and police forces but these services are paid for by the town.  If you pass out in the street you will not be picked up by a Hotsula ambulances and must wait for a regular ambulance   If a car accident happens the Hotsula will only pick up the Hasidic person and leave the regular white person in the street to wait on a local ambulance.

This stinks and it is in my area of upstate NY.   I plan on driving over there in the coming weeks just to see for myself.

What is America coming to?  (It's endů)





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