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'The Take' Give All Writers A Kick In The A*S

By Walter Burien - CAFR1


The one most important point (basic) I have noticed ALL leave out of the equation and never mention in any of their writings when they discus or parrot  promoted "budget shortfalls" or "Budget gaps" is:

 Noting the increase in the take over 2, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 years..

 EXAMPLE: State X in 1995 had a budget of $5 billion. In 2000  had a budget of $11 billion. In 2005 had a budget of $15 billion. In 2007 had a budget of $17.5 billion. In 2012 had a budget of $25.7 billion.

 (The numbers above are actually for the County of Los Angeles CA)

 Well, if State X said they were $2 billion short in 2013 THINK OF HOW IDIOTIC it is for the soundbite conditioned to repeat the same and not to bring up the "increase in the take".

 ** They ARE NOT $2 billion short in 2013, THEY ARE $14.7 BILLION OVER what their take was in 2000! (and they are promoting taking $2-billion more)

 A good Kick-in-the-A*S needs to be given to all so called political activist or economist writers to ALWAYS bring up this OBVIOUS BASIC point.

 It can be done for any venue in the country by pulling up their old CAFRs (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) that have a 10-year back "statistical section" at the end of the report. So if you are looking at a 2000 CAFR it shows the budget going back to 1990. Same same if you are looking at a 2012 or any year CAFR.

 So, in a few minutes of downloading and looking you can blow them out of the water as being the greedy opportunistic crap that they are using their own CAFR reports in reference just providing this all so BASIC and all so overpowering "simple" information.

 I hope my point made above sinks in and that you pass the same on to all that you know, especially those so called political activist writers.

 Sincerely and truly yours,

 Walter Burien -



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