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The Ultimate Taboo


By Jim Kirwan


There is one real problem

That virtually no-one dares speak about:

This is the lawless crime at the core

of almost every society

This disease looks a lot like the image above and it still exists, with many different names upon those arms, as this massively criminal parasite that continues to devour the host nations, wherever they are on the earth.

When you think about life in the United States, we often forget that the largest employer here is the illegal United States Government Inc.

Multiply that out across the nation and you discover that one-way or another a great many of the so-called private businesses, both here or abroad, are directly dependent on the contracts and on the indirect connections between the everyday lawless world and the employment of millions of people that still directly depend upon their paychecks that keep their individual world's afloat.

With this in-mind, it's perhaps understandable, that whenever anyone begins to wonder why this nation still refuses to 'wake-up': It's usually because no matter how clear the evidence can be made, for any case that this government has been involved in: Be that Waco, Oklahoma City, 911 or Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or Syria: The 'U.S.' has always been the lying, thieving, murdering monster that it is today.

At the end of every day it soon becomes clear, for those that did the math and asked the right questions: That if they continue to pursue what they now know to be 'true', then it's crystal-clear that their own livelihood will directly suffer in ways that will change their personal lives forever—especially now.

The consequences that would flow from any real public exposure of this massive parasite and the organizations that are thriving from its' continued existence, has not been exposed: Because if all those millions of people want to stay employed—the truth is that they have realized that their own survival depends on keeping these criminally fraught arrangements, completely secret.

What makes this problem so damning is that what I'm talking about are all the 'little jobs' at hundreds of these monstrous agencies like the Forest Service, the FDA, EPA, CIA,The Department of Education, Welfare, Homeland Security, BLM, the FBI, Medicare, Obama care, FHA, any of the Armed Services, the Judiciary, any of the major banks, politics on all levels, anywhere in 'publications' or the US Media, any major law-firm, the FED or any of the accepted political organizations, virtually any agency that has anything to do with anything and everything that any American depends on, including every cop, every city, county, state or federal prosecutor, or judge or politician at any level, in every aspect of our daily lives: Because this number of agencies and the number of employees amounts to tens of millions of individuals who are in one way or another totally dependent upon the basic criminality that owns and runs this burned-out place that was once a nation...

Of course many of those millions of little creatures will soon lose their jobs anyway, when this government and others around the world begin to collapse, as the numbers now so clearly show, because global markets are shrinking at a monumental pace. Without international or national trade, the money to run the Empire will dry-up along with all those 'little supportive jobs' that won't be needed any more.

We Have Never Seen Global Trade Collapse This Dramatically Outside Of A Major Recession. So Buckle Your Seat Belts Boys And Girls, Because We Are Definitely In For A Bumpy Ride.

Add to the above all the privately created contracts that are run though countless lawyers and accounting firms until the filthy money from illegal drugs, human body-parts and the global sex-traffic together with illegal gun sales can be 'cleaned' and 'protected' as just normal parts of 'business as usual' in “Amerika”.

Given the above: Is it any wonder that so few people choose to write about the local, state or governmental criminality, or the key players involved, in any or all of the above—much less so the blatant international crimes against humanity being committed hourly by most of the agencies of the UN, the City of London, all of NATO, the City of the Vatican, the EU and especially the two or three-faced versions of the lying United States headquartered in that ten mile square corporation called the City of Columbia, in D.C. in local, state, national or international affairs?

Waking Up” is not just “hard to do”

Under these circumstances it's nearly impossible to achieve.

But if you want to take back your life,

then you need to find ways to provide for yourself and your loved ones, outside their system.

Because if you fail to do this for yourself

then that lethal parasite that's been created to kill us all,

will continue to do its deadly job

And the worst part is that if we don't act soon,

then they will be dancing on our graves, instead of the other way round...


This directly ties the crimes above to the deaths of thousands

of people worldwide, to the criminality

in just the war machine's role in this Ultimate Taboo.

See the graphic connections as diagrammed in this article.

Exposing the I.S.I.S Lie: How President Obama & Hillary Clinton Created I.S.I.S.

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